It Seems that the Liberals just can’t get it. Why they are wrong.

This law that just passed in Arizona, which I think is a poorly conceived law, you can imagine if you are a Hispanic-American in Arizona, your great grandparents may have been there before Arizona was even a state. But now suddenly if you don’t have your papers and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you’re going to be harassed, that’s something that could potentially happen, I — that’s not the right way to go.
-Barack Obama- on the new law in Arizona

They just don’t get it do they? First off, if the people had grandparents in Arizona before it was a state, chances are they are citizens of the United States now and have nothing to worry about. The law in Arizona is exactly what they should be doing there. they can’t afford to pay for everything that the illegals are bringing to the state. And the federal government is supposed to take care of the borders, but since they won’t do it, then the states are going too. Arizona started it all out, then came Texas, who has now petitioned to get a law mirrored after the law in Arizona. But that isn’t all. Five more states have joined in the fun, Texas and Maryland are two of them. Then there are these who are considering it. Utah, Georgia, Colorado, Maryland, Ohio, North Carolina, Texas *to introduce legislation in January* and it also lists Missouri as thinking, Oklahoma and Nebraska. Several of these are pending the result of the coming election.

The Democrats are stuck on stupid, thinking that if this law stays, then they will lose a voter base that they have worked so hard to get and keep. The illegals. And the stupid part of this are headlines that show up like “Law Makes it a Crime to be Illegal Immigrant,” as it was flashed on the screen as Contessa Brewer, anchor of MSNBC describes the “firestorm” over the newly passed law in Arizona, as she fretted “does this lead to a situation where neighbors are turning in neighbors or families turning against families?” Since when did being illegal not be a crime? HMMM???

They keep asking about the civil rights of these people, when they have to realize that the constitution does not give them any rights other than the basic human rights accorded to everyone. The news media just cannot get that when someone is an illegal immigrant, they are illegal and no law or lack of law is going to make it a crime to be illegal. Because it already is a crime. And the other part that the liberals do not understand is, that 70% of Arizona Voters favor the new state measure on cracking down on Illegal Immigration.

And to top this whole thing off, there are now five more states that have started the process to get a law like Ariizona’s. And it is like Rush said today. The only reason Obama and the Democrats are upset about the new Arizona immigration law is because it threatens their attempt at nationwide voter fraud. You have to look at it another way to get what is going on here.

We all know that the illegals are a voting block that the democrats are counting on. That is a given. They have as much said so themselves. But let’s consider this. What if, about 70 to 80% of the illegals were Conservatives instead of probably liberals?
Hmmm? I would bet if that was so, the democrats would be on the band wagon to make sure that the illegals were all shipped out of this country. And not just to the border on buses, but all the way to Mexico City.

But because the illegals are a voting block that the democrats can probably count on, they do stupid things like Boycotting Arizona Tea, because of the name Arizona. This from the New York Daily News:

Arizona iced tea has been boycotted. The left in this country is urging a boycott of Arizona iced tea.

The only problem here is, Arizona tea is manufactured not in Arizona, but in New York.

Michael Gerson, who ran a column in the Washington Post put it like this. Gerson says states do not have the authority ‘to take control of American immigration policy — an authority that Arizona has seized in order to abuse.’ The effect of the new law, he argues, will be bad for everybody: It makes it harder for illegal immigrants to live without scrutiny — but it also makes it harder for some American citizens to live without suspicion and humiliation. Americans are not accustomed to the command ‘Your papers, please,’ however politely delivered. The distinctly American response to such a request would be ‘Go to hell,’ and then ‘See you in court.’
And I have to ask again. They are here illegally. Why should they get the right to live here illegally without scrutiny? Why? Is this person soft in the head or something? The illegals essentially broke into this country to steal from us, by using our schools and our hospitals and our jobs, among other things. But let’s put it another way Mr Gerson.

What would you do, if someone broke into your house and started using all the things that were yours, without paying for them? Would you call the law, and try to get them thrown in jail? If so, why? They would be doing nothing different than the illegals are doing to our country. Stealing, and all we are saying is they need to be deported and sent back. If they want to come back…..then let them do it legally and then they would be welcomed. But when the first act that these people do is illegal and against the laws of this country, then that makes them criminals, who broke the laws of the United States.

If you wish, why don’t you look up what would happen if you were an illegal going the other way. Into Mexico and then tell me what would happen to you. I already know, but for you liberals who can’t seem to grasp the idea that these people are illegal not because of a law, but because of their actions, maybe a little research on your parts would do the trick. I doubt it, but the chance for enlightenment is there, I assure you. If you do not wish to do the research, then read Michelle Malkin’s new column titled: How Mexico treats illegal aliens, printed in the National Review.

Even Mexico’s president Felipe Calderón has accused Arizona of opening the door “to intolerance, hate, discrimination, and abuse in law enforcement.” But like Michelle Malkin says,

But Arizona has nothing on Mexico when it comes to cracking down on illegal aliens. While open-borders activists decry the new enforcement measures signed into law in “Nazi-zona” last week, they remain deaf, dumb, or willfully blind to the unapologetically restrictionist policies of our neighbors to the south.

• The Arizona law bans sanctuary cities that refuse to enforce immigration laws, stiffens penalties against illegal-alien day laborers and their employers, makes it a misdemeanor for immigrants to fail to complete and carry an alien-registration document, and allows the police to arrest immigrants unable to show documents proving they are in the U.S. legally. If those rules constitute the racist, fascist, xenophobic, inhumane regime that the National Council of La Raza, Al Sharpton, Catholic bishops, and their grievance-mongering followers claim, then what about these regulations and restrictions imposed on foreigners?

• The Mexican government will bar foreigners if they upset “the equilibrium of the national demographics.” How’s that for racial and ethnic profiling?

• If outsiders do not enhance the country’s “economic or national interests” or are “not found to be physically or mentally healthy,” they are not welcome. Neither are those who show “contempt against national sovereignty or security.” They must not be economic burdens on society and must have clean criminal histories. Those seeking to obtain Mexican citizenship must show a birth certificate, provide a bank statement proving economic independence, pass an exam, and prove they can provide their own health care.

• Illegal entry into the country is equivalent to a felony punishable by two years’ imprisonment. Document fraud is subject to fine and imprisonment; so is alien marriage fraud. Evading deportation is a serious crime; illegal re-entry after deportation is punishable by ten years’ imprisonment. Foreigners may be kicked out of the country without due process and the endless bites at the litigation apple that illegal aliens are afforded in our country (see, for example, President Obama’s illegal-alien aunt — a fugitive from deportation for eight years who is awaiting a second decision on her previously rejected asylum claim).

