“You can see where I stand by the people who surround me…Obama”

This post is going to concentrate on Van Jones, who is embroiled in controversy, though it seems the White house doesn ‘t see it. Though it could be done about any number of the people that Our dear leader is surrounding himself with.

Glenn Beck tonight called the White House and asked them to call him about something he was going to talk about when it came to Mr. Van Jones. He gave the white house most of his show to call…………Of course the white house didn’t. Here is what we have on Van Jones:

1. Van Jones called the Republicans Assholes, and only apologized for it when an uproar started up. But here is where this man gets really sticky and wrong for America!

2. Van Jones is a Self Avowed communist. He has not apologized for this, so that means, he is still a Communist, who has the President’s ear on policy. Does this bother you just a little people? I know it does me.

3. Van Jones says that we need to not just “tweak” our system, we need to get a whole NEW SYSTEM because the one we have will not suffice his needs. He has not apologized for this. So he still believes it and he has a job advising the president! Does this bother you people even just a little? I know it does me.

4. Van Jones helped to free a Communist Cop Killer in Philidelphia. I do not need to ask again….this bothers the hell out of me.

5. Van Jones has a Black Nationalist background and past that isn’t that far in the past. He hasn’t apologized for this either. He still believes in these ideals. Listen to some of his speeches. Hell, listen to them all. You will see what I mean.

6. Van Jones wants to do what the president wants. To redistribute the wealth. To Indians and Black people. And NO ONE IS questioning this man??????? America are you hearing this? Do we want to save our country from these maniacs? I know I do.

7. Van Jones thinks that Whites are poisoning Minorities. Can you imagine, if someone, who is conservative saying something like this, and getting a government job after ;saying it? I can’t. Cause it wouldn’t happen. Not in a million years. But here it has. America……where is the outrage???????

8. Van Jones believes that Americans are spraying immigrants with poisons. You can hear this in his speeches too. Are you listening to what Obama’s appointments to offices are saying people? America, are you listening to what your president is doing??????? Are you scared yet? I know I am.

9. Van Jones is a 9/11 truther. Really, on that one, nothing more needs to be said. He thinks that our government killed over 3,000 of our citizens and then covered it up. He hasn’t apologized for this one either……because he still believes it and he has a job advising our president, after saying it.

President Obama said that you could tell all about him by looking at the people that he surrounds himself with. Well, we are looking Mr. Obama, and we do not like the fact that you are surrounding yourself with radicals, communists, America haters and White Haters, and Constitution haters. We do not like that you are surrounding yourself with people who not only want to change America…but change the government that stands for America too.

If any of you are as upset and mad about this as I am, call the white house. Let them know “being civil” of course, and demand answers for what is going on. The numbers to call are these:

White House Switchboard: 202-456-1414

Capital Switchboard: 202-225-3121

Keep calling. I have been trying for over 3 hours now and still cannot get through. I am still trying and will continue to until I get an answer to my concerns.

Let them know that we are the bosses, and they are the employees. Either they do what we want, or look for another line of work. This is Robert ‘the infidel’ Garding, with this most important post. Our country needs our input now. Our nation needs us to take back our country. Because the politicians are destroying it. And they are doing it right from the top. President Obama, with his appointments, Nancy Pelosi with her thinking that Americans are stupid and out of touch. Harry Reid with his thinking that they are the only ones smart enough to know how to save this country. My God people, America needs us to save her. Stand up for your country….before it’s too late.

Just now, at 7:43 pm eastern daylight time, I finally got through to the Capital Switchboard, and I said that I was a Concerned Citizen who did not like the direction that our president was leading the country by putting a “self avowed Communist” in charge of a government job, in the White house, and I told them I was talking about Van Jones, and when I said that name, they hung up on me. I am going to be calling again and again till I get my say. This government is going to listen to me. I also got through to the White House Switchboard but it said that the offices were now closed. And it gave me another number to call…..it said that the direct line in was : 202-456-1111. Call one of these three numbers I listed here. And do not let them hang up on you. If they do, call back. This is important to this nations’ survival. God Bless you all.

God Bless America and her troops and the people standing up
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube……


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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3 Responses to “You can see where I stand by the people who surround me…Obama”

  1. Seane-Anna says:

    Barack Obama is a radical through and through. He spent 20 years in a “God damn America” church. He launched his political career in the home of a left-wing domestic terrorist. He’s a disciple of Saul Alinsky, and in his youth his mentor was a Black Communist. Obama has RADICAL written all over him yet millions of Americans chose to vote for him, displaying an irrational faith that Barack would be some kind of centrist. Now they know better and Obama does, too. He’s learning that his election was NOT a mandate to socialize America. The American people are not, and don’t want to be, anywhere near as radical as Obama thought his election indicated. That means he has to stop putting anti-American, left-wing zealots into his administration and then thinking we, the people, will be too dumb to notice. We DO notice, and if Obama keeps it up he’ll be a one term president. What a nice thought.

    reply from Robert: You are so right my friend, and you have listed a lot of the reasons that this man scares me, and the blind obedience to his words and his policies that people like Octobia follow is the harbinger of bad things to come for this nation. We have to fight this all the way to Pennsylvania street, and beyond, if we are to save this nation from what Obama has in store for us.

  2. Angel says:

    what can we expect from this ahem..’administration’ !..great post!:)

    reply from Robert: Thank you and when it comes to what we can expect from this administration? I can tell you. Socialism, lies and telling the people they are stupid for protesting. Being told that we are silly for thinking they are wrong. Marxism and Communism and radicalism. That is what we can expect from this administration…..

  3. Amlicar says:

    Yes sir , Some truths…. Common sense was made before books were created…… The sun rises in the East……Everybody that’s NOT a poor white, does’nt love country mUSIC , Loves the PEOPLE AND WANTS AMERICANS OF ALL RACES AND CLASSES TO HAVE THE BEST HEALTH CARE A SUPER POWER CAN DELIVER……. Is a communists, or rather are communists. I agree..Yes sir.!!!

    reply from Robert: HUH?

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