What America is ignoring that could really hurt us….

First off, before doing my post, I want to wish all of our brave men and women in Uniform and the ones that have served in the past, a very happy Veterans Day. God Bless you and your service.

There is a reason that the democrats are doing what they can to make us not use the words “war on Terror” anymore. they know that America has been under attack for years and that most Americans do not even realize this. Here is what we have been ignoring.

You have heard the old adage of sticking a frog in cool water, and then slowly turning up the heat so it doesn’t realize it is being cooked and finally it boils to death because the water has heated up so slow that it doesn’t realize it’s too hot till it’s too late? But stick it in hot water, or turn it up too fast, and it will jump right out. That is what the terrorists have done to America, turning up the heat, real slow. And there is a chronology to the whole mess that we are finding ourselves in today.

At least as long ago as thirty-five years ago, Muslim Terrorists began to turn up the heat, a little bit at a time. Most Americans wouldn’t know this because most of us have not paid attention to it, at least until September 11, 2001. But as of now, from a local Jewish group that keeps track of this kind of stuff, we have lost 3,308 Americans, in 65 terror attacks, dating back as far as 1973!

The first one is 1972, April 14th, in New York City. Ten members of a local mosque, phone in a false alarm and then ambush responding police officers, killing one. The common threat on these my friends is who these people are, by religious affiliation, what they’ve done and who they did it to.

January 19th, of 1973, in Brooklyn, a Muslim extremist rob a sporting goods store for weapons, gunning down a police officer who was responding to the alarm. July 18th of the same year, Washington D.C., two nation of Islam members shoot seven members of a family to death in cold blood, including four children. A defendant in the case was later murdered in prison on the orders from Elijah Mohammed.

October 19th, 1973. Oakland, California. Nation of Islam terrorists kidnap a couple and nearly decapitate the man while raping the woman and leaving her for dead. There are 8 listed for 1973, and most of them are in Oakland California. A grocer was killed in his store by a Nation of Islam Terrorist. A man is killed by a Nation of Islam Terrorist while using a phone in a booth. A woman is shot to death on a sidewalk by a Nation of Islam Terrorist. A Nation of Islam terrorist gun down an 81 year old Janitor, in Oakland in 1973.

Engleside, California, April 16th, of 1974, a man is killed while helping a friend move by Nation of Islam Terrorists. A political dissident in Bethesda, Maryland was shot and killed in front of his home by a Iranian agent who was an American convert to islam.

Savou, Illinois, Iranian student guns down his next door neighbor’s husband and wife. Sunni Cleric is assassinated in front of a Tucson mosque, after declaring that two verses of the Koran were invalid. This was in Tucson, in 1990.

Others in Langley, Virginia, Brooklyn, New York, Lawn Park, California. Prison Guard stabbed to death by Radical Muslim.

Clinton, Maryland, a 55 year old Pizzaria owner is shot six times in the back by Muslim extremists at close range.

Muslim snipers shoot two women, killing one, in Montgomery, Alabama in 2002. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a Korean Mother is shot in the back by Muslim Snipers. You see, they have been turning the temperature up on us, by shooting us in ones, and twos and fives and tens, picking on people who do not look like them. The Korean Lady. Even killing their own if they say something they do not like, or agree with. And so far we have lost over 3,300 to them over the years, and this idiot, who went on this rampage at Fort Hood the other day was more of the same. He was a Muslim. A radical one. With ties to Al Qeada.

Red Flags everywhere on his behavior and things that he has said, and no one wants to speak out about him for fear of being labeled a racist or something worse. But there is no racism here. There is no something else. If you call a spade a spade, it is still a spade whether you call it one or not. You cannot make the truth go away if you ignore it.

The sooner we start realizing this and start doing what we should have been doing all along, the sooner this country can start fighting back against a people that have sworn to kill us because we do not believe as they do. Whether we want to admit it or not, we are at war with an idealology and we are going to get slaughtered unless we start fighting back…..and stop ignoring it. Because it will kill us all if we continue to ignore it. We can no longer continue to be this naive and survive. America has to start fighting back. And this war has to begin with getting the government in place out of there so we can get people in office who love this country, and will allow us to fight back. The ones we have there now, can’t even accept the fact that there is a war on terror. And this same war on terror is killing us off……

Make no mistake about it my friends. We are at war. And terrorists are our enemy. We cannot win this war, if we are afraid to call them what they are. Terrorist Extremists, who have sworn to kill us.

God Bless America, her troops and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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8 Responses to What America is ignoring that could really hurt us….