• Law-enforcement officials at all levels — by national mandate — must cooperate to enforce immigration laws, including illegal-alien arrests and deportations. The Mexican military is also required to assist in immigration-enforcement operations. Native-born Mexicans are empowered to make citizens’ arrests of illegal aliens and turn them in to authorities.

Ready to show your papers? Mexico’s National Catalog of Foreigners tracks all outside tourists and foreign nationals. A National Population Registry tracks and verifies the identity of every member of the population, who must carry a citizens’ identity card. Visitors who do not possess proper documents and identification are subject to arrest as illegal aliens.

That plus the fact that having to produce papers to the authorities is nothing more than they are doing now. If they get stopped while driving a car, they are asked for their drivers license. If they produce one, then they will either be warned or given a ticket for what they were doing wrong, and let go. If they cannot produce one then they go to jail for breaking the laws. The illegal question is nothing more than that…..and you have to stop trying to make it into something it is not you liberals.

God Bless America, her troops, her allies and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube…..


New template, new post…..

Starting out for today, I changed the template on my blog…..keeping the header that I designed for it, and putting a new background in the back of the type……leaving the type in a white background. I hope that you all like it, as it has been a while since I changed it.

This template has new stuff, that I didn’t have before, an author widget, and one for getting subscriptions for my blog. Check out the new look and let me know what you all think. And now, on with the new post:

Today, I was listening to the Rush Limbaugh show, after hearing the news….and I realized that this country is worse off when it comes to race relations than ever before. If we oppose what the president is doing, then it is because of race. When Arizona made the new immigration law the other day, opponents of the law say that Arizona is wrong to make a law that works because of skin color. Even the AP had a story today out of Arizona that told of Refried beans being found smeared on Arizona Capitol windows!

“The conflict over a sweeping crackdown on illegal immigration in Arizona intensified Monday as vandals smeared refried beans in the shape of swastikas on the state Capitol’s windows.”

But what isn’t being told here, is that about 75% of the state’s population agrees with the new law. But the news media is concentrating only on the people who are against it. I guess that being for this new bill isn’t news worthy huh?

Then Obama goes and tries to say that Arizona is wrong and should follow what he wants done. What an arrogant SOB. Here is what he said about the new law:

OBAMA: Efforts in Arizona which threaten to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans, as well as the trust between police and their communities that is so crucial to keeping us safe. In fact, I’ve instructed members of my administration to closely monitor the situation and examine the civil rights and other implications of this legislation.

Now, Obama is saying that the law, which is made to protect the borders of this nation, may be illegal? Oh come on now.Yeah.. but the good part is Rush did a letter to the President today and it said some good things.
Here is what he said:

A Message to the President: Freedom Knows No Race, Sir
April 26, 2010

So here’s the president of the United States last Friday: “Efforts in Arizona which threaten to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans, as well as the trust between police and their communities that is so crucial to keeping us safe.” Uhhh, I think the president there is blasting Arizona for simply trying to enforce the law — the federal law, as well as now a new state law. And shortly afterwards doesn’t take a couple days, but then here comes some refried beans smeared on state Capitol windows in the shape of swastikas — and I don’t think the tea party did it. Do you, Snerdley? I don’t think the tea party did it. I wasn’t in Arizona over the weekend. I haven’t talked to anybody in Arizona over the weekend. Who could be responsible for this?

Obviously the people who at that smeared the refried beans aren’t responsible because in the Clinton-Obama world you who do what you do are not responsible. Only people who talk to you are responsible for motivating you. Well, here’s the president ginning up a bunch of hate in Arizona over a legal piece of legislation. Refried beans were found smeared on the Arizona Capitol windows. There were other protests over the weekend, demonstrators throwing bottles and other things at the cops. They were very violent. CNN, though, and the rest of the media described the protests as “peaceful,” unlike the vicious protests of the tea party people. People were throwing rockets, bottles, so forth, smearing refried beans on State Capitol windows were a “peaceful protest.” Now, it’s a very simple question, folks. Isn’t protecting our legal citizens from an invading army of illegal aliens who are using our services and taking our jobs, a basic notion of fairness?

Isn’t that in the Constitution in where is the fairness to American citizens on here? Where is it being applied? How come the fairness here is being denied to American citizens? Fairness is a casualty because of the behavior of American citizens. What about the basic fairness of state and federal governments to protect the American citizens? So it looks to me like what’s going on in Arizona — and it’s not the first time — there is an effort to criminalize enforcing the law. And leading this effort is “Barack Hussein Obama! Mmm, mmm, mmm,” leading the effort to criminalize the enforcement of the law. It’s like on 9/11. Obama seems to only have empathy here for the perps. He doesn’t have any empathy or sympathy for the American people in Arizona, for the American citizens out there.

“Oh, we’re going to look into this! We’re gonna find out how this is violating civil rights. We’re going to look into this, violating the basic tenets of fairness that people all know. That’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to look into this.” Then Obama says he’s going to reconnect via the immigration bill, young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and women for 2010 to help stem the tide of Democrat losses in November. He did not say he was going to reach out to white people. He didn’t say he was gonna reach out to white women. He didn’t say he was going to reach out to white seasoned citizens. In fact, he didn’t say “white people” at any time. Nope. Reconnect with young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and women for 2010 — and he left out the Asians. He left out the Asians. I don’t know how they feel about that. And he left out the Native Americans. He didn’t mention them, either. So guy clearly finds it, without the teleprompter, troublesome. He ends up discriminating against groups when he doesn’t have a teleprompter to cover them all.

Okay, let me clear something up here about the apparent confusion in the polling data coming out of Arizona. And I understand Fox News network is also confounded by this, and even McCain. The poll says 71% of Arizonans like the new immigration law, and the second component is that 53% think it will result in some civil rights violations. Now, the people analyzing this can’t get their arms around that one, they think it’s some kind of contradiction. So they’re willing to blow off the poll. If 73% like the law, but over half of them think it will result in some civil rights violations, then they don’t really support the law. That’s the mistake they’re making. This is where people in Washington, this is where the left, this is where the Obamaites in the regime do not get it. What the people of Arizona are saying is they know some civil rights will probably be violated along the way, but they don’t care, they want the law. You got Hezbollah in Arizona, you got Mexican drug cartels operating in Arizona, you got a steady stream of illegals over the border and you’ve got people being killed now in Arizona. They are at their wits’ end. Enforcing the law is the overall thing and if there are some civil rights violations, so be it. That’s how desperate the situation is. They want the law anyway.

