Reprint of post done on July 18th, of 2007. Fire and Ice – Journalist’s Obsession with Disasters to Mankind and Climate….

Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.
Ronald Reagan

I have been watching this whole Global Warming fiasco from the so called scientists who claim it is and then isn’t happening, to Al Gore and his stupid documentary on Global Warming and I have to say this…..Can’t you get it through your heads that this climate change that we are going through is cyclical and happens over and over and has happened over and over since the beginning of time?

In a new summary called Fire and Ice it concludes that journalists have warned of climate change for 100 years, but can’t decide whether we face an ice age or warming. I have seen this ineptitude in my lifetime, remembering back to the 1970’s when they were predicting that life was going to end as we know it, because the glaciers were advancing and the earth was cooling at an alarming rate. Now Al Gore and the global warming crowd is claiming that we are going to die in 30 years if we don’t do something about the way we are living, because the earth is warming at an alarming rate. Reading through the Special Report called Fire and Ice, I read the article that showed how the media has handled this global warming, global cooling over the last 100 years. This is amazing that they can’t remember what they said a few short years ago…..kind of like politics. They don’t seem to remember what they said a short while ago. Here are some good examples: (Accents of Bold, underlines, and italics are mine to accent important parts)

It was five years before the turn of the century and major media were warning of disastrous climate change. Page six of the New York Times was headlined with the serious concerns of “geologists.” Only the president at the time wasn’t Bill Clinton; it was Grover Cleveland. And the Times wasn’t warning about global warming — it was telling readers the looming dangers of a new ice age……..

The Media Research Center’s Business and Media Institute (formerly the Free Market Project) conducted an extensive analysis of print media’s climate change coverage back to the late 1800’s.
It found that many publications now claiming the world is on the brink of a global warming disaster said the same about an impending ice age — just 30 years ago. Several major ones, including the New York Times well, Surprise SURPRISE SURPRISE!!!!, Time magazine, and Newsweek, have reported on three or even four different climate shifts since 1895.

In addition, BMI found:

“Global Cooling” Was just as Realistic: Several publications warned in the 1970’s that global cooling posed a major threat to the food supply. Now, remarkably, global warming is also considered a threat to the very same food supply.

Glaciers Are Growing or Shrinking: The media continue to point to glaciers as a sign of climate change, but they have used them as examples of both cooling and warming.

Global Warming History Ignored: The media treats global warming like it’s a new idea. In fact, British amateur meteorologist G. S. Callendar argued that mankind was responsible for heating up the planet with carbon dioxide emissions — in 1938. That was decades before scientists and journalists alerted the public about the threat of a new ice age.

New York Times the Worst: Longtime readers of the Times could easily recall the paper claiming “A Major Cooling Widely Considered to be Inevitable,” along with it’s strong support of global warming predictions. Older readers might well recall two other claims of a climate shift back to the 1800s — one an ice age, and the other warming again.

The Times has warned of four separate climate changes since 1895.

Now for all you out there, here is more on that report, and the ever changing stance of the media, blowing hot or cold, with short-term changes in temperatures. You decide for yourselves whether the media is spinning a tale to get desired results or telling the truth. I think, that the truth is something they haven’t known about for a century.

Following the ice age threats from the late 1800’s fears of an imminent and icy catastrophe were compounded in the 1920’s by Arctic explorer Donald MacMillan and an obsession with the news of his polar expedition. As the Times put it on Feb 24, 1895, “Geologists Think the World May Be Frozen Up Again.”
Those concerns lasted well into the late 1920’s. But when the earth’s surface warmed less than half a degree, newspapers and magazines responded with stories about the new threat. Once again the Times was out in front, cautioning “the earth is steadily growing warmer.”
After a while, that second phase of climate cautions began to fade. By 1954, Fortune magazine was warming to another cooling trend and ran an article titled “Climate — the Heat May Be Off.” As the United States and the old Soviet Union faced off, the media joined them with reports of a more dangerous Cold War of Man vs. Nature.
The New York Times ran warming stories into the late 1950’s, but it too came around to the new fears. Just three decades ago, in 1975, the paper reported: “A Major Cooling Widely Considered to Be Inevitable.”

That trend, too, cooled off and was replaced by the current era of reporting on the dangers of global warming. Just six years later, on August 22, 1981, the Times quoted seven government atmospheric scientists who predicted global warming of an “almost unprecedented magnitude.”
In all, the print news media have warned of four separate climate changes in slightly more than 100 years — global cooling, warming, cooling again, and, perhaps not so finally, warming. Some current warming stories combine the concepts and claim the next ice age will be triggered by rising temperatures — the theme of the 2004 movie “The Day After Tomorrow.”

Now if that isn’t enough people, do we have to continually go over this rhetoric over and over and over again? If people and the press would just remember what was said before, we could prevent this stupidity from continuing. But the press continues it. I know that if this Global Warming scare tactic that they and Al Gore is on now doesn’t work, that in a few years we can expect them to head back to everyone dying because of Global Cooling. Same story, different line. Trouble is, they use the “different lines” over and over and over again to ad nauseum. The report goes on to say:

Despite all the historical shifting from one position to another, many in the media no longer welcome opposing views on the climate. CBS reporter Scott Pelley went so far as to compare climate change skeptics with Holocaust deniers.
“If I do an interview with [Holocaust survivor] Elie Wiesel,” Pelley asked, “am I required as a journalist to find a Holocaust denier?” he said in an interview on March 23 with CBS News’s PublicEye Blog.
He added that the whole idea of impartial journalism just didn’t work for climate stories. “There becomes a point in journalism where striving for balance becomes irresponsible,” he said.
Pelley’s comments ignored an essential point: that 30 years ago, the media were certain about the prospect of a new ice age. And that is only the most recent example of how much journalists have changed their minds on this essential debate.
Some in the media would probably argue that they merely report what scientists tell them, but that would only be half true.
Journalists decide not only what they cover; they also decide whether to include opposing viewpoints. That’s a balance lacking in current “debate.”
This isn’t a question of science. it’s a question of whether Americans can trust what the media tells them about science.


