Senator Edward Kennedy Dies…..

ted-kennedy-chappaquiddickToday, the man that I have railed against so long because of getting away with murder back in the late 60’s and never having to pay for it, now is going to pay for it. He is in God’s kingdom and his trial has just begun.

Senator Edward Kennedy has died. To me, there is no sadness, just joy at the fact that he will now finally have to pay for what he did to Mary Jo Kopeckne when he crashed his car into the waters at Chappaquiddick and then left the scene of the accident while she struggled to stay alive in his submerged car. The courts of this land would not charge him. God will.

The AP article that announced his death read as follows:

Mass. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy dies at age 77

By GLEN JOHNSON, Associated Press Writer Glen Johnson, Associated Press Writer 27 mins ago

BOSTON – Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, the liberal lion of the Senate and haunted bearer of the Camelot torch after two of his brothers fell to assassins’ bullets, has died at his home in Hyannis Port after battling a brain tumor. He was 77.

For nearly a half-century in the Senate, Kennedy was a steadfast champion of the working class and the poor, a powerful voice on health care, civil rights, and war and peace. To the American public, though, he was best known as the last surviving son of America’s most glamorous political family, the eulogist of a clan shattered again and again by tragedy.

His family announced his death in a brief statement released early Wednesday.

Senator Edward Kennedy is dead at 77. An era is over.

God Bless America and her troops and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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1 Response to Senator Edward Kennedy Dies…..

  1. Seane-Anna says:

    Oooo, I see you feel about the death of Ted Kennedy the way I felt about the death of Tiller the Baby Killer. But Tiller the Baby Killer wasn’t a politician. Robert, I think that, no matter how much we may loathe a politician’s policies or moral/criminal failures, in a time like this we should be civil and just send our sympathy to the family which is suffering as any family would over the lost of a loved one. Or, if sending said sympathy truly doesn’t reflect how we REALLY feel, we should just say nothing, as I have.
    reply from Robert: I know but I couldn’t help myself.

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