We Win…..They Lose. Why we must feel this way.

What is wrong with this statement? What is wrong with believing in you’re country and it’s ability to win? NOTHING unless your a liberal. This is something that to combat liberalism, we all need to know as Conservatives, or Independents. We need to know this about them or we will never win back America and America is doomed to a future that the founding fathers never envisioned.

This country, and I want you all to hear this from this “hated Conservative” is the greatest country in the world. Sure, there are things wrong with her, but the country does not need overhauling as the democrats so love to say. The Constitution is the document that should run this country, but that is not what the democrats so love to say. Our healthcare system is the best in the world, and sure there are things that are wrong with it, but it is still the health care system that shines on the people of the world when it is needed.

And on to another of the subjects that the democrapts so love to skew out of the realm of the truth…..Illegal Immigration. This “hated Conservative” says that we need to close our borders. But that isn’t the end of that one. We need to open Ellis Island again, and then Open on on the southern border, on the West Coast and on the Canadian Border too, and screen the people who come in. We used to get the people from all over the world, and they came here to be Americans. Today, thanks to you liberals, they come here to get a taste of our wealth, but not to become Americans…..and they want our health care too. NO, I say they need to be rounded up, and sent back home. If they want to come here, they need to do it the way my grandfather did. Legally. But the democrats have skewed that to make that just another of the things they say is racist. For America’s sake, close the borders, and only bring in LEGAL immigrants. Send the illegals home.

Now, here is where my beef with the Democrapts is….and I know how I spelled that. Representative Alan Grayson, Democrat from Florida, 8th District spoke on the floor today, and made an ass of himself, by telling another of the left’s bald-faced lies because they are getting desparate to get the attention back on their monstrosity of a health care bill, that has things built into it, that will cause exactly what this idiot on the floor said Republicans want. The trouble is, those things that are already built into the democrapts Health care plan, was not put there by the hated Republicans or Conservatives. OH NO. The death panels and the rationing of health care from the elderly or the sick comes from the democrats, not the Republicans. The republicans have been fighting against the democrapt bill because it will limit the health care the elderly will get and it will limit the health care that the infirm will get. You know, the people who are handicapped and cannot be a productive part of society. All of this is the democrapts plan…..NOT THE REPUBLICANS. Representative Alan Grayson of Florida is a liar, and is assuming things that are not true. And Mr Grayson, you know what assuming does don’t you? If you don’t, ask a friend. He will tell you what happens when you assume.

And if that statement passed over your little brain, let me repeat it. YOU LIED! YOU ASSUMED! Something, that you would be up in arms about, if it was a Republican saying this about you. Well, I am a Conservative, and I say YOU ARE A LIAR Mr. Grayson.

For my friends who haven’t heard what this idiot said on the Senate floor today, here is the video of what this dweeb said:

If you want the truth Mr. Alan Grayson, I as a true blooded American, am so ashamed of you and the Democrapts in Washington. YOU OUGHT TO BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES. Because what you are talking about here my stupid Representative, is what the Obama care plan says. NOT THE REPUBLICANS!

The only thing that the Republicans are doing wrong right now, is being politically correct. They need to take on the slogan from the past here in America…..something that Reagan said, when it came to fighting our enemy. We Win….They lose. Plain and simple. We (the Conservatives) WIN…..YOU (the liberals) Lose. If we do not make the Libs lose here, America will lose. There is no other way. And the Democrapts know this because they are getting insane with their accusations against the Right. I say, keep it up you libs. You have no idea the amount of fodder that you are giving us to help in your destruction.

God Bless America, her troops and the people who see what Obama is doing to this country
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube…..


Am I the only one who sees this is wrong?

Over the last 8 hours, or so, I have been listening to the news reports of the rape of a 13 year old girl, and the arrest of film director and liberal, Roman Polanski.

The left is all up in arms about this. Saying things like “Robert, just let this go. It happened so many years ago, and no one was hurt…….” All I can say to this is Oh MY GOD. If this little angel, this thirteen year old girl, was yours, would you still feel that way? Then I back off. These people are liberals. Of course it would be okay. They would just try to blame the rape on a Republican or a Conservative, or an Independent. But we have to look at this and what this man has said about it….to see just how sick this is getting.

Roman Polanski himself said this about it: And I quote, “I have had troubles convincing myself that this was wrong, because I don’t think anyone was hurt.”

Isn’t this the most sick thing that any of you has ever heard? My friends, maybe this did happen years ago. But the facts of this is that Mr. Polanski fed this 13 year old Qualuudes, and alcohol, and then had sex with her. But, we have bigger problems here than just the left trying to get Polanski set free because it is wrong to charge him with this rape, that Whoopie Goldberg said was not really a rape, rape! Give me a break!

The main thing that we have to start listening to, is the Conservatives, who really love this country, as compared to the news media. Here is the reason. The news, like the New York Times does not tell us the truth anymore. They find a story, look for the spin that will work for the liberal point of view, and they run with it, whether it is the truth, or not. The way they look at this is this: If what we want to print is the truth, GREAT! But if it isn’t the truth, so what, we will print it as the truth anyway. So we, as Americans can no longer believe anything that the American press or the liberally biased Media will tell us.

