Our president, the people, and who he should be listening to…..

Americans… still believe in an America where anything’s possible – they just don’t think their leaders do.
-Barack Obama-

I hear that quote from President Obama and it makes me sad to think that now, more than ever before, this is so true. Americans do believe that America is where anything is possible…..but on the same hand, know that their president, the Speaker of the House and the Majority leader do not have the people’s best interests at heart. Or anywhere in their bodies for that matter.

Right now we have a president who talks out of both sides of his mouth, on every issue. Making it plain that he does not care what he is doing to this great nation, and yet, no matter how much the people oppose what his agenda is, he pushes it forth with a fervor of someone from the past century who ended up destroying a nation. Because to him, the people should not have any say in the dealings of the government and it is only his decision to do what needs to be done that matters to him. NO MATTER WHAT.

His health care agenda is the thing that should show us what he really thinks of us. The people are at least 75% against this plan of his to socialize our health care, and yet, he is standing up in Washington blaming the Republicans for stopping it, and blaming the people for not being smart enough to realize that this is what is needed.

And the problem is, my friends, is not that there are not any qualified Conservative leaders out there, because there are.

Mike Pence of Indiana, and others have shown that Conservatism is still alive and well in this country, doing everything they can to help the cause of the American people. But, they are not on the side that gets heard much in the media. The media, for the most part ignores these patriots of the American dream, just as it ignores us most of the time. The only time that we aren’t ignored by the media and the liberals in our government, is when we become a bother to them. Then, we are branded as the bad guys who are doing everything we can to halt everything that is good in this nation, instead of the other way around like it really is. I have been tired of this treatment by the media for decades now, and it is one of the reasons that this blog was started, and why I do my video’s and my Blog Talk Radio show. The truth has to get out there, because the leaders in charge in Washington D.C. are not going to do it for us.

Congressman Pence has been a steady and strong force against the issues that President Obama stands for, and the coming raises in taxes that are going to hurt this nation’s people, and the economy.

Senator Jim Bunning, this last week when he filibustered the extension of benefits to the jobless was labeled as a criminal and a heartless man for doing what he was doing, when in fact he should have been applauded because he was just doing what President Obama said had to be done. Then when Obama’s own words on the subject of ‘paying for the stuff before it is implemented and not added to another debt’ is used, he changes his tune, as does all the rest of the lemmings in the House, and suddenly, Bunning is the bad guy. When the bill was passed, the tab for it was added to the national debt.

Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan, amazingly, struck Obama dumb with his comments on the bad that the health care plan had in it. It was amazing to watch Obama at a real loss for words after this:

RYAN: We’ve been talking about how much we agree on different issues but there really is a difference between us and it’s basically this. We don’t think the government should be in control of all of this. We want people to be in control, and that, at the end of the day, is the big difference. We are all representatives of the American people. We all do town hall meetings. We all talk to our constituents. And I’ve gotta tell you, the American people are engaged. And if you think they want a government takeover of health care, I would respectfully submit you’re not listening to them.

This is a Ponzi scheme that would make Bernie Madoff proud. When you take a look at the Medicare cuts, what this bill essentially does is it treats Medicare like a piggy bank. It raids a half a trillion dollars out of Medicare not to shore up Medicare solvency but to spend on this new government program. When you strip out the double counting and what I would call these gimmicks the full ten-year cost of this bill has a $460 billion deficit. The second ten-year cost of this bill has a $1.4 trillion deficit. Hiding spending does not reduce spending. And so when you take a look all of this it just doesn’t add up.

To me the best line in there was telling Obama that he isn’t listening to what we are saying. And I have to agree. He isn’t. He hasn’t been, and he hasn’t been interested in finding out what we want. It doesn’t fit his agenda. Plain and simple.

The Government is set up now, for one purpose and one purpose only, from the top. To fundamentally change the United States. To hell with the Constitution. To hell with the founding documents telling the government what it can and cannot do. To hell with the people who oppose them. We are wrong and only they are right. America is evil and needs to be cleansed of all of it’s ideals till nothing of that remains.

Well, I have this to say to the top three liberals of our government. You were elected, but, you were elected on a lie and frustration. You were not elected to do what YOU want to this nation. You were elected to do the people’s will. Sounds plain and mundane but that is it.

You need to start listening to the Mike Pence’s, and the Jim Bunning’s and the Paul Ryan’s. You need to listen to the Sarah Palin’s and the others who are telling you what the people want. You need to start listening to the people. Because Mr. President, That is what you are there for.

God Bless America, her troops, her allies and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube…..


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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2 Responses to Our president, the people, and who he should be listening to…..

  1. Edisto Joe says:

    They are only listening to those who agree with them. Obama’s “paygo” system was lip service the same as his bipartisan effort on health care and the same as his focus on creating jobs. No one is buying their argument that the minority Republicans are stopping progress. That’s happening from within their own party. Why? Because America is talking and self preservation has moderate Dem’s listening. Lets hope they’re listening to what is said about health care and tell the big 3 in Washington to take a hike.
    reply from Robert: You are so right, and I forgot about that “paygo” name. Probably for the same reason that Obama forgot about his own words…because they and it means nothing. Just a diversion and lip service as you say. There is nothing bi partisan about the things that Obama, Pelosi and Reid are doing……and the people understand that. Let’s hope that they continue to know that. Great comment my friend.

  2. Seane-Anna says:

    Paul Ryan was spot on! We need more politicians willing to tell Obama the cold, hard truth: he’s not listening to the people and that’s WRONG. Obama and gang weren’t elected to do whatever they wanted regardless of the will of the people. They don’t seem to care about that now but come November they’ll find out who’s really in charge, and it’s not them. Good post, Robert.

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