The World Condemns Israel for defending herself, but doesn’t do anything when North Korea sinks a South Korea ship…..What gives?

Where in the world is the rightful condemnation of what is wrong, and the praise of what is right? In this topsy turvy world of Liberal Political Correctness, it was one of the first casualties.
-Robert Garding-

I really do not understand why it is alright to condemn a nation who is just defending herself, but there is no condemnation for a nation that attacked and sank ships of another nation. I am speaking of North Korea who sank a ship that was from South Korea. Where is the condemnation of that? Why is a nation, that is only defending herself, against a people who have publically said that they are in the crosshairs of being destroyed? I know if I was Israel, I would have done the same thing as they did this weekend, with the flotilla. After all, Israel has a blockade up. The people manning the boats of the flotilla were warned over and over again to stop…but they didn’t. Israel did what Israel should have done for the safety of the nation. But does the world look at it that way? Hell no! The world condemns her for doing what everyone else in the world would have done.

From the Rush Limbaugh show on the 1st of June, was this about what is going on with Israel:

Is anybody still surprised a community organizer with strong personal and political ties to anti-Israel leftists will not step up — will not organize support — for America’s best ally in the Middle East if not in the world? This whole thing with this “flotilla” is a Turkish setup designed to provoke exactly what has happened. The Israelis are out there playing by the rules. You know, what’s the old saying? “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth puts its pants on,” and the lie on this thing got halfway around the world.

This was not some innocent bunch of people going in. This is an arms mission. Make no mistake about it. Humanitarian aid? There might be some crackers and cheese getting off that flotilla, but make no mistake: There are some armaments there. This is Turkey attempting to establish itself as the Muslim leader. Islamists have taken over Turkey. They’re in NATO, and this is all designed to make Israel provoked and to cause this kind of response, and the world is condemning Israel! Even, over the weekend, the United Nations Security Council gets together to suggest a condemnation of Israel. The Turkish government is demanding that we condemn Israel at the same time. Egypt is going the other way. There’s also another thing happening here regarding Israel and Egypt and the Middle East, and that is Egypt’s call some months ago (maybe weeks)”nuclear-free Middle East.” The United States at the United Nations sandbagged the Israelis and is supporting this effort, which, of course, has one objective, and that is to de-nuke Israel.

Now, Israel for 60 years has not admitted that they have nukes. It’s just assumed that they have a couple hundred warheads, but they’ve never confirmed it. Everybody just assumed so. Meanwhile, we’re told the Iranians have enough plutonium now for two bombs. They are continuing to ratchet up and nobody’s doing anything about them ratcheting up and demanding that they shut it down, not nearly as seriously as they’re going to hammer Israel. Now, Obama is demanding that Israel tell him exactly what happened. (paraphrasing) “I want those details of what happened on that flotilla and I want them now!” You know what Netanyahu ought to do? Netanyahu ought to say, “I want the details of the 32 people Chicago killed over the weekend and I want to know what you’re doing about it — and I want to know what role you’ve played, what the Chicago police did and the Chicago government.” I know it will never happen, but that’s my reaction.

Now, we haven’t even gotten to the Israeli situation yet. This is key as well. The media is not telling the truth about this, either. You remember, ladies and gentlemen, some years ago the war was going on between the Hezbollah’s militants in Lebanon launching rockets into Israel and Israel was retaliating. You remember all the Photoshopped pictures of so-called damage to civilian populations and civilian buildings, public buildings that the Israelis were responsible for? It turned out that many of those Reuters photos had been doctored and Photoshopped to make the damage look like it was five or ten times worse than it is, and the media couldn’t wait! They all jumped on the bandwagon to report this stuff.

It’s the same thing happening now. Not one shred of truth is being reported about this flotilla, who the people on the flotilla were or what their purpose was. Their purpose was to get this provocation. They know full well Israel is not going to respond to anything ’til they know what happened, while the Islamists have their PR campaign ready to go before the flotilla even set sail. Before the flotilla even left Turkey they knew exactly what to say, they knew exactly what was going to happen because they provoked it. This is not about a nuclear free Middle East. We’re what looking at here is another all-out assault on an Israel-free Middle East.

And I am afraid that is my reaction too. Why is it that no one is asking these questions? Why is it that everyone always comes down on Israel when she tries to defend herself? Why is it everyone comes down on the United States or one of her states when she does something to protect herself? This is getting insane! It is like Rush said. Even the UN is getting involved now. And I don’t remember the last time that they were really after the truth.

God Bless America, her troops, her allies, and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube…


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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2 Responses to The World Condemns Israel for defending herself, but doesn’t do anything when North Korea sinks a South Korea ship…..What gives?

  1. Angel says:

    The World Condemns Israel for defending herself, but doesn’t do anything when North Korea sinks a South Korea ship…..What gives?..anti semitism ..plain and simple!
    reply from Robert: I agree. But I think it has a lot more to it than that. I think that the countries in the world that have freedom are what is causing everyone to do what they are doing to Israel. They do it to us too. I think to a lot of the world, freedoms like we have scare the hell out of them….and they do not like that.