When they talk about the Tea Parties, they say that the people who attend them are mobs, unruly, and dangerous. The G20 summit in Philadelphia had a big unruly mob who got in trouble, with the things they were doing. About 180 were arrested and thousands of Dollars worth of damage was done to the surrounding area. You didn’t hear about this in the New York Times. You read an article about how well mannered they were and how we need to look to the good things this summit produced. Now remember, 180 some were arrested for unruly conduct….and then we had the tea parties. Thousands upon thousands of Americans attended them…..and completely unreported by the media is the fact that NO arrests were made, and NO violence was reported and NO damage was done.

In Seattle, Glen Beck gave a speech at the stadium there, and the news talked about how violence erupted because of the speech. The violence that they were talking about, was a protest by about 40 people outside the stadium. INSIDE, were thousands of people, all peaceful and listening to Glenn Beck talking about the good things that is America. NO violence. NO trouble. NO anything except a peaceful gathering of people to hear Glenn Beck talk.

The reason for this post, is twofold. One is to bring up the travesty of Roman Polanski and the left wanting him released because he was FINALLY arrested for the rape of a thirteen year old years ago, and yet he has trouble coming to grips with the fact that he did anything wrong. The left wants him released. And two……the press cannot be trusted to tell the truth here in America. Make sure that you always check and double check anything you hear in the media. This is so sad, that this has to be even discussed. Whatever happened to knowing right from wrong? Some of us, the conservatives and a lot of the Independents and Republicans still remember what the difference is. The Liberals? They have forgotten the difference. All they can come up with is platitudes…….and stupidity.
And on to another sad story…..Derrion Albert. An honor student in Chicago, who came to the aid of a friend, is killed on Video when the gangs were going against a person that Derrion goes in to help.

Here is the video, taken by someone who didn’t help. Derrion gets hit in the head with what looks like a railroad tie, and then when he hits the ground, the gangs start to punch and kick him, with no one trying to help him. He died several hours later in the hospital…….and yet, the media ignores the fact that these kids are totally out of control, and need to be in prison for what they did…..and the culprits? I haven’t heard if they are in jail……or at their own homes. What is this country coming too? When are we going to wake up? This is sad and wrong. And from the city that Obama says he respects and brings it’s form of Government to America.

God Bless America, her troops and the American people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR, and my viewers on You Tube…..


Repeating history again?

Do We Want This again?
Do We Want This again?

Yesterday the New York Times did an article on how we do not have to worry anymore because the Terror threat is Gone. And to that I have to say *AGAIN* Why you may ask? Well, here is why my friends.

Back on July 10th, of 2001, the New york Times ran a story titled: “The Declining Terrorist Threat,” two months before 9/11!

Now, does this mean that we are in for another terrorist attack? Not necessarily. But, if you read my last posts, you will know that this last week we had four terrorist activities that were planned attacks….but, they were all thwarted by the FBI and local law enforcement officials. But, that only brings me to my next question…..

How can we actually say that terror threats are diminished, when we had four attempted Terrorist attacks in four different areas of the United States in ONE WEEK people?!?!? Oh yes….the media didn’t print the details of these thwarted attacks so the media figures they never happened. I get it now. We have a wimp for a president, and when he tries to act tough, the enemy laughs.

America has always been a strong nation. And until recently was still a strong nation. What is going on now my friends, is that America is being drop kicked into a vat of sissies, and the world is gleeful over that fact. One of the reasons that the four attempted attacks on this country this last week happened is because we are now being perceived as a weak and unstable nation, with a boy at the helm A boy who thinks that he is “almighty strong”, when in all actuality he is “god-awful weak”. Every time that our enemies show that they want to do something the yellow glow from 1600 Pennsylvania Street gets so bright that it’s hard to see. Obama’s yellow streak is apparent to the whole world. All I can say people, is we need to vote out everyone we can and start with a complete new slate of people who want to follow the dictates of the Constitution and the bill of Rights as written, and put a stop to all this pandering to lobbyists, pork givers and takers and career politicians who will do anything that they want, just because they think they cannot be taken out of office. And I do not mean just the democrats either. I mean the Democrats, the Republicans, the Independents…..anyone who will not follow the rule of law of the land and follow the Constitution. And the time to start is NOW.

If I had the ways and means to do so, I would run for office. But I don’t right now. But what I am saying is we need a grassroots type of person to run for office and take this country back to the days when it followed the laws set forth in the founding documents. If that was done, we would find out that America would come back to greatness. But one other thing before finishing. We need people who run this country with God watching over them, and giving advice, and we need to have people in office who think America is great. Because that is not what we have now.

We need to find someone who thinks like Ronald Reagan did: Government does not solve problems; it subsidizes them. – Reagan

God Bless America, her troops and the people who love this country
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


The UN Must go my friends…and our schools are not Teaching History.

May we be proud of her again!
May we be proud of her again!