  1. Edisto Joe says:

    Those who want to practice the policies of appeasement toward Muslims, believing that if we show them we mean no harm, then we can build meaningful and peaceful dialogue, are just inviting more tragedy. We need to adopt a zero tolerance toward any hint of Muslim extremism. Since it is apparent they won’t police their own, then we will do it for them. When your religion calls for the murder of innocents there is no place for you in society and as long as peace loving Muslims allow others to pervert their beliefs then they must suffer the consequences of their bretheren.
    reply from Robert: Amen to that one my friend. Thanks for adding this.

  2. Angel says:

    GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS my friend! 🙂 ..appeasers are killers!

    reply from Robert: Yes they are. Especially to the American people and the Constitution.

  3. CEC says:

    Where is the spine the citizens of this country used to possess ?

    During WW II, we called the enemy “dirty japs”, today, we must not say dirty stinking muslims, even though members of this group (muslims) have been killing Americans en-mass for many years.

    Must not offend anyone.

    reply from Robert: And that is what is destroying this nation. Great Question.

  4. mrleexslave says:

    I get it now it is better to to be killed by a Black or white Christian as opposed to being killed by a Muslim. You are just another white kook, afraid of change. Why do you never speak about all the WHITE CHRISTIANS, WHO ARE THE #1 RAPIST, SERIAL KILLERS AND ALL AROUND EVIL GODLESS PEOPLE THAN THESE MADE UP STORIES ABOUT Black Muslim killing.

    reply from Robert: What I have here, with you mrleexslave, (most likely) is a Black Muslim victicrat and anti-White racist with a huge chip on you’re shoulder. And your historically ignorant, to boot. In other words, you are a Louis Farrakhan minus his articulateness. You caught me off guard with this rant, which doesn’t happen much anymore unless the ineptness of what a person is saying is just too ignorant to respond too right away.

    As for the stories that I listed as being made up, I am afraid that they are not. I researched and found this by googling them . Maybe, instead of calling someone a liar when their ideals do not agree with yours, you start researching too. You might find out the liberally biased media has lead you astray….AGAIN!

  5. Seane-Anna says:

    Mrlessxslave, you’re a historical ignoramus and a vile racist, too. White Christians are the world’s #1 evil doers? And what planet are you living on? I mean, what are you saying? That evil is a product of White biology? Is that what your religion teaches?

    I hate to burst your ignorant, sanctimonious, racist bubble but there is NO moral purity inherent in being non-White. The much fawned over People of Color have committed atrocities throughout history, not because they’re People of Color, but simply because they’re people.

    Non-Whites have engaged in imperialism, colonialism, slavery, mass murder, cultural genocide, and other evil deeds. Muslims in particular have been guilty of these things. They traded in African slaves hundreds of years longer than Europeans. In fact Saudi Arabia, the birth place of Islam, didn’t officially outlaw slavery until the 1960’s.

    Muslims attacked Christian Europe hundreds of years before the Crusades. They were poised to overrun and conquer all of Christian Europe in the 8th century but were stopped by Frankish king Charles Martel in 732 AD. Unable to conquer Europe through the front door, the Muslims went to the back door, invading the Balkans and, by the 17th century, conquering much of southern and central Europe. Again, Mohammed’s warriors were poised to overrun and conquer Christian Europe until they were stopped by Polish king Jan Sobieski at Vienna on September 11, 1683. Yes, M, Osama bin Laden chose to attack America on 9-11 for a reason.

    I could go on, M, but I think you get the point. Of course, Muslims aren’t the only non-White, non-Western, non-Christian people to commit heinous deeds. From the Mongols of Asia to the Zulus of Africa, People of Color have demonstrated that they possess the same imperfect human nature as Whites. No race, religious community, or cultural group has a monopoly on either good or evil. WE ARE ALL FALLEN HUMAN BEINGS. If you can get that through your head, M, there might yet be hope for you. Otherwise, you’re just a racist who’s part of the problem.

  6. mrleexslave says:

    Where did I say that Black people were better than white folks. I live in AmeriKKKa I know the evil that Blacks are causing each other. I have no feeling one way or the other about white people. However I take offense at being called a” historical ignoramus and a vile racist.” It was Africans who traded My fore parents to those filthy Arab slave traders. History also teaches that those same Arabs did not deny their slaves to speak their own language or pray to their own God , which you good AmeriKKKan slave (who happen to be Christian) owners did not. I will not bore you with all the historical data on the results of all the missionary work in the name of Jesus, the end result being a total and complete colonization of the indigenous people.

    Sorry to burst your bubble I do not believe cnn over fox, both networks are notorious for over and understating the facts.

