Where is the forest?

Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty.
-Ronald Reagan-

Forest? What Forest? All I see are trees!

You ever hear the saying “you can’t see the forest for the trees?” Well, that is the liberal left of this country, and sadly, they have been that way so long, that they are pulling a lot of the Republicans in that direction too. Thankfully there are still a few that can see that forest. But the rest are getting lost in it.

I read a great post called the Audacity of Dopes, on a blog called The Saint’s View where he put into perfect perspective what is going on here. He said:

A Washington Post editorial from October 1984 informed us that Reagan’s so-called “age problem” was actually a mental light-weight problem: The same things are being said about Bush. And barely midway through his first term, a January 1983 New York Times editorial pronounced his administration a catastrophe:

“The stench of failure hangs over Ronald Reagan’s White House. The people know it, judging by the opinion polls”. Is history repeating itself? Are liberals again on the wrong side of history?

Let us take a look at Ronald Reagan who the left said was the dumbest man ever to hold office. And Bill Clinton who the press said was the smartest man alive married to the smartest woman alive. Look at Ronald Reagan’s legacy. What is he remembered for? The most important Reagan economic legacy, of course, is the tax rate. When he came into office, federal tax rates reached 70%. As he left, the highest rate in the code was 33%. In foreign policy the Reagan record may prove to be the culmination of a forty-year Western effort to contain the expansion of the Soviet Empire. And he did. The Libs bring up Iran-Contra. This is just proof that they are ignorant to truths of war. In the Cold War, as now, the U.S. must do things with undesirables for the price of victory. It is useless to explain this to Liberals since they have no concept on how to win a war. Proven by the fact that they are famous for surrendering to the enemy before the fight is even over.

Now lets look at Clinton’s Legacy. Monica, Monica, oh yeah Monica. Renting out the Lincoln Bedroom. Ushering in the Contract with America, presiding over the deaths of over 800.000 in Rwanda without lifting a finger. Sending Elian back to Cuba. You remember little Elian don’t you? Waco. And doing nothing to prevent a man called Osama Bin Laden from killing Americans around the world. And after knowing where this killers base was, doing nothing to take him out because of the fear that his poll numbers would be where George Bush’s are now. And failing to prevent 9/11, the planning of which was done under his watch.

This brings us to the liberals next stupid POTUS George Bush. The Liberals claim this guy is dumber than Reagan who beat them at every turn. George Bush beat Al Gore the messiah of the left. The prophet who say’s we have ten years before we are all living in house boats while he burns a carbon footprint that would take 100.000 common Americans a month to burn. He beat John Kerry who has changed his mind every five minutes on Iraq and is such a joke now that Liberals begged him not to run in 08. He has destroyed the Liberal leadership in Congress so bad that the approval rating for that congress is the worst in history 18%.

“If liberals were prevented from ever again calling Republicans dumb, they would be robbed of half their arguments,” Ann Coulter writes. “To be sure they would still have racist, fascist, homophobe, ugly, and a few other highly nuanced arguments in their quiver.” But not having “dumb” to throw around, she says, “would nearly cripple them.” Like clockwork, every consequential Republican to come down the pike is instantly, invariably, always, without exception called dumb. “Noting that this is exactly the way six-year-olds argue, that they call everything “stupid,” Coulter says the lefts resort to the “stupid” stratagem comes out of its inability to mount an intelligent counter-argument when faced with undeniable facts.

Liberals especially hate being called “liberal,” because they know it describes a “dastardly individual.” They prefer Progressive for now. So again are Liberals really so dumb that they must refer to their enemies as dumb?

And it’s doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see it. If Liberals Are So Smart Why Are They So Dumb?
One only has to read the IDIOTIC blog SO WRONGLY called “TRUTH SHALL RULE” to see my point!

The Truth Shall Rule
Look at all the morons who voted for Obama and thought he was a God send…. guess what you morons, he’s not.

Now isn’t this the truth. I have read this blog before, and think that it is a good one, and as of today have added it to my blogroll. But even with the facts that “Saint” put forth here the problem still stands. We have a president who doesn’t think that he is answerable to anything. Not even God as he is stating that we are NOT a Christian nation.

He has not inherited the mess that we have now, because as was so succinctly said by “Saint” he himself created it. Now granted, Bush did some philandering towards the end of his last term, but I think anyone would, after doing what he felt was right for the whole of his presidency, and being “damned” by the press and the liberals at every turn, that would get to anyone. Bush just wanted to get out and get back to HIS life. Which he has done.

Obama says that he “inherited this mess from Bush”, yet, if you look at the national debt since Obama took office it has tripled in size, at least, and he has spent more, in the 10 months of his presidency than, now you libs have to read this, any president since George Washington to George W. Bush, inclusive!!! How can that make it anyone’s problem, but our dear UN leader himself, Barack Hussein Obama. Way to go mr president. You have taken a decent economy and then tore it down, to be released it on the country. For this you will be hailed as one of the worst presidents in history. I would have thought, with you being the first black American president, you would have done your best to be the best that we had ever seen, not tried your best to be the worst. I guess that I was wrong. Thankfully you will only be a one term president. That is the only saving grace from this mess, that you created, and the next president will inherit.

God Bless America, her troops and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube…


Happy Thanksgiving to all from Wise Conservatism…

Thanksgiving is one holiday that is truly American. It was created in America. And on the Fourth thursday of November we celebrate Thanksgiving. The day to give thanks for Americans to thank God for our bounty. For our freedoms, and for our liberties, while we still have them. And if we listen to our President, we do not have anything to be thankful for. But that is not the truth.

We here in America have a lot to be thankful for. We have the freedom to do what we want as long as it isn’t against the law. We can’t murder, or steal…..but anything that we want to do, that is good can be done, without fear of reprisal from the Federal Government. But, we now have a president that is trying to take all that away from us.

We have a Constitution that was drafted to form the framework that America was built on, and our president is trying hard to take that away from us. We have religious freedoms to worship as we see fit, and we have documents that show the world that America is a Christian nation, yet we now have a president that is announcing to the world that we are NOT a Christian nation.

And while it is true that we still have freedom, there is one thing that we have to always remember. Freedom is not free. Never has been. Someone always has to sacrifice something to keep our freedoms, or to help others gain theirs. America is a great country who has helped people all over the world for more than the last century, and yet we have a president who says America is too arrogant and the world would be better off without us.

