We have been called everything and now again, Racists?

What else can they call us? According to the latest Gallup poll, my friends, and liberals out there: 19% more Americans are racists.

Well, Obama’s approval number was 69% shortly after the coronation, and now it’s dropped to 50%. My friends, those are the same numbers. 19%! Now that we have found out what Obama is all about, and we have stopped the love affair with the man who weaseled his way into the White house with no experience, only the chant of Change, has given the people his “change” and they do not like it. And because of this, we are now being called racists. You know, I have seen this in Washington from time to time, and it is always the same. The blame game. The game that the politicians play when things do not go their way. The game goes this way…….

The politician, *Obama this time* decides that he wants something and makes it his standing point. He pushes hard to pass his ideal into law, and when things do not go good for his plan, he doesn’t look at the plan and figure that maybe something is wrong with my plan…..OH NO…. he looks at the people who are against his plan and then blames them for the troubles his plan is having. It is never the fault of those in Washington. It is always the people’s fault!

While listening to Glenn Beck tonight, I heard something that made my heart warm. He said ‘that the time was now for the people to take the country back from the politicians and give it back to the people.’ I say Amen to that. And it is about time we do just that.

The problem with that, Glenn also covered. He said we are afraid of what the politicians in Washington will do to us or say about us if we oppose them. And, NOW is the time to stop being afraid. I have never been afraid of what a politician could do to me, because all I would have to do is vote the next time and try to vote him/her out of office. And as a Conservative, I know that many others feel the same way.

I do not care what they do to me, myself. As I do not agree with anything that they are trying to push down our throats against our will, and I know that if someone in Washington gets their hands on this blog, and reads it, I may have troubles that will be brought down on me because of my ideals and my thoughts that America could do so much better if we the people were in charge the way that it was supposed to be. I, like I said the other day in another post, will not back down because this country is way to good to let her go down the toilet the way that Obama and his ilk in Washington wish it too.

When they come after us for what we believe, we have but one thing to do. NOT BE AFRAID as we hit back with the truth. The truth will always set you free, and the democrats and a lot of the republicans in Washington do not know what the truth is anymore, as this is not a Republican or Democrat or Independent thing. This is a common sense thing. It is a war that has to be fought to save this nation.

So, if you wish to join me in Saving America, stand up, and let your politicians know that you will not take their stupidity and arrogance anymore, and that you are not afraid of them. I know I will….because I love this country. How about you? HMMMM???????????????????

God Bless America and her troops and the people who are tired of the politicians
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube…..


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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7 Responses to We have been called everything and now again, Racists?

  1. Seane-Anna says:

    19% more Americans are racists now than when the Obama was elected? Please! Obama would NEVER have won the presidency were it not for White people. Minorities could NOT have put him in the White House on their own. But now that the honeymoon’s over and people are starting to look at Obama’s policies and letting their voices be heard when they don’t like what they see, liberals are whipping out the race card faster than you can say Obamacare.

    All that talk about change was just that, talk. Liberals have NOT changed their race baiting ways and never will. Crying racism is their most effective way of trying to stop critical thinking on the issues and stifle dissent. We, the people, must resist this malicious effort to subvert our freedom of speech. We have every right to oppose Obama’s policies as we would the policies of any other president. And that’s what Obama is, the president not the Messiah. Sorry, libtards.

    reply from Robert: Great comment my friend. Couldn’t have been said any better than you just did. Thanks.

  2. Angel says:

    this is the state of Statism my friend and NO we will NOT back down!!! 🙂

  3. octobia says:

    I am so appalled at your hateful drivel I don’t know where to start.

    A Gallup poll says 19% of Americans are racist and somehow you blame President Obama for that? Oh — and you then rely on poll numbers to claim his popularity has waned. Do you believe polls are meaningful or not?

    Since when, by the way, is winning the Presidency in an open and fair election called “weaseling”?

    As someone who spent years on Nixon’s “enemies list” I can tell you not to worry — you (and I, my friend) are nowhere as important as we like to think.

    No one will be beating down you door, no one even cares where you live, and since Bush is out of office, no one will be listening in to your phone calls. So, relax, sit back, and enjoy being governed by a smart, knowledgeable, wise President for the next 8 years.

    reply from Robert: Oh I get it. It’s okay for you liberals to do that kind of thing by looking at numbers and making a conclusion from the numbers…but when it goes against you and your “messiah…” then it suddenly isn’t alright. Okay….so sorry….but you can’t have it both ways. Case in point:

    “No one will be beating down you door, no one even cares where you live, and since Bush is out of office, no one will be listening in to your phone calls. So, relax, sit back, and enjoy being governed by a smart, knowledgeable, wise President for the next 8 years”

    It is Obama’s own people who have suggested that people who dissent against the policies of the President, will be watched. Obama is not all that knowledgeable. He has no experience. How can that be knowledgeable and wise. All he has done is surround himself with people affiliated and connected to domestic Terrorists *William Ayers* and radicals *Jeremiah Wright*. This country is in trouble and most do not even know it yet. As for no one beating down my door and stuff that you suggest, I have had it happen already to a friend of mine who is Conservative, by radical liberals who were too cowardly to admit that someone could oppose what the “messiah” thinks or does. So don’t tell me it couldn’t happen under Obama because it already has. His own people are saying it can and will happen.


