The Extinction of our Republic, in the hearts and minds of the Liberals

Abuse of words has been the great instrument of sophistry and chicanery, of party, faction, and division of society.
-John Adams-

No matter how you look at what is going on in Washington these days, if you use Common Sense, you will see that the ruling class, the democrats are working from the top down to destroy the economy of this nation, and for that matter the nation itself. They actually have been since before Bush one was in there. Remember back to Reagan, you would see them trying to tear apart everything that he tried to do while he was president. The democrats then called him everything from a stupid cowboy to America’s enemy, when in fact he was doing everything that he said he would, and brought this country out of a recession, without raising taxes. In fact he did what should have been done this time. He lowered them.

But what is going on now, is something that would have never happened with the Republicans in charge because the Democrats would have never allowed it, and, the Republicans wouldn’t stoop this low. Take the Senate Race in Massachusetts (state), for the vacated seat held by Ted Kennedy.

The democrats are afraid, and rightfully so, that they are going to lose the seat in this coming election. And they are saying that they are in peril of “losing Ted Kennedy’s seat”, but it is Scott Brown the Republican who is causing such a fervor who has told the Democrats that the seat “isn’t Ted Kennedy’s seat, it’s the people’s seat.” I say Amen to that Sir. And this is 100% correct. It isn’t Ted Kennedy’s seat. It never has been. He just occupied it for a period of time.

But today, a reporter from the Weekly Standard , John McCormick was pushed to the ground by long time democratic strategist Michael Meehan, the incident was caught on video tape. Mr. McCormick was shoved into a metal railing, reportedly giving him a large tear in his pants.

From who reported this, the article says this: (with links included)

The rough-and-tumble world of politics was on full display Tuesday night when longtime Democratic strategist Michael Meehan was caught on videotape shoving a reporter for the Weekly Standard into a metal railing, reportedly giving him a large tear in his pants.

The incident occurred outside of a Washington fundraiser for Martha Coakley, the Democratic candidate in a competitive race to fill the seat of the late Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy.

The trip has drawn criticism, since Coakley, the state attorney general, was in Washington seeking money from lobbyists while polls show a tightening race.

In a written statement, Meehan said he apologized to Weekly Standard reporter John McCormack for the incident.

“I clearly did not intend to cause John McCormack to trip and fall over that low fence,” he said. “As the video shows and he confirms in his blog, I stopped to help him up and make sure he was OK.”

McCormack, in his account of the incident published on the conservative magazine’s Web site, wrote that he had been trying to ask Coakley about a remark she’d made in a debate with Republican opponent Scott Brown in which she said there are no terrorists in Afghanistan and they’re all in Pakistan and Yemen.

McCormack said Coakley blew him off, and then he followed her for a few blocks until he was shoved by Meehan, who had attended the fundraiser and worked previously on a Democratic opponent of Coakley in the primary.

“I ended up on the sidewalk. I was fine,” McCormack wrote in the Weekly Standard. “He helped me up from the ground, but kept pushing up against me, blocking my path toward Coakley down the street.”

McCormack later told the Boston Herald that the incident left him with a 10-inch rip on the right leg of his suit pants and a tiny bruise on his right leg.

When McCormack asked the man whom he worked for, he replied, “I work for me,” demanding to see McCormack’s credentials on a public street. After McCormack showed him his ID, he said he met up with Coakley halfway down the block, asking her question that she declined to answer.

In Meehan’s account to Fox News, he said a scrum of reporters was chasing Coakley and “in the confusion the reporter fell over the fence.” Meehan said he thought McCormack was a Brown campaign operative.

“Four Scott Brown guys were out there,” he said. “I thought he worked for Brown.”

Meehan said he helped McCormack up and asked who he was because McCormack had not shown his media credentials. When told he was caught on video shoving McCormack to the ground, Meehan said, “It wasn’t my intention to knock him on the ground.”

Coakley blamed GOP “stalkers” for provoking tensions outside the fundraiser. She told the Boston Herald she is not “privy” to the facts surrounding the incident.

“I know there were people following, including two from the Brown campaign who have been very aggressive in their stalking,” she said. “I’m not sure what happened. I know something occurred, but I’m not privy to the facts. I’m sure it will come out, but I’m not aware of it.”

But McCormack isn’t completely buying Coakley’s explanation. McCormack told the Boston Herald that he met Coakley after a radio debate earlier this month in which he asked her four questions.

“She saw me get knocked to the ground and kept walking,” he said. “I wouldn’t say I was surprised. … She’s decided she’s entitled to the seat without answering questions on issues that are of national importance.”

Click here to read McCormack’s account of the incident

Fox News’ Brian Doherty and’s Stephen Clark contributed to this report.

Now, if this had happened to a New York Times reporter by someone from a Republican campaign, the apology that was accepted here, would not have sufficed. It would have been splattered all over the press for weeks on how wrong this was. According to the video, you can see Martha Coakley looking at what is going on. She said that she didn’t know what was going on. She would not answer questions asked by the Weekly Standard reporter John McCormick, but she did answer questions by other reporters who asked after McCormick asked his question. All I know, is a Republican would never get away with this….but it seems the Democrats can and do.

God Bless America, her troops and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube…..


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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2 Responses to The Extinction of our Republic, in the hearts and minds of the Liberals

  1. Seane-Anna says:

    The video was kind of dark and I couldn’t really tell what happened, but if the written reports are accurate then this was an incident which no Republican ever could’ve gotten away with. The double standard is appalling. I sure hope Scott Brown wins.
    reply from Robert: I sure hope that he wins too. Not because he is Republican, but because he has the right mindset for America. Telling the democrats that the seat vacated by Ted Kennedy is not Kennedy’s but the people’s is what we need to hear. He believes in this country, and our constitution too. His victory would be a giant step in the right direction, to lead us back to where this country ought to be. Away from Socialism and Marxism that the liberals have been forcing down our throats for generations now.

  2. Edisto Joe says:

    The shoving incident is represenative of Democrats. They’ve been shoving Americans out of the way ever since they took office. Never is it so open and blatent and a mainstream media ignores it. I wrote in my blog about this little episode and how it carrys a new symbolism for the Democrats and their total disregard for public opinion. If Republicans carried on like this the nightly news would be all over them. The people in power now are Hell-bent on tearing down the social fabric of America and her political system. The close race for Kennedy’s seat should be a loud message to them but they continue to press on. As long as they can inflict their damage then they will be content to move on after they are voted out of office.
    reply from Robert: You are so right on this. The double standard exists more than anyone knows….and yet if the democrats were told of it, they would deny it and get away with it. I am not sure, but the Republicans have got to take a page from the liberal play book and learn how to fight back when things that are wrong are perpetrated against the American people. Because so far they haven’t fought back….though I have to say it is starting.

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