When the pilgrims decided to come to the new world, they knew that the journey would be perilous, and hold many dangers for them. But they knew that if they could get there, they could have the freedoms to worship God as they felt, and they knew that they’re God was happy for them to start this journey to America.

On August 1, 1620, the Mayflower set sail. It carried a total of 102 passengers, including the forty Pilgrims, led by William Bradford. On the journey, Bradford set up an agreement, a contract, that established just and equal laws for all members of the new community, irrespective of their religious beliefs. And just where did the revolutionary ideas expressed in the Mayflower Compact come from? They came from the Bible of course. The Pilgrims were a people completely committed to the lessons of the Old and New Testaments. They looked to the ancient Israelites for their example.

*“And, because of the biblical precedents set forth in Scripture, they never doubted that their experiment would work. But this was no pleasure cruise, friends. The journey to the New World was a long and arduous one. And when the Pilgrims landed in New England in November, they found, according to Bradford’s detailed journal, a cold, barren, desolate wilderness. There were no friends to greet them, he wrote. There were no houses to shelter them. There were no inns where they could refresh themselves. And the sacrifice they had made for freedom was just beginning. During the first winter, half the Pilgrims – including Bradford’s own wife – died of either starvation, sickness or exposure. When spring finally came, Indians taught the settlers how to plant corn, fish for cod and skin beavers for coats.

“Life improved for the Pilgrims, but they did not yet prosper! This is important to understand because this is where modern American history lessons often end. Thanksgiving is actually explained in some textbooks as a holiday for which the Pilgrims gave thanks to the Indians for saving their lives, rather than as a devout expression of gratitude grounded in the tradition of both the Old and New Testaments. Here is the part that has been omitted: The original contract the Pilgrims had entered into with their merchant-sponsors in London called for everything they produced to go into a common store, and each member of the community was entitled to one common share. All of the land they cleared and the houses they built belong to the community as well. They were going to distribute it equally. All of the land they cleared and the houses they built belonged to the community as well.

“Nobody owned anything. They just had a share in it. It was a commune, folks. It was the forerunner to the communes we saw in the ’60s and ’70s out in California – and it was complete with organic vegetables, by the way. Bradford, who had become the new governor of the colony, recognized that this form of collectivism was as costly and destructive to the Pilgrims as that first harsh winter, which had taken so many lives. He decided to take bold action. Bradford assigned a plot of land to each family to work and manage, thus turning loose the power of the marketplace. That’s right. Long before Karl Marx was even born, the Pilgrims had discovered and experimented with what could only be described as socialism. And what happened? It didn’t work!”

“It never has worked! “What Bradford and his community found was that the most creative and industrious people had no incentive to work any harder than anyone else, unless they could utilize the power of personal motivation! But while most of the rest of the world has been experimenting with socialism for well over a hundred years – trying to refine it, perfect it, and re-invent it – the Pilgrims decided early on to scrap it permanently. What Bradford wrote about this social experiment should be in every schoolchild’s history lesson. If it were, we might prevent much needless suffering in the future. ‘The experience that we had in this common course and condition, tried sundry years…that by taking away property, and bringing community into a common wealth, would make them happy and flourishing – as if they were wiser than God,’ Bradford wrote.

“‘For this community [so far as it was] was found to breed much confusion and discontent, and retard much employment that would have been to their benefit and comfort. For young men that were most able and fit for labor and service did repine that they should spend their time and strength to work for other men’s wives and children without any recompense … that was thought injustice.’ Why should you work for other people when you can’t work for yourself? What’s the point? Do you hear what he was saying, ladies and gentlemen? The Pilgrims found that people could not be expected to do their best work without incentive. So what did Bradford’s community try next? They unharnessed the power of good old free enterprise by invoking the undergirding capitalistic principle of private property.

“Every family was assigned its own plot of land to work and permitted to market its own crops and products. And what was the result? ‘This had very good success,’ wrote Bradford, ‘for it made all hands industrious, so as much more corn was planted than otherwise would have been.’ Bradford doesn’t sound like much of a Clintonite” I wrote then “does he? Is it possible that supply-side economics could have existed before the 1980s? Yes. Read the story of Joseph and Pharaoh in Genesis 41. Following Joseph’s suggestion (Gen 41:34), Pharaoh reduced the tax on Egyptians to 20% during the ‘seven years of plenty’ and the ‘Earth brought forth in heaps.’ (Gen. 41:47) In no time, the Pilgrims found they had more food than they could eat themselves.

“Now, this is where it gets really good, folks, if you’re laboring under the misconception that I was, as I was taught in school. So they set up trading posts and exchanged goods with the Indians. The profits allowed them to pay off their debts to the merchants in London. And the success and prosperity of the Plymouth settlement attracted more Europeans and began what came to be known as the ‘Great Puritan Migration.'” But this story stops when the Indians taught the newly arrived suffering in socialism Pilgrims how to plant corn and fish for cod. That’s where the story stops, and the story basically doesn’t even begin there. The real story of Thanksgiving is William Bradford giving thanks to God for the guidance and the inspiration to set up a thriving colony. The bounty was shared with the Indians. They did sit down and they had dinner, and I think they had a turkey, but it was not the Indians who saved the day. It was capitalism and Scripture which saved the day.”

In this story, that I got from Rush Limbaugh, the Mayflower came across from the Old world her people seeking freedoms. Freedom to worship as they saw fit. Our government, our President is trying to say that America is NOT a Christian nation. But the Mayflower Compact, that was drawn up on that tiny ship on it’s way to the new world started with the words: IN THE NAME OF GOD, AMEN. The Mayflower Compact read as follows:


We whose names are underwritten, the loyal subjects of our dread Sovereign Lord King James, by the Grace of God of Great Britain, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, etc.

