A Patriot Alert for America….

I received an email tonight that just had to be forwarded on to everyone, for everyone to read. It came from Patriots for America. Because this is good and sets the record straight about the meaning of the tea party movement. Liberals you need to read this too:

The people of the United States have been attacked by their own

In response “WE THE PEOPLE” organized groups known as “Tea Parties”.

The 111th congress and 2008 president elect thought they were going
to simply ignore us, however, once we gained a majority they were forced
to listen.

They listened, then they lied, and we responded “we do not trust this
president or congress and nothing you can do will ever change that now”.

Now we are under attack again, they are infiltrating our movements in an
effort to destroy us from the inside all over again. We cannot allow
this to continue. All Tea Parties and all organized Conservative groups
must not allow any person who has held office in the past, regardless of
party affiliation, to assume any active leadership role. Think about
it, we have experienced their leadership, do we want to go through all
we have been through just to end up where we started?

November 2006 the United States government ceased to represent American
citizens and began representing the 111th congress. With total and
complete disregard and abandonment of the People’s Constitution this
congress set a new agenda. An agenda which has done more to damage our
great nation than all the wars we have ever fought. An agenda aimed at
taking over every citizen’s rights and ability to make their own choices
for themselves and their families.

November 2008 our nation witnessed the most corrupt election in our two
hundred thirty four year history. An election in which voters were
forcibly removed from voting stations against their will and without
being able to cast their vote. An election so corrupt that citizens from
other countries were shipped in only to cast their vote for the
democrat party, get paid and be sent back home. An election so corrupt
that votes cast by people who had been dead for years were counted for
the democrat candidate. An election so corrupt that many votes cast by
deployed American service men and women were not counted. An election so
corrupt that it destroyed what, at one time, was a semi respectful mass
media industry. Most reporters for American news broadcasters
prostituted themselves to a candidate who to this date is still not
legitimately qualified to hold the office of President of the United

If you are a conservative Patriot who wants to preserve and protect the
Constitution of the United States of America and defend Freedom and
Liberty, then your help is urgently needed. You all know our
Constitution, our Freedom, and our Liberty are under attack from within
our great nation. For the first time in our history we are faced with
government occupied by individuals bent on the destruction of our
Constitution as well as abolishing Liberty and Freedom. These same
individuals believe that they are deified. They have elevated themselves
to a position where they feel entitled to rule rather than lead. Their
belief is that American citizens are not constituents they are subjects
with an obligation to obey their commands.

It is important that you, if you are reading this, that means you, get
this message out to any conservative groups you are aware of. Career
politicians are using conservatives efforts to create the impression
that this legislature and administration are a part of the “tea party
movement” thus advancing the very liberal agenda we are fighting. Please
do not let this happen!

What you have read above is only a very very brief account of all the
illegal, unethical, and criminal activities this president and congress
are guilty of.

Art Phillips
Constitutional Guard, Texas

Now, I have always believed that Obama is not legitimately our president because if there had been one ounce of any question of McCain’s citizenship, his presidency would have been upheld until the courts found out for sure. With Obama, this was not so. The courts refused to take the action, no matter how many times the question was raised, and he was made president even over the objections and questions, which would have kept any republican out of office till they were resolved. That is the reason that I feel the need to say Obama isn’t officially our president, because of the double standard that is there…..and allowed to be there. I felt this needed to be posted so I did it.

God Bless America, her troops, her allies and her citizens
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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3 Responses to A Patriot Alert for America….

  1. Miles A Brumberg, DO says:

    It is finally beginning to resonate across America that this Congress and this President have it in for America. Just like Pearl Harbor, it took a while before America got up to speed enough to push back an enemy on both sides of the world until victory was achieved. The Democrat Party is the party historically that has most closely been associated with slavery, segregation and Jim Crow. This is undeniable fact. The Democrat Party has tried to sanitize its past by accepting enough people within its ranks so that it can say that it and not the Republican Party represents the viewpoint of average American man and woman. However, the rub is that the viewpoint of the Democrat Party on any particular issue is to be the only acceptable viewpoint on that issue allowed to prevail. The only acceptable viewpoint on abortion to the exclusion of all others. The only acceptable viewpoint on women’s rights to the exclusion of all others. The only acceptable viewpoint on workers rights to the exclusion of all others. The only acceptable viewpoint on foreign affairs to the exclusion of all others. They are so in love with themselves that they are even trying to silence any opposing views that may appear on television , on radio, on satellite radio, on internet radio, in books, in magazines and so forth. Democrats are allowed to say anything and get away with it by the press while Republicans are excoriated viciously for anything Democrats even remotely believe represents a slur. And what of Obama? As two faced as any politician there ever was. He is even two faced with regard to his own party. There is one face that he shows them when he looks at the teleprompter and one face that only he can see when he looks in the mirror. If you want to know what that other face sees all you have to do is remember what his minister-mentor Jeremiah Wright said in one of the sermons that he gave when he said, No! No! No! Not God Bless America. God Damned America! Obama it appears is willing to take down his own party in order to take down America. Those people who support him, many of whom were radicals during the 1960’s and 70’s, got what they wanted in Barack Obama, the 21st century’s Bobby Seale, H. Rap Brown, Stokely Carmichael and Eldridge Cleaver. The only difference being that Obama went to Harvard. Having sown the wind, we are now reaping the whirlwind. This is payback time for Obama who sees nothing good in America and is exacting retribution for the wrongs he believes this nation has been guilty of and for which America has not yet begun to repent. America is waking up. The sleeping giant has begun to stir and the mid-term elections are only 9 months away.
    reply from Robert: And you are right. The sleeping giant has awakened. Murtha’s seat in Pennsylvania is now up for grabs and a Conservative Republican William Russell is now going to run for it in a special election. I have a feeling he will win. We are on a roll now, but we do have to make sure that true Conservatives get the nod, and not rinos like McCain who will flip to the other side when he feels he needs to. We need to stand up for our ideals and save this country from the rabble rousers in office now. Great comment sir.

  2. Edisto Joe says:

    Guilt by association was never more true in the case of Obama. All you have to do is look at his appointments to his various departments, his czar list and watch how each and every one supports his agenda for socialist change. This recent attempt to revive health care under the guise of bipartisianship is an affront to the American people who have very plainly expressed their wishes to Washington that they want none of what they are bringing to the table. It’s unbelievable, almost as if they want to start civil discourse and use it as a means to discredit conservative voices.
    reply from Robert: His attempt to revive his Health care bill under the guise of bipartisianship is just another part of his smoke in the mirror to keep people from seeing what is going on….and what is going on is he does not care what we want. He wants his agenda, by crook or by stick. No matter what it does to America. Thank God American’s are waking up to his America hating ways.

  3. Devrie says:

    I’m a liberal; however, I always appreciate the conservative and libertarian perspective. With that said, where can we find information about the happenings with the election? I’ve never heard of that, but would be interested in learning.

    I’ve been an Obama Supporter, but am wondering if there are “issues” we should concern ourselves with.

    Good cheers to you,
    reply from Robert: The issues we should concern ourselve with are the saving of the financial part of America for our children. Obama has been spending their money. Money that hasn’t even been made yet. Our generation is in debt…..for the rest of our lives….but now, our children’s, their children’s and their children’s futures are in debt now too….it is sad that he says we have to be fiscally correct, and then spend money that doesn’t exist yet. That to me is the main concern right now, and getting people out of office who will spend spend spend until we are broker than we already are. America has no money. Even when the government makes it because when they do that, it devalues what our money is. Thanks for your comment.

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