See, not everybody thinks that civil rights are the end all and be all of every single issue. But folks in Washington just cannot imagine that. Civil rights violations, oh, the worst thing we could possibly do is have civil rights violations, because it’s code words, it’s simple code words. Civil rights violations, you know who that’s designed to stir up. And who’s Obama stirring up anyway? We gotta reconnect young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and women for 2010, in a video put out by the DNC over the weekend. This is the regime at its racist best. What’s the regime doing? Asking blacks and Latinos to join him in a fight. What is a campaign if not a fight? He’s asking young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and women to reconnect, to fight who? Who’s this fight against? Civil rights violations in Arizona. We gotta make sure that the state of Arizona plays fair. Who is this fight against?

If I may say something to the leader of this regime, I mean this from the bottom of my heart. We’ve never had a president like this who has purposely come to divide people. But he has, and he is with that video, seeking to reconnect young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and other women for 2010, against who? Freedom has no color, Mr. President. Freedom has no race. Freedom is a human right granted by God. It is not to be parceled out by arrogant eggheads like you to people who you think are more deserving of freedom than others. Freedom ain’t you. It’s not your choice, Mr. President, to determine who’s free and who isn’t. We’re all born that way. So says in our Constitution, which I know you’ve got some problems with. But this is not the 1800s, Mr. President. And freedom knows no race.

To this I say Amen my friends. Freedom knows no race, except in the eyes of Obama. There it does. Is this man really a uniter? Hell no he isn’t. And if he was, why is it that everything he does, goes the other way? Hmmmm?

God Bless America, her troops, her allies and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


“A Republic as long as you can keep it.” – Part Three –

Finally, the last part of this series on the beginning of America. This one only comprises a letter. A letter written by, John Dickinson and dispatched to Arthur Lee. The letter was dated, April 29th, 1775. It seems the war for America’s Independence from England has begun.

Dear Sir,

The ‘immedicabile vulnus’ is at length struck. The rescript to our petition is written in blood. The impious war of tyranny against innocence, has commenced in the neighbourhood of Boston.

We have not yet received any authentic accounts, but I will briefly mention the most material parts of the relations that have reached us.

Gen. Gage having lately received dispatches from England, gave orders on Saturday the 15th of this month, that the grenadiers and light-infantry should be excused from duty until further orders. Some of the inhabitants of the town being alarmed by this circumstance, observed between 10 and 11 o’clock on Tuesday night following, those bodies to be moving with great silence towards that water which is usually crossed in going to Cambridge. Notice of this movement was immediately conveyed into the country. The troops mentioned embarked in boats, and landed at Cambridge about four or five miles from Boston. From thence they marched on Wednesday the 19th in the morning, to Lexington, about twelve miles from Boston. At this place they found some provincials exercising. The commander of the party ordered them to disperse. They did not. One of them said he was on his own ground; that they injured no person, and could not hurt any one, for they had no ammunition with them. The word was given, and the brave Britons, emulated no doubt the glorious achievements of their ancestors, gallantly gave fire upon those who were exercising, killed some, and put the rest to flight. This victory was gained by the grenadiers and light infantry, without the assistance of any other corps, though their numbers it is said did not exceed a thousand, and the provincials amounted to at least, as it is reported, twenty-five or thirty men!

From Lexington the victorious pursued their march to Concord, about twenty miles from Boston, where they destroyed a small magazine, and set fire to the court house. By this time two or three hundred of the inhabitants were collected, and an engagement began. The troops soon retreated, and lost two pieces of cannon which they had seized.

General Gage receiving intelligence of this engagement, or of the murder at Lexington, between eight and nine o’clock on Wednesday morning sent out a brigade under the command of Lord Percy, consisting of the marines, the Welsh fusiliers, the 4th, 38th, and 47th regiments, with two field pieces. The grenadiers and light infantry, still retreating, met his lordship advancing to their relief; but the place of meeting is uncertain, supposed to be about five or six miles from Boston. The numbers of the country people being also now increased, a very warm contest ensued. The provincials fought as desperate men. The regulars bore the attack awhile, still retreating, but at length broke, and retired in the utmost confusion to a hill called Bunker’s hill, not far from Charlestown, which place is situated opposite Boston, on the other side of the Charles River. About a mile from the hill, one vessel of war, if not more, was stationed to cover the retreat into Charlestown down to the water side, in order to pass over to Boston. In the retreat of this one mile, it is said the regulars lost twelve officers and 200 privates. The provincials, afraid of the ship’s firing on Charlestown, and of hurting the town’s people, stopped the pursuit.

On the whole, the accounts say, the regulars had about 500 men killed, and many are wounded and prisoners. The advices by several expresses are positive that Lord Percy is killed, which gives great and general grief here, and also General Haldimand, the two first in command; that a wagon loaded with powder and ball, another with provisions, and the field pieces attending the reinforcement are taken. It is added that a party of 300 sent out to Marsh field, are cut off and taken to a man. Several letters from Boston mention that the officers returned there, several of whom are wounded, declare they never were in hotter service. The whole of the fight lasted about seven hours. Part of it was seen from the hill in Boston.

I cannot say I am convinced of the truth of all the particulars about mentioned, though some of them are supported by many probabilities. But these facts I believe you may depend on, – That this most unnatural and inexpressibly cruel war began with the butchery of the unarmed Americans at Lexington; that the provincials, incredible as it may be at St. James or St. Stephens, fought bravely; that the regulars have been defeated with considerable slaughter, though they behaved resolutely; that a tory dare not open his mouth against the cause of America, even at New York; that the continent is preparing most assiduously for a vigorous resistance; and that freedom or an honourable death are the only objects on which their souls are at present employed.

What human policy can divine the prudence of precipitating us into these shocking scenes? Why have we rashly been declared rebels? Why have directions been sent to disarm us? Why orders to commence hostilities? Why was not Gen. Gage at least restrained from hostilities until the sense of another congress could be collected? It was the determined resolution of some, already appointed delegates for it, to have strained every nerve at that meeting to attempt bringing the unhappy dispute to terms of accommodation, safe for the colonies, and honourable and advantageous for our mother country, in whose prosperity and glory our hearts take as large a share as any minister’s of state, and from as just and as generous motives, to say no more of them.

But what topics of reconciliation are now left for men who think as I do, to address our countrymen? To recommend reverence for the monarch, or affection for the mother country? Will the distinctions between the prince and the ministers, between the people and their representatives, wipe out the stain of blood?Or have we the slightest reason to hope that those ministers and representatives will not be supported throughout the tragedy, as they have been through the first act? No. While we revere and love our mother country, her sword is opening our veins. The same delusions will still prevail, till France and Spain, if not other powers, long jealous of Britain’s force and fame, will fall upon her, embarrassed with an exhausting civil war, and crush, or at least depress her, then turn their arms on these provinces, which must submit to wear their chains or wade through seas of blood to a dear bought and at best a frequently convulsed and precarious independence.