Having undertaken, for the Glory of God and advancement of the Christian Faith and Honour of our King and Country, a Voyage to plant the First Colony in the Northern Parts of Virginia, do by these presents solemnly and mutually in the presence of God and one of another, Covenant and Combine ourselves together into a Civil Body Politic, for our better ordering and preservation and furtherance of the ends aforesaid; and by virtue hereof to enact, constitute and frame such just and equals Laws, Ordinances, Acts, Constitutions and Offices, from time to time as shall be thought most meet and convenient for the general good of the Colony, unto which we promise all due submission and obedience. In witness whereof we have hereunder subscribed our names at Cape Cod, the 11th November, in the year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord King James, of England, France and Ireland the eighteenth, and of Scotland the fifty-fourth. Anno Domini 1620

The Compact was signed on November 11, 1620, aboard the Mayflower, the ship that brought the Pilgrims to the New World. The Compact’s idea was derived from the common form of church government among Protestant Congregations, based on the biblical idea of covenant. In the first few lines of the Mayflower Compact, Almighty GOD, is mentioned at least four times. Asking for His grace and blessings.

The Declaration of Independence names God in it. The Constitution asks for the blessings of Liberties. This country is not a Christian Country mr. obama? I think that you have your history wrong sir. I think you have your history, very sadly wrong. And to think, you are supposed to be our president. I feel shame for you. And yet…..I wish you, your family, your friends, and everyone else here in this, the Greatest Nation this world has ever seen, a grand, and blessed Thanksgiving. God Bless you all.

God bless America, her troops and her people
God bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


* Taken from Rush Limbaugh’s real story of Thanksgiving.

Senate voted for Opening Debate on the Health care bill….

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”
-Martin Luther King-

The lowest of the low. The Democrats do not care what they have to do to push they’re agenda against the American people, whether we the people want it or not. They have invoked the name of dead Senator Edward M. Kennedy to push their agenda.

Last night, with a vote of 60 – 39 to begin full debate on the major Obama health care legislation, assuring that the bill was passed through the Senate so it is now open for debate to pass this atrocity into law.

NOW IS THE TIME for Americans to get mad. NOW IS THE TIME to stop those who voted for this, and stay focused on what is going on up there on Capital Hill. Our UN representatives in Washington are showing their brazen non caring concern for the health and welfare of this nation at large.

“Tonight we have the opportunity, the historic opportunity to reform health care once and for all,” said Senator Max Baucus, Democrat of Montana, and a chief architect of the legislation. “History is knocking on the door. Let’s open it. Let’s begin the debate.” After that quote, I now have something to say. Today, we the people have the opportunity, the historic opportunity to reform the House and the Senate, so that it is again filled with representatives of the people. Filled with representatives who will do what the people want……NOT GO AGAINST THEY’RE WISHES all the time. Now is the time to start working to vote these people who think they are above the Constitution of this great nation, out of office once and for all. We have to do this my friends to save this nation and protect her integrity. This country is being led down the path to Socialism and Marxism. And believe me, after that is accomplished….how much farther down that road is Communism? Hmmmm?

America needs her people now to save her from destruction. America needs her people to save her from the Politicians who do not care for the well being of this nation. They proved that last night with their vote to continue with the Health Care bill that will undoubtedly cost the public even more when they are through with it. After all, already, they have added more. It isn’t surprising that Rep. Mary Landrieu joined all of her fellow Democrats in supporting the motion to invoke cloture and begin deliberations on the bill, since when the Senate’s version of the bill was revealed earlier in the week, she discovered that she had won the lottery in the form of $100 million worth of tax breaks for her home state. It was a concession that many on Capitol Hill cleverly called the “Louisiana Purchase.”

people, there is nothing clever about this. it is nothing more than another attempt to hoodwink the American people into believing that this bill has good things in it. We are not that stupid. At least most of us aren’t anyway.

God Bless America, her troops and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


Something to think about….

When the people fear their government there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.

Thomas Jefferson

Kind of sounds like something we have today huh? When the people fear the government…….*that is what Obama wants anyway* I am talking here about what our government is doing. Americans all think that tyranny is something you get when you have a bad king, and he is always doing things to the people that they do not want, or that are not healthy for them. But if you think about it, isn’t that what we have here?

Obama and his minions in our government are trying to lead America on the same path that England took in 1997. If you will remember, in 1997, when Tony Blair took over the country, Britain was still in pretty good shape. Thanks to the economic reforms that were put in place by Margaret Thatcher, you remember her don’t you?

England's Fighting Lady.
England had been transformed from the sick country of Europe, which was over-taxed, over-regulated, and in the death hold of the trade unions, and was transformed into a vibrant and confident power. The people were happy. They had more money than they knew what to do with, and the country and her people believed that they could do anything. Hence the reason for electing the man who promised them everything. Tony Blair.

Twelve years from then, England was so screwed that they might as well have just given up the ship and let her sink into oblivion. The country’s economy is in ruins. Englanders are very afraid, because of all the G7 nations, their economy had officially been named the feeblest, the most out of control, and the one least likely to make a quick recovery from the global depression. With Obama’s plans, that is exactly where we are heading.

England’s attitude is now more split than at any time since the 1707 act of Union; knife and gun crime is sky rocketing, fuel and food costs are soaring, their railroad system is collapsing, their roads are not up to par, and their filthy crowded hospitals are almost as likely to kill you as to cure you. The schools’ standards have plummeted and their Mickey Mouse Universities have become a joke. They’re traditional hard-won freedoms as the world’s oldest democracy have been increasingly circumscribed by petty, micromanaging, nanny state laws governing every aspect of their behavior from the games their kids played to how often they could dispose of their trash, to what sort of jokes it was permitted to tell. England had gone, in a terrifyingly short space of time, from a thriving capitalist state, to a failed socialist experiment. Why am I telling you all this now?

Because if you think about it, that is the same direction that Obama is wanting, and trying to lead us towards today.

Whether you Bush haters want to admit it, compared to today, when Obama took over, our economy was still in decent shape. Unemployment was low, when compared to today. Our national debt, though high then, was low, when compared to today. The recession that was starting then, has blossomed into a full blown recession *heading quickly towards that black door of depression*, and everything that Obama and company are doing is exactly the opposite of what should be done to pull this country out of it’s slide into the depressionland that I am now calling Obamaland. They are now going to raise taxes, while lying about it….a thing that in this economy would be catastrophic and wrong. They are talking of yet another stimulus, which would add to the national debt of almost 10 trillion now!! They are doing everything they can to hood-wink the American people into believing that the socialist health care plan that they are pushing would be the best thing for our nation, and yet, all it would do, is push America that much harder towards that dark door and corridor, that England took just twelve years ago.

