Mayor Daley embarrasses Chicagoans and their city……

History by apprising them of the past will enable them to judge the future; it will avail them of the experience of other times and other nations; it will qualify them as judges of the actions and designs of men; it will enable them to know ambition under every disguise it may assume, and knowing it, to defeat it’s views.
Thomas Jefferson as quoted by James J. Carpenter the social studies Washington: Jul/Aug., 2004. Vol. 95, Issue 4; Pg. 140, 7 pgs

Thomas Jefferson defined ignorance as believing in strong central government. Which is what Obama and the liberal democrats believe in.

Is this what WE really want?

John Kass was a sports writer during the Mike Tyson trial, and works for the Chicago Tribune now. On May the 21st, he wrote this:

In anti-gun Chicago, criminals aren’t bothered by Mayor Richard Daley’s handgun ban. they haven’t been bothered by it for years. And so, another Chicago Police Officer was shot to death. But, it wasn’t during a traffic stop or some hunt down an alley after a drug sting. Thomas Wortham IV, 30, was a victim of a robbery, shot down outside his boyhood home in the staunchly middle class Chatham neighborhood, his body dragged 100 feet or so by the get away car.

Wortham, a patrol officer, was helping his neighbors reclaim a troubled neighborhood park, the scene of several recent shootings.

“He was the best of us. He was a role model. He was 30 years old, a grown man, a police officer, a soldier, a man of service,” said Ald. Freddrenna Lyle, 6th, who has known the Wortham family since she was a child.

“It was ‘Yes, ma’am’ and ‘No, sir’ from him. He had self-respect. He was teaching these young men how to be men,” she said.

I talked to Lyle on a side street in Chatham just after she’d paid a long condolence call to the Wortham family, as neighbors stood out on their sidewalks, agonizing over the loss.

The front lawns were neat and small. Backyard gardens were places of old-fashioned flowers, peonies and phlox and tea-roses. It is a neighborhood carefully tended.

At that moment, Mayor Daley was holding a news conference, another dog-and-pony show at City Hall to demonstrate his tough stance on crime.

He called it to express his concern that the U.S. Supreme Court will overturn the city’s handgun ban. There were guns on a table as props, so much eye candy for the cameras.

A reporter asked the obvious question: Given the numbers of shootings in the city, isn’t the handgun ban ineffective?

The question was more than fair. In Chicago, the only people who are confident in their 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms are the criminals, the cops and the politicians.

Law-abiding citizens can’t own handguns. They don’t have an army of bodyguards, as does Daley. Political hacks have guns. They get out the vote for his machine.

And the retired neighbor who’s never been arrested in his life? Oh, no. If he has a gun, it would be anarchy in the streets, according to Daley.

Confronted with a logical question, here’s what the mayor did: He picked up a rifle from the prop table of guns, raised it and began to babble.

“It’s been very effective,” said Daley of the handgun ban. “If I put this up your butt, you’ll find out how effective it is. Let me put a round up your, you know.”

The mayor of Chicago then went on to say if the justices were attacked by thugs with guns, they’d see things his way.

“Maybe they’ll see the light of day,” Daley said. “Maybe one of them will have an incident, and they’ll change their mind overnight, going to and from work.”

Chicago politics is a rough business. But suggesting that Supreme Court justices need to suffer before becoming enlightened is despicable. It not only embarrasses the mayor, but everyone who lives or works in Chicago.

HUH??? Let me say this to Mayor Daley. YOU are an idiot. The only reason you get away with these stupid lies, is because you do not live in the real world. Democrats like you are unfit to govern. You do not live in the real world, where you do not have body guards to protect your sorry asses. But you sure made sure that all the law abiding citizens of your city have to, while you and your political cronies have all the protection you need to keep yourself insulated from what would happen to you if you had to live without the guns you keep around you. YOU OUGHT TO BE ASHAMED. You should resign in disgrace. Because you have run your great city into the ground. Thank God November is coming. Ever hear the new slogan? Remember in November? I think it will hit in your neck of the woods too. Mr. Daley, we are onto all of your gluttony, at the expense of your employers. And they will not forget this nor will they forget that despicable thing you said in your news conference. Even though you somewhat apologized for your horrible comment. We still won’t forget, how you have taken away the protection of the 2nd amendment of our Constitution from the people you were supposed to protect. Shame on you.

God Bless America, her troops, her allies and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


2 thoughts on “Mayor Daley embarrasses Chicagoans and their city……

  1. And Daley is worst than an idiot. If he really believes that shootings in his city prove that his handgun ban is working, then Daley is downright delusional and TOTALLY unfit for office. How many more police officers and law-abiding, regular citizens have to be murdered before the people of Chicago wake up and throw Daley out on HIS “you know”? Hopefully they’ll wake up in November. Chicagoans deserve better than an anti-gun fanatic like Daley. I hope they get it and I hope Daley gets his.
    Reply from Robert: You said it. I think that his time is coming. The liberal media is even starting to report things that used to be hushed. This was in the Chicago Tribune. Even the Washington Post has been coming down on Obama’s stupdity. The liberals time is coming. We have to keep the pressure going. This is going to be fun.

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