They are at it again…..with the Name changes….

The government that is in place in Washington has only one thing on their minds. And that is to push Healthcare on us whether we want it or not. And since we do not want it, they are more or less admitting that they know we don’t want what they are trying for, so they are changing the name, to make it sound more palatable to the American people. And to this I have to say. WE ARE NOT THAT FREAKING STUPID!!! And this isn’t the first time.

After the Global Warming freaks found out that science didn’t support them they changed the name of Global Warming to Climate change, so that no matter what the weather did, it filled the bill with Climate Change. Because they knew they were wrong with Global Warming.

That is what has happened with the Public Option on the Healthcare bill. Harry Reid today said:

REID: The best way to move forward is to include a public option with the opt-out provision to states. Under this concept, states will be able to determine whether the public option works well for them and will have the ability to opt out if they so choose. Believe that a public option can achieve the goal of bringing meaningful reform to our broken system, will protect consumers, keep insurers honest and ensure competition and that’s why we intend to include it in the bill we submitted and will be submitted to the Senate.

And then Nancy Pelosi now wants to change the name of it. The words Public Option are not working, and they all know this. So, her idea is to do the same thing that they did with Global Warming. They are changing the name from Public Option, to Consumer Option. Thinking that the word “consumer” would make it more appealing to the American people.

People, there is an old saying that says: To keep freedom requires eternal vigilance. And we have let our vigilance slip. Right now, we are finally waking up, and our vigilance is coming to attention again. We have to stay vigilant because the left has all kinds of ways to make the public fall for their stupid ideas. And my friends, that is what their plans are. Stupid.

The sad part of that is, they actually think that this country needs these ideas of theirs to survive. Obama actually thinks that this nation needs him to spend trillions of dollars to save the economy. He doesn’t see it as destroying it. The trouble is….none of the rest of them see anything wrong with what they are doing either. Take Florida Congressman Alan Grayson. He today called Benanke’s aid, a “K street whore.” And when confronted with that, he didn’t apologize. he said there was no need to. Can you see a republican getting away with this? I can’t.

And sadly, that is not all. Barney Frank even got into the act today opening his stupid mouth. He said:

Last night on PMSNBC, there was a panel discussion there with Barney Frank and Ralph Nader, and they are debating Barney Frank’s proposed financial regulations, and Ralph Nader said this.

NADER: Giving shareholders nonbinding authority on gigantic executive bonuses won’t work. If you give shareholders binding authority and the shareholders should have, in these giant companies, a small staff so they could take on the executives —

FRANK: I agree.

NADER: — but the important thing is — and this is where I think Barney is the weakest — in 2000 he voted for a bill that continued the deregulation of the burgeoning derivative racket. And now he’s supporting a bill that has a huge loophole in terms of exempting trillions of dollars of certain categories of derivatives.

And of course, Barney Frank couldn’t let this be said without returning something stupid. And actually being honest, and admitting that the Democrats only want to raise taxes on the people.

FRANK: Ralph gets to luxuriate in the purity of his irrelevance. We’re in there fighting these things. The right wing took control of government and ruined it. They gave it a bad reputation. Now that we are trying at every front to increase the role of government in the regulatory area, we run to this public opinion that says, hey, those are the guys who screwed up Katrina. So the frustration is they’re benefiting from their own incompetence. We Are Trying on Every Front to Increase the Role of Government in the Area of Regulation

And in that last quote from Frank, he goes back to blaming Bush for the mess that Obama has now. They just cannot get it through their minds that after six months, the economy and everything about it cannot be blamed on anyone but the current administration.

Frank today let the cat out of the bag, and admitted that the Democrats want to raise taxes, and will have to do so in order to pay for health care. Now do you all see what I have been saying that the politicians in Washington do not care for what we the people want? These people are getting bolder and bolder with their continuing destroying of this country. We have to put a stop to this….and very soon.

God Bless American, her troops and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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