Laws are made to enforce, not defeat……

Enforcement of laws is not something that should be ignored as the liberal left in this country wishes. They are there to protect the people, and the country from tyrants and others who wish to do things that are morally wrong.
-Robert Garding-

I have listened today to the different ideas on what this woman’s nomination, (Elena Kagan) to the supreme court would mean. They have swung the gamut from cheering, to members of the left bemoaning that this woman could swing the balance of the court to the right. Which is ridiculous to say the least.

What everyone here seems to be forgetting is this. Obama is the farthest left of any president we have had in recent memory, or distant memory for that matter, and he would not, and I repeat NOT appoint someone who didn’t agree with him in every way. So she has to be another mirror image of what he feels is the Great O. The only wrong that happens in his world, is when someone disagrees with him, which makes me wrong in his eyes 100% of the time. The trouble is, when it comes to the safety and security of this country, I am not the one that is wrong here.

The Politically Correct crowd says that we have to make all the illegals legal because it is the right thing to do. It would be wrong to send them back. But what they do not understand is, when you break a law, there are consequences to actions taken. The illegals first moment in this country was breaking our laws. Laws that they’re own country has and abides by. If Mexico has these laws and follows them, why can’t the United States?

This whole idiocy from the left and the mexicans who are here illegally telling us that we have to be compassionate has me boiling mad. Because a country that does not support it’s borders ceases to be a country. And our government has not supported our borders for years now…..and it is time that stopped. It is time that our borders were closed…and the illegals sent back. And don’t tell me that since they’re kids born here are American citizens and we would just be breaking up families if we sent the illegals back, I say to you get a life. Families go together. Maybe the children can come back when their parents decide to follow our laws. Or when they grow up.

I am tired of America being made to be the bad man in this whole thing because some of us don’t want to follow the laws that we have on our books. And it is time we started to enforce the laws we have on the books and stop trying to coddle the people who break them.

God Bless America, her troops, her allies and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


2 thoughts on “Laws are made to enforce, not defeat……

  1. your post title says it all my friend!:)
    reply from Robert: Thanks. But I still had to continue and put my thoughts in on it too….*ss*

  2. Illegal aliens have broken the law and they shouldn’t expect anything other than the consequences thereof. If they aren’t all put on buses, planes, or boats back to where they came from it’s only because of the fundamental decency of the American people, but decency doesn’t mean letting lawbreakers off the hook. You can’t break the law because you think it’s blocking your way to a better life, not even if you’re poor and Mexican. That’s the message of Arizona’s law and I say AMEN!
    reply from Robert: Let me add to that my friend. AMEN!!!!

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