Harry Reid speaks, and the media punches back……this is great!

it seems that the MSM is not wholly owned by the liberal democrats as much anymore, as it used to be. Remember how no matter what a Democrat politician would say, the media would follow through with a complete endorsement of the said politician? Well, the other day, Senator Harry Reid said something and the Las Vegas Reivew Journal’s Sherman Fredrick came out with an article called “Enough is enough, Harry, in the opinion section. Here is what the article said:


Stop the childish bullying

This newspaper traces its roots to before Las Vegas was Las Vegas.

We’ve seen cattle ranches give way to railroads. We chronicled the construction of Hoover Dam. We reported on the first day of legalized gambling. The first hospital. The first school. The first church. We survived the mob, Howard Hughes, the Great Depression, several recessions, two world wars, dozens of news competitors and any number of two-bit politicians who couldn’t stand scrutiny, much less criticism.

We’re still here doing what we do for the people of Las Vegas and Nevada. So, let me assure you, if we weathered all of that, we can damn sure outlast the bully threats of Sen. Harry Reid.

On Wednesday, before he addressed a Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce luncheon, Reid joined the chamber’s board members for a meet-‘n’-greet and a photo. One of the last in line was the Review-Journal’s director of advertising, Bob Brown, a hard-working Nevadan who toils every day on behalf of advertisers. He has nothing to do with news coverage or the opinion pages of the Review-Journal.

Yet, as Bob shook hands with our senior U.S. senator in what should have been nothing but a gracious business setting, Reid said: “I hope you go out of business.”

Later, in his public speech, Reid said he wanted to let everyone know that he wants the Review-Journal to continue selling advertising because the Las Vegas Sun is delivered inside the Review-Journal.

Such behavior cannot go unchallenged.

You could call Reid’s remark ugly and be right. It certainly was boorish. Asinine? That goes without saying.

But to fully capture the magnitude of Reid’s remark (and to stop him from doing the same thing to others) it must be called what it was — a full-on threat perpetrated by a bully who has forgotten that he was elected to office to protect Nevadans, not sound like he’s shaking them down.

No citizen should expect this kind of behavior from a U.S. senator. It is certainly not becoming of a man who is the majority leader in the U.S. Senate. And it absolutely is not what anyone would expect from a man who now asks Nevadans to send him back to the Senate for a fifth term.

If he thinks he can push the state’s largest newspaper around by exacting some kind of economic punishment in retaliation for not seeing eye to eye with him on matters of politics, I can only imagine how he pressures businesses and individuals who don’t have the wherewithal of the Review-Journal.

For the sake of all who live and work in Nevada, we can’t let this bully behavior pass without calling out Sen. Reid. If he’ll try it with the Review-Journal, you can bet that he’s tried it with others. So today, we serve notice on Sen. Reid that this creepy tactic will not be tolerated.

We won’t allow you to bully us. And if you try it with anyone else, count on going through us first.

That’s a promise, not a threat.

And it’s a promise to our readers, not to you, Sen. Reid.

I have to say, HOORAH for Sherman Frederick who can be reached at sfrederick@reviewjournal.com, and is publisher of the Review-Journal and president of Stephens Media. Finally, someone in the media who has grown a pair. You have my sincere respect sir. Way to go. Finally someone is telling the leaders what has been needed to be said for quite some time. Don’t you just love it when the media acts like the media is supposed to act? I know I do. And from this “infidel”, Mr. Reid, you can expect the same from me too. You deserve no respect, because of the way that you and your ilk are acting. Representatives? NOT for some time now. I do not think that any of you know the meaning of being a Representative.

God Bless America and her troops and the people who are standing up to the government
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube…..


We have been called everything and now again, Racists?

What else can they call us? According to the latest Gallup poll, my friends, and liberals out there: 19% more Americans are racists.

Well, Obama’s approval number was 69% shortly after the coronation, and now it’s dropped to 50%. My friends, those are the same numbers. 19%! Now that we have found out what Obama is all about, and we have stopped the love affair with the man who weaseled his way into the White house with no experience, only the chant of Change, has given the people his “change” and they do not like it. And because of this, we are now being called racists. You know, I have seen this in Washington from time to time, and it is always the same. The blame game. The game that the politicians play when things do not go their way. The game goes this way…….