All the ministerial intelligence concerning us is false. We are a united, resolved people, are, or quickly shall be, well armed and disciplined; our smith’s and powder-mills are at work day and night; our supplies from foreign parts continually arriving. Good officers, that is, well-experienced ones, we shall soon have, and the navy of Great Britain cannot stop our whole trade. our towns are but brick and stone, and mortar and wood. They, perhaps, may be destroyed. They are only the hairs of our heads. If sheared ever so close, they will grow again. We compare them not with our rights and liberties. We worship as our fathers worshipped, not idols which our hands have made.

I am, dear sir, your sincerely affectionate friend,

John Dickinson

This letter, though at times hard to read, tells what was going on in America at that time. We cannot say that the majority of the people wanted this war. They didn’t. Most people in America at that time felt British more than they felt American. But with each passing day and each passing bill the was levied on the Colonies, the people moved more and more to feeling American.

The American Revolution born out a great country. A country founded on the belief that all men are created equal. That all men are free, and though it took into the next century to actually achieve that one, all men are free. Free to pursue the American dream of doing the best that they can and going after their individual dreams. Dreams that until now, were an American right. Now, we have a President and his Congress who are bent on destroying that dream.

It is like Thomas Payne said: “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.”

Freedom is not free my friends, and freedom to be kept, always has to be fought for and won. Even after it has been won, it still will have to be fought for. Mr. Obama, you are wrong for this country, and I am one, who will actively do everything I can to get you out of office, and make your second half of your term ineffective. Sir, the American people are speaking. You had better listen to us, or there will be consequences to your actions. Mark my words.

God Bless America, her troops, her allies and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR, and my viewers on You Tube…..


“A Republic as long as you can keep it.” – Part Two –

“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.”
-Thomas Paine: The American Crisis, No. 4, 1777-

Yesterday, on the 20th of April, I started a post which had to after all be put into several parts because it turned out too long. So, continuing from Yesterday’s post on the American Revolution and the Shot Heard ‘Round the World, here is the next part of the story about part of America’s History…..

Concord: April 19, 1775

After Dr. Samuel Prescott arrived with word that the British Regulars were coming, the alarm was given between 1 A.M. and 2 A.M. They then dispersed after arranging to reconvene when the British approached. Messengers were sent to other towns and townspeople hid valuables. After a scout reported that there was firing on Lexington Common. The Concord militia reassembled and decided to march to meet the British Regulars. Roughly two hundred and fifty men set out.

They marched about a mile or so before they saw the Regulars coming. They halted and held position until the British Regulars were within one hundred rods and then they turned around and marched ahead of the British back toward Concord. It was now 7 A.M. Colonel James Barrett and Major John Buttrick, his second-in-command, kept the Concord militia just out of reach, moving from ridge to ridge before the Regulars. They withdrew through the town to another ridge and held a council of war. They decided to withdraw across the North Bridge.

They watched from the west side of the river as the British Regulars entered the town. Lt. Colonel Francis Smith, the commander of the expedition, assigned securing the town to the grenadiers. He sent one company of light infantry to secure the South Bridge and seven companies to the North Bridge. He chose to remain with the grenadiers in the town and kept Major John Pitcairn, his second-in-command, with him.

The grenadiers peacefully went about searching for the supplies accumulated by the Massachusetts Provincial Congress for the provincial army. However, in their impatience, they did a poor job of destroying the supplies. They threw barrels of flour and musket balls into the pond where both were easily recovered by the colonials the next day. Aside from three twenty-four pound cannon that were found and destroyed, the colonials had had three days to remove much of the supplies to other towns.

The North Bridge: April 19, 1775

At the North Bridge, Captain Parson was in command of seven companies of light infantry or one hundred and ninety-six men. There were about four hundred provincial militia on the ridge nearby. He left one company on the west side of the bridge. Two more companies were placed about a quarter of a mile away under the command of Captain Walter Laurie. He then took the other four companies and marched to Colonel Barrett’s farm to seize munitions and supplies as ordered by Lt. Colonel Smith.

When the militia began to see smoke rising from town as the grenadiers burned captured supplies, they worried that the British were going to burn the town, so they now moved to action. They held a council and decided to march back across the bridge into town to prevent its destruction. Colonel Barrett ordered the militia to not fire until fired upon by the British Regulars, then “to fire as fast as we could.” The four hundred militia now began to to approach the lone company at the bridge. After a conference between the junior officers now left in command of the situation at the North Bridge, the other two companies moved back to join the third at the bridge.

The colonial militia had now closed to within three hundred yards of the North Bridge and the three companies of British light infantry regulars. A messenger was sent into town to inform Lt. Colonel Francis Smith of the situation. He returned with word that Smith was sending reinforcements. With the militia continuing to close in, the British Regulars retreated back across the bridge to the east side. They did not have time to properly form lines of defense.

The militia that was bearing down on them was under the command of Colonel James Barrett. It was made up of six companies: two from Concord, and one each from Bedford, Lincoln, Acton and Carlisle. Individual minutemen also came from Westford, Chelmsford and Littleton. As they closed in, the British could not completely form up and then the firing started, most likely from the British. The militia returned fire. The British Regulars returned with scattered fire and began an undisciplined retreat back to Concord.

Halfway back to Concord, they met Lt. Colonel Smith leading a company of grenadiers. He was too late, so they wheeled around and marched back into Concord. The colonial militia remained by the bridge, lining a stone wall along the road. When Captain Parsons and the four companies of light infantry returned from Colonel Barrett’s farm, they were unmolested by the militia and were startled by the sight of the dead and wounded still left at the bridge.

Lt. Colonel Smith remained in Concord for another two hours. Unaware of the events back in Concord, Captain Parson had taken his time returning from Colonel Barrett’s farm. Ha had stopped at a tavern for drinks. The provincials did nothing except find a meal. Colonel Barrett did not even call his officers together for consultation. Lt. Colonel Smith probably delayed in Concord in hopes of having the reinforcements that he had requested hours before reach him before he had to begin the march back.