  4. Seane-Anna says:

    Octobia, you’re an idiot. No, I take that back because that’s an insult to idiots. Octobia, you’re a typical loony leftard who can’t make a rational assessment of Obama anymore than you can make a rational assessment of Bush.

    The point Robert was making in this post is the shameless way liberals like you are trying to discredit ANY criticism of Obama. Playing the race card is tactic number one in this disgraceful endeavor.

    The Gallup poll Robert mentioned claims that Americans are 19% more racist now than when Obama was elected. Coincidentally, Obama’s popularity has dropped by 19 points, or IS it a coincidence? Robert was putting forth the suggestion that there’s an effort afoot to claim that a drop in Obama’s approval rating can ONLY be due to racism. That’s why there’s an overlap between the number of points Obama’s popularity had dropped and the percentage that racism has supposedly increased. The message is clear: there can be no legitimate opposition to Obama; all opposition is due solely to racism.

    Octobia, Robert may or may not be right. What’s not open to question, though, is the fact that the Left has gone stark raving mad over the protests against Obamacare. The same libtards who, during the Bush administration, shrieked that dissent was the highest form of patriotism are now attacking dissent as racist, fascist, and unAmerican. Don’t you find that a tad bit hypocritical, Octobia?

    Octobia, let me break some harsh news to your mushy liberal brain: Obama is NOT perfect! Ok, sit down and take a deep breath; I know that was a shock to you, but it’s true. Obama isn’t perfect and people can oppose his policies because they don’t like the policies, not because they don’t like him. And I know THAT is hard for you to believe since you libtards were totally incapable of, or unwilling, to separate Bush from his policies. You libtards hated Bush, therefore you hated everything he did. Most conservatives don’t work like that. We deal with issues not personalities.

    One more thing, Octobia.

    You said that no one will be listening to phone calls now that Bush is out office. First, how do you know that? Second, don’t you realize that the wiretapping was done during war time? Do you know what other presidents have done during war time? FDR put over one hundred thousand people, many of them American citizens, into internment camps. Woodrow Wilson put 100,000 people in jail for opposing WWI. And Abraham Lincoln, Obama’s hero, closed down opposition newspapers and imprisoned 13,000 of his opponents. Were FDR, Wilson, and Lincoln fascists, as liberals incessantly called Bush?

    Octobia, I think you should learn a little history before you condemn Bush. Whatever he did he did it in a time of war to protect ingrates like you. That’s what the president’s job is, to protect the nation and Bush did a damn good job of doing that. It’s your problem if you think that’s a tragedy.

    reply from Robert: I couldn’t have said this any better my friend. Way to put the words together.

  5. octobia says:

    Robert, in lieu of attempting to foster a genuine discussion which I am fairly certain would only result in more name-calling by your “regulars,” I’m simply going to quote you from January 2007:

    “[…]I do not care if you hate them, you have to respect the office, and not just when your people are occupiing it. No matter who is in the office, YOU HAVE TO RESPECT THE OFFICE! Stop being babies, and start being the adults that we think were elected. I am tired of all the babyish antics of the Democrats, and I am tired of the spineless whinning of the Republicans. The Republicans need to stand up for their ideals and stop caving in to the whims of the democrats. You did it when you were in power, which is the reason you are in the position your in now, and your doing it now. STOP IT!!!


    I realize you and Seane-Anna do a great tag-team thing — being condescending and insulting to those who comment with different beliefs than yours — and it’s mildly entertaining, but lacking in substance. However, I do wonder how you’ll play the spin on this one.

    “Support your president for once” — you know, it’s kinda catchy, isn’t it?

    Reply from Robert: I would support my president Octobia, if he was acting like a president and not a dictator. I will not support someone who is in the process of destroying this country from the foundation out. People like you who will blindly follow this man to hell just because you have decided that he is not Bush or a republican scare the hell out of me, because you do not care or see what he is doing to this nation as a free nation of free people. When he gets through with it, if we do not stop him, we will not recognize America because he wants to change this country…..and not for the better either. Your blind obedience to this nation’s destruction is scary. Something that the majority of the people are also afraid of. Because the majority of this nation’s people do love this country and what it is supposed to stand for. Freedoms that are daily being taken away from us……etc.

  6. Seane-Anna says:

    Octobia, how much support did you give to George W. Bush?

    reply from Robert: Thinking about it from the liberal point of view as she would…..probably never.

  7. octobia says:

    I certainly never called him a liar from the floor of Congress.

    But that really isn’t the point is it? I’m not the one who is quoted saying every president should be given support. I see nothing wrong with dissent, but the over-the-top nutjob insanity of carpet-bombing like attacks your site indulges in should offend everyone — left, right, and center.

    reply from Robert: In your opinion only. You liberals amaze me. You want all the protection that America can provide for you, and you’re side calls other presidents liars, like Harry Reid did to Bush in 2004 or something like that. If you wish I will find that quote for you. The real over the top nutjob insanity is the left trying to make us all forget that it wasn’t us who started this damned war. But until you’re left decided to hurt America by stopping it, we were doing the right thing.

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