It is my humble opinion that the UN has outlived it usefulness. I was searching my brain for a good reason for this, and came up with a bunch, but the best analogy came from Mark Steyn when he talked about it on September 26th. He posted a post called

Dog-Feces Ice Cream
America and Libya are defined by their differences.
By Mark Steyn

Half a decade or so back, I wrote: “It’s a good basic axiom that if you take a quart of ice-cream and a quart of dog feces and mix ’em together the result will taste more like the latter than the former. That’s the problem with the U.N.”

Absolutely right, if I do say so myself. When you make the free nations and the thug states members of the same club, the danger isn’t that they’ll meet each other half-way but that the free world winds up going three-quarters, seven-eighths of the way. That’s what happened in New York last week. Barack Obama is not to blame for whichever vagary of United Nations protocol resulted in the president of the United States being the warm-up act for the Lunatic-for-Life in charge of Libya. But it is a pitiful reflection upon the state of the last superpower that, when it comes to the transnational mush drooled by the leader of the free world or the conspiracist ramblings of a terrorist pseudo-Bedouin running a one-man psycho-cult of a basket-case state, it’s more or less a toss-up as to which of them is more unreal. To be sure, Colonel Qaddafi peddled his thoughts on the laboratory origins of “swine flu” and the Zionist plot behind the Kennedy assassination. But, on the other hand, President Obama said: “No nation can or should try to dominate another nation.”

Pardon me? Did a professional speechwriter write that? Or did you outsource it to a starry-eyed runner-up in the Miss America pageant? Whether or not any nation “should try” to dominate another, they certainly “can,” and do so with effortless ease, all over the planet and throughout human history.

And how about this passage?

“I have been in office for just nine months — though some days it seems a lot longer. I am well aware of the expectations that accompany my presidency around the world. These expectations are not about me. Rather, they are rooted, I believe, in a discontent with a status quo that has allowed us to be increasingly defined by our differences . . . ”

Forget the first part: That’s just his usual narcissistic “But enough about me, let’s talk about what the world thinks of me” shtick. But the second is dangerous in its cowardly evasiveness: For better or worse, we are defined by our differences — and, if Barack Obama doesn’t understand that when he’s at the podium addressing a room filled with representatives of Iran, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Venezuela, and other unlovely polities, the TV audience certainly did when Colonel Qaddafi took to the podium immediately afterwards. They’re both heads of state of sovereign nations. But, if you’re on an Indian Ocean island when the next tsunami hits, try calling Libya instead of the United States and sees where it gets you.

This isn’t a quirk of fate. The global reach that enables America and a handful of others to get to a devastated backwater on the other side of the planet and save lives and restore the water supply isn’t a happy accident but something that derives explicitly from our political systems, economic liberty, traditions of scientific and cultural innovation, and a general understanding that societies advance when their people are able to fulfill their potential in freedom. In other words, America and Libya are defined by their differences.

What happens when you pretend those differences don’t exist? Well, you end up with the distinctively flavored ice cream I mentioned at the beginning. By declining to distinguish between the foreign minister of Slovenia and the foreign minister of, say, Sudan, you normalize not merely the goofier ad libs of a Qaddafi but far darker pathologies. The day after the president of the United States addressed the U.N. General Assembly, the prime minister of Israel took to the podium, and held up a copy of the minutes of the Wansee Conference at which German officials planned the “Final Solution” to their Jewish problem. This is the pathetic state to which the U.N. has been reduced after six decades: The Jew-hatred of Ahmadinejad and others is so routine that a sane man has to stand up in the global parliament and attempt to demonstrate to lunatics that the Holocaust actually happened.

Now I agree, Barack Obama is not to blame for whichever vagary of United Nations protocol resulted in the president of the United States being the warm-up act for the Lunatic-for-Life in charge of Libya, but that is where I draw the line on his blame. What he did was to throw America, the country he supposedly leads, under the bus in favor of the countries of two of the worst leaders in today’s times. Leaders who changed the subject to what they wanted it to be, Qaddafi to America saying that we needed to re open the investigation into Kennedy’s assassination because he felt we had it wrong, and Ahamadinejad who, after telling the world that Israel needs to be wiped off of the map, and that their days have come to an end, tells the world again that the Holocaust never happened, even though after that, Netanyahu showed proof that it did happen.

It is sad, that America, the country that fought Germany to annihilation and had her troops walk into these concentration camps, where they found the bodies of the victims. Where they found the ovens, and the human remains in them. People we still have men alive who lived through that, and we have a silly leader telling the world, that the Jews are illegitimate and need to be annihilated, and that the holocaust didn’t exist, only 60 years after the event? But I guess that should come as no surprise, because only 8 years after the world trade center bombings that happened in NYC, we have people telling us that it really didn’t happen. I swear, it is a wonder at all that we have any history, the way that people are so gullible that they are willing to start believing something didn’t happen, only a few short years after something happens, just because some nutbag decides to say it didn’t.