The politician, *Obama this time* decides that he wants something and makes it his standing point. He pushes hard to pass his ideal into law, and when things do not go good for his plan, he doesn’t look at the plan and figure that maybe something is wrong with my plan…..OH NO…. he looks at the people who are against his plan and then blames them for the troubles his plan is having. It is never the fault of those in Washington. It is always the people’s fault!

While listening to Glenn Beck tonight, I heard something that made my heart warm. He said ‘that the time was now for the people to take the country back from the politicians and give it back to the people.’ I say Amen to that. And it is about time we do just that.

The problem with that, Glenn also covered. He said we are afraid of what the politicians in Washington will do to us or say about us if we oppose them. And, NOW is the time to stop being afraid. I have never been afraid of what a politician could do to me, because all I would have to do is vote the next time and try to vote him/her out of office. And as a Conservative, I know that many others feel the same way.

I do not care what they do to me, myself. As I do not agree with anything that they are trying to push down our throats against our will, and I know that if someone in Washington gets their hands on this blog, and reads it, I may have troubles that will be brought down on me because of my ideals and my thoughts that America could do so much better if we the people were in charge the way that it was supposed to be. I, like I said the other day in another post, will not back down because this country is way to good to let her go down the toilet the way that Obama and his ilk in Washington wish it too.

When they come after us for what we believe, we have but one thing to do. NOT BE AFRAID as we hit back with the truth. The truth will always set you free, and the democrats and a lot of the republicans in Washington do not know what the truth is anymore, as this is not a Republican or Democrat or Independent thing. This is a common sense thing. It is a war that has to be fought to save this nation.

So, if you wish to join me in Saving America, stand up, and let your politicians know that you will not take their stupidity and arrogance anymore, and that you are not afraid of them. I know I will….because I love this country. How about you? HMMMM???????????????????

God Bless America and her troops and the people who are tired of the politicians
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube…..


Another lie from the Washington D.C. left……

Yesterday afternoon David Schuster, on MSNBC, or as Rush calls it PMSNBC said this about Ted Kennedy:

SHUSTER: Ted Kennedy, unlike so many politicians of this day, he didn’t dabble in the small stuff, the petty personal attacks. That was not him. And, again, I think that’s why so many people are feeling so sad not only for the loss of him, but for the loss, perhaps, of a political era.

Oh Yeah? I can quote many times that the man was snide with personal attacks. Wanna hear some?

KENNEDY: Robert Bork’s America is a land in which women would be forced into back alley abortions, blacks would sit at segregated lunch counters, rogue police could break down citizens’ doors in midnight raids, and schoolchildren could not be taught about evolution. Writers and artists would be censored at the whim of government. And the doors of the federal courts would be shut on the fingers of millions of citizens for whom the judiciary is and is often the only protector of the individual rights that are the heart of our democracy.

Now can you imagine if a Republican had said that about Kennedy or Obama? All hell would have broken loose not only in Washington D.C., but all over the nation in the media. But because it was Kennedy who said this, it is forgotten and we are supposed to forget it too. And yet, he destroyed Bork’s career with that. Well, I for one will not forget the hypocrisy of this man and the party that he belonged too. And that wasn’t the only snide thing that he said. He said this about President Reagan, while he was president:

KENNEDY: America is a better and freer nation than Robert Bork thinks. Yet in the current delicate balance of the Supreme Court his rigid ideology will tip the scales of justice against the kind of country America is and ought to be. The damage that President Reagan will do through this nomination, if it is not rejected by the Senate, could live on far beyond the end of his presidential term. President Reagan is still our president. But he should not be able to reach out from the muck of Irangate, reach into the muck of Watergate, and impose his reactionary vision of the Constitution on the Supreme Court and on the next generation of Americans. No justice would be better than this injustice.

My friends, Ted Kennedy was as snide with personal attacks as anyone in Washington D.C., is and was. And I am not sorry that I have said this. Sure he is dead, but so is Mary Jo Kopechne who was killed by him in 1969! And no one that I can remember, except for her family, and me has said much of anything about her. The problem with Kennedy and the rest of the politicians in Washington is that they all think they are above the law and that it can’t touch them. And Kennedy proved that to be true. At least for the democrats.

And now, all the media and the pundits in Washington are coming down on Rush Limbaugh for what he had to say about Ted Kennedy on his show yesterday. Come on people. You are all treating Kennedy like he was president, and not just a lowly Senator who “loved the Senate” because it accorded him the liberty to break the law and not be punished for it.