Retreat: Concord to Lexington

Around noon, Lt. Colonel Smith and the British Regulars made final preparations for a return march. The wounded were taken to local physicians since no army surgeon had accompanied the expedition. The walking wounded lined up in the middle of the columns and some four hours after they entered the town, they set out from Concord. The four hundred militia that had been at the North Bridge as well as another hundred that had turned out from nearby towns had congretated at Meriam’s Corner where the Lexington and Bedford roads forked. They fired upon the British column as it crossed a narrow bridge near here. This began incessant fire that continued along the route.

As they neared Lexington, the British Regulars were running out of ammunition and just plain running in some instatnces. Morale and discipline were all but gone.-Then a cannonball crashed into the Lexington meetinghouse. Lord Percy was on the Boston side of the Common with the reinforcements. Through a set of staff errors, the reinforcements had not left Boston until after 9 A.M. even though Lt. General Thomas Gage had issued the orders at 4 A.M.

Retreat: Lexington to Boston

It was about 2:30 P.M. when Lord Percy’s relief force made contact with Lt. Colonel Francis Smith’s expedition at Lexington Common, where hostilities had begun eight hours earlier.. Lord Percy used his field artillery to keep the militia at a distance while the wounded were tended to and Smith’s men were given a rest.At approximately 3:45 P.M. the entire force was ready to get under way.

Maj. General William Heath, meanwhile, had arrived to assume command of the provincial forces. Dr. Joseph Warren, the Boston Patriot who had sent William Dawes and Paul Revere to warn the countryside the night before, also arrived with Heath to join the militia at Lexington. Dr. Warren had received word of firing at Lexington Common eight hours before. He had followed Lord Percy’s force to Menotomy where he joined the Committee of Public Safety.

Flanking parties and occasional cannon fire by the British Regulars were sometimes effective in reducing the militia firing. Four hours after leaving Lexington, Lord Percy’s force reached Charlestown at 8 P.M. having endured fire nearly the entire route. Once in Charlestown, they were protected by the ships anchored in Boston Harbor. They sustained 273 casualties (73 killed; 174 wounded; 26 missing) during the expedition The provincials suffered 93 casualties (49 killed; 39 wounded; 5 missing).


While the British Regulars reached the safety of Boston on the evening of April 19, 1775, they would not leave again until they evacuated the city a year later. A ring of nearly 6,000 militia and minutemen began to turn out to encircle the city and the Siege of Boston had begun. On April 20th, Dr. Joseph Warren set up a headquarters in Cambridge and took control of the political aspects of the events of the previous day. General Artemas Ward took military command of the miliita companies surrounding Boston.

On May 10, 1775, Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold captured Fort Ticonderoga, New York. On June 15, 1775, the Continental Congress formed the Continental Army and chose General George Washington as its Commander-in-Chief. On June 17, 1775, the Battle of Bunker Hill was fought on Breed’s Hill. The British took the hill, but at a tremendous casualty rate. Major John Pitcairn, who has been second-in-command of the British Regulars on the Concord expedition and Dr. Joseph Warren were killed in the fighting that day.

On July 3, 1775, General Washington arrived in Cambridge, Massachusetts to take command of the troops arrayed there. He begins drilling and putting together the Continental Army out of the militia forces. On October 10, Maj. General William Howe replaces Lt. General Thomas Gage as Commander-in-Chief of the British Army in America. A few days after Henry Knox arrived with the cannon that had been captured at Fort Ticonderoga, the British evacuated Boston on March 17, 1776.

So, for the second installment of “A Republic…..” This has turned out way longer than I expected, but that is okay. American history is more interesting because it is about this great country. More on this part of American History tomorrow evening. Stay tuned my friends.

God Bless America, her troops, her allies and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You tube….


“A Republic, …… as long as you can keep it.” -Part One-

When asked about America, whether it was a Monarchy or a Republc….., Franklin said: “We have a Republic…….for as long as we can keep it.”

For as long as we can keep it. I myself had never thought that this republic was so fragile. September 11, 2001 gave us all an idea of how fragile this republic really is. But, there is another bunch of things that shows us just how fragile this country is. This experiment in freedom. So, as this was needed now, here is a lesson in American history, for you NON believers, and for you believers too.

It was Sunday and Monday of this week, the 18th and 19th, of April, in the year of 1775, at Lexington and Concord. And in Boston. The Shot Heard ‘Round the world, may echo in a most prophetic way, even today.

New England and Boston, had become the the center of the most radical behavior by colonists against Britain. This is taken from patriot resource dot com.

The Shot Heard 'Round the World....

It was probably because the Commander in chief of the British army in America, Lt. General Thomas Gage was garrisoned in Boston. The area also relied heavily on both legal and illegal exports, which the British began to tax in order to raise money to pay for the expense of the French and Indian War finally ended. In succession, Parliament passed the Sugar Act, Currency Act, Quartering Act, Stamp Act, and Townshend Act. British soldiers occupied Boston in 1768 at the request of the Royal Governor Sir Francis Bernard. In 1770, the Boston Massacre took place. Things quieted down until 1773. Following the passage of the Tea Act, the Boston Tea Party took place on December 16, 1773. Parliament reacted with Intolerable Acts or the Coercive Acts.

In the Spring of 1775, Boston was under martial law. The port was closed to commerce and General Gage had become military governor of Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Provincial Congress met in nearby Concord periodically and tried to organize rebellion. Tensions continued to quietly boil until April 1775 when General Gage was ordered to take definitive action to quell the growing political rebellion. He chose to seize the provincial stores and munitions at Concord. He figured that there could be no fight, if the colonials had nothing to fight with.

Despite General Gage’s efforts at secrecy, colonial spies in Boston learn of the impending expedition.On the evening of April 18, 1775, Dr. Joseph Warren sends William Dawes and Paul Revere to warn John Hancock and Samuel Adams in Lexington. Paul Revere became immortalized for his midnight ride. After a series of unnecessary delays, the British expedition finally set out from Charlestown at 2 A.M. on the morning of April 19th. The countryside between Boston and Concord had already been warned.

Paul Revere brought word to Lexington at midnight. The minutemen turned out and planned for the British arrival. However, the British Regulars did not arrive until dawn. Seventy minutemen were on and around Lexington Common as the Redcoats marched up. Both Major Pitcairn and Major Parker had ordered their men not to fire, but someone did fire and the American Revolution had begun. The colonials scattered and the Redcoats regrouped and marched onto Concord.
The Redcoats peacefully took possession of Concord and the North Bridge and began searching for supplies and munitions, while the militia watched from a nearby ridge. The militia grew concerned when they noticed smoke rising from the town. They decided to move into the town and they confronted the companies guarding the North Bridge. The British were routed and fled back into Concord.