England is a mess now, and probably won’t be a thriving nation for YEARS to come, because of what happened to them.

What happened to them is the Socialist agenda that was quickly pushed on them so that it happened before any of them knew about what was going on in their nation.

But, America, if this whole socialistic dream of Obama’s is allowed to happen, we will be in much worse shape than England is today because, a good portion of our people are fighting against what Obama is proposing, actively! And even though the libs are telling everyone that we all want this, and they’re polls support that with close to 100% wanting what they want, the truth is, only about 20% of the people want their vision for America, which is exactly what Britain got and is now suffering because of.

They are now, where we will be in 10 to 12 years if we do not stop this SOCIALISTIC TRAIN WRECK that Obama and company are proposing we take.

In Britain, they are all asking themselves HOW DID IT ALL HAPPEN? How is it possible that the hard won liberties and revered traditions they spent over a millennium evolving, get trashed in just a little over a decade by a gang of political imbeciles?

They are asking how were they ever so foolish as to give them so much power? How did they allow the powers that be to get away with doing so much damage for so long?

Well, America, we are about to find out: Because it is happening here. Obama is far more style than substance. Obama is self serving, not being a servant of the people. He has NO selfless genius. No soaring speeches and no statesmanship. All he has is a rampant sneaking socialist policy that is all about what we are going to get, rather than working on economic sobriety. We have a man who does not think of himself as our president, but rather our dictator who can and will push any of his damaging agenda’s on the people that he darned well pleases, no matter what the people say.

Today is a great example of this. The senate is due for their first vote on the Health Care socialist agenda, and Obama & company are telling them all the lie that if they do not vote for this, it will mean they will lose their positions of power in the next election. When in all actuality it is the other way around. He is willing to sacrifice his position and their positions just to push his socialist ideals on the people of this country. And sadly 46% of the people support this maniac.

Now granted, 46% is lower than it has been since Obama took the center stage. His rating has always been over 50% until now, but his rating on his job approval has plummetted to 80% of the people not liking what he is doing. The same thing is going on here now, that was going on in Britain a mere 12 years ago. Tony Blair was another smiling candidate, speaking a new language, who convinced the people that he wasn’t a dangerous socialist, not like the ones they kept out of power by electing Margaret Thatcher and John Major.

The popularity ratings that Blair enjoyed at his peak were the highest of any post war prime minister. Higher than Thatcher. Higher than even Winston Churchill. Nothing it seemed could touch him. Not his grotesque mishandling of a serious Foot and Mouth outbreak. Not claims of party political donations for business favors. Not his Chancellor’s growing taxes. Not his baffling failure to achieve a single one of his targets on welfare reform. Not health care reforms….nothing seemed to tarnish his gleaming armor.

Same as we have here. We have people saying that Bush spent more than anyone in history to make our deficit horribly and hurtfully high, and he did spend way to much, but Obama has, in his ten months as president, spent trillions more. More than any president since George Washington, to George W. Bush, inclusive.

As one who sees this coming, I find it hard to summon much sympathy for what is coming to the government officials who are voting for this Health Care bill. They are voting themselves out of a lucrative career in politics, while people like me, who would do everything in my power to change the direction that Washington is leading us, has NO WAY to ever get into office. But, people like me see what is going on, and what needs to be done to change the direction that this nation is crashing towards. And people like me, are getting really angry that this maniac in Washington and his cronies are not stopping to our demands that they’re agenda be stopped. Mark my words here people…..we have spoken….yet tonight the Senate is being forced into a vote FOR the Health care bill……on the threat of their jobs. It’s time we realized that we have elected someone who will sacrifice everything and everyone, to get what he wants. America, the ball is in our court now. It is time to stop this dictatorship from destroying America, her freedoms and her standing in the world. It’s time to save America. And it has to be now…as the Democrats, invoking Edward Kennedy’s memory, got it past the Senate tonight 60-39. What a bunch of maroons.

God Bless America her troops and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR, and my viewers on You Tube…..


And the Rationing Begins……

How many is too few Obama? What if that one was your wife?

Obama’s Healthcare is now telling us that 1 in 1900 women under 50 will have breast cancer found by a mammogram, in the course of a year. And because of that we are now being told that number is insignificant and doesn’t justify the expense of having a mammogram to find it.

Using their own figures, and using the math, 1 in 1900 women equals out to 100,000 women all over this nation, who will be diagnosed with breast cancer via a mammogram. Obama says this is an insignificant amount. My question to Obama is this. What if that ONE in 1900, turned out to be your Wife. Or one of your daughters? Would you change your mind then?? What number is to small. What number isn’t?

I have seen this coming, and have warned about it over and over again. And this is just the beginning. Rationing of Health Care is what this is about. You people of the left didn’t believe me when I said it…but there it is, in black and white. One in Nineteen hundred women are diagnosed with Breast Cancer from a Mammogram, so that is too few. So, now new rules for Mammograms are being processed. And they are, you are too young to get a mammogram untill you are 50. I now see why women vote Republican. How do you feel about that ladies? How do you feel about that Husbands? Boyfriends? Fathers? Mothers? I am a husband of a great woman….and have two step daughters in this marriage, and two from a previous marriage……what number is not too few for this administration? They will stand up for abortion rights…but they will not stand up for Breast Cancer and the women who might have it. So the Question has to be asked again. How many, Mr Obama, is too few? How many is too many? What if the one in 1600 was your wife? What if that one was one of your daughters? Your sister? Your Mom? Would that still be too few? You are one heartless son of a bitch, and I can’t wait for you to be taken out of office….hopefully before you destroy this nation. You and your Government panel of Doctors and Scientists. Your all morons. You start at the end and work back….working to tear down the best medical system in the world. I hope you fail. Just like I hope Obama fails. NOW MORE THAN EVER! Nothing you have done since becoming president has been good for this nation. And this “rationing” is just the beginning. Mark My Words my friends…….

From the web site for the U.S. Preventative Task Force here is a Summary of Recommendations:

* The USPSTF recommends against routine screening mammography in women aged 40 to 49 years. The decision to start regular, biennial screening mammography before the age of 50 years should be an individual one and take patient context into account, including the patient’s values regarding specific benefits and harms.