No my friends, I did not like Ted Kennedy. I did not have any respect for the guy. He liked the Senate because it gave him the chance to do things that we couldn’t do, and be able to have complete immunity from his actions. The only thing that is great about his dying, is that now he is having to face the consequences for his actions and they will not be taken away because he is a Kennedy. It is like I said in my last post, Man’s courts would not try him…..God’s courts will.

I pray for the Kennedy family at this time of loss, in not just the loss of Ted, but also the loss of Eunice who died a few weeks ago. Their sorrow must be great. But that is as far as I will go. Because now, Ted Kennedy is facing the trial, that he should have faced those so many years ago, when he drove drunk, with an expired drivers license and no insurance, and after wrecking his car into the waters of Chappaquiddick, left the scene and went home to sleep before reporting it all to the police the next morning. Any of the rest of us would have languished in prison for quite some time, and all they had to say about it on television the other day when he died, is, that it slowed down his career a bit. And now they are saying that he never engaged in personal attacks. Are we listening to what Washington is trying to hand us? Can’t we smell the bull? I know I can and the stench from Washington is strong, and I do not live very close to that city at all. It is just like Rush Limbaugh said today:

RUSH: Oh, yeah, he never got personal. He never got petty. Mr. Shuster, you’re a dunce. Mr. Brooks, you defy explanation. He never got personal. No. He only destroyed Robert Bork’s career. He tried to destroy Robert Bork’s life. Ted Kennedy, with views like this, succeeded in screwing up, along with his Democrat buddies, the federal bunch, the US judiciary, more than anybody could have had they tried. He never got personal? He certainly got personal about Clarence Thomas. He pulled the same stunt on Clarence Thomas that he tried here on Robert Bork. This was from 1987. I think I was in Sacramento when this happened. This is the beginning of the dawn of the age of the current hate. This is what started it. Everything was hunky-dory back then, the Republicans had 135 members in the House and they were happy, did not even show up, just go play golf with Democrats now and then, guys like Hugh Scott were in the Senate, there wasn’t any acrimony. The Democrats ran the show except for Reagan, who they hated. They despised Reagan as much as they despised Bush. But this started it. This started the age of hate in American, good old Ted Kennedy, the lion, he never got personal, he never got petty. We can learn a lot from Ted Kennedy and his civil ways.

Yes, we can learn a lot from Ted Kennedy and his civil ways. The trouble is folks, those ways are not ways that I would be proud of, nor would I wish to impart them on my children. Teddy Kennedy believed in personal attacks and used them to his advantage, especially when it was directed at a Republican.

God Bless America and her troops and the people too
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


Reasons why Government cannot run Health care.

I have been a rallying point here against the government taking over health care because of many reasons. One is, they can’t seem to get anything right when it comes to running things….especially lately. Obama and the democrats in Washington are like thieves in the night who do not know the meaning of NO when it comes to other people’s money. The idea of having no money left just doesn’t sink into their brains for one moment, and because of that they continue to spend spend spend like there is no tomorrow.

The thing that I do not understand is, why are the democrats so popular when it is them that is destroying this country thread by thread…….increment by increment. And if we do not pay attention to the way that they are changing their ideals, we will notice before it’s too late, that we have lost our freedoms and our freedom of speech, and people like me, Doug Gibbs of Political Pistachio, and Loki of the Halls of Valahala, and Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and the rest of us Conservatives out here, will be silenced. And the plans for this are in the works.

They are not working for the “fairness doctrine” anymore, but they are working to put rules in place so that people like Glenn Beck and the rest that I have mentioned here will be fined everytime that we do not do exactly what they say we must. Our freedom of speech will be taken away from us.

It is just like Obama said that he would bankrupt the coal industry and make electrical costs “necessarily skyrocket”, he plans to put talk radio and probably the Conservative Blogs out of business too. All of us Conservatives are living on Borrowed time, and the Constitution will NOT protect us from them if we allow them to do what they want to do. They all want to change this country. They want to make the Constitution ineffective. And they are working hard to achieve that goal.