When the British finally departed Concord around noon, they began marching through a gauntlet. Militia had turned out and lined the road back to Boston, giving almost constant fire to the British. At Lexington, the British expedition was joined by reinforcements with accompanying artillery, which helped keep the colonials at a distance. The British finally arrived back in Charlestown at 8 P.M. that evening. Colonial militia immediately began turning out and surrounding the area. Thus began the Boston Siege that only ended in March 1776 with the British evacuation of the city.<p
The Shot Heard ‘Round the World: April 19, 1775

Major John Pitcairn’s six companies of British regular light infantry neared Lexington Common as daylight approached. Their guns were already primed and loaded. They were prepared to face five hundred militia. Captain John Parker managed to get about forty of the minutemen to line up on the town’s green. Another thirty or so men were scattered around the Common and the nearby buildings. In all, seventy men constituted the American force.

As the British approached, Major Pitcairn ordered his men to surround the disarm the militia, specifically ordering them not to fire. At nearly the same time, Captain Parker ordered his men to disperse, which they began to do. Major Pitcairn made his order in an effort to not be bogged down, since his orders were to peacefully take possession of the Concord bridges. However, he could not just leave the militia unmolested. Meanwhile, Captain Parker was satisfied with the show of presence by his own men and he did not want his small force in a skirmish with fully armed Regulars.

As the minutemen began to disperse, still fully armed, and the first British soldiers reached the Green, a shot was fired. Some say it came from behind a nearby stone wall. The British soldiers immediately formed up and returned fire. Major Pitcairn, a Marine, strenuously moved among the light infantry ordering them to cease firing. The British had broken ranks and were about to start breaking into houses when Lt. Colonel Francis Smith arrived and the order was soon restored.

Seven Lexington minutemen lay dead on or near the Common. One colonial from Woburn, who had been captured on the road, was killed trying to escape. Nine others were wounded. Of the eight father-son pairs on the Common that night, three sons were killed as well as two other fathers. The casualties were the only colonials in sight as the British Regulars reformed to continue on to Concord. A few minutes after the British departed, the colonials began appearing, first looking after the wounded and the dead.

After the initial shock began to fade, it was realized that the British would be returning. Children were brought into the countryside. Family silver and other valuables were buried. Meanwhile, six British soldiers straggled into Lexington one-by-one, were disarmed and taken prisoner. Later that morning, Captain Parker reassembled the Lexington minutemen and they set off for Concord to face the British Regulars again.

But we all know that wasn’t the end of it, even though a lot of the liberals in this country conveniently forget. And they hope that we will too. But our history is something that we cannot forget.

This is the end of part one. Part two will be published tomorrow evening.

God Bless America, her troops, her allies and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


And NOW he wants our thanks???

Since today happens to be tax day (laughter) I should just point out that one-third of the Recovery Act went to tax cuts, tax cuts that strengthened the cornerstone of the American dream. I’ve been a little amused over the last couple of days where people have been having these rallies (laughter) about taxes, taxes. You would think they would be saying thank you. That’s what you’d think.
-Obama- on April 15th

Now he wants us to thank him for the mess he has created? I have to laugh, though frightfully so. We have a president, who has made a huge mess of this country in the form of finances, and he wants us to thank him? I freakin’ think not, sir.

You think that the tea partiers and the people who oppose you are bad people who are standing in the way of your so called recovery, and that we are all racist to boot? Well let me tell you something sir, this isn’t a color thing. And I have proof. On April 15th, during a tea party that was held that day, came this exchange, on NBC’s Nightly News:

KELLY O’DONNELL:NBC NEWS: There aren’t a lot of African-American men at these events.

DARRYL POSTELL: Heh, heh, heh. Right.

O’DONNELL: Have you ever felt uncomfortable?

DARRYL POSTELL: No. No. These are my people!

O’DONNELL: (snickering)


You notice, that Kelly O’Donnell of NBC news couldn’t seem to believe what she was hearing. Darryl Postell is a black protester, and he was saying that the people he was with, were “my people! Americans.” I think this, in a small sentence says it all, and yet, the left just cannot seem to get a grasp on it. They cannot seem to get, that we are all Americans and we do not like what Obama and the democrats are doing. And it has nothing to do with race! What it has to do with, is what this massive spending that Obama and the democrats are forcing on us, is going to do to our pocketbooks and our children’s pocket books…….and they’re children’s too. They are bankrupting a whole generation before it has a chance to vote……work……or pay taxes!!!

As for the tea partiers, of which I am one, hooray for all of them. Black, White, Yellow and green. All colors, who realize the mess that Obama is creating for this great nation is not a good thing. We all know this has to be stopped. We all know, as Americans, this has to be stopped. NOW!!

God Bless America, her troops, her allies and her citizens,
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


Obama’s Nation is NOT Obama’s nation anymore…..

I have begun to realize that Obama is working for us after all. We have noticed since the beginning, and some of us knew from the start, that this man was NO friend of us. He was and is no friend of this country, and yet he got enough votes to win him the White House. Since that happened, he has been in a freefall that would be death defying and telling, to anyone on the planet, except for him. He still thinks we all love him. He doesn’t get it, that his constant talk, and telling us that we are stupid, is actually helping us to get rid of him and his cronies.

His condescending, arrogant snobbery, has told the American people over and over again that we mean nothing to him and his cohorts, and that our values are not his, and never will be. These things my friends, are finally starting to get through to the people, with his polling data falling into the 40’s now. This kind of freefall should tell any president that the course he is on is wrong and the people will not tolerate it. And yet, sitting in his ivory tower, that was built by the people, has been lately shielded from our will by the liberal establishment in Washington D.C., and the liberal spouting of the media. He still thinks that he is right, and that the American people are behind him, and the ones who protest his actions are wrong and stupid.

This whole thing includes the tea parties, a whole bunch of which went on for the second annual “TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY” parties all over the nation on April 15th, and yet, Obama thinks it is just the sickophants who attended these, totally ignoring the fact that the people who attend these, are well meaning, good Americans who are sick of the spending spree going on in Washington. We all know that it is in the process of hitting all of us in the pocketbooks, at a time that none of us can afford it too. This week I heard that our taxes have already gone up a sick amount and yet, Obama and Pelosi are spouting the lies that tax cuts have been made. Do they think we are all stupid??? Why yes they do. They think that all they have to do, is say it, and we will believe it. What saddens me is, that over 40% of the people, do believe it, and in the process hurt America, though they say they love her. What the democrats are not stopping to realize here, is the power of the people.

