From Obama’s Speech: Sending troops, and at the same time telling when to bring them home….

A house divided against itself cannot stand.
-Abraham Lincoln-

Tonight President Obama is finally going to give his speech on sending more troops to Afghanistan, and from the previews of it, this is insanity personified. But, in this same speech, he is also going to talk about when we are going to bring them home. 2011! And this is freaking nuts. If we are already talking about when we are going to bring these young men and women home, before they are even sent, why send them in the first place? All he is doing is undermining the war effort again, by giving it a time table. Wars cannot be fought and won on a timetable. We do that, and Harry Reid can again open his stupid mouth, and say that “we have lost the war.” Putting a time table on this, is like telling the enemy, we are sending in more troops, but don’t worry. Hold out for so long and we will be taking them back home again. In the meantime, kill as many as you want. I don’t care what you feel for Obama, this is freaking insane, and this is nothing more than murdering our young people for no reason at all. And yes I said Obama is murdering our soldiers. He is announcing that he is sending them into harms way, and then immediately announcing that he is bringing them home on a certain date before they are even sent, giving the enemy a hey-day, shooting at our kids, while, they are there, and under the rules of engagement that they are under, for they cannot fire back and defend themselves, if there are civilians in the area. So in other words……he is murdering our children!

You still support him you Obamanuts? If you do, then I guess our kids, your kids, if they are over there, do not mean a tinkers damn to you. Because your president is only sending them there to die. Aren’t you ashamed? If your not, you should be. Because he is playing political games with our kids with NO concern for them.

UPDATE: This post was done before the Obama speech last night, and true to form, he didn’t say anything that I thought he wouldn’t. But the one question that I have for mr. obama. Are you crazy? I know you hate America’s ability to defend herself and others, through the military, but for God Sake man, don’t you even stop to think here before opening that yap trap of yours? Don’t you realize that the enemy, which is Al Qaida and the Taliban, listened to your Surrender speech last night? And if you say that isn’t what it was, that is what the enemy thinks it was. God, you have no concept of what you are doing to this nation. I can’t wait for your term to be over…..because you are destroying the best nation this world has ever seen. And I know that you do not care.

God Bless America and her troops
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You tube


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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4 Responses to From Obama’s Speech: Sending troops, and at the same time telling when to bring them home….

  1. TWoPolitics says:

    You cannot fight a politically correct war without informing your enemy when you will retreat and go home.

    I’m not sure which side Obama considers to be the enemy – us or them.

    reply from Robert: I will wager that he doesn’t consider the enemy them.

  2. Seane-Anna says:

    Let’s see. Obama is sending 10,000 fewer troops that McChrystal says are necessary to win this war, and then says he’ll withdraw those same troops in less than two years, presumably without any regard to conditions on the ground. This is a recipe for victory…for al Qaeda and the Taliban. No, Obama doesn’t think the enemy is them.

    reply from Robert: How right you are. To me, it is totally insane and childishly stupid to send more troops into harms way, to get shot at and killed for political reasons. And that is all this is to Obama….a political gamble. I hate him for using our young men and women as pawns for his insanity. But, that isn’t the worst of it. The original request was not for 40,000 troops, it was for 80,000 troops. So he didn’t even send half of what was originally asked for so he is still trying to make us lose the war that he doesn’t want us in.

  3. Edisto Joe says:

    I listened to the speech…was not impressed, disgusted is more like it. I support the troop increase and for that I thank the man, but calling it quits in 18 months? That inspires the troops? Then blame Bush for ignoring his commanders and the war. As if to say to his liberal buddies, it’s not my fault…Bush made me do it. Weak, very weak. I posted my comments on this West Point address and the whole time I was writing I had a bad taste in my mouth. Our military deserves better.

    <reply from Robert: I know You are right, this left a bad taste in my mouth too. And the libs, like the blog First door on the Left only said, as praise, ‘he promised during his campaign he was going to do this, so he is keeping a campaign promise’, to which I commented, that he was undermining the troops by helping the enemy with the pullout. This man is not our commander in chief. He is the whimp in chief. The whole world is laughing at him, and our enemies can smell victory……all at the sacrifice of, not their men, but our military. Another democrat, another vietnam, where the politicians and the media will lose this war for us. NOT THE MILITARY.

  4. Rick says:

    Being a Brit joining the military with the intention of being sent out to Afghanistan, I was pleased with Obamas decision until Reading further into it. There is no way this war will be over by 2011 and the Afghan Army will never be able to cope themselves by the time he wants to start pulling troops out.

    Seems that us Brits are going to end up being left on our own and ultimately forced out of Afghanistan through lack of support.

    reply from Robert: Well, to start off sir, God Bless you for Your service. I know that we (most all of us Americans) are getting really tired of his inexperience and his desire to do everything HIS way even though he keeps showing us that he has no clue about what he is doing. Rest assured, sir that you and every person in the military in this WAR ON TERROR will be in the prayers of most Americans who appreciate the sacrifices that you and others give. Hopefully, something good will happen and the Republicans will get a bunch of the Democrats to get with them to stop Obama before he destroys America and her allies…

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