The thing that the Conservatives have got to understand, is that the Democrats work their lives to get into power. They crave it and when they have it they cannot do enough to make their power stronger. They desire bigger more intrusive government, and manage to make a lot of the people think that it is the Republicans who want that. Of course, Bush growing government didn’t help any, but it is not the Conservatives who desire having a bigger government. The democrats are the ones who want that. Obama wants that. He wants Government so big that it doesn’t need the Constitution. After all, it tells them what they cannot do to the people. And according to them it does not tell them what they can do. If you use your common sense here, if it tells you what you cannot do, then if you use your sense, what it doesn’t say, you can do. So the democrats are wrong.

Newt Gingrich tells us the three reasons why Government cannot run Health Care. Here is what he says:

Reason No. 1: Government Can’t Be Trusted With a Credit Card
Every family knows about making a budget and living within its means. Government, to put it bluntly, does not.

What if your husband had come home last Friday night and announced that he had racked up almost 30 percent more debt on the family credit card – including the mortgage and car loans – than he had told you about just a month ago?

Would you trust him to go out and start spending money to remodel the kitchen? And do you think he could get a loan to do it?

But that’s exactly what the Obama Administration did with their weekend news dump. They announced late Friday that the amount of money they don’t have but are nonetheless planning on spending over the next ten years isn’t the astonishing $7 trillion they estimated in May but is instead an astounding $9 trillion.

Add this to the fact that, after the administration sold its health care reform proposal on the grounds that it will reduce costs to the Treasury, the independent Congressional Budget Office determined that the House plan will actually cost an astounding $1 trillion-$1.5 trillion in the next ten years, which will be added directly to the federal debt. The director of the CBO testified before Congress last month that “[i]n the legislation that has been reported we do not see the sort of fundamental changes that would be necessary to reduce the trajectory of federal health spending by a significant amount. And on the contrary, the legislation significantly expands the federal responsibility for health care costs.”

Which do you have more faith in, the government’s happy talk of “bending the cost curve” or its record of out-of-control spending?

Deeds, not words.

Reason No. 2: Government Can’t Even Give Away Money Effectively

As the inimitable Andy McCarthy of National Review put it, “Compared to the infinite complexity of healthcare and health-insurance, cash-for-clunkers is kindergarten stuff. You trade in your old car for a new one that gets (slightly) better mileage and the government gives you money – between $3,500 and $4,500. How hard is that?”

Too hard for government bureaucrats, it turns out.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has boasted that the cash-for-clunkers program provided “a lifeline to the automobile industry, jump starting a major sector of the economy and putting people back to work.”

But look at the deeds, not the words.

Last week, cash-for-clunkers ended in a bureaucratic morass of red tape, failed promises and unanticipated costs.

Air Traffic Controllers Manning the Cash-for-Clunkers Hotline

Only a government bureaucracy could mess up a program designed to give away free money.

The government wizards who set up cash-for-clunkers initially budgeted to sell 250,000 cars in three months.

The program sold that many in four days.

And because the central planners who think they can provide government “competition” to the private health insurance market failed to accurately estimate how many government workers it would take to administer cash-for-clunkers, they had to take employees from the FAA – air traffic controllers, no less – to help manage the demand.

And what about the car dealerships the program was supposed to help in the first place? Even though the rebates were supposed to be paid within 10 days, only 7 percent of federal promises under cash-for-clunkers have been paid so far, leaving dealers with millions of dollars in unfunded government promises.

More Than Bureaucratic Incompetence, Political Business as Usual.

What life-saving therapy are they hiding from YOU?

The headlines should have been blazing. The biggest health discoveries of our time-effective treatments for almost every disease. Breakthroughs like:

* a side-effect free cholesterol buster-that costs 4 cents a day
* a natural cancer killer 10,000 times stronger than chemo

And if Big Pharma had their way, you’d never hear about a single one.

But they can’t keep these cures a secret forever-and one team is working round-the-clock to make sure you find out about every last one.

Keep reading…

But there’s more to the cautionary tale of cash-for-clunkers than just bureaucratic incompetence.

This is a case study in what happens when politicians get involved in the marketplace.

Despite all the rhetoric of jump starting the auto industry, politicians’ priorities are to give free goodies to their constituents. So as far as they’re concerned, cash-for-clunkers has been a resounding success.

Forget the fact that they’re spending money they don’t have, or that car dealerships are left holding millions of dollars in empty government promises. They’re not concerned with the long-term, just the next election.

So tell us again why should we think bureaucrats and politicians will perform any better with our health care?

Reason No. 3: Government Would Rather Pay Crooks Than Manage Efficiently
There’s been a lot of worrying about the inevitability of government rationing health care under the Democratic reform bills in Congress.