The first tea party, in Boston, that many of us learned about in school was done not because of high taxes. It was done because the colonies were protesting being taxed without being represented. Well, now we are chanting that we are being taxed too much, but couldn’t it also be said that we are being taxed without representation too? Obama doesn’t represent us. He represents his Socialistic agenda for America. Pelosi doesn’t represent us, she only represents herself. Reid doesn’t represent us. He thinks we are all stupid. Schumer doesn’t represent us, he thinks we are all too dumb to come up with an idea on our own…..that we need them. Durbin doesn’t represent us. Baron Hill doesn’t represent us. Are you starting to get the picture here?

The tea parties are there because of this NON representation from our own government. The tea parties are there because of the coddling to our enemies, and shunning of our friends, who, by the way will cease to be our friends if this is allowed to continue. Would we really want to lose Israel as a friend and ally? I think not. The tea parties are there for all the reasons that our government is giving for a revolution. And the battlefield will be bloody, come November.

Baron Hill, a representative from Indiana’s north side, told us exactly how they feel about “WE THE PEOPLE”, when talking about his office recently at a tea party, some voter confronted him on his policies, and Mr. Hill shouted down the person, and all there, telling them all that it was his office and NO ONE was going to tell him how to run it. Consequently, Mr Hill is on his way out, though, I doubt that he realizes that it was his actions, and not the people, that has caused this. But here is what the democrats who are of the liberal persuasion do not and will not understand. These people who are part of the tea parties, are your average American, who loves our country, God and freedoms. We are not the wacko fringe that you always announce that we are. You are the wacko fringe. We are not right wing extremists, we are the mainstream of this country. Patriotic people who will do anything to save this nation. And the big thing you do not get is this: These are the people that are going to vote in November, in huge numbers, reminiscent of when the Contract for America was drafted and the Democrats were ousted then. They didn’t get it then……..and they don’t get it now.

These mainstream American people, who you democrats think are nothing to worry about, are going to vote. And it will NOT be to vote you idiots back into office. And every time you put your foot into your mouths, you only make it worse for you. Some, like Congressman Baron Hill of Indiana, and Brad Ellsworth also of Indiana, have already cooked their gooses, and there is no coming back. They are gone, they know it and they are retiring. It’s at times like that, that this God Fearing, America loving, freedom loving, gun toting American loves to watch the left implode. And they are doing a fine job of it, all by themselves, without help from us.

But, we just love to help. We love to help our country. The Silent Majority is no longer asleep. Let that be a warning to you liberals who don’t think we know what is going on. Our country is being destroyed from within our own government, and we are mad as hell, and we are not going to take it anymore. God Bless America……..

God Bless America, her troops, her people, and her allies,
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube…..


Labels: Fraud at it’s worst. Internet Freedom Preservation Act is one.

REAGAN 1983: I know that all of you want peace, and so do I. I know, too, that many of you seriously believe that a nuclear freeze would further the cause of peace. But a freeze now would make us less, not more secure — and would raise, not reduce, the risks of war.
-Ronald Reagan-

When the Government says that they want to keep something open and free, that means just the opposite usually. Now they are working on what is called the Internet Freedom Preservation Act, which is anything but an act to preserve freedom. You have to know when the government talks about freedom, you had better grab your wallets and head for the fox holes, because they mean anything but freedom… in this internet bill. Here is what is going on.

The FCC tried to get this Internet Freedom Preservation Act passed, which would take any action to insure consumers are protected on the internet. The Court of Appeals shot them down. They were told that they do not have the authority to regulate broadband services.

Broadband internet regulation is a little bit like the Fairness Doctrine. Keeping them open and free is a buzz word by the liberals for a great big whopper of a lie, which really means, not saving your freedoms, but controlling them. And if that wasn’t enough, now Obama is comparing himself to Reagan!

To see how stupid this comparison is, you have to remember Reagan. In 1983, he was giving a speech on the nuclear issue, and here is what he said in his Address to the Nation, on March 23, 1983:

REAGAN 1983: Since the dawn of the atomic age, we’ve sought to reduce the risk of war by maintaining a strong deterrent and by seeking genuine arms control. Deterrence means simply this: Making sure any adversary who thinks about attacking the United States or our allies or our vital interests concludes that the risks to him outweigh any potential gains. Once he understands that, he won’t attack. We maintain the peace through our strength. Weakness only invites aggression. This strategy of deterrence has not changed. It still works.

Obama comparing himself to Reagan on the nuclear issue is laughable at the best, and “for crying out loud insane” on the bad side. You just read how Reagan thinks of the issue of strength and nuclear weapons…..Obama? He says that we will never use nuclear power, even if attacked with non conventional weapons! And he has the audacity to compare himself to Reagan? Give me a break! Reagan was too good to be compared to Obama in any way. And as Rush said today about it:

RUSH: And we’re in the process of changing it. We’re getting rid of our defenses, we’re paring them back, and yet they want to say that Obama is doing exactly what Reagan did? It couldn’t be further apart. Here’s more from the same national address, March 23rd, 1983, from the White House.

Here is that more that Rush was talking about……

REAGAN 1983: I know that all of you want peace, and so do I. I know, too, that many of you seriously believe that a nuclear freeze would further the cause of peace. But a freeze now would make us less, not more secure — and would raise, not reduce, the risks of war. It would be largely unverifiable and would seriously undercut our negotiations on arms reduction. It would reward the Soviets for their massive military buildup while preventing us from modernizing our aging and increasingly vulnerable forces. With their present margin of superiority, why should they agree to arms reductions knowing that we were prohibited from catching up?

My friends, the same applies now, as it did then. What Reagan said still holds true. Obama is not doing what Reagan did, he is doing just the opposite. He is making our enemies think we WILL NOT use our nuclear weapons if attacked. He is making our enemies think that they are on a stronger footing than we are. Obama is taking away the advantage that we have by letting them know that we will not under any circumstances use our arsenal. Our Generals everywhere are cringing because of that. They know, that Obama is taking our advantage away. Our troops are cringing because of that.

So, Obama like Reagan? He is wandering around in the giggle weeds again and acting like the fool that he is.

God Bless America, her troops, her allies and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


“You can’t spend yourself Rich!”

“Americans know there is NO fix for ObamaCare…..”
-Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana-

Whether the democrats like them or not, the tea parties are here to stay until Congress and the House, and finally the White House have people in them that do not act like little children that have to have their way. Yesterday, Congressman Bart Stupak announced his retirement, while at the same time, in his district a large tea party was going on to get him out of office. Stupak says it wasn’t because of the tea parties, but, I heard someone say that he looked scared.