  2. cooperwood says:

    Where Did the Bernard Madoff Money Go?

    In a word: Israel. The money was funneled to the Israeli Nuclear Department and military forces to fend off radical factions in the region.

    Israel is the smallest nuclear armed country in the world. It is roughly the size of New Jersey with an annual reported GDP of $129 billion. Even with international aid, Israel has no oil reserves like its Arab neighbors and could not afford nuclear weapons on its own. However, with the help of Bernie Madoff and others like him, Israel became a dominant power in the region. The nuclear materials were purchased in France where Madoff maintained many business contacts and a home on the French Riviera. While Madoff was sending reports of profitable trades to his French counterparts from his investment firm in New York, his well-connected French point men set up purchases of enriched uranium. The enriched uranium might then have been put on board Madoff’s boat, nicknamed Bull, and shipped 1600 nautical miles from Antibes, France to Haifa, Israel. Unfortunately for investigators, all records of these trips have been conveniently lost. Only a Geiger counter could reveal the cargo that boarded that yacht.

    Other large quantities of Madoff money was found at the Banque Jacob Safra in Gibraltar. According to the IMF, Gibraltar is a well-known terrorist financier and money laundering center for Israel. Since Israel has had no laws against money laundering since its inception, any money that flows into the country is clean on arrival. This rule was enacted to aid Jews displaced by WWII who had hidden money from the German troops.

    Many Palestinian charities were labeled “terrorist organizations” by the US government after they were found to be laundering money to fund terrorist operations. In these cases, money that was donated to the charities was then funneled to the terrorists. However, in the Madoff case, money that was donated to Jewish charities was “invested” with Madoff. It was through this seemingly legitimate intermediary that Jewish charities escaped the accusations of funding a war in the Middle East. Without this money and heavy political influence in the US, the country of Israel would have been invaded a long time ago. World governments have been slow to label any of the Jewish charities that have been funding this conflict in the region.

    It should be noted that initially all of the Jewish charities were up in arms about the scandal as they were forced to shut down their operations. But after a closed meeting arranged by a known Israeli supporter, not another word was heard from this group. It is very possible that the group was told that their money has been defending the Jewish cause for at least four decades. At the time of this meeting in January 2009, Israel had just launched a major offensive in the Gaza Strip which crippled Hamas.

    Two mysterious deaths occurred during the unwinding of the Madoff case. The first was a French aristocrat, Rene de la Villehuchet, who lost more than $1 billion in client’s money in the scam. The death was ruled a suicide. Maybe it was a suicide but it leaves a dead end in what could have been an important French connection. Another man, Jeffry Picower, was found dead on the bottom of his swimming pool. These two men may have had vital information that could have blown this money laundering nuclear scandal wide open. All there is to be said about these suspicious deaths is that “dead men tell no tales.”

    Two other individuals have vital information that they are not sharing. The only problem in getting that information is that they both plead guilty to their crimes. When a defendant pleads guilty and receives a sentence longer than their expected life, they are not obligated to answer any additional questions. These men are of course, Bernie Madoff and his CFO Frank DiPiscali. It is remarkable how these two thieves were able to sell this fraud as a Ponzi Scheme and the media bought it like a fund of funds manager going after consistent high returns.

    The Madoff trustee, Irving Picard, has a conflict of interest. So far, he has uncovered only the very obvious stashes of Madoff money. He has already received exorbitant payouts from the victims fund to himself and his law firm, Baker & Hostetler LLP. He is also setting himself up to be a friend of the SEC and Mary Shapiro by doing a great job of limiting the amount of money that actually gets paid back to the Madoff victims. He calls this sadistic maneuver a clawback. He is trying to rewrite the SIPA laws that require SIPC to use the amount on the victims November 30, 2008 statement when determining the account value. This would be done to the delight of the big Wall Street firms that would otherwise be the largest contributors to replenish the SIPC funds. Maybe the SEC will repay this favor by hiring his firm the next time they drop the ball as well. Picard seems more likely to be involved with the cover-up than with following the money trail and holding Israel responsible.

    But Picard is not the only one involved in a cover up. It seems peculiar that the FBI and the SEC have been investigating this fraud for over a year but the public still knows nothing more about where the money went than they did three days after Madoff turned himself in to the authorities. The ramifications of Israel’s involvement in accepting money from a Jewish financier would ring loud in the Arab world. Israel may even be held to account by the victims. As long as Israel has control of its printing press and there is an exchange rate between the dollar and the shekel, Israel may be liable to pay back the victims from its own coffers.

    Denial is the other option. This approach was used when Israel was accused of harvesting organs from Palestinian prisoners. However, it backfired on them when Dr. Yehuda Hiss, blew the whistle and admitted that the forensic institute he formerly headed did just that. It would be irresponsible for Israel to deny that their military was largely funded with the Madoff funds. But after all, aren’t there are still people that continue to deny the holocaust?

    Yours truly,
    D.B. Cooper

    P.S.: Because of fear of redress from the governments or any of their agencies, no other information is available at this time.

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