Economists have known about this inevitability for a long time. Well, Americans can stop worrying. Government is rationing care already – and doing it in a particularly stupid way.

Studies have shown that early use of home health care after hospitalization – allowing patients to go home and be visited by a nurse to manage their care – saves Medicare billions of dollars.

So here is a case where an innovative government program actually saves the government money. Home health care is both more compassionate and more efficient. It reduces the likelihood a patient will be readmitted to a hospital by allowing her to heal in a more familiar setting.
Home Health Care Works, So Naturally Medicare Bureaucrats Cut Its Funding
So naturally bureaucrats at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services cut $34 billion from this compassionate, efficient program last week.

And if the House health care reform bill becomes law, an additional $56.8 billion will be cut from the program – an amount equal to almost the entire federal budget for home health care services in 2007.

What makes rationing care to the homebound all the more immoral is the fact that there is a much bigger pot of savings available to Washington if it only had the political will to look.

Instead of Seeking Savings from the Homebound, Why Not the Crooks?
As a new book by the Center for Health Transformation’s Jim Frogue details, criminals rip off the taxpayers to the tune of $80 billion to $120 billion each year in the current Medicare and Medicaid programs.

We’re not talking about inadvertent bill errors but outright fraud. Government health programs are currently paying men maternity benefits, giving taxpayer dollars to pizza parlors that are supposed to be HIV transfusion centers, and even paying dead patients federal health care benefits.

If ever there was a reason not to turn our entire health care system over to government it is this: Government can’t run the health care programs it already has. It would rather ration compassionate, effective programs than do the hard work of rooting out and punishing the crooks who are stealing our taxpayer dollars.
Facts are Stubborn Things

Americans have already heard a lot of rhetoric about health care reform, and we can expect to hear a lot more.

But as Ronald Reagan used to say, facts are stubborn things. And the facts of government’s track record in managing our money and delivering on its promises speak louder than any televised presidential speech or stage-managed town hall ever could.

So as the summer winds down and the debate rages on, let this be our mantra:

Facta, non verba.

Make a bumper sticker out of it.

Put it on a tee-shirt and wear it to a town hall.

And when someone asked you what it means, tell them that before we hand over more of our lives to government, we should consider how they’ve treated us so far.

Now isn’t that the truth. I have troubles understanding, when Obama tells us one hour that we are coming out of the recession, and an hour later tells us that the deficit is is going to be much bigger than originally thought, and yet, 49% of the people still think he is doing a good job. To me that is a scary thing. People are not thinking, or, they do not care what is happening to our great country. We have to start caring.

As Conservatives, we only have about 15 months left before the next election. We do not have that much time. Time is not on our side here people. If we do not start being activists, and getting ourselves into position to take this country back…..it may be too late before our next chance comes. The democrats are in full gear now. It is time we hit full speed now. We have the people, so let’s stop choosing the wrong ones. Time is running out.

God Bless America and our troops, and the people who are rising up against what our government is doing to this country
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube…..


Senator Edward Kennedy Dies…..

ted-kennedy-chappaquiddickToday, the man that I have railed against so long because of getting away with murder back in the late 60’s and never having to pay for it, now is going to pay for it. He is in God’s kingdom and his trial has just begun.

Senator Edward Kennedy has died. To me, there is no sadness, just joy at the fact that he will now finally have to pay for what he did to Mary Jo Kopeckne when he crashed his car into the waters at Chappaquiddick and then left the scene of the accident while she struggled to stay alive in his submerged car. The courts of this land would not charge him. God will.

The AP article that announced his death read as follows:

Mass. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy dies at age 77

By GLEN JOHNSON, Associated Press Writer Glen Johnson, Associated Press Writer 27 mins ago

BOSTON – Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, the liberal lion of the Senate and haunted bearer of the Camelot torch after two of his brothers fell to assassins’ bullets, has died at his home in Hyannis Port after battling a brain tumor. He was 77.

For nearly a half-century in the Senate, Kennedy was a steadfast champion of the working class and the poor, a powerful voice on health care, civil rights, and war and peace. To the American public, though, he was best known as the last surviving son of America’s most glamorous political family, the eulogist of a clan shattered again and again by tragedy.

His family announced his death in a brief statement released early Wednesday.

Senator Edward Kennedy