Something to think about….

When the people fear their government there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.

Thomas Jefferson

Kind of sounds like something we have today huh? When the people fear the government…….*that is what Obama wants anyway* I am talking here about what our government is doing. Americans all think that tyranny is something you get when you have a bad king, and he is always doing things to the people that they do not want, or that are not healthy for them. But if you think about it, isn’t that what we have here?

Obama and his minions in our government are trying to lead America on the same path that England took in 1997. If you will remember, in 1997, when Tony Blair took over the country, Britain was still in pretty good shape. Thanks to the economic reforms that were put in place by Margaret Thatcher, you remember her don’t you?

England's Fighting Lady.

England had been transformed from the sick country of Europe, which was over-taxed, over-regulated, and in the death hold of the trade unions, and was transformed into a vibrant and confident power. The people were happy. They had more money than they knew what to do with, and the country and her people believed that they could do anything. Hence the reason for electing the man who promised them everything. Tony Blair.

Twelve years from then, England was so screwed that they might as well have just given up the ship and let her sink into oblivion. The country’s economy is in ruins. Englanders are very afraid, because of all the G7 nations, their economy had officially been named the feeblest, the most out of control, and the one least likely to make a quick recovery from the global depression. With Obama’s plans, that is exactly where we are heading.

England’s attitude is now more split than at any time since the 1707 act of Union; knife and gun crime is sky rocketing, fuel and food costs are soaring, their railroad system is collapsing, their roads are not up to par, and their filthy crowded hospitals are almost as likely to kill you as to cure you. The schools’ standards have plummeted and their Mickey Mouse Universities have become a joke. They’re traditional hard-won freedoms as the world’s oldest democracy have been increasingly circumscribed by petty, micromanaging, nanny state laws governing every aspect of their behavior from the games their kids played to how often they could dispose of their trash, to what sort of jokes it was permitted to tell. England had gone, in a terrifyingly short space of time, from a thriving capitalist state, to a failed socialist experiment. Why am I telling you all this now?

Because if you think about it, that is the same direction that Obama is wanting, and trying to lead us towards today.

Whether you Bush haters want to admit it, compared to today, when Obama took over, our economy was still in decent shape. Unemployment was low, when compared to today. Our national debt, though high then, was low, when compared to today. The recession that was starting then, has blossomed into a full blown recession *heading quickly towards that black door of depression*, and everything that Obama and company are doing is exactly the opposite of what should be done to pull this country out of it’s slide into the depressionland that I am now calling Obamaland. They are now going to raise taxes, while lying about it….a thing that in this economy would be catastrophic and wrong. They are talking of yet another stimulus, which would add to the national debt of almost 10 trillion now!! They are doing everything they can to hood-wink the American people into believing that the socialist health care plan that they are pushing would be the best thing for our nation, and yet, all it would do, is push America that much harder towards that dark door and corridor, that England took just twelve years ago.

England is a mess now, and probably won’t be a thriving nation for YEARS to come, because of what happened to them.

What happened to them is the Socialist agenda that was quickly pushed on them so that it happened before any of them knew about what was going on in their nation.

But, America, if this whole socialistic dream of Obama’s is allowed to happen, we will be in much worse shape than England is today because, a good portion of our people are fighting against what Obama is proposing, actively! And even though the libs are telling everyone that we all want this, and they’re polls support that with close to 100% wanting what they want, the truth is, only about 20% of the people want their vision for America, which is exactly what Britain got and is now suffering because of.

They are now, where we will be in 10 to 12 years if we do not stop this SOCIALISTIC TRAIN WRECK that Obama and company are proposing we take.

In Britain, they are all asking themselves HOW DID IT ALL HAPPEN? How is it possible that the hard won liberties and revered traditions they spent over a millennium evolving, get trashed in just a little over a decade by a gang of political imbeciles?

They are asking how were they ever so foolish as to give them so much power? How did they allow the powers that be to get away with doing so much damage for so long?

Well, America, we are about to find out: Because it is happening here. Obama is far more style than substance. Obama is self serving, not being a servant of the people. He has NO selfless genius. No soaring speeches and no statesmanship. All he has is a rampant sneaking socialist policy that is all about what we are going to get, rather than working on economic sobriety. We have a man who does not think of himself as our president, but rather our dictator who can and will push any of his damaging agenda’s on the people that he darned well pleases, no matter what the people say.

Today is a great example of this. The senate is due for their first vote on the Health Care socialist agenda, and Obama & company are telling them all the lie that if they do not vote for this, it will mean they will lose their positions of power in the next election. When in all actuality it is the other way around. He is willing to sacrifice his position and their positions just to push his socialist ideals on the people of this country. And sadly 46% of the people support this maniac.

Now granted, 46% is lower than it has been since Obama took the center stage. His rating has always been over 50% until now, but his rating on his job approval has plummetted to 80% of the people not liking what he is doing. The same thing is going on here now, that was going on in Britain a mere 12 years ago. Tony Blair was another smiling candidate, speaking a new language, who convinced the people that he wasn’t a dangerous socialist, not like the ones they kept out of power by electing Margaret Thatcher and John Major.

The popularity ratings that Blair enjoyed at his peak were the highest of any post war prime minister. Higher than Thatcher. Higher than even Winston Churchill. Nothing it seemed could touch him. Not his grotesque mishandling of a serious Foot and Mouth outbreak. Not claims of party political donations for business favors. Not his Chancellor’s growing taxes. Not his baffling failure to achieve a single one of his targets on welfare reform. Not health care reforms….nothing seemed to tarnish his gleaming armor.

Same as we have here. We have people saying that Bush spent more than anyone in history to make our deficit horribly and hurtfully high, and he did spend way to much, but Obama has, in his ten months as president, spent trillions more. More than any president since George Washington, to George W. Bush, inclusive.

As one who sees this coming, I find it hard to summon much sympathy for what is coming to the government officials who are voting for this Health Care bill. They are voting themselves out of a lucrative career in politics, while people like me, who would do everything in my power to change the direction that Washington is leading us, has NO WAY to ever get into office. But, people like me see what is going on, and what needs to be done to change the direction that this nation is crashing towards. And people like me, are getting really angry that this maniac in Washington and his cronies are not stopping to our demands that they’re agenda be stopped. Mark my words here people…..we have spoken….yet tonight the Senate is being forced into a vote FOR the Health care bill……on the threat of their jobs. It’s time we realized that we have elected someone who will sacrifice everything and everyone, to get what he wants. America, the ball is in our court now. It is time to stop this dictatorship from destroying America, her freedoms and her standing in the world. It’s time to save America. And it has to be now…as the Democrats, invoking Edward Kennedy’s memory, got it past the Senate tonight 60-39. What a bunch of maroons.

God Bless America her troops and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR, and my viewers on You Tube…..


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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2 Responses to Something to think about….

  1. Seane-Anna says:

    So the Dems pushed through a vote to open debate on the health care bill, and they exploited a dead man to do it. What crass, manipulative, paternalistic jerks! They were elected to be our representatives but they’re acting like our parents, determined to do what they think is best for us no matter how much we, in our immaturity, resist. Again, what condescending, paternalistic jerks! I can’t wait till 2010. We, the people will show those smug, Washington parasites just who has the real power in this governmental system, and it ain’t them. C’mon 2010!

    reply from Robert: You are so right my friend. This kind of UN representation has to stop. They are actually representing people here if you look at it…but it isn’t the majority. It is they’re 20% of the people that they are using as the majority. That is against the Constitution and it is high time the people let them know, that they’re days in Congress are really numbered. Looking so much more now like Term limits NEED to be instituted.

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