Grade: C recommendation .

* The USPSTF recommends biennial screening mammography for women aged 50 to 74 years.

Grade: B recommendation .

* The USPSTF concludes that the current evidence is insufficient to assess the additional benefits and harms of screening mammography in women 75 years or older.

Grade: I Statement .

* The USPSTF recommends against teaching breast self-examination (BSE).

Grade: D recommendation .

* The USPSTF concludes that the current evidence is insufficient to assess the additional benefits and harms of clinical breast examination (CBE) beyond screening mammography in women 40 years or older.

Grade: I Statement .

* The USPSTF concludes that the current evidence is insufficient to assess the additional benefits and harms of either digital mammography or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) instead of film mammography as screening modalities for breast cancer.

Grade: I Statement .

See what I mean? God help us all.

God Bless America, her troops and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube…..


Where America is heading…..

From the book ‘Wars of Blood and Faith’, by *Ralph Peters, he writes that America has lost the ability to win wars, because we have forgotten what it takes to win when fighting them. And because of that, it only leads to tragic and unnecessary failures. Vietnam was, and is, a great example of this, because our military fought the war courageously, while at home, the media and the powers-that-be, never released to the public how good our troops were actually doing over there. The only thing the public got from the media was daily reports of how many American troops were killed by the enemy, always on the six o’ clock news. It’s no wonder, public sentiment for the war turned sour, at the lack of good news for our side. Because of this, we lost 57,000+ men there, totally in vain, without losing a single battle, but losing the war.

Too many Americans today, still refuse to acknowledge, or take seriously, our enemies, even though, terrorists, who we can’t call terrorists anymore because of the Obama administration and the top two in Congress, and foreign leaders who’se only wish for us is total annihilation. Those enemies, my friends, would use nuclear weapons on us if we allowed them to possess them. Make no mistake about this. It is in they’re own words. Ahmadinejad said that he wanted to wipe Israel off the face of the earth…..so calmly, that it was like he was swatting a fly.

The Middle East is a boiling cauldron of oil and trouble, that we are totally ignoring, and coddling too, because our government says we need their oil. And because of this, Israel, our only ally in the region, may not survive this.

Now, if the election of Obama fills you with fear, rather than elation, then you’re not alone. From the book “Welcome to Obamaland – I have seen your future and it doesn’t work” by** James Delingpole, he says that we have seen all this before, and we know, if we would open our eyes to it, exactly where America is heading. And that is, into a morass of sprawling government that will slowly start suffocating our economy, our liberties and our culture.

He goes on to say that we might as well call it socialism because that is what it is. In Britain, it came in under the smiling face of Tony Blair and has left the British bulldog castrated, whimpering, and sick. And with Obama’s plan, it is coming to America. Under the vibrant, youthful guise of Obama, the result will be the same. The brave, independent American eagle, will become the American turkey, oven-basted and cooked by the nanny state of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

These four are leading this country to socialized medicine that will make us want to avoid going to the doctor even when our hand is on fire, to eco-facism that will have us spending millions, if not billions of money that we need elsewhere, and it will utterly ruin our already shattered economy, to protect un-endangered, man-eating polar bears, to immigration non-reform that will leave us wondering what country we are living in anyway. This will continue on to dumbing down an already execrable school system, which has more politically correct insanities in it, such as banning “competitive games because it might disturb children’s self esteem if they lose. I could never understand that stupidity. I lost games when growing up and when that happened, it only made me try harder to not lose the next time. With all of this stupidity going on, we might as well all move to Albania to enjoy the high life again.

Obamaland my friends is the end of America as we know and love it. The only way out is to stop it now. Work hard to stop everything that Obama and his minions propose for this country, and just look to the Constitution to let it tell us what can and cannot be done. Because, even though Pelosi, Reid and Obama say that the Constitution only tells them what they cannot do…it tells them what they can do too. Our Constitution was written by men who were divinely inspired, and that Document has kept America strong and free, (along with our military) for over 200 years now. Are we going to allow that 200 years, and many sacrifices to be in vane too? I certainly hope not. God is in the writing of the founding documents, and God is in this country…..we need to stop pushing Him out…..and we need to stop bringing in the people who only wish to destroy what this country stands for, into power.

The elections of 2010, and 2012 are coming. Volunteer and work to get this country back. It is crying out for us to save her. I plan to do everything I can to save her…….How about you?

God Bless America, her troops and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR, and my viewers on You Tube….


* Ralph Peters is a retired Army officer with experience in 70 countries.

**James Delingpole, one of Britain’s most astute political journalists, writes for the American Conservative newsweekly Human Events as well as The Times (of London). The Daily Telegraph, and The Spectator. His is the author of How to Be Right: The Essential Guide to Making Left Liberals History, as well as several comic novels including Thinly Disguised Autobiography and Coward on the Beach, the first in his series of World War II novels featuring Dick Coward.

And the insanity of it all continues…..

Guantanimo US Trial
Do you want this man here? In the U.S. or in Guantanamo?

You hear me post here about the insanity of the powers-that-be-in Washington D.C. You hear me on my Blog Talk Radio show ranting about the same things….and you view me on my videos talking even more of these things. But my guess is, this insanity towards our country has only just begun. Here is what I read this afternoon in the New York Slimes, from Associated Press:

Self-proclaimed Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other Guantanamo Bay detainees will be brought to trial in a civilian federal courthouse in New York, near the site of the devastating 2001 terror attacks. Prosecutors expect to seek the death penalty.

Attorney General Eric Holder announced the long-awaited and politically fraught decision at a news conference Friday. He also said five other Guantanamo detainees, including a major suspect in the bombing of the USS Cole, Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, will be tried through the military commission process.

Holder said the Sept. 11 defendants should be tried where their crimes occurred. Nearly 3,000 people died when the World Trade Center towers were brought down by two hijacked jetliners, another hijacked jet hit the Pentagon and a fourth crashed in western Pennsylvania.

“After eight years of delay, those allegedly responsible for the attacks of September the 11th will finally face justice,” Holder said. “They will be brought to New York — to New York — to answer for their alleged crimes in a courthouse just blocks away from where the twin towers once stood.”

