The Last Resort.

by Robert “the infidel” Garding
Fri. October 2, 2009

The Last Resort......Rio de Janiero

The Last Resort......Rio de Janiero

America right now is the bastian to freedom and liberty, but we have the liberal democrapts, who are in complete power now, and who are trying their best to tear this country down.

There is no more new frontiers, we have got to make it here, as the song says. And it is OH SO TRUE. Obama is doing what he can to make us think the only important thing to him and to us, is HIM.

Thank GOD the Olympic committee saw through his facade, and turned him down. People, the Ego has crashed. And Rightfully so people.

Obama’s attention should have been on the request by the commanding General of our forces in the War Zone for more troops for the war effort, but he blew that off, for what he felt was immensely more important. Getting the Olympics to Chicago! So we now have a commander in chief, who thinks that the troops are just fodder to be annihilated, because their request has fallen on empty rooms at the White house as Obama has taken off for Copenhagen. And you democrats think he is really there FOR THIS COUNTRY? That should show you that he doesn’t give a rats behind for America, or for her troops. And my friends, Obama isn’t the only one who thinks this way. Get a load of the Reverend Jessie Jackson today after the announcement that Chicago wasn’t picked:

JACKSON: I would like to know what happened, ’cause there’s always underlying politics in these decisions, but I’m shocked and saddened, and I really anticipated we would win. We sent our A-time, president, first lady, made such a great presentation; the mayor, the governor, Oprah Winfrey, our Olympic — Olympians.

Did you hear what he said? We sent the A-team, and they were turned down. Imagine that folks. The Obama EGO has just been crashed. But Jackson said more during his prolific rant of egotistical leftism.

JACKSON: It’s not just African-American! That’s not fair! I mean, this is all of Chicago involved. There is concern about displacement, about costs which came from all sides of town, the taxing burden. But also the opportunity to come with that. I’m concerned, of course, that we were committing ourselves to provide security for the hosts’ children who right now are in jeopardy. But that should not have been the main factor, the deal breaker in getting the Olympics in Chicago. I — I just don’t understand it yet.”

My friends, doesn’t that sound just like he wants an investigation into this? To me it sounds like he is saying: “Obama is great. The greatest in the world. NO ONE Can refuse him. So something must be wrong here. Something must be terribly wrong here….for the Olympic Committee to refuse the great Obama.!”

But this should tell you libs that he has no interest in the greatness of this country. He has no interest in the safety of our troops…..when my friends…both should be there at the top of his mind’s list. NOT GETTING THE NEXT OLYMPICS TO HIS HOME TOWN OF CHICAGO!!!

This country deserves more my friends. This nation deserves someone who is concerned about the safety of it from enemies. This nation deserves someone who is concerned about the safety of our troops from the enemy. Not someone who is concerned about the enemy first. Obama is NOT acting like our president. He is acting like a man whose ego means more to him than anything. Even the country he is supposed to be leading. As for the last resort? Sadly, when it comes to that, Obama is not thinking of America.

God Bless America, her troops and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube…..


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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2 Responses to The Last Resort.

  1. d.r. weeks says:

    Something is wrong. It’s obvious that the International Olympic Committee consists of a group of racists. Didn’t they know that when you disagree or turn down the Great One you are labeled a racist.

    At some point maybe our political leadership can get back on course and concentrate on what is important to the safety and security of our troops and country. This would be the audacity of change.

    Either our political leadership adopts a Ghengis Khan strategy to achieve victory in Afghanistan or we continue with the politically correct strategy and go down in defeat.

    reply from Robert: I agree. And I am hoping that the next election, in 2010 will be the one that ousts many of the bigots and idiots in Washington. I know I will work to get the majority of them there voted out of office.

  2. Seane-Anna says:

    I agree with d.r. weeks. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    reply from Robert: Thanks my friend.

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