    I asked a simple question( because I have a simple mind) is it okay to die at the hands of non Muslims? Since I am ignorant could I get the percentage of murders in this nation committed by Muslims verses murders committed by non Muslims?

    You maybe right I guess, I have not gotten over how freedom in this nation has benefited My People, I am not upset about the slavery issue.

    I still do not have any sympathy for any US service person maimed or killed in Iraq or Afghanistan. I understand going into Afghanistan at the begining, these people that the US abandoned after using them to fight the Russians were mad and hurt so they were vulnerable to the US ally the bin Laden family.

    By the way I have relatives both in theaters of War. They know how I feel , I love them but hate the Evil that they are fighting for.

    We probably have more in common than you could imagine, but you are caucasian and I am a Black male. I am not a Arab lover, I am a Muslim, who is still a member of the same church in New Orleans since 1964. It is funny how we will never be able to live together in true harmony, because this nation always needs a bad guy.


    Last but not least, This is a christian nation that acts like Jews where is the love and forgiveness? Why is there a senseless rush to violence? Why do we execute women and commit children to life in prison? Why does this nation spend billions in foreign aid and there are so many people here in need? Yes I am tax paying citizen whose family has sacrificed men to the wars of this nation from the Battle Of New Orleans to Vietnam. I may be part of the problem however I am desiring a God given solution to this World Wide Problem.

    So continue to blame Muslims for the Worlds Ills.

    reply from Robert: No comment addition is needed here for this bunch of untrue babble….as Seane Anna said it perfectly in her reply to you. So I will leave you to her.

  7. Seane-Anna says:

    M, you left yourself WIDE OPEN to my razor sharp tongue! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

    “Where did I say that Black people were better than white folks?” Oh, gee, M. Let me see. “…the WHITE CHRISTIANS, WHO ARE THE #1 RAPIST, SERIAL KILLERS AND ALL AROUND EVIL GODLESS PEOPLE…” Remember that, M? You see, when you write comments on a blog they STAY THERE, unless removed by the blog’s author(s). So your vile, racist rant is well documented. Nice try, though.

    You did admit, surprisingly, that Arabs traded in African slaves and I thought we could get some where, but then you tried to soften that truth by claiming the Arab slave owners allowed they’re slaves to keep their native language and religion. First of all, that’s not really true. Second of all, even if it were true, SO WHAT? Are you implying that it’s ok to own slaves as long as you let your slaves keep their native culture? Which would YOU rather be? A slave who’s allowed to speak his native tongue, or a free man who’s native language is lost to him? I’ll take freedom over language any day!

    But your assertion is only partly true, if that. The Arab and non-Arab Muslims didn’t always let their slaves keep their native language and/or religion. And they weren’t respectful of indigenous peoples, either. M, you claim that the result of Christian missionary work was the “total colonization” of indigenous people. Again, not entirely true, but even if it was the Muslims weren’t any better.

    Have you ever wondered, M, why almost all Muslim countries, especially those in the Middle East, are 90% or more Muslim? What happened to the indigenous, pre-Muslim cultures that once existed in those countries? Care to guess, historical genius? Didn’t think so, so I’ll tell you. They were WIPED OUT by the peaceful Muslims. All the land in the Middle East that Muslims now claim as their own was made Muslim by imperialism, colonialism, and oppression.

    M, take a look at the Middle East and Iran. All of that “Muslim” land was non-Muslim for THOUSANDS of years. The Middle East was Jewish and Christian and Iran was Zoroastrian. How many Zoroastrians are there in Iran today? How many Christians and, outside of Israel, how many Jews are there left in the Middle East today? At least the Jews are the majority in the land that is their ethnic and spiritual birthplace. Christians are no where near to being a majority in the birthplace of their faith. I ask you again, M, what happened to the indigenous, non-Muslim cultures in that part of the world?

    And the Muslims’ thirst for conquest didn’t stop in the Middle East. As I said in my first response to you, M, the Muslims invaded Europe through the Balkans after they failed to conquer it through the front door of Spain and France. Once your fellow religionists had subdued the Balkans they showed their respect for the indigenous, Christian people by instituting the vile policy of devshirme. This was a form of legalized kidnapping where the Muslim Ottoman Turks took boys from Christian families and turned them into soldiers against their native culture and faith, soldiers who served the Sultans, soldiers known to history as the Janissaries, or “the New Corps”. This was how your fellow Muslims showed their respect for indigenous people.

    And as to your initial questions, no, it’s not better to be killed by a non-Muslim rather than a Muslim. And yes, more non-Muslims in America commit murder than Muslims. What do you expect when the vast majority of Americans are non-Muslims? It doesn’t mean that Muslims are better people than non-Muslims, moron.