This has to be the most idiotic thing that our government has yet do to. Stick with me here for a bit and I will explain.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the attack on the United States on September 11, 2001, has been in Guantanamo since we caught him. And almost since we caught him and other terrorists *sorry libs, I will not stop calling these animals what they really are*, the Liberals and the democrats have been actively working to close Guantanamo, and move these enemy combatant Terrorists from there, and into the United States! Now I do not know about you, but if I had the choice of holding someone who wanted to destroy this country, in Guantanamo, or in the United States, I would always choose Guantanamo. Why? Because, moving them to the United States only brings them to the country that they wanted to come to in the first place. What better thing for an enemy to do, than to move you as a prisoner, into the country you want to destroy? That is almost like a dream come true. And these terrorists are probably thinking to themselves, ‘geez, these Americans are so stupid. They are holding us here on an island, in prison, and they want to move us to the country we want to destroy. How great is that?’ My thoughts on this, if I was a terrorist, at war against the United States, where would I want to be held? In Guantanamo? Or in the United States? Hmmmmmm that is a toughie……NOT. I would want to be in the United States. That way if I can escape…I can start my jihad against the country immediately. But this isn’t all my friends. There was more.

Bringing such notorious suspects to U.S. soil to face trial is a key step in President Barack Obama’s plan to close the terror suspect detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Obama initially planned to close the prison by Jan. 22, but the administration is no longer expected to meet that deadline.

“For over 200 years our nation has relied upon a faithful adherence to the rule of law,” Holder said. “Once again, we will ask our legal system in two venues to answer that call.”

Now there is a real problem with doing this my friends. Our legal system has been rigged up so that the criminals now have more rights than the law abiding citizens do. There are so many ways that the criminal can be released due to something wrong being done by the lawyer, or the police, or the prison guards, that there are too many ways for someone like this man to be released because of a technicality. This man committed an act of war against this country and the military courts and tribunals were set up specifically to handle these types of people. The civilian courts were not. And we now have a boy-child president who shows his total lack of experience every time that he opens his foul mouth. This idea of his is totally insane and wrong for this country’s safety. First off, if you have an enemy, you do not treat him nice in hopes that he will like you. Chances are, he will end up killing you. Second, if you have an enemy, you have to treat them like an enemy. They will treat you like an enemy. There is no other way to treat someone who only wishes to kill you or destroy your society.

This nation deserves to be defended, and the government we have in place now wants nothing to do with any of that. They want to take the terrorists we have in the prison at Guantanemo, and bring them into the United States. At one point in time, they wanted to bring them into Washington DC itself and put them in a make shift prison, *now if you haven’t heard this, maybe it will shock you as much as it did me, when I found it and posted it months ago,* on the Senate Grounds!

Of course, this all happens when Congress is NOT in session and Obama is off again galavanting around the world on our dime. Does this kind of thing upset any of you? I know, as an American loving person I hate everything the liberals are doing to this country….and this ranks right up there as one of the worst …… God help us all.

In another blog, the Joe Edisto Outlook, he has a great and different outlook on this fiasco. Here is the link to his blog so you can go and read it too. It is a great and sobering read, about what Obama and the Democrat party are doing to this country and to our military. The Edisto Joe Outlook .

God Bless America, her troops and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


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What America is ignoring that could really hurt us….

First off, before doing my post, I want to wish all of our brave men and women in Uniform and the ones that have served in the past, a very happy Veterans Day. God Bless you and your service.

There is a reason that the democrats are doing what they can to make us not use the words “war on Terror” anymore. they know that America has been under attack for years and that most Americans do not even realize this. Here is what we have been ignoring.

You have heard the old adage of sticking a frog in cool water, and then slowly turning up the heat so it doesn’t realize it is being cooked and finally it boils to death because the water has heated up so slow that it doesn’t realize it’s too hot till it’s too late? But stick it in hot water, or turn it up too fast, and it will jump right out. That is what the terrorists have done to America, turning up the heat, real slow. And there is a chronology to the whole mess that we are finding ourselves in today.

At least as long ago as thirty-five years ago, Muslim Terrorists began to turn up the heat, a little bit at a time. Most Americans wouldn’t know this because most of us have not paid attention to it, at least until September 11, 2001. But as of now, from a local Jewish group that keeps track of this kind of stuff, we have lost 3,308 Americans, in 65 terror attacks, dating back as far as 1973!

The first one is 1972, April 14th, in New York City. Ten members of a local mosque, phone in a false alarm and then ambush responding police officers, killing one. The common threat on these my friends is who these people are, by religious affiliation, what they’ve done and who they did it to.

January 19th, of 1973, in Brooklyn, a Muslim extremist rob a sporting goods store for weapons, gunning down a police officer who was responding to the alarm. July 18th of the same year, Washington D.C., two nation of Islam members shoot seven members of a family to death in cold blood, including four children. A defendant in the case was later murdered in prison on the orders from Elijah Mohammed.

October 19th, 1973. Oakland, California. Nation of Islam terrorists kidnap a couple and nearly decapitate the man while raping the woman and leaving her for dead. There are 8 listed for 1973, and most of them are in Oakland California. A grocer was killed in his store by a Nation of Islam Terrorist. A man is killed by a Nation of Islam Terrorist while using a phone in a booth. A woman is shot to death on a sidewalk by a Nation of Islam Terrorist. A Nation of Islam terrorist gun down an 81 year old Janitor, in Oakland in 1973.

Engleside, California, April 16th, of 1974, a man is killed while helping a friend move by Nation of Islam Terrorists. A political dissident in Bethesda, Maryland was shot and killed in front of his home by a Iranian agent who was an American convert to islam.

Savou, Illinois, Iranian student guns down his next door neighbor’s husband and wife. Sunni Cleric is assassinated in front of a Tucson mosque, after declaring that two verses of the Koran were invalid. This was in Tucson, in 1990.

Others in Langley, Virginia, Brooklyn, New York, Lawn Park, California. Prison Guard stabbed to death by Radical Muslim.

Clinton, Maryland, a 55 year old Pizzaria owner is shot six times in the back by Muslim extremists at close range.