The ice age is coming, the sun’s
zooming in
Engines stop running, the wheat
is growing thin
A nuclear era, but I have no fear
‘Cause London is drowning, and I
live by the river.

–The Clash
“London Calling,”

The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970, amidst hysteria about the dangers of a new ice age. The media had been spreading warning of a cooling period since the 1950’s, but those alarms grew louder in the 1970’s.
Three months before, on January 11, The Washington Post told readers to “get a good grip on your long johns, cold weather haters — the worst may be yet to come,” in an article titled “Colder Winters Held Dawn of New Ice Age.” The article quoted climatologist Reid Bryson, who said “there’s no relilef in sight’ about the cooling trend.
Journalists took the threat of another ice age seriously. Fortune magazine actually won a “Science Writing Award” from the American Institute of Physics for its own analysis of the danger. “As for the present cooling trend a number of leading climatologists have concluded that it is very bad news indeed,” Fortune announced in February 1974.
“It is the root cause of a lot of that unpleasant weather around the world and they warn that it carries the potential for human disasters of unprecedented magnitude,” the article continued.
That article also emphasized Bryson’s extreme doomsday predictions. “There is very important climatic change going on right now, and it’s not merely something of academic interest.”

Bryson warned, “It is something that, if it continues, will affect the whole human occupation of the earth — like a billion people starving. The effects are already showing up in a rather drastic way.” However, the world population increased by 2.5 billion since that warning. Kind of sounds like the crap they are trying to hand us now doesn’t it? If we don’t change our ways we will die and there are already effects showing up in a rather drastic way……sheesh. What poppycock!
Fortune had been emphasizing the cooling trend for 20 years. In 1954, it picked up on the idea of a frozen earth and ran an article titled “Climate — the Heat May Be Off.”
The story debunked the notion that “despite all you may have read, heard, or imagined, it’s been growing cooler — not warmer — since the Thirties.”
The claims of global catastrophe were remarkably similar to what the media delivers now about global warming. Probably people, because it is the same as then. Just a different time, and a different spin (or temperature if you will.)
“The cooling has already killed hundreds of thousands of people in poor nations,” wrote Lowell Ponte in his 1976 book “The Cooling.”
If the proper measures weren’t taken, he cautioned, then the cooling would lead to “world famine, world chaos, and probably world war, and this could all come by the year 2000.”

This is bullshit people. On November 15, 1969, in the Science News, they quoted a meteorologist by the name of Dr. J. Murray Mitchell Jr., about global cooling worries. They quoted him as saying “how long the current cooling trend continues is one of the most important problems of our civilization,” and he continued saying that if the cooling continued for 200 to 300 years, the earth could be plunged into an ice age. Six years later, the periodical reported ‘that the cooling since 1940 has been large enough and consistent enough that it will not soon be reversed.’ And because of all the hype, the world bought this hook line and sinker and the idea of a world encased in a snowball flourished and grew…….just like Al Gore’s crap that he is spewing now.

Granted, it is good to not pollute indiscriminately, and be careless with our atmosphere, but come on people lets get real. God created this world knowing what we would do in the future and don’t you think that He would have put something in place that would keep the world livable in the likely event that mankind did things to hurt the environment?

People, life is adaptable. It has been adapting for eons now and will continue to adapt till the end of time, which isn’t by the way in our hands. It is in God’s hands and only His. Keep that in mind and you can say to the Al Gore’s of the world….”Shut your pie hole and live life as God intended….don’t worry……be happy.

God Bless America and our Troops
God Bless My Readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


To find out more information or to set up an interview, contact Colleen O’Boyle at 703-683-5004 ext. 122
Taken from the Business and Media Institute’s Executive Summary of Fire and Ice
325 South Patrick St.
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 683-9733
Fire and Ice

About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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1 Response to Reprint of post done on July 18th, of 2007. Fire and Ice – Journalist’s Obsession with Disasters to Mankind and Climate….

  1. Edisto Joe says:

    We’ve gone from global cooling to global warming and now they just call it climate change research.
    Hellllooo! Isn’t that what the spring, summer, fall and winter are about? No one doubts that man can have an effect on the environment but the extent at which these extremist push such a theory as global destruction is absolutely insane!
    The leftist have picked up on it in order to advance their plans for Global Socialism, (redistribution of the world’s wealth). Sound familiar? Then you have people like Gore who use the agenda to promote their personal wealth. Those of us who see through all of this are treated like uninformed idiots and in the scientific community they are ignored. The left has done such a wonderful job tugging at the heartstrings of the public, politicians and the media can’t ignore their message and have even bought into it hook, line and sinker. It’s like a terrible virus that no vaccine can cure. The only thing that can stop it is common sense and the realization that the cost in both monetary and human terms is just not worth lowering the temperature a few degrees. Leave that to winter.

    reply from Robert: You are so right. It has been proven that the cyclical nature of climate change has been going on since the dawn of time, and back then, mankind didn’t have any effect on it. Actually the warmest year on record is before industrialization really got a grand hold on us. So, it is about time that these Global Warming theorists, stop with their assumptions. Because we all know what it means to assume. It only makes an ass out of you and me.

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