What part of NO don’t you understand Obama?

It is just as important that business keep out of government as that government keep out of business.
-Herbert Hoover-

Hoover had it right, when he said this. It is important that business stay out of government…….and that government stay out of business. What Obama is doing is not only UNCONSTITUTIONAL, but wrong, which are one in the same in this.

In taking over the companies of GM and Chrysler, Obama did something that should never have been done. In the fact that he was saying that they were too big to fail, he was wrong. If a company isn’t doing the right things to stay solvent, then it should be allowed to fail. In the free market system of our country, the grand part is, if someone fails, someone else will take their place, if that product is needed. Ford understood that and refused the bailout opting to go it on their own. They are the ones doing good now.

We must be allowed to fail, just as we must be allowed to succeed, and in both points my friends, our government has stepped in and stopped it.

When the banks were having solvency problems and they were bailed out, along with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the right thing to have done then, would have been to let them fail. Someone else would have stepped in and taken the place of them, filling that void. That is how the free market system is supposed to work. I also blame Bush for this because he bailed out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

What the PC crowd, the media and the liberals have done here, is to try to take the part of life that includes failing, out of the picture. And this whole thing is backfiring on us now with the economy in shambles.

With another stimulus bill in the works, and Health Care being the next takeover by government that Obama is obsessed with, it seems the lessons of the past are still sitting in this administration’s blind spot. They can’t see the lessons that are presenting themselves. Even when the lessons are hitting home with everything they can.

I sense, that Obama has to be stopped here, because he will NOT see these lessons, because they go completely against what he wants for this country. And what he wants is a welfare state that is totally under his control. This country, or any other country for that matter, cannot sustain something like that, and if allowed to continue, not only will all of what Obama has done fail, but America herself will fail. And I am one proud American who does not wish that to happen, and I will do whatever I can to save this great country.

Do you hear me folks? Is my microphone on? We have to ask of Obama and all the politicians who wish to head this country into socialism,

What part of NO don’t you understand?

Socialism will fail because sooner or later you will run out of everyone else’s money. And that time is here my friends. That time is here Obama. This country cannot sustain your spending spree. That is what the tea parties are about. That is what this unrest all over America is about. It seems that 75% of the people see what you refuse to see, even though you have us and others telling you this daily. You want your legacy? Then save America. Forget your stupid agenda, and do the right thing for once. This country deserves no less than that because we can and will replace you all if you don’t comply. The American people are speaking. I hope you start listening if not for your sake, but for this nation’s sake. The American people are watching everything you are doing. Mark my words. America will be great again, in spite of you.

God Bless America, her troops, allies and people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube…..


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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2 Responses to What part of NO don’t you understand Obama?

  1. namaste says:

    excellent post, Robert. I’m linking this to my blog.
    reply from Robert: Thank you my friend. Link away. I am glad that you liked it.

  2. Edisto Joe says:

    The biggest threat to the country is our huge debt.
    The spending must stop! We cannot spend our way out of recession. You can’t continue to tax, tax, tax for repayment. It is not a matter of not wanting Health Care legislation. It’s a matter of not being able to afford it. It will balloon out of control like every other entitlement program the government runs. We are very near bankrupting the country! When that happens we lose our power and influence through out the world. We won’t be able to sustain our military, or our intelligence operations. Our technology and defense systems will weaken and worse our ability to help and respond in world crisis will suffer. When that happens we will lose the greatness this country stands for. Wake up America and put a stop to it.
    reply from Robert: Great comment my friend. I have not heard it put this way before, but the domino effect will be just like this. Do we want this for our great country? If so, start calling America the once great country because this will happen. And this is not scare mongering as the democrats so love to accuse the Republicans and Conservatives of doing…this is fact. Future fact, if things do not change and soon. It is already coming to pass.
    These are the things that I have been harping on. This spending cannot be allowed to continue, but anyone in our government. We are already in debt and borrowing daily it seems, and it is quickly becoming a debt that can never be repaid if there is any interest on it at all. It used to be, that the government could only spend as much as it could pay back by the end of the administrations’ term. Should still be that way because with this one term, it will take hundreds of years to repay this. And this is stupid. Great comment.

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