American heroes still exist…..

The fireball was huge as the tanker exploded

The fireball was huge as the tanker exploded

Today, here in Indianapolis, on the northeast side, we had a horrible accident that involved a tanker truck hauling about 1500 gallons of propane. The truck, was coming around a corner on a ramp from I-69 to I-465 South, and I guess was going too fast and didn’t make the turn, turning over and then bursting into flames under the bridge.

shot from under the bridge he ended up under.

shot from under the bridge he ended up under.

From the news agency at WIBC here in Indy, is this report:

Five people are injured and the congested highways on Indy’s northside are closed indefinitely after a tanker crash rocked the area with fireballs and explosions.

Authorities aren’t sure why, but a liquid propane tanker from PTI Trucking missed the curve on the ramp from I-69 to 465. The crash enveloped the I-465 overpass in 150-foot columns of fire on either side.

The trucker is at Methodist with head and facial injuries — authorities say they’re not life-threatening. The driver right behind the tanker has been hospitalized with second-degree burns. Three other drivers were treated for minor injuries at the scene after getting caught in the fireball.

11364982_BG4“I saw a big white puff of smoke in the center of the highway, and then a wall of fire came up and you started hearing the explosions,” says Michelle Rice of Indianapolis, who was treated for a minor burn from the heat.

Now here is the part that I named this post after. The men that ran to the driver’s defense to get him out of the truck.

Construction worker Lonnie Hood was part of a work crew at the Columns of Castleton apartment complex adjoining the highway. He and a Carmel police officer (this accident didn’t happen in Carmel, but in Castleton/Fishers, which is a subdivision of Indy,) pulled the trucker clear of the wreckage.

“When I saw there was a guy trying to get out, the first thing I thought was to just get him out of there,” Hood says. “I heard everybody telling me to get away from the truck, it’s going to blow up, but I just kept trying to get him out of there.”

Now these two men, Lonnie Hood and the Carmel Policeman, Mr. Skaggs, were and are Real American heroes. Lonnie Hood was working. He didn’t have to do what he did. And the Carmel Policeman, whose name they didn’t give but I got from a comment from Lonnie’s fiancee, also was going somewhere…. and didn’t have to stop, though, with his training he would no matter what. But these two men, pulled the driver out of a truck that was about to explode, putting their lives on the line to save another man’s life. NOW to me, that is a real hero. So my hat comes off in salute to these two brave men for helping, when the time came to sacrifice. Thank God no one was killed in this bad accident.

What remains of the truck.

What remains of the truck.

God Bless America, her troops and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube…


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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4 Responses to American heroes still exist…..

  1. Roadhouse says:

    As a trucker myself, stories like this tend to hit a little close to home. I’ve seen more than my share of accidents in my fifteen years in a big rig…some with much less fortunate outcomes for those involved.

    Hopefully, stories like this can serve as a reminder to everyone that driving is a skill and a daily challenge that requires attention and discipline, and also that “tomorrow is promised to no one”.

    Drive safe.

    reply from Robert: Thank you sir. This one hit home cause I was on that bridge just minutes before it happened. But you are right. We never know when the “accident” comes that will take us back to our maker. As you said, Tomorrow is promised to no one.

    I know this one is a departure from the normal subject of Wise Conservatism, but I felt it was one that was necessary as too many of us take driving for granted. Driving is a privilege, no one has the right to drive, and with driving comes the responsibility to do it safely……not only for your sake but for their’s as well. God bless you sir on your drive down America’s highways.

  2. Seane-Anna says:

    Lonnie Hood and the Carmel policeman acted as heroically in this situation as our soldiers on the front lines. They put their own lives in danger to help a fellow human being, and they didn’t hesitate to do it. Kudos to these two brave Americans. I hope their heroism and selflessness will serve as an inspiration to us all.

    reply from Robert: Thanks Seane Anna…..I did make a mistake in the post though, and I am going to correct it tonight. The truck didn’t drop of the bridge to the roadway below, it was on the road below and was coming off oc I-69 southbound, and was on the curving ramp onto 465 South. He was going too fast and didn’t make the corner. And the heroism of those two people was amazing to tell the story of. Not sure what I would have done if I had been there but I would like to think I would have done the same thing. But God Bless everyone who did respond to this accident. The freeway to the west opened up today and to the south…but the east bound 465 is still closed. That bridge sustained some damage.

  3. BK says:

    Such heroic and selfless acts are truly an inspiration to others and remind us that there are still such great people in the world.
    reply from Robert: This is so true, and it is an inspiration that to me shows the glory of God in the actions of people, in risking they’re own safety and their own lives to save someone else.

  4. Casey says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words. Lonnie is my fiance and he is a really great guy. The other mans name is Robert Skaggs. Mr. Skaggs left the scene right after the accident and didn’t want to be in the media. Lonnie was caught up in the moment with adrenaline pumping and answered questions on the news. Afterward, the news found him at home and at a job and asked more questions. Some people are saying because Mr. Skaggs stayed out of the spotlight that Lonnie was seeking fame. I can assure this is not the case. Lonnie is a very private and modest man. He is the father of five and works very hard every day to take care of our family. Just because he was on television doesn’t make him any less of a hero. In fact, he refused to do any more interviews because the media wasn’t portraying the credit he was giving to the other man (Mr. Skaggs) he was sick over it because he didn’t want people to get the wrong impression. It’s sad that this day in age, even someone who does a good deed gets criticized for anything someone can find. You were so right, he didn’t have to leave his job site. He said something inside of him told him to go. He just started running until he got there and saw Mr. Skaggs pulling on the windshield. From there he kicked in the window and together they pulled Mr. Tobias to safety. No matter who was on the news and who wasn’t they were both very brave that day. Everyone came home safely to their families and that is the main point of this story. Lonnie is my hero everyday. He works so hard to provide for us. In this case he put his own life aside and risked it for this man. I am so grateful things turned out the way that they did. He is a great man and I just wanted to thank you for your kind words!

    reply from Robert: Thank you for adding information that I didn’t have or could get. It bothered me that heroes in our country are not looked at as heroes anymore. So I decided that the best thing to do was to find the story on them and post it……as my tribute to the sacrifice of these two men. Glad that you had Mr. Skagg’s name. That was needed in the story too, and I added it. Glad you are reading and hope you continue.

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