My idea on this comes a lot from my children though. One is 11 and in the 5th grade, and the other is 8 and in the 3rd. Now I remember being in the 5th grade, and I swear, I knew more about world history then, than both of my girls combined do now. It seems that is something that they do not teach anymore.

We used to be taught about the United States, the individual states, and what they meant to the whole. Where the states were and the capitals of them…..but now, I get questions of things like, where is Nevada?

Even Foreign countries I knew about, but they do not teach about them anymore either, though they make sure to teach them all about how they need to learn spanish. This changed the subject a bit, but not really. I feel that the next generation is when we will lose this country because they are not being taught how to be proud of this country, unless they are being home schooled or retaught at the end of the day. It is as I have said over and over again my friends, America is under attack and a lot of this invasion is from within. In our children’s schools, in the newspapers, and the media from CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and others who will push the liberal agenda on everyone from our kids to the adults that will listen. And the part that we have to take into account here, is that there are a lot who listen to this crap. After all, even after all that Obama has done to this nation since becoming president a mere 9 months ago, almost 50% of the people still think he is doing a good job. What is up with that?

We have to remember my friends, that we are different from the rest of the world. We are stronger, and better because of circumstances. We are better for a reason. And that reason is just as Mr. Steyn said, when something goes wrong on the other side of the world, and a people need help, we organize to help them, no matter their ideals, no matter their politics. Libya doesn’t. Iran doesn’t. America does. And until we realize that we are different, and better because of our desire to help people who need it, then this country is in grave trouble. And the best example of this, is how we got pushed around in the UN this last week. It’s a shame, that what is going on had to be pointed out not by us, but by the country that we are allies with, and who Obama is throwing under the bus with us.

We supply the ground the United Nations sits on. We supplied the building. We pay a good portion of the costs. Why don’t we kick the UN out to find another home. See if they can find another country who would do what we have done for that bunch of nothings that we call the UN. Because the bad element of the world has taken it over, and we do not seem willing to take it back.

God Bless America, her troops and the people who get it

God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR, and my viewers on You Tube…..


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Four Reasons that Obama is WRONG…

This week, there were four (count them 4) planned terrorist attacks against the United States, from within, while Obama is telling our enemies, that he doesn’t believe exists, that we are going to stop with the missile shield that we committed to for our allies over there. Our enemies are having a hayday figureing out just what Obama is getting America ready for, and Obama has no idea of what is coming. Even after this week and the four aborted attacks that were stopped thanks to the FBI and agencies within the United States, with little print being used for these stories. Such a difference from what would have happened if Bush or a Republican had been in the White House. This would have been front page news for weeks….maybe months.

This whole thing just rattles my being to the core, that we have a president who in his efforts to destroy this nation, has four terrorist attacks attempted in one weeks’ time. And not only is the press strangely silent about this…..Obama is too.

These Terrorist threats that almost got carried out, are really scary people. The first one that I will talk about is from Dallas, Texas.

A terrorism suspect accused of plotting the bombing of a skyscraper in Dallas made his first appearance in federal court today.

Hosam Maher Husein Smadi, a 19-year-old Jordanian, said little during a 20-minute hearing at the Dallas federal courthouse. His lawyer, however, said Smadi understood the gravity of the charge.

Smadi initially drew authorities’ scrutiny because he told an FBI undercover agent that he wanted to blow up things that would hurt the United States.. He was arrested Thursday in a sting operation.

Federal officials said Smadi, who entered the United States illegally and lived in Texas, tried to set off an explosive attached to a vehicle at the base of the 60-story Fountain Place office tower.

Long before authorities arrested Smadi, however, they were following his Internet discussions, according to a court affidavit.

“Smadi was discovered by the FBI within an online group of extremists,” the affidavit says. “Among many others in the group who espoused and endorsed violence, Smadi stood out based on his vehement intention to actually conduct terror attacks in the United States.”

Undercover officers then contacted Smadi, posing as members of an al Qaeda sleeper cell. After months of conversations, the agents considered Smadi a legitimate threat.

Smadi picked several targets to attack, including the Dallas-Forth Worth airport, before deciding on the skyscraper, which houses Wells Fargo Bank, the affidavit says. It details a conversation that Smadi is said to have had with authorities:

“I have decided to change the target,” he said, according to the affidavit. “God willing, the strike will be certain and strong. It will shake the currently weak economy in the state and the American nation, because this bank is one of the largest banks in the city.”

Smadi said many times that he wanted to commit violent jihad and he was a soldier of Osama bin Laden, the affidavit says. He said that he wanted to blow up things that would help the enemy in the war on terror against the United States.

People, did you hear of this in the news? Probably not, and if you did, you didn’t hear much. What is going on with this country, that we have to find the news about what is actually happening here in our own country, by looking at the internet and blogs. The news media used to be the source of all of this….NOW it just doesn’t interest them unless someone is in the white house that they do not like. People, this is bone chilling to say the least. This man, if he had gotten the real stuff would have killed maybe thousands of people in Dallas. Thank God for the FBI and their agents. Terrorists are alive and well here in the United States.

