Whatever happened to Government of the people?

This is always the case in Washington that whenever something like this happens, the political speculation sets in. Now, I’m not concerned about that. What I’m concerned about is that we do every single thing we can to remediate this problem, to stop the flow, and that’s what’s going on.
-David Axelrod-

It seems to me, that no matter what happens, good or bad, this administration and their lackey’s take credit for good happening. Even when there is none. And here my friends, there is no good.

We have this oil rig explosion, and suddenly the only thing to do is to stop all drilling until the problems are fixed. Do you realize, just what that means here folks? I can tell you if you don’t know. It means that drilling is permanently over with.

Obama would much rather discuss how we are not going to drill anymore, than try to figure out a way to stop the flow of oil into the ocean, like he should have been working on since day one. But instead, he is stopping oil drilling. Forever, because anything that is built by man is flawed. No matter how careful or how much planning is made in the building of it……something is always possible to go wrong. Therefore, no more drilling until that is fixed…..which is never. It doesn’t matter what the people say on this. Which leads me to my question of the day. Whatever happened to Government of the people, for the people, by the people? Under Obama, that form of government doesn’t exist. And if it does…..he is intent on destroying it so it doesn’t. And listen to the people? That is another thing that he has no desire to do. Axelrod says as much with his announcement on the future drilling of oil.

AXELROD: Let’s understand what the president has said. All he has said is he’s not going to continue the moratorium on drilling. But he hasn’t — no additional drilling has been authorized and none will until we find out what happened here. No domestic drilling in new areas is gonna go forward until there is a adequate review of what’s happened here.

And in the meantime, the Chinese are drilling in the gulf. The Russians are drilling in association with the Cubans in the gulf. The Vietnamese are drilling in the gulf. the Angolans are drilling for oil in the gulf, and they are not being shut down. Why should they? They don’t have the safety rules we do. They don’t have the regulations we do. They don’t have the excellent equipment we do….yet we are the ones who are being shut down, and they can continue. Can you see a worse economic disaster coming? I know I can, because these people only think one way. Stop progress. Stop it so things can be better for the environment. Stop mankind so the earth can be saved. Stop mankind so he/she can’t live as well as we have been. They don’t stop to think that our air is now many times cleaner than it was in the ’70’s. After all, that wouldn’t fit they’re agenda now would it?

To them, America is evil. Everyone else is suffering because of America and Americans. You can see this, when our enemies are fighting against us, and the leaders of this country go to them and tell them how we are the bad guys.
We had Al Gore go over to Germany and praise them while blasting America with every breath. We had Obama go over to Germany also and do the same things.

We had Hugo Chavez come over here and talk down about our president at the time, which was Bush, and that was Okay…..even though it was done here on American soil.

We had Mahmoud Ahmadinejad come over here after being invited to speak at a University, and he talked of how bad America is, and got cheers from the students. Inside America, on a prestigious University Campus no less! The road we are being pulled down is not a good one for this country or her citizens. Disaster is on the horizon for this country and we are letting our government blindly run us headlong into it. And this has to stop. The fate of this country hangs in the balance of us deciding if America is worth saving or not. I for one think it is worth saving and I will do what I can to do it. Anyone for a grassroots candidate to run for the Senate? HMMM? One that believes in the constitution?

God Bless America, her troops, her allies and her people,
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube…


One thought on “Whatever happened to Government of the people?

  1. I’m really starting to think Obama isn’t just dangerous but also deranged. To stop ALL new drilling until the cause of the oil rig explosion is found? All the while other countries, friend and foe alike, continue to drill in the Gulf, our backyard? What is this man thinking? IS he thinking? I think he is, but he’s not thinking about what’s good for America but what’s good for the world. There he is, Mr. Citizen-of-the-World at work. Time to get rid of this dangerous left-wing internationalist and elect a president of the UNITED STATES, not the world.
    Reply from Robert: I think that he thinks he is thinking about what is good for the world…but, if what he is doing, hurts the world, and the United States, how can what he is doing be good for anything. You are right. We need to elect someone who wants to be president of the United States. We definitely do not need Obama.

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