The Lies of the ObamaNation that they expect us to believe…..

The reality is the cap-and-trade legislation offered by the Democrats amounts to an economic declaration of war on the Midwest by liberals on Capitol Hill.
-Mike Pence-

Actually I would add to that quote by Mike Pence, when he says it is a declaration of war on the Midwest, it should have been said that it is a declaration of war on the whole citizenry of the United States. But I know what Mike Pence was talking about because he represents Indiana, which is the mid west. But the government doesn’t think we are smart enough to get that.

Do you ever wonder just why the government thinks that the average person is so stupid that we will never do anything to stop their lying, even when we start doing just that?

Now when it comes to the stimulus that Obama just HAD to pass into law one year ago, here is some of the things that I have found out about what they are doing with some of it. You will not believe some of the things they are doing. I will start with something that Obama said today:

OBAMA: I want to begin by recalling where we were one year ago.
Millions of jobs had already been lost to the recession before I was sworn into office. Another 800,000 would be lost in the month of January. Economists from across the political spectrum warned that if dramatic action was not taken to break the back of the recession, the United States could spiral into another depression. That was the backdrop against which I signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. And one year later, it is largely thanks to the Recovery Act that a second depression is no longer a possibility.

During a recession when businesses pull back and people stop spending, what government can do is provide a temporary boost that puts money in people’s pockets —

He didn’t do that, so this was a lie. The jobs were lost after he took office. He is claiming that he has helped create several million jobs, but there is no way to honestly say how many he created. I do know that we American’s have lost at least two million jobs since he took office.

OBAMA: — keeps workers on the job —

He didn’t do that. He lied again.

OBAMA: — cuts taxes for small business —

Didn’t do that. Another lie from fearless leader.

OBAMA: — generates more demand —

He didn’t do that.

OBAMA: — gives confidence to entrepreneurs that maybe they don’t have to cut back right now.

Now that is another of his lies. That didn’t happen because everyone is having to cut back now.

None of that happened! NONE OF IT! But, this is nothing new. We have all heard it before.

It’s the Big Lie. None of it happened. Now, Obama is continuing the Big Lie thinking that we are all stupid idiots, and that he cut your taxes next.

OBAMA: We see some polling where about twice as many people think we’ve raised taxes as lower taxes. Ninety-five percent of you got a tax cut. I mentioned this at the State of the Union, Joe. They were all kind of squirming in their seats. They weren’t sure whether to clap or not because most of them had voted against all these tax cuts. Which I thought was — it was interesting to watch.

Now I don’t know about you, but my last tax cut came during the Bush presidency. I haven’t received one under Obama, and this coming year, when the Bush Tax cuts expire, and Obama doesn’t stop that from happening, all of our taxes are going to go up……NOT DOWN.

Now when it came to his stimulus, here is what some of it has been spent on, and none of this created any jobs, taken from Rush Limbaugh today……..

This is the anniversary of the Porkulus slush fund, and 6% of the American people, only six, believe that it worked. Fifty-two percent of people in a CNN poll say Obama does not deserve a second term. They’re doubling down on the Big Lie. Only 6% believe it worked. Seventeen percent of Americans are unemployed. This is why Obama does not deserve a second term, and this is why a lot of Democrats are jumping off their sinking ship. Senate Republicans have assembled some examples here of stimulus spending on this, the one-year anniversary.

Sheryl Atkinson, CBS News, 1. “You probably wouldn’t guess that a martini bar and a Brazilian steak house would be on tap for stimulus funds. But in St. Joseph, Missouri the two privately-owned facilities are getting $100,000 of your tax dollars.”

2. “The State University Of New York At Buffalo Won $390,000 To Study Young Adults Who Drink Malt Liquor And Smoke Marijuana.”

3. “The University Of Hawaii Collected $210,000 To Study The Learning Patterns Of Honeybees, And $700,000 Went To Help Crab Fishermen In Oregon Recover Lost Crab Pots.”