The Second attack that was thwarted was in New York City. Last week? A concession stand vendor on the streets, got busted after a trip to Pakistan and Afghanistan, and came back……prepared to blow up skyscrapers in New York City…..that was the second one…..

The third one follows. A man named Michael Fenton, also known as Talib Islam, was being watched by federal agents from the earliest moments of his alleged plot.

“We were fortunate to be in a position to control the outcome here and make sure there was never any danger to anyone,” said FBI spokesman Marshall Stone.

Authorities became interested in Finton in 2007 after a search of his vehicle following a parole violation allegedly turned up letters mentioning martyrdom and purported contact with John Walker Lindh, the so-called “American Taliban” who was captured in Afghanistan.

After learning Finton wanted to get terror training and fight in Gaza against the Israelis, the FBI worked to set up an “opportunity for action that we controlled.”

They had a drug informant — who like Finton had converted to Islam in prison — befriend him and an undercover agent pose as an Al-Qaeda operative.

Finton allegedly told the agent he was considering attacks on government buildings, banks and police stations in the hope an attack would cause the U.S. military to withdraw from conflicts overseas, according to the charges. But he finally turned his attention to the Paul Findley Federal Building, authorities said.

“He said that, while they were doing everything they could to avoid collateral civilian casualties, such casualties would be inevitable and justified,” the complaint said. “He said that everyone in the federal building would be killed.”

Okay, that is three, and all three have been this week. This last one was on Wednesday of this week. And this is remarkable my friends. Two of these were the same thing. Dallas and Springfield. As I said, Terrorism is alive and well here in the states.

And now the fourth one. U.S. Terror suspects accused of targeting a Marine base. Two men , in Raliegh, North Carolina, were arrested for last month’s plotting terrorist attacks overseas, also planned to attack the U.S. Marine base in Quantico, Virginia authorities said on Thursday. The two suspects were among 7 arrested in August for conspiring to supply material support to terrorists, and for conspiracy to murder people overseas. Daniel Patrick Boyd, and one other, that I couldn’t get the name of because it is an arab name, and I couldn’t find it in print.

People, We have got to wake up here. This country is being systematically destroyed, not only from Within, but from without too…..

Comes the meeting in the U.N. with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Obama, Khadafy, and Netanyahu. Out of these, the only sane voice was Netanyahu. Obama threw America under the bus, Khadafy did too, and Ahmadinejad did even worse, but when Netanyahu spoke, I would say this took some of the people there by surprise. Here is what Netanyahu said my friends, and did he ever hit a home run:

NETANYAHU: To those who refuse to come and to those who left in protest, I commend you. You stood up for moral clarity, and you brought honor to your countries. But to those who gave this Holocaust denier a hearing, I say on behalf of my people, the Jewish people, and decent people everywhere, have you no shame?

My friends, that has to be the greatest question ever asked of the United Nations, and it happened this week……here is more.

NETANYAHU: A mere six decades after the Holocaust you give legitimacy to a man who denies the murder of six million Jews while promising to wipe out the state of Israel, the state of the Jews? What a disgrace. What a mockery of the charter of the United Nations. Now, perhaps, perhaps some of you think that this man and his odious regime, perhaps they threaten only the Jews. Well, if you think that, you’re wrong. Dead wrong.

My friends, this has to be published, and more than just here. Because DEAD WRONG is right! This country is in grave peril, and Obama is at the helm controlling everything. And it took Netanyahu, the prime minister from Israel, to bring out the truth of what is going on here. And we are not that dense……..are we?

God Bless America, her troops and the people who are protesting
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube…..


This is What happens when we elect someone who has no clue…..

What happens when we pick a Clueless Coward Kid for President?

What happens is what we got now. Our nation is going bankrupt daily, with the national debt being quadrupled in the short time that Obama has been in office. Our enemies, and yes we have enemies Obama, are all rubbing their hands together in gleeful anticipation of your continued weakening of America, while we are at war. And here is my advice for you Mr. Obama. You will never see a woman “sort of” pregnant. If she is pregnant she is 100% pregnant. That is the same analogy that you have to use for being at war. You cannot be “sort of” at war, and expect to be anything but losers. And this is just like being pregnant. It is one of those things that you can’t be a little bit of. But of course….the naive little clueless boy that we have residing in the White House thinks so. And even though we can’t be just a little bit at war, that is what we are doing. That is what lost us Vietnam folks, and that is what is going to lose us this war too.

Ralph Peters, who writes for the New York Post, has made me understand what Obama and his administration is doing to our brave young soldiers that are in harms way.
Peters says this:
“When enemy action kills our troops it’s unfortunate. But when our own moral fectlessness murders those in uniform, it’s unforgivable.

Mission-focused, but morally oblivious, Gen. Stan McChrystal conformed to the Obama Way of War by imposing rules of engagement that could have been concocted by Code Pink:

* Unless our troops in combat are absolutely certain that no civilians are present, they’re denied artillery or air support.

* If any civilians appear where we meet the Taliban, our troops are to “break contact” — to retreat.

