We Win…..They Lose. Why we must feel this way.

What is wrong with this statement? What is wrong with believing in you’re country and it’s ability to win? NOTHING unless your a liberal. This is something that to combat liberalism, we all need to know as Conservatives, or Independents. We need to know this about them or we will never win back America and America is doomed to a future that the founding fathers never envisioned.

This country, and I want you all to hear this from this “hated Conservative” is the greatest country in the world. Sure, there are things wrong with her, but the country does not need overhauling as the democrats so love to say. The Constitution is the document that should run this country, but that is not what the democrats so love to say. Our healthcare system is the best in the world, and sure there are things that are wrong with it, but it is still the health care system that shines on the people of the world when it is needed.

And on to another of the subjects that the democrapts so love to skew out of the realm of the truth…..Illegal Immigration. This “hated Conservative” says that we need to close our borders. But that isn’t the end of that one. We need to open Ellis Island again, and then Open on on the southern border, on the West Coast and on the Canadian Border too, and screen the people who come in. We used to get the people from all over the world, and they came here to be Americans. Today, thanks to you liberals, they come here to get a taste of our wealth, but not to become Americans…..and they want our health care too. NO, I say they need to be rounded up, and sent back home. If they want to come here, they need to do it the way my grandfather did. Legally. But the democrats have skewed that to make that just another of the things they say is racist. For America’s sake, close the borders, and only bring in LEGAL immigrants. Send the illegals home.

Now, here is where my beef with the Democrapts is….and I know how I spelled that. Representative Alan Grayson, Democrat from Florida, 8th District spoke on the floor today, and made an ass of himself, by telling another of the left’s bald-faced lies because they are getting desparate to get the attention back on their monstrosity of a health care bill, that has things built into it, that will cause exactly what this idiot on the floor said Republicans want. The trouble is, those things that are already built into the democrapts Health care plan, was not put there by the hated Republicans or Conservatives. OH NO. The death panels and the rationing of health care from the elderly or the sick comes from the democrats, not the Republicans. The republicans have been fighting against the democrapt bill because it will limit the health care the elderly will get and it will limit the health care that the infirm will get. You know, the people who are handicapped and cannot be a productive part of society. All of this is the democrapts plan…..NOT THE REPUBLICANS. Representative Alan Grayson of Florida is a liar, and is assuming things that are not true. And Mr Grayson, you know what assuming does don’t you? If you don’t, ask a friend. He will tell you what happens when you assume.

And if that statement passed over your little brain, let me repeat it. YOU LIED! YOU ASSUMED! Something, that you would be up in arms about, if it was a Republican saying this about you. Well, I am a Conservative, and I say YOU ARE A LIAR Mr. Grayson.

For my friends who haven’t heard what this idiot said on the Senate floor today, here is the video of what this dweeb said:

If you want the truth Mr. Alan Grayson, I as a true blooded American, am so ashamed of you and the Democrapts in Washington. YOU OUGHT TO BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES. Because what you are talking about here my stupid Representative, is what the Obama care plan says. NOT THE REPUBLICANS!

The only thing that the Republicans are doing wrong right now, is being politically correct. They need to take on the slogan from the past here in America…..something that Reagan said, when it came to fighting our enemy. We Win….They lose. Plain and simple. We (the Conservatives) WIN…..YOU (the liberals) Lose. If we do not make the Libs lose here, America will lose. There is no other way. And the Democrapts know this because they are getting insane with their accusations against the Right. I say, keep it up you libs. You have no idea the amount of fodder that you are giving us to help in your destruction.

God Bless America, her troops and the people who see what Obama is doing to this country
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube…..


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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1 Response to We Win…..They Lose. Why we must feel this way.

  1. Edisto Joe says:

    The state of Florida should be embarassed. This guy stands on the floor with one of the most moronic presentations ever seen. Did he think he was on MAD T.V.? His own party should censor him. All he did was further the case for term limits.

    reply from Robert: The thing that caught me on this is, I have never heard the Republican party say anything about what this man said…..though, I have heard the democrats saying this same thing…..and you are right. The state of Florida should be embarrassed..but they aren’t. At least the liberal Democrats aren’t. To them the whole Senate, Congress and the White House are they’re own MAD TV…..and they are the stars.

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