4. “Half A Million Dollars Went To Arizona State University To Study The Genetic Makeup Of Ants To Determine Distinctive Roles In Ant Colonies; $450,000 Went To The University Of Arizona To Study The Division Of Labor In Ant Colonies.”

5. “The Rodent Study At Florida Atlantic University In Boca Raton Used $15,551 In Stimulus Funds To Pay For Two Summer Researchers To Help Gauge How Alcohol Affects A Mouse’s Motor Functions.”

Now who the heck wants to know this? We already know what alcohol does to humans. Why pay to find out it does the same things to rodents?

6. “President Obama’s Stimulus Plan… Is Now Paying Americans To Buy That Great Necessity Of Modern Life, The Golf Cart.” “Thanks to the federal tax credit to buy high-mileage cars that was part of President Obama’s [slush fund], Uncle Sam is now paying Americans to buy that … the golf cart. The federal credit provides from $4,200 to $5,500 for the purchase of an electric vehicle, and when it is combined with similar incentive plans in many states the tax credits can pay for nearly the entire cost of a golf cart.” Stossel went out and bought one to test the theory. He’s driving around outside of Fox News headquarters there on Sixth Avenue, also known as the Avenue of the [Former] Americas. He explained the whole process. He got a golf cart and the rebates and the kickbacks paid for it. So he’s driving around and he’s telling New Yorkers walking by, “Thanks.” He’s thanking them. Thanking them for paying their taxes so he could have his golf cart bought for him.

7. “Five Hundred Syracuse University Freshmen Will Divulge The Details Of Their Sex Lives … $219,000 In Stimulus Funds For The Study.”

8. “Sunset Boulevard, Also Known As “The Sunset Strip” And One Of The Most Famous Streets In The World, Will Be Getting A $7 Million Facelift After More Than 75 Years Of Use, With A Free Million Dollar Nose Job Coming From Uncle Sam.”

9. “The Cactus Bug Project At The University Of Florida Is More Ambitious, Spending $325,394 In Stimulus Money To Determine How Environment Affects The Mating Decisions Of Females.” Once again, I would do this for a dollar: “$325,394 In Stimulus Money To Determine How Environment Affects The Mating Decisions Of Females.”

10. “A $498,000, Three-Year Grant’To Study ‘Social Networks Like Facebook.'”

11. “$3.4 Million for a [frigging] Turtle Tunnel in Florida — The Other Third Of The Stimulus, Government Infrastructure Spending, Has Been The Most Controversial From The Start. Some Proposals Have Been Criticized As Wasteful, Such As … A $3.4 Million ‘Ecopassage’ To Help Turtles Cross A Highway In Tallahassee, Fla.”

12. “A Big Chunk Of The Money That Will Pay For A New Spring-Training Baseball Complex On Tribal Land In The East Valley Will Be Delivered Via A Financing Program That’s Part Of The Federal Economic-Stimulus Plan. The Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community says it may borrow as much as $30 million of the estimated cost of the $100 million complex near Scottsdale that will become the spring home of the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies.”

13. Jonathan Karl, ABC News: “‘The Napa Valley Wine Train, To Tourists A Great Way To See America’s Most Celebrated Wine Region, To Others, Exhibit A, In What’s Wrong With The Stimulus.’ Sen. Tom Coburn: ‘What that is, is a situation where you see the wealthy or well connected get taken care of and the community suffers.’

KARL: ‘He’s talking about the Napa Valley wine train relocation project, 54 million stimulus dollars to build a new rail bridge, elevate and relocate 3,300 ft of tracks and put flood walls around the train’s main station.'” NOTE: from the Wine train website, I got this: * The Napa Valley Wine Train did not receive $54 million of stimulus money from the Federal Government, and we are not receiving an unfair benefit from this money. The $54 million in question went to the Army Corps of Engineers to help complete Napa’s decades long flood control project.*

14. “$50,000 in Stimulus Funds for a Tennis Court in Montana,” and, “$250 Stimulus Checks to Prisoners.” Megyn Kelly of Fox said: “Thousands To A Million Of Your Stimulus Dollars Have Gone Straight To Convicts. That’s Right, The Feds Sending $250 Stimulus Checks To Thousands Upon Thousands Of Prisoners… We’re Talking First Degree Murderers Who Are Getting Your Money.” I don’t know what for. I don’t know what for. But it’s the first anniversary of Obama’s slush fund.