These ROE are a cave-in to the Taliban’s shameless propaganda campaign that claimed innocents were massacred every time our aircraft appeared overhead. (Afghan President Mohammed Karzai and our establishment media backed the terrorists.) Imagine that!
The Taliban’s goal was to level the playing field — to deny our troops their technological edge. Our enemies more than succeeded.”

My friends, do you understand what this means? If you do not, then you had better stop and think about it for a while. It means that the President is making it impossible for our own troops to defend themselves against an enemy that is sure to know the news coming out of this country, because they are instigating it. And if I know this, how hard do you think it would be for the Taliban to know this too?

Wouldn’t you think, that since they are not technologically superior to our troops that they have to level the playing field a little? If our troops have to turn and run when there are civilians present, how big of a leap do you think it would be to have the enemy, place these civilians there so that our troops are defenseless and then, can be butchered.

My God, I am a proponent of winning this war, but if our own government is going to listen to the whims of the Taliban, our sworn enemy, and then make our troops stop fighting because the same said Taliban puts civilians in the force then what Obama and our liberal hierarchy is doing is murdering our own troops. If you do not want our troops to do what they were sent there to do, then by all means, bring them home. I do not wish for any of our brave young fighting men and women to die because our government says they cannot fight in a set up. Do you ever wonder why there are so many more casualties in our military now than before? It is because of Obama and his ineptitude in fighting this war. He is doing what he can to make sure that our troops lose in the battle of this war. And like I said before, Obama, is no friend of this nation. Obama is no friend of mine. I didn’t vote for him, so in that, my concience is clear, but it pains me to see this arrogant boy trying to destroy this great nation, and murder our own troops.

Heaven above, please God, help us through this nightmare of a horrible presidency. And by all means, protect our young soldiers from harm in this war that they are being made to lose in the most horrendous way. By they’re own government, who placed them there in harms way, making sure that they are defenseless against an enemy that only wishes all of us infidels dead. AMEN.

God Bless America, her troops and the people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube.


Purdue, William Ayers and the left ….

Indiana’s oldest land grant college, Purdue, which used to be a grand Conservative school is truly liberal in every sense of the word now. Tomorrow, Bill Ayers the murderous terrorist, as Greg Garrison calls him, has been invited to talk to the faculty because he is supposedly an expert in education. Uh-huh! From Chicago! Sound familiar?

Never mind that he is nothing more than a felon, who should be locked up for the rest of his life for treason, for trying to blow up the pentagon. But prison is not where this idiot is. He is being paid to speak to the faculty of a used to be prestigious institution of learning. And the person who did the inviting should be totally ashamed of himself. It is as Garrison said on his show on the 22nd. ‘Bill Ayers, who I will call murderous terrorist, is nothing but a felon who should be spending his life behind bars.’ My friends. He shouldn’t be able to be paid to come to any university to speak to anyone. This is stupid and not right.

I really wouldn’t have much to say against this whole thing, if people like Mike Pence, or Sarah Palin or William Russell or David Horowitcz, was asked to speak….but you will never hear of a Conservative being invited to speak, because that is where the academia of this nation has gone. Away from Common sense and patriotism, to the party that cares nothing for any of that, though when confronted with it, they say they are.

It makes me mad, to be considered a liar, and an unpatriotic person to believe as I do, that the Constitution is the founding document of this nation and it needs to be protected, by the side of the isle that disdains the document for what it stands for and has been working overtime to change it for decades. All the while, blaming people who believe in it, for the things that are going wrong with this country.

I am not the one who changes laws so things can be done legally that couldn’t be done before.

I am not the one who constantly says the Constitution and the bill of Rights have to be changed because it doesn’t tell me what I can do…..only what I can’t.

I am not the one who changes laws to put someone into office to help my cause when someone of my side dies……

I am not the one who does what I can to weaken America while fighting a war that I do not want to be in. Making sure that America loses it.

I am not the one who makes up lies about what our troops are doing to justify my hatred for the military.

I am not the one who will lie to get the people to believe something that isn’t true.

What I do believe in though, is truth, justice and the American Way. I believe that American’s are not as arrogant as the left is trying to make us believe. There is no one in the world as charitable to people we do not even know, even to those who hate us, as Americans are. And, I am not the one who runs around the world apologizing for what America is. Only the left is doing these things, and yet, they get away with making the people believe that they are on their side. What a bunch of hog wash.

America is the greatest nation in the world, and though there are things wrong with her, she is still the greatest nation in the world. She is the shining beacon on the hill, that the world clamors to get too.

She doesn’t need changing as the left so wishes to do. She needs tweaking, but not changed. Shame on you Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Kerry, and the rest of you who cannot seem to find anything good to say about this nation. Shame on all of you who cannot defend America to our enemies. You are nothing more than an enemy of the state, feeling that way. You may be the president Mr. Obama, but you are no friend of this country, nor of me. And as long as you do everything you can to hurt my country, you are nothing more than an enemy of the nation.

God Bless America, her troops and her patriotic freedom fighters…..
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR, and my viewers on You Tube…..


Where was the media on this? They just can’t see what is happening here!