But Stupak isn’t all that is going on. Yesterday also, Obama and Palin had a war of words that hit the news. But what is really going on here, is this. “Americans know there is NO fix for ObamaCare,” as Mike Pence so rightly said. Obama and the Democrats know this, but they foresee complete failure on their part, if it isn’t completely passed as Obama and Pelosi have laid it out. That is where they’re focus is. Their failure! Not the country’s. That is where they are, and where they will stay.

Where we are, is this. We have to keep the outrage going, through the election in November of this year, and farther on, to the election of 2012. Easy? NO. Not even close.

Here is what probably is going to happen, unless Americans keep this whole fiasco in mind about how they’re wishes were ignored by Obama and the Democrats. The November elections will change things. The Democrats will not have their super majority in the House and Senate anymore. When that happens, Americans if not prodded to stay focused and engaged, will go back to sleep and become again, the silent majority. And that is what Obama and the liberals are counting on us doing.

That is what WE have to keep from happening. The tea parties are a great place to start. In those alone, we have the left completely confused as to what is really going on. It takes them out of their game plan. Because then, they have to take the time, to announce to the world that we Conservatives have no idea what we are mad about. But it goes deeper than that. Because they (the liberals) know exactly what we are mad about, and they have to continue to convince themselves that we don’t. It is time consuming for them, and it also keeps them focused on the wrong things, giving us a chance to change the direction this country is being lead into. Giving us, Advantage, Conservatives. But only, if we stay focused.

We have to remember that the democrats are wrong. You cannot spend yourself Rich as Obama thinks you can. He is relying on the premise in business, that you can’t make money by not spending it. You have to spend money to make it. But, when it comes to the economy, you cannot spend like a drunken sailor, especially when the money isn’t there, to make the economy thrive. It won’t happen, and history has shown us this, many times. And yet, the democrats return to do this, over and over again. And the American public keeps forgetting that they do this…..but I digress…….

The great depression would have been over years before, if the government had stayed out of it and let the marketplace take over. But, we all know the “new deal” and how the democrats say it pulled us out of the bad times. It didn’t. What should have happened was to lower taxes and get big government out of the way. Reagan proved that true when he lowered taxes, and took the government out of the market system and let it take over during his years. We enjoyed years of prosperity because of his actions. But that is not what is happening today. Big Government is the liberals “fix” for everything. True, eventually the economy will come back, but I contend to you, it won’t be because of the government. It will be because of the free market system that the democrats are always working to stop.

The other day, Obama in a speech said that there was nothing better than the free market system, yet, everything he is doing is done to stop it’s progress. His double talk on all issues is nothing more than a smoke screen to keep the American people off balance.

Thankfully, right now it isn’t working. We have read the bills, much to the chagrin of the politicians who have not. We know what is in them, so they can’t lead us around like they always have, like blindfolded puppies, and they do not like that we know more than they do about what they are trying to force on us. So the smear campaigns of the liberals against the American people have started, and will continue, which is why we have to stay focused here. They will continue to smear, because it is easier for them to do that, than to read the bill and find out what is in it.

We have to stay focused, because if we do, the fruits of our labors will be great. And the show that happens in the mean time? It will be worth the price of attendance. Mark my words.

God Bless America, her troops, her allies and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube…..


The Kids are running the asylum….

This nation is in trouble from the top to the bottom, and only the citizens are doing anything about it. But the citizens, who are doing something about it are being accused of being racist and everything else under the sun by Obama and Pelosi and Reid. And all three are having troubles in the polls. But they are all oblivious to the reasons why the people are against them. They think that we don’t know why we are angry.

Well, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you idiots in Washington why we are angry and why you all have to worry about keeping they’re jobs. but the only thing that they seem consumed with is that the Republicans are filled with hate mongering yet, it is they who are filled with hate. The media is so vested in the kid in the White House now, that if he set fire to Air Force one, as Greg Garrison said this morning, they wouldn’t even report it.

But the tea party people are doing this whole fighting the system from the bottom up. There are no real leaders in the movement, it is just American people who are fighting mad about the government not listening to them and doing stuff against their will. They kept saying that the tea party people were shouting racial epitaphs and yet when they played the audio of it, all you could hear from the Tea party people was “kill the bill…..kill the bill.” I guess that wanting the health care bill killed is supposed to be racial huh? they can’t understand that the people just do not want to have they’re health care subsidized and government controlled. Because they know, that the government doesn’t do anything right, and that all they want now is control. So much so that we have nothing but a bunch of 10 year olds running our government. But that isn’t our only problem.

The real problem is what I mentioned before here. If President Obama set fire to Air Force one, the news of that would be down played and hidden by the media. They just can’t seem to figure out what is really news anymore. Only what can help the agenda of their favorite politicians, who are always liberal by the way.

What is going on here, is a blatant forgetfulness of an idea that for 8 years during Bush, they themselves engaged in. Back then, it was “patriotic to question authority.” Today, it is nothing but racist.

Yes, I keep coming back to this, because I think it is important. The democrats want us to live by two standards. They want us to “question authority” when there is a Republican president and majority, but when the president is Democrat the story changes and it is not right to question anything that they’re president is doing.

Chris Matthews the other day, as I posted in my last post went on a verbal rampage about how he had NEVER “seen language in this American press referring to an elected representative of the government” like the language of “the walrus” Rush Limbaugh, when Rush said that the Obama administration is acting like a regime. But years before, in 2002, he himself said exactly that about the Bush Administration, when he asked a panel about the “Bush regime’s” response to 9/11!

The Children are running the show in Washington my friends, and there is “no adult supervision” as Representative Mike Pence has pointed out. They think that they can get away with anything that they want and everything will be okay. But the problem is, my friends, that the country suffers for their incompetence. The standing of the United States in the world community is at an all time low. Our currency is becoming a joke, and our AAA rating around the world is almost gone. Obama started out by saying, 5 days before the end of the election, that “we are five days from fundamentally transforming America” and yet no one asked the question, transforming it to what?

Well, it looks like we are getting it. Socialists in the White House and the administration, Pelosi calling all Americans who question Obama stupid and no knowing what they are doing. Harry Reid, after seeing the largest coming together, ever, of people in a Tea Party protest in his own home town of Spotlight, misses the message and jumps straight at the point that the “tea partiers do not know what they are angry about.” Well, Mr. Reid, keep thinking that way. It will make it easier to replace you in November. And the rest of you children in Washington D.C. too. America is rejoicing your stupidity. And in November, we are going to show our disapproval of your actions by ousting all of you who voted for socialism 101. And don’t get me started on What Obama is doing to our allies. That I will address on my next Videoside Chat on You tube, tomorrow……because it needs to be addressed.

God Bless America, her troops, her allies and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR, and my viewers on You Tube….