Now my friends, if this doesn’t tell you that Obama has no clue about what he is doing, then we are lost. Americans used to be smarter than this. I never thought that I would live to see the day. But I guess I have. Just how do you like your promised change so far? Do you like having all that money going to criminals?

God Bless America, her troops, her allies and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR, and my viewers on You Tube…..


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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3 Responses to The Lies of the ObamaNation that they expect us to believe…..

  1. Ryan says:

    Not to nitpick, but you really didn’t offer any facts when you made the claim(s) that Obama lied…particularly the section that begins with:

    “OBAMA: — keeps workers on the job –
    He didn’t do that. He lied again.

    OBAMA: — cuts taxes for small business –
    Didn’t do that. Another lie from fearless leader.

    OBAMA: — generates more demand –

    He didn’t do that.”

    To just say that Obama lied is great, but it would be helpful if you could factually back that up. Could you also elaborate on how cap and trade legislation is a war on the citizenry of America? Just seems like a lot of partisan hot-air without facts.
    reply from Robert: my sources were Rush Limbaugh, my own experiences, and these:
    Sources: USDA,, ProPublica, U.S. Census, Labor Department, Congressional Budget Office, Vice President Joe Biden’s Annual Report to the President on Progress Implementing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and also from the Gateway Pundit, at:

  2. Boxcar says:

    Disclaimer: I work for the Wine Train, included on this list as #13.

    I have been watching this controversy from its beginning in December, and for the most part, the reporting that has been done has been very inaccurate and unprofessional. Here, the GOP has republished some of the same misleading reporting. I would urge all readers to do their own research into this topic.

    Of course, we would appreciate it if you could start by hearing our side of the story, which can be found at
    reply from Robert: I will check it out. Thanks.

  3. Miles A Brumberg, DO says:

    Cap and trade is based on the assertion that CO2 gas in the atmosphere is a poisonous gas (EPA) and needs to be reduced; hence the regulations regarding CO2 emissions. The assertion is based on the “so-called research” that attributes GLOBAL WARMING or as the movement now prefers. GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE, to ONLY MAN-MADE CO2 derived from fossil fuels. There are many adherents to this view of things many of whom may have missed the news reports of late that MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING or as the movement prefers MAN-MADE CLIMATE CHANGE was discovered to be a hoax! The hoax was concocted by a group of “so-called scientists” conducting “so-called research” at a “highly regarded” university in England. The hoax was designed to support a left wing political movement whose objective was to punish industries that produce what the movement regards as excessive CO2 emissions mainly in the developed nations most notably the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, whom the movement views as the world’s greatest enemy. Our glorious, historic leader unfortunately for the United States has bought into the hoax hook line and sinker as his goal is to bring the United States to its knees economically in an attempt to punish this nation for the wrongs he believes it has commmitted around the world since it was established 200 years ago! It is incredible to me that the movement had actually gotten as far as it had but when you consider that alternative views were vehemently rejected as placing the fate of the entire world in jeopardy and that environmental catastrophe was around the corner and that money hungry energy companies were poisoning our air causing irreversible changes in climate around the globe leading to the extinction of all plant and animal life it is easy to see how the idea became increasingly popular among those movements unhappy with the present political structure responsible for all this CO2 being released into the atmnosphere. You tell a big enough lie often enough then people will begin to believe it. You make a movie about it, it wins an Academy award. You give lectures around the world about it, you get the Nobel Peace Prize. Notice that the Nobel Prize for Science was not awarded to the people whose in depth, thorough, peer reviewed research was responsible for THE BIG LIE!
    reply from Robert: The big lie. You are so right, and they have been telling it for so long that they think it is the absolute truth. The people were thinking that for a while too, but too much has been exposed, we cannot let these lies continue.

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