It seems the media picks and chooses it's stories to tell.  Usually all lies.
It seems the media picks and chooses it's stories to tell. Usually all lies.

During this last weekend, the Conservatives, Republicans, Independents, and even some Democrats, came out in force, and marched on Washington DC to get they’re point across that they are not at all happy with what Obama is doing to this country. And where was the media? My guess is, they were off reporting on something really important to them….like Global Warming, *the lie*, Obama’s Health care bill *another lie* and of course, if they did report on what was happening on Saturday, they were saying things like ‘the people were showing their anger and racial attitudes towards Barack Obama, when all he is doing is trying to help these same people’. The truth of the matter is, the media, just like the Liberals in Washington, are so out of touch with the people, that they couldn’t see the truth, even if it bitch slapped them right between the eyes. They’re agenda to lie to the people, and help Obama lie to the people is much more important to all of them than to tell the truth.

If these were democrats rebelling against Bush, this would have been front page news all over the nation.
If these were democrats rebelling against Bush, this would have been front page news all over the nation.

And this fact seems to be lost to about 47% of the people too, who will blindly follow Obama over a cliff, just to praise the man as he destroys this country. The difference between the media, the liberals and the people who follow them and the Conservatives, is that the Conservatives look for what is good in this nation, and then we try to enforce it….whereas the Democrats and their followers look for the bad…..and if they can’t find it, they make it up. But bad things are all they concentrate on, when it comes to America and her allies. The good stuff only comes out for the enemy’s of this country.

Isn't this fun???
Isn't this fun???
The thing that really catches my funny bone on this one is the fact that when the democrats do not get their way, or things do not go their way, they resort to name calling, and labeling of the people who oppose them. They have always done this. And this time is no different.

We Conservatives have been called Mobsters, Communists, unruly Mobs, angry, racists, and much more……and all because we do not agree with what Obama is doing to this nation. The names keep coming, getting worse all the time, and they just do not get it, that we think this is funny.

It’s funny that Obama has so little experience, that he cannot take being told that he is doing the wrong things. We think that it’s funny that Obama gets angry and calls all of us unpatriotic because we oppose his Health care bill…..yet, he will not look to the crowds that showed up in Washington this last Saturday, to see just what we are trying to say. What we have to say does not interest him. He is just like Baron Hill here in Indiana, a congressman who told the protesters at his townhall meeting, that he “would not allow people telling him how to run his office.” The trouble is, the office is not his. It’s the people’s. Just like the office of the President is not Obama’s.

Pelosi is just as ignorant to our needs as the President is.
Pelosi is just as ignorant to our needs as the President is.
If they would just listen to what the people are trying to tell them, they would find out that Color has nothing to do with what we are against here. They would find out that them being democrats isn’t what we are against here. If they would listen, they would realize that we are only concerned about what he is doing to this nation.

And still, he continues to do what shouldn’t be done to keep this nation safe. On the 40th anniversary of America committing to protecting our allies over in Europe, President Barack Obama, on Thursday, overhauled plans for a missile defense shield in eastern Europe, promising instead stronger, swifter defense systems to protect U.S. allies against any threat from Iran.

In a move that may ease tensions with Moscow but spur regional fears of resurgent Kremlin influence, Obama said he had approved recommendations from U.S. military leaders to shift focus to defending against Iran’s short and medium-term missile capabilities.

“This new approach will provide capabilities sooner, build on proven systems and offer greater defenses against the threat of missile attack,” Obama said in a brief statement on scrapping plans for ground-based interceptors in Poland and a related radar site in the Czech Republic.

This is one thing that Obama has done that really really bothers me. Not only is he taking away something that we committed to doing, but he did it on the 40th anniversary of the commitment, and he is working on making sure that our allies and friends cannot trust us anymore.

I have heard some say, that being an enemy to America has no consequences, but being a friend to America is dangerous with many bad consequences. To me, that is a horrible thing to have said about you. And my friends, when they say this about America, they are saying this about you and me. Think on that next time you wish to put down your country,…. you libs! We have to remember something that President Reagan said once, that could pertain to today. He said: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” And we are quickly losing that chance to fight for our freedoms.

God Bless America, her troops and those protesting Obama
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


The way Obama Sees himself…..

Obama's GOD Complex......
Obama's GOD Complex......

I was surfing and hit on the great site The People’s Cube and found an article with the photo that I added in here. I didn’t print his aritcle here, as I have other things to say, but click on the link above and you can read it for yourself. It’s worth the read…….