    And please explain what is the great “Evil” America is fighting for in Iraq and Afghanistan? And why did you say that America used the Afghans to fight the Russians? M, here’s some facts for you. The Russians invaded Afghanistan in order to prop up a failing Communist government. The Afghan people didn’t want to be ruled by Godless Communists whether foreign or domestic, and fought back, but the might of the Russian army nearly destroyed them. It was the aid they got from America, especially the Stinger missiles, that allowed the tough Afghans to defeat the Russian bear. That’s just one example of America helping Muslims and getting no credit for it. We HELPED the Afghans; we didn’t use them. You really need to brush up on your history, M. And try laying off the anti-Semitism.

    America is a Christian nation that “acts like Jews”? What the hell is that supposed to mean? And you have the nerve to take offense at being called a vile racist. I called you that, M, because that is what you are!

    Listen, why don’t you do us all a favor and go live in one of those Muslim utopias, huh? That way you can take up arms against America’s “great Evil” without being a traitor to your country, because America would no longer be your country. Come to think of it, America is already not your country, as your own words attest. And America isn’t the one who always needs a bad guy, it’s the ‘ummah. It’s you Muslims who refuse to own up to your violent, imperialist, colonialist past and instead constantly claims to be somebody’s victim. It never occurs to you that the colonialism you suffered at the hands of Europeans was your chickens coming home to roost, to quote Obama’s former pastor.

    I could go on, M, but this reply has already gotten much longer than I planned it to be. Besides, I’ve made my point, although I doubt you’d ever admit that. You’ll continue to live in your Islam induced delusion, blaming White Christians and “AmeriKKKa” for all of your failures. Well, have fun at your pity party; I’m quite happy NOT to attend.

    “So continue to blame Muslims for the World’s Ills.” I will. And btw, I’m Black. I just don’t let my pigmentation determine my beliefs, unlike you.

    reply from Robert: Great come back on a stupid comment my friend. Thanks for the great history lesson. I am sure that it is well appreciated where the recipients are smart enough to receive the information. Again, thanks.

  8. mr lee x slave says:

    You are correct white christians are the #1 rapist and serial killers in AmeriKKKa. Wrong fellow I do not blame you white people for what ails Blacks, I am a Man who takes responsibility for my own destiny. You are not as sharp as you think, You cowardly sidestepped ever question I put forth and spewed, that dopefeind Rush Limbaugh’s party line. It is useless on both of our parts trying to convince the other who is right or wrong. I will revert to my Christian upbringing and allow you to slander and defame Me for My views and opinions.

    Jesus said to love not hate. Judaism teaches an eye for an eye that is what I meant, but you already knew that.

    My good christian brother what I get from you is the same, your writing leans toward just because one is a Muslim they are inherently bad. If that is not hypocritical I do not know what is.

    I would be a fool to leave this country right now even if I had a place to go; first I would need all the corrupt and evil people whom contributed to the worst treatment any group of people could perpetrate against another to back trace my ancestry to find which Kingdom rightfully belongs to Me . Second this country is about to explode between President Obama and the right wingers the place will soon resemble Beirut. Third I like living in the most technological nation ever.

    Sorry I am no historical genius, every fact I know comes from books written for the most part by Caucasian people. If I am wrong then they must be wrong also.

    You will never admit it out right but I speak the truth, I do not want you to totally agree that would make life boring like watching fox and cnn. You have validated Me now if I could get Richard Steele to invite Me to dinner I might get my NRA card back.

    I would ask that you do Me this one favor not equate being a Muslim with being an ARAB. They really are not synonymous. I probably would be dead right if I lived in an Arab Nation with my current way of thinking. I am no democrat, I believe that if the southern state of this nation want to fly the Confederate Battle flag they should be allowed to do so.

    I envy You the AmeriKKa I grew up in is not baseball and apple pie. Remember I grew up in New Orleans trhe same city the rest of this nation realized was so left behind. lets stop right there this is no pity party as you so eloquently put it I have three sons one is a pre-med student, the second will graduate valedictorian 2012 and the third is a a-b student athlete. We care very much taking advantage of what this country has to offer. But my concern is not just about them, it’s the rest of the Black Hispanic and whites people if everyone feels like you and I this WICKEDLY GREAT WILL CONTINUE TO HEAD STRAIGHT FOR HELL WITH GASOLINE SHOES ON.

    Yes I voted for Obama, Hell he could not do any worst than the village idiot who just left office.

    I am getting old normally a person like you would never know I was Black. My views are not centered on my melanin, it is centered on seeing injustice and racism from an ex fools point of view.

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