Only with the government……

Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.
-Alexander Hamilton-

Only with the government, can you spend a trillion dollars and lower the deficit. Now, after me saying that, how many of you laughed?

When it comes to Obama, one quote comes to mind. Benjamin Franklin said, “A man wrapped up in himself is a very small bundle.” It could almost be, if possible, that he was talking of someone like Obama, huh? Because Obama is one man who is really wrapped up in himself. He cares nothing for the country, or what is good for it. He has to be on top of every argument, even if what he says makes no sense at all. Like the other night, on Fox, when Obama consented to an interview. The Interviewer hit him with both barrels. And the funny part of this is the news media is all gaga over Bret’s interrupting of the President. Like it has never happened before. But, if you think it hasn’t, check out some of the interviews that were granted for President Reagan. He was interrupted all the time and the press then thought it was great reporting. And for the first time in ages, the president is interviewed in a good way, and the media is up in arms about it, like this on the Huffington Post. They’re headline reads: Obama Fox News Interview: Bret Baier Interrupts Obama They are indignant, and horrified that they’re chosen one is treated this way.

What is so horrifying to them is the President wasn’t getting away with his usual spin of the truth. Bret was holding him on it….

“Bret, you’ve got to let me finish my answers,” Obama told Baier, the news channel’s White House correspondent during the Bush administration.

“Sir,” Baier responded, “I know you don’t like to filibuster, but …”

“Well,” Obama said in cutting him off again, “I’m trying to answer your question and you keep on interrupting.”

All in all, what the president was trying to do, was to push his monstrosity of a horrible bill down our throats again, and Mr. Baier wasn’t going to have any of it. The President was finally being put the the task for what he is trying to do. But, sadly, it is like he is nothing but teflon, the idea of the truth didn’t stick to him and it just slid off into oblivion. We thank you Mr Bret Baier, for the hard hitting interview, but questions still need to be asked of the president. You mentioned the 19,000 emails and you read some of them. You were then chided by the President as he spun it saying he has gotten 40,000 emails. Yet, he should have been asked to read some of them. The President gets away with things like this. If he has gotten 40,000 emails, chances are, 35,000 of them are against his health care bill, and he only chose to read the 5,000 that are for it. That way he can say that there are many who want this.

I never thought that I would come to the day in this country, that we would have a president so against what the people say, that he would LIE on national television to push an agenda that is so unpopular with the majority of the American electorate. But we have come to that day, and we have that president. President Obama is lying to himself and to the American people. And not just little lies to keep the people happy, these are lies that will sit sourly on the pocketbooks of the American people for generations to come……with little to NO benefit to them in the process.

Health care, Mr Obama, is not the government’s job. Car manufacturing is not the government’s job. Banking is not the government’s job. But under your watch, you are bound and determined to control all of that and more. And I am here to tell you……WE DO NOT WANT THIS. LEAVE IT ALONE!!! Because if you don’t, there will be consequences, and you will not like them.

Kudo’s to you Bret Baier on your interview. As for you other so called news reporters out there? You could learn many lessons from this one.

God Bless America, her troops, her allies and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


One thought on “Only with the government……

  1. Leftists are such hypocritical jerks! They spent eight years yelling the most vile things they could think of against George Bush but are now outraged that their Chosen One was interrupted by a reporter doing what a reporter is supposed to do, namely, challenge the powerful. And the worst part is that they expect the American people not to notice their hypocrisy. Jerks! Dangerous, dangerous JERKS!
    reply from Robert: NOT MY WORDS, but oh my I couldn’t have named them more appropriately. Great comment my friend. That is exactly what they are and if the American people do not totally wake up to the fact that they are dangerous to America, then we will be lost. Thank God they have woken up.

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