The photo depicts Obama as the person that he really sees himself as. He is, as he sees, the Governmental Overall Director. And, if you look at his takeover of everything from GM and Chrysler to the Banks, (something started by Bush, and carried on by Obama), to Health Care, and making it Government controlled, to everything else, you will see the pattern of his desired agenda. People he has no desire to be our president. He desires to be our God. Our dictator. Our complete and supreme leader. And, I as a freedom loving American, take issue with all of this. I take issue with his constant ignoring of our Constitution. I take issue with his constant breaking of it’s laws. I, though, do not *and this line is in here for the libs that will undoubtedly accused me of being racist* take issue with his race. It is like I have said before, I care not what color he is. What I do care about is what he is doing to this country…..and her constitution. And for those two things, I will not sit quietly by and watch him doing his best to destroy them. The fight is on. And thankfully I have a lot of people out here who are in this fight with me. The American people have risen up and are making their voices be heard. Though the Omni-impotent leader in Washington has chosen to ignore our voices so far, I know that he will rue the day he did. All we have to do is to keep up the good fight, and not go back to sleep as he and the rest of the libs in Washington are hoping that we do. I mean, we always have before haven’t we?

This country deserves the protection of the people by the people
This country deserves the protection of the people by the people
Well this time, dear leader, we are not going to do that. The revolution, that you started with your incessant ignoring of the laws that our Constitution has laid out, will not go away until you have been deposed, and made to realize, the American people are not to be crossed.

To me, a child of the 60’s, when Liberalism ran rampant in the United States, it is amazing that the Democrats point to 8 years of Bush, or the 13 years of Republican domination in the House and Senate as the time that America became a horrible place to live. But they discount the 40+ years before that when they were in Charge, and we had to have Ronald Reagan come in and save this country from the brink of disaster that their policies put us into.

You, Obama, have to start thinking of our founding document in a different way. You think that it doesn’t tell you what you can do, only what you can’t. Well, if you would use your brains for more than just fodder for your infertile thoughts, then you would see that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights does indeed tell you what to do and what not to do. If you still have troubles with this idea…..go to my post on the Bill of Rights, called: For you out there who don’t understand the Bill of Rights….. posted on September the 13th.

Are you freedom loving Americans out here scared yet? I know I am.

God Bless America, her troops and the protesters too….
God Bless my readers, listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


Ahmadinejad’s Claim cannot be proved……

My friends, how this man thinks he can get away with this in a world smarter than that, is beyond me. I guess he is a lot like Obama, who just cannot get it through his head, he is pushing something the people are mostly against, and know isn’t true. In that, the two are a lot alike.

The president is stumping all over television these next couple of days pushing hard to have the American people accept his fiasco of a health care plan, so that we can be taxed to death even more so than we already are. And eventually with his plan, we will lose our private health care. And I have gone into that several times, when he says we will not lose our own health care, he is not telling the truth. The provisions in the bill state if you have to change your health care for any reason you will be forced into the government run plan. But that is not where I am going today.

Today I am heading against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who, stupidly insists the holocaust was and is a lie, and that Israel’s days in existence are coming to an end.

My friends, I have studied this time in history, and I know it to be true. The holocaust actually happened. There is pictorial evidence of this, as Hitler, with his huge maniacal ego had to photograph everything that happened. And in that, stands the proof, Ahmadinejad cannot disprove.

If the holocaust happened today, someone could “photoshop” some images and make them show what didn’t happen. In other words, say the holocaust didn’t happen, but someone comes out and says it did last week, they could show photos that supposedly prove it.

hand sticking out of german oven at Auschwitz
hand sticking out of german oven at Auschwitz
But today we have the technology to fake photos to show things that didn’t actually happen.

During World War II my friends, this technology didn’t exist. Photos that were taken then, were taken of events that actually happened. A lot of the photos that were taken, are completely disturbing, but that is not something that could have been faked by anyone at the time. The technology just did not exist to do that!

In that, I think that Ahmadinejad is playing on the younger mind. One’s that have lived they’re whole lives with that kind of technology. So, when it is said by Iran’s government: “Our belief and creed … remain that Israel is an illegal entity, a cancerous tumor, that must cease to exist,” there is where they’re agenda lies, when it comes to calling the holocaust a falsehood.

Just like we can look to where Obama’s agenda lies when it comes to health care. They are one in the same. They both want total CONTROL. And we the people have given them that control by electing them.

But, today we have a different kind of people, who are avidly standing up against the agenda’s being pushed down our throats.

The pits the holocaust victims were put into before being executed.
The pits the holocaust victims were put into before being executed.

And we ourselves are party to this “lie” that Ahmadinejad is trying to press forward here, because it is being allowed next week, when Ahmadinejad is to appear on American soil, in the United Nations General Assembly.

We should be so up in arms about this people. To allow this madman to come onto American soil again, and talk.

We all know that he will say something against the United States, and against Israel. And we all know that he will continue to say that Iran will NOT abandon it’s nuclear program. So what is the point of letting him here in America? What is the point of letting him talk about things we already know he believes, against us and our ally, Israel?

I say this man is a walking lie, like Obama, and should not be given an audience. Period. Unless, he is made to answer how photos such as these, could have been faked!

More proof the holocaust HAPPENED!!
More proof the holocaust HAPPENED!!

A shot to the back of the head of a man holding a child!
A shot to the back of the head of a man holding a child!

People, what Ahmadinejad is saying, we cannot allow to be entertained, even as something remotely being the truth, . We have to do what Joe Wilson did to our president. Call him a liar!

God Bless America, her troops and protesters
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube…..