What the Gun abolitionists do not understand……..

The politicians that are always touting that Guns are not good and need to be banned, are all wandering around in the deep weeds not knowing where they are.

If they succeed in banning guns, take a wild guess just who will have the guns. It will be the people that do not follow the laws that’s who….and the people who are law abiding will be helpless, and that sort of thing happens all the time. Yet, the people who want guns banned do not get that. Now you are probably wondering why I bring this one up now. Well, here goes.

Yesterday, on the campus of Ohio State University there was a shooting. A Janitor at the University, who was about to lose his job, walked into a maintenance building for his early morning shift and shot two supervisors, killing one of them and then turning the gun on himself and offed himself.

From an AP article on the shooting, it said this:

Ohio State released documents from Brown’s personnel file showing that supervisors complained he was tardy, slept on the job and had problems following instructions. The university sent him a letter March 2 informing him that his employment was to end Saturday.

About a half-dozen other employees were in the building when the shooting began, Denton said. He described the shooting as work-related but didn’t describe a motive.

Here in Indiana, they just passed a law that says you can take a gun to work, but you have to keep it locked up in your car. Now here is where the rub comes in from the Politicians who are against guns. One politician, is now saying that the law is bad because it gives people an easy way to get ahold of a gun if they have a bad day. They say the law abiding people will then use the guns.

What these people do not see, is that when guns are banned, the only ones to have guns will be the outlaws. And when outlaws have the guns, then it will be the law abiding people who will be killed. Plain and simple. This whole Politically Correct bullcrap is doing nothing but making fools of the American people.

We all know, that to have guns, as the second amendment of the constitution guarantees us the right too, means the population of law abiding citizens are armed. And, an armed citizenry, is a safer citizenry because then the outlaws will know the people are all armed, and they will think twice before trying anything stupid. It makes you think twice because you would most likely come against someone who was armed and not afraid to use his gun on you, if you are stupid enough to use one in a crime.

Everywhere that guns have been banned, guns still get in. What happened on the campus of Ohio State University yesterday, was a great example of what I am talking about. OSU is a “gun free” zone, and yet, to the officials surprise……one got in, and it was used to murder someone. And since it was a gun free zone, no one could protect themselves and no one could turn a gun on this man, who killed another man and then himself.

It is sad when we have leaders that just will NOT learn from history, and will lead us in the direction that will get us harmed. Making a place a gun free zone, just advertises the fact that no one there has a gun, and it is then an easy target for them to use a gun in. After all, they outlaws. They care nothing for laws. Especially ones that say you can’t have a gun there.

That is where I say that the politicians that are pushing the banning of guns are running around in the tall weeds not knowing what is going on. They have to be informed on what is wrong about their way of thinking. But from what I have seen of their thinking lately, it’s all wrong. All I have to say is, we have to stay vigilant in order to protect this country from them, and the tall weeds they hide in.

If you guys want to get rid of guns from offenders, then get rid of them from the outlaws. But leave us law abiding citizens alone. We are guaranteed our rights to our guns by the Constitution, and you are doing everything you can to make a mockery of that document, and we are tired of it. Leave it and us alone. The consequences of your actions will be dire. Care to change careers?

God Bless America, her troops, her allies and her people,
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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