They just do not get it….part 2

Okay my friends, I promised the next installment of the Greg Garrison monologue from the Garrison show here in Indianapolis the other day, so with no more to wait…here is the next part:

Now let me read to you for a minute. From this mess. It’s called Sentenced to Death by the NHS. NHS is they’re national health service…’s their single payer system.

In a letter to the daily telegraph, a group of experts, who care for the terminally ill, claim that some patients are being wrongly judged as close to death. Imagine that. Under NHS, this is Britain now, Okay, this is the harbinger of what we get next, because they want to do the same. This crappola about, ‘Oh you get to keep your healthcare, you get to keep your insurance’. Read the bill, you’ll find out that’s a lot of Boushwa, That’s French. Figure out what it means. I made it up, not what it means but it sounds good.

Under NHS guidance introduced across England to help Doctors and medical staff deal with the dying patients, they can then have fluid and drugs withdrawn and maybe put on continuous sedation until they pass away. But this approach can also mask the signs that their condition is improving, the experts warn.

Now how many of you know, how many of you have family, “They *unintelligle* he’s a goner, you know, just sit there, wait’ll the line goes flat. And it gets better.

I go back again to my daughter’s father-in-law. A massive heart attack. The third in his life. Nobody thought he even had a chance of making it. Nobody gave up on him. He was in his 70’s. They literally put him on ice at the heart hospital up on Shadeland which is on the Northeast side of Indianapolis, in the Fishers area. ON ICE! To keep from having his heart that was overworked from being unable to provide sufficient blood to his brain, etc., and Jim Hall went home. Played with his grandchildren another couple of years. And had a pretty good quality of life.

But the NHS would have said: “Eeeeggh….forget it.” This approach masks the signs of improving, as a result of the scheme, it is causing a national crisis in patient care, the letter states. It has been signed “palliative care experts,” including professor Peter Mallard emeretise Professor of Geriatrics, University of London, and others.

Forecasting death is an inexact science, they say. Patients who are being diagnosed as being close to death without regard to the fact that the diagnosis could be wrong. Imagine that. As a result, a national wave of discontent is building up. As family and friends witness the denial of fluids and food to patients. Now, let me tell you from some reasonable amount of medical experience, and personal experience as well, if people are really terminal, they take care of themselves. They stop eating, I remember trying to feed my dad, and the nurse, the hospice nurse said, “leave him alone. He don’t want to eat. He’s checking out. Taking his own time.” Didn’t even want to drink anymore. And slipped away on his own.

But you can’t decide that for em. When the body’s shutting down, when a person is terminal, and their condition is worsening, and their gonna die, they just sort of shut their systems down one at a time. It’s sad but remarkable at the same time.

In Cancer patients, they rebound at times. And Heart attack patients, they rebound at times. They come back. The body is a powerful thing. And what I’m saying to you is it’s not up to them. It’s not up to some bureaucrat. It’s not up to some arrogant kid, who doesn’t know squat about leading a country, much less about caring for the elderly or the sick. It’s not about them telling us what to do.

It can’t happen here, you say. Ha! The chosen one would never… can’t say such a thing, you tell me, well Greg, really.

Take a look at this guy. Look what his guy on healthcare reform says.

Remember Tom Daschle? They didn’t pay his taxes so he’s not helping human services secretary. But he’s still at the White House. Making policy, and doing his diabolical best my friends, to rid the country of all those expensive old people. Now it’s a close quote. It’s a paraphrase, but it’s close. ‘Seniors have got to get used the the idea that we simply cannot afford all that care they’re now getting. They need to come to terms with some of the realities of getting older.’ Really! By dying? Prematurely maybe sometimes. Now that’s not a quote. That’s Greg’s paraphrase. But it’s damn close. I didn’t miss it by much. And I got the point of the whole thing. Back to the article.

It has gradually adopted, this model….the Liverpool care pathway, designed to reduce patients suffering in their final hours. It was recommended as a model by the National Institute of Health of Clinical Excellence…..the government’s health scutiny body of ’04, and gradually adopted nationwide, it’s called incrementalism ladies and gentlemen, and the left is so good at this, with more than 300 hospitals, 130 hospices and 560 care homes in England currently use the system. ……

…..under the guidelines, the decision to diagnose that a patient is close to death is made by the entire medical team treating him, including the senior doctor, however, doctors warned these signs can point to other medical problems. Patients can become semi-Conscious, and confused as a side effect of the pain killing drugs such as morophine, and that they have been dehydraded as well. For instance.

When a decision has been made, to place a patient on a pathway, doctors are then recommended removing medication, or invasive procedures, such as intravenous drips, which are no longer of benefit.

If a patient is judged to still be able to eat or drink food and water, still may be offered to them as this is considered nursing and not medical intervention.

Dr. Hargrave added, that some patients were being wrongly put on the pathway that’s like a shoot to me, straight to the grave, which created a self fulfilling prophecy that they would die. I have been practicing medicine for the past 20 years and I am getting more concerned about this death pathway that is coming in.”

You ready for that here? I’m not.

People, I am not ready for this either, but in a government run healthcare system like the one that they have in England, the one that we are aiming for, has it inherently in it, that this will happen my friends. You do not want this to happen, then we have to make it known that we cannot let our government do this.

First off, it is as Ronald Reagan once said. We have the best health care system in the world here in the United States. Sure, there are things wrong with it, but if it was in such a crisis and such a mess, as our government is trying to scare us into thinking, why then, would the world be beating a path to our door to get medical care here? This in itself doesn’t make, what the left is saying, any sense. You cannot have a horrible health care system, and have the world want it. Oh sure, there are those loonies who say that England or Germany or Italy or some other third world country has a better and less expensive way of medical care…..and I will give you the less expensive way my friends, but here is the rub. My father always told me that you get what you pay for. You get something expensive it will last and work. Get something cheap, it will break down soon because it was not built to last. Our health care system is expensive to be sure, but it is the best one out there. It is expensive because of the money used to research now and upcoming things that will make it even better in the future. You bring in Obama’s health care fiasco, and this research that we have now for new things, will grind to a halt because the money for this will dry up, and the incentive to do this will stop coming in. Doctors will be placed on a salary that will cut their pay at least in half, which will make it so the new doctors coming into the system will dry up because there will be no reason to become a doctor. You cannot live on care giving itself. The doctors pay will drop almost to non existent levels because someone making lots of money is, for that reason only, an enemy of the state.

Obama is of that mindset. All the people he is surrounding himself with, is of that mindset. The only ones eligible to make that kind of money, if they get their way, will be them.

Specialty doctors will disappear. Health Insurance, the private kind will disappear because the government will cause that to happen. Though they say they won’t. Here is what is in the bill on that.

You can keep your insurance that you have now. But, if you get another member of your family, and you upgrade your insurance to cover that new member, you will be made to join the ever growing family of people on the government health care dole. That is where they are lying to you. You will be able to keep your own private insurance, as long as you never change your coverage. Once you do, you will be mandated to go to Obama care. We had better think long and hard on what the consequences of having Government health care will be before we let it happen. Because mark my words here my friends, if it happens, we will not like it one bit. Do not doubt me.

God Bless America and her troops and the people protesting …..
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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