Global Warming at it’s best is hitting the Midwest…..

Don’t be afraid to see what you see.
-Ronald Reagan-

It is like Reagan said. We should not be afraid of seeing what we see. From the Republicans fighting against the Socializing of America that the Democrats are vested in, to fighting the hoax of Global Warming. Al Gore always warns us that the Polar Bears are drowning but he doesn’t give us the facts. The facts are, the Polar Bears that he so conveniently pictures out in the ocean on a small ice floe, is nothing more than a Polar Bear resting or sunning himself or playing or something. Polar Bears are among the most efficient and strong swimmers in the world. He doesn’t tell you that now does he? He doesn’t say that the polar ice is now thicker than it has been in a while now…..does he.

And when weather patterns hit, like they are now, where the midwest is being hit with one of the biggest storms in Modern history, he is strangely silent, or, he will try to tell us that being colder proves his theory that Global Warming exists. Folks, he is just like liberals when it comes to they’re ideas falling apart. They think that we are too stupid to think for ourselves and they will use both sides of the argument to win theirs. Apparently, their parents never told them that they can’t win them all. So, they do not see the writing on the walls. They look for more ways to skew the truth. That is something that the left has done for a long time now and they are very good at lying. Better than most of us I think…….

But, that is neither here or there. The truth will never make them tell it.

From the AP this morning is the latest that will probably be skewed into the next part of the Global Warming hoax:

Snow piles up, paralyzing nation’s capital

By NAFEESA SYEED, Associated Press Writer Nafeesa Syeed, Associated Press Writer 37 mins ago

It's getting deep out there.....

WASHINGTON – A blizzard battered the Mid-Atlantic region on Saturday, quickly dumping large amounts of snow on that piled up on roadways and toppled trees onto apartment buildings and cars.

Officials urged people to huddle at home for the weekend, out of the way of crews trying to keep up with a storm that forecasters said could be the biggest for the nation’s capital in modern history. A father and son were killed in Virginia when a tractor-trailer struck and killed them after they stopped to help another driver.

A record 2 1/2 feet or more was predicted for Washington. As of early Saturday, 10 inches of snow was reported at the White House, while parts of Maryland and West Virginia were buried under more than 20 inches. Forecasters expected snowfall rates to increase, up to 2 inches per hours through Saturday morning.

Blizzard warnings were issued for the District of Columbia, Baltimore, parts of New Jersey and Delaware and some areas west of the Chesapeake Bay.

“Things are fairly manageable, but trees are starting to come down,” said D.C. fire department spokesman Pete Piringer, whose agency responded to some of the falling trees. No injuries were reported.

Airlines canceled flights, churches called off weekend services and people wondered if they would be stuck at home for several days in a region ill-equipped to deal with so much snow……..

…….The region’s second snowstorm in less than two months brought heavy, wet snow and strong winds.

Several thousand people in West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania had lost electricity and more outages were expected as the snow began to bring down power lines. A hospital fire in D.C. sent about three dozen patients scurrying from their rooms to safety in a basement. The blaze started when a snow plow truck caught fire near the building.

Authorities blamed the storm for hundreds of accidents. Some area hospitals asked people with four-wheel-drive vehicles to volunteer to pick up doctors and nurses to take them to work.

The snow comes less than two months after a Dec. 19 storm dumped more than 16 inches on Washington. Snowfalls of this magnitude — let alone two in one season — are rare in the area. According to the National Weather Service, Washington has gotten more than a foot of snow only 13 times since 1870……

……..The heaviest on record was 28 inches in January 1922. The biggest snowfall for the Washington-Baltimore area is believed to have been in 1772, before official records were kept, when as much as 3 feet fell, which George Washington and Thomas Jefferson penned in their diaries.

But this storm is not one of the storms that show up somewhere in the U.S. and dump snow in someplace, it is a huge storm. Ranging most of the way across the nation. Here in Indiana, it is dropping snow on the ground to depths not seen in the area in a long time. Here, west of Indianapolis, we had predicted anywhere from 4 to 8 inches of the white stuff, and I think we so far we have about six on the ground. And the storm is not over yet.

Now, I am not complaining about a small amount of snow, as I grew up in Colorado on the Western slope and was used to seeing the first snow of the year dropping enough snow on the ground that you didn’t see the ground again until spring thaw……some six months later. But looking out the window, knowing that this is one of the coldest winters in recent history, makes me want to go and laugh in the faces of the global warming alarmists because they are wrong.

All this hoo haw about how Climate change, *the new term for Global Warming* is going to destroy this world is laughable at best. This cold that has the nation in it’s grip is not Global Warming or Climate change. As I have said so many times before it is cyclical.

Global Warming at it's best folks!

Climate has been a changing entity since the beginning of time, even before man came onto the scene, and for you alarmists out there, it will continue to change long after we are gone. Mankind has little to no effect on what the weather is going to be. ONLY GOD CAN BE THAT POWERFUL! We need to stop trying to walk in his footsteps, which is impossible, because our ego’s get totally in the way of rational thinking on this subject. The best thing we can do is what we have been doing. Recycle and be good stewards of this world. Take care of the planet. But don’t go hog wild over some assumption that mankind is destroying our climate, because we are not. And it is as the old adage goes: When you assume, you make an ass out of u and me. And I for one do not like paying for your fallacies like the ass you think we all are.

The photo above was taken this morning, in the lull of the storm that is hitting the midwest to the Atlantic coast. This is not a normal thing, it is not global warming or global cooling, it is part of the cyclical change that has been happening since the dawn of time. And I refuse to pay for your cockamamie ideas that we are the cause of Global Warming. We are not and it is not. Global Warming is a hoax that was placed out there by the left whose only purpose, is for finding a way to tax us more than they could, if it wasn’t there. Which, since Global Warming is a hoax, is nothing more than stealing. And the last time I looked at the law books, stealing was illegal.

God Bless America, our troops and our people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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3 Responses to Global Warming at it’s best is hitting the Midwest…..

  1. amiel@israel says:

    gw is a serious process people cant fight with. it means that some region will get colder for some time,, some warmer and its normal. but the problem of gw is that it became kinda scam. it sucks money-but there is no any way to control it really.
    reply from Robert: You are so right. It has become the worst kind of a scam, where the people are the ones paying for it.

  2. Edisto Joe says:

    Didn’t get hit like the East Coast, still….
    Just shoveled 4″ of Global Warming off my drive.

    reply from Robert: Yeah I know. Did the same this morning….wasn’t it fun? Damn, I just know I am going to be sore tomorrow….*ss*

  3. TWoPolitics says:

    Carving turns with new skis today on some GW.
    reply from Robert: I think that a lot of people are. This GW is great for the skiers isn’t it?

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