Muslim snipers shoot two women, killing one, in Montgomery, Alabama in 2002. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a Korean Mother is shot in the back by Muslim Snipers. You see, they have been turning the temperature up on us, by shooting us in ones, and twos and fives and tens, picking on people who do not look like them. The Korean Lady. Even killing their own if they say something they do not like, or agree with. And so far we have lost over 3,300 to them over the years, and this idiot, who went on this rampage at Fort Hood the other day was more of the same. He was a Muslim. A radical one. With ties to Al Qeada.

Red Flags everywhere on his behavior and things that he has said, and no one wants to speak out about him for fear of being labeled a racist or something worse. But there is no racism here. There is no something else. If you call a spade a spade, it is still a spade whether you call it one or not. You cannot make the truth go away if you ignore it.

The sooner we start realizing this and start doing what we should have been doing all along, the sooner this country can start fighting back against a people that have sworn to kill us because we do not believe as they do. Whether we want to admit it or not, we are at war with an idealology and we are going to get slaughtered unless we start fighting back…..and stop ignoring it. Because it will kill us all if we continue to ignore it. We can no longer continue to be this naive and survive. America has to start fighting back. And this war has to begin with getting the government in place out of there so we can get people in office who love this country, and will allow us to fight back. The ones we have there now, can’t even accept the fact that there is a war on terror. And this same war on terror is killing us off……

Make no mistake about it my friends. We are at war. And terrorists are our enemy. We cannot win this war, if we are afraid to call them what they are. Terrorist Extremists, who have sworn to kill us.

God Bless America, her troops and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


The Fear that has been instilled in us…..

He was in contact with the Al-Qaeda people. He did attend the mosque with the radical imam with a couple of 9/11 hijackers. He shouted, “Allahu Akbar!” when he opened fire on all those innocents. He is “Palestinian.” He told everybody a couple days before, he was going to miss them. There were red flags flying all over the place when it came to this man. This man, whose name is Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan. An Army psychiatrist, who was going to be sent to Afghanistan. This man who was warning everyone what he was going to do……and yet, all the Red Flags were ignored because he is Muslim. And now, lawyers are asking the investigators to not question him! Oh my God what is this country coming too? A lawyer for the Army psychiatrist accused in a deadly shooting spree at Fort Hood said Monday he asked investigators not to question his client and expressed doubt that the suspect would be able to get a fair trial, given the widespread attention to the case.

We have been taught to be afraid to question someone of Color, or of a certain Religion when we see something wrong, because if we do, then we are racists or worse. And this PC bull is one of the things that is destroying this nation. We have become the laughing stock of the world because we are bending over backwards to please everyone, and that is a physical impossibility. No one person or persons can please EVERYONE! It isn’t possible, so why are we trying to?

A radical American imam on Yemen’s most wanted militant list who had contact with two 9/11 hijackers praised alleged Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan as a hero on his personal Web site Monday! Hasan has been called an “Officer and a Gentleman” by a Radical Muslim. And still we stay silent on this whole thing. Well, I won’t anymore.

I grew up in a time when if you murdered someone, you were not praised for it. You were put on trial, convicted and most likely put to death or put in prison for the rest of your life. But doing that today would be wrong and detrimental to someones psyche. Give me a break!

This nation is becoming scared of it’s own shadow, I swear. We cannot praise this nation anymore because that would be wrong. We cannot say anything against anyone no matter what they have done…..cause that would be wrong. We cannot speak against our president when he is doing everything he can to destroy this nation….because that would be wrong. My friends, what is wrong, is that we have lost the ability to hear the truth. No matter what it is, or who it hurts.

And today, on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, our dear leader, Obama couldn’t find it in himself to attend. I think it’s because he didn’t want to be overshadowed by someone who was there before…and isn’t around anymore. President Reagan. I think that Obama is a scared little kid who is in Way over his head. This was a good example of it. His ignoring of our top General on the ground there. His ignoring of the request for 40,000 more troops, in favor of trying to get the Olympics into Chicago, and this week he is going to head off to Asia for an extended diplomatic trip. Of course…all of those are more important than our troops are……..NOT! this man has no clue what he is doing and has no idea where his priorities should lie. And for that our troops are suffering his inability to be their Commander-in-Chief. This is the same problem that the nation is having now. We will not face the truth about anything if it involves someone else. And until we start to face this….we are in trouble. Plain and simple my friends. We have got to stop trying not to say something when we know something is wrong, when the person is black or brown or green or blue…or Muslim or Islamic or Christian. This kind of crap isn’t doing any of us any good…..especially America.

God Bless America, her troops and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


Wise Conservatism’s list of UN Patriotic Representatives to the Country part 2

Here is the second post with the names of the House members who voted for the Health care bill that a majority of the people are against. I posted the first part this morning. Here is the second part:

James A Himes (D-Connecticut of district 4)
Maurice D. Hinchey (D- New York of District 22)
Ruben Hinojosa (D-Texas of District 15)
Mazie K. Hirono (D-Hawaii of District 2)
Paul W. Hodes (D-New Haven of District 2)
Rush Holt (D-New Jersy of District 12)
Mike Honda (D-California of District 15)
Steny H. Hoyer (D- Maryland of District 5)
Jay Robert Inslee (D-Washington of District 1)
Steve Israel (D-new york of District 2)
Jessie Jackson (D-Illinois of District 2)
Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-Texas of District 18)
Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Texas of District 30)
Henry C. Johnson (D-Georgia of District 4)
Steve Kagen (D-Wisconsin of District 8 )
Paul E. Kanjorski (D-Pennsylvania of District 11)
Marcia C. Kapfur (D-Ohio of District 9)
Patrick Joseph Kennedy (D-Rhode Island of Dist 1)
Dale Edwards Kildee (D-Michigan of District 5)
Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (D-Michigan of Dist. 13)
Mary Jo Kilroy (D-Ohio of District 15)
Ron Kind (D-Wisconsin of District3)
Ann Kirkpatrick (D-Arizona of District 1)
Ron Kline (D-Florida of District 22)
James Langevin (D-Rhode Island of District 2)
Richard Ray Larsen (D-Washington of District 2)
John B. Larson (D-Connecticut of District 1)
Barbara Lee (D-California of District 9)
Sander Martin Levin (D-Michiagan of District 12)
John R. Lewis (D-Georgia of District 5)
Daniel Lipinski (D-Illinois of District 3)
David Loebsack (D-Iowa of District 2)
Zoe Lofgren (D-California of District 16)
Nita M. Lowey (D-New York of District 18)
Ben Ray Lujan (D-New Mexico of District 3)
Stephen F. Lynch (D-Massachussetts of District 9)
Daniel B. Maffei (D-New York of District 25)
Carolyn Bosher Maloney (D-New York of District 14)
Edward John Markey (D-Massachussetts of District 7)
Doris Okada Matsui (D-California of District 5)
Carolyn McCarthy (D-New York of District 4)
Betty McCollum (D-Minnesota of District 4)
James A. McDermott (D-Washington of District 7)
James P. McGovern (D-Massachussetts of District 3)
Jerry McNerney (D-California of District 11)
Kendrick B. Meek (D-Florida of District 17)
Gregory W. Meeks (D-New York of District 6)
Michael H. Michaud (D-Maine of District 2)
Brad Miller (D-North Carolina of District 13)
George Miller (D-California of District 7)
Harry E. Mitchell (D-Arizona of District 5)
Alan Bowlby Mollohan (D-West Virginia of Dist. 1)
Dennis Moore (D-Kansas of District 3)
Gwendolynne S. Moore (D-Wisconsin of District 4)
James P. Moran (D-Virginia of District 8 )
Christopher S. Murphy (D-Connecticut of District 5)
Patrick J. Murphy (D-Pennsylvania of District 8 )
John Patrick Murtha (D-Pennsylvania of District 12)
Jerrold Lewis Nadler (D-New York of District 8 )
Grace F. Napolitano (D-California of District 38)
Richard Edmund Neal (D-Massachussetts of District 2)
James Louis Oberstar (D-Minnesota of District 8 )
David Ross Obey (D-Wisconsin of District 7)
John Walker Olver (D-Massachussetts of District 1)
Solomon P. Ortiz (D-Texas of District 27)
William Owens (D-New York of District 23)

Remember the race in New York the other day? This man won just barely, just in time to vote on the worst bill in the history of this nation….and vote for it.

Frank Pailone (D-New Jersey of District 6)
William J. Pascrell (D-New Jersey of District 8 )
Edward Ernest Pastor (D-Arizona of District 4)
Donald Milford Payne (D-New Jersey of District 10)
Nancy Pelosi (D-California of District 8 )

This lady is the Nazi of the House of Representatives. She knows this bill is the worst thing that could have happened to this nation, but did you see her smiles of glee after the vote? She is evil.

Ed Perlmutter (D-Colorado of District 7)
Tom Perriello (D-Virginia of District 5)
Gary C. Peters (D-Michigan of District 9)
Chellie Pingree (D-Maine of District1)
Jered Polis (D-Colorado District 2)
Earl Ralph Pomeroy (D-North Dakota)
David Eugene Price (D-North Carolina of District 4)
Mike Quigley (D-Illinois of District 5)
Nick Joe Rahall (D- West Virginia of District 3)
Charles B. Rangel (D-New York of District 15)
Silvestre Reyes (D-Texas of District 16)
Laura Richardson (D-California of District 37)
Ciro D. Rodriguez (D-Texas of District 23)
Steven Rothman (D-New Jersey of District 9)
Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-California of District 34)
C. A. Ruppersberger (D-Maryland of District 2)
Bobby L. Rush (D-Illinois of District 1)
Timothy J. Ryan (D-Ohio of District 17)
John Tony Salazar (D-Colorado of District 3)
Linda T. Sanchez (D-California of District 39)
Loretta Sanchez (D-California of District 47)
John P. Sarbanes (D-Maryland of District 3)
Janice D. Schakowsky (D-Illinois of District 9)
Mark H. Schauer (D-Michigan of District 7)
Adam Schiff (D-California of District 29)
Kurt Schrader (D-Oregon of District 5)
Allyson Y. Schwartz (D-Pennsylvania of District 13)
David Scott (D-Georgia of District 13)
Robert Cortez Scott (D-Virginia of District 3)
Jose Enrique Serrano (D-New York of District 16)
Joe Sestak (D-Pennsylvania of District 7)
Carol Shea-Porter (D-New Hampshire of District 1)
Brad Sherman (D-California of District 27)
Albio Sires (D-New Jersey of District 13)
Louise McIntosh Slaughter (D-New York of District 28)
Adam Smith (D-Washington of District 9)
Victor F. Snyder (D-Arkansas of District 2)
Zackary T. Space (D-Ohio of District 18)
Karen Loraine Jaqueline Speier (D-California of Dist 12)
John McKee Spratt (D-South Carolina of District 5)
Fortney Hillman Stark (D-California of District 13)
Bart T. Stupak (D-Michigan of District1)
Betty Sutton (D-Ohio of District 13)
Bennie Thompson (D-Mississippi of District 2)
Michael Thompson (D-California of District 1)
John F. Tierney (D-Massachussetts District 6)
Alice Titus (D-Nevada of District 3)
Paul Tonko (D-New York of District 21)
Edolphus Towns (D-New York of District 10)
Nicola S. Tsongas (D-Massachussetts of District 5)
Christopher Van Hollen (D-Maryland of District 8 )
Nydia Margarita Velazquez (D-New York of District 12)
Peter Visclosky (D-Indiana of District 1)
Timothy J. Walz (D-Minnesota of District 1)
Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Florida of District 20)
Maxine Waters (D-California of District 35)
Diane Edith Watson (D-California of District 33)
Melvin L. Watt (D-North Carolina of District 12)
Henry Arnold Waxman (D-California of District 30)
Anthony D. Weiner (D-New York of District 9)
Peter Welsh (D-Vermont)
Robert Wexler (D-Florida of District 19)
Charles A. Wilson (D-Ohio of District 6)
Lynn C. Woolsey (D-California of District 6)
David Wu (D-Oregon of District 1)
John A Yarmuth (D-Kentucky of District 3)

There is your list of the UN-Representatives of the United States. I have them, and now, you the people have them. Print these two posts out, so you have the names, and then write them, or call them, and let them know that they are on the short list for losing their jobs this next election because they couldn’t do what WE THE PEOPLE asked them to do. Plain and Simple.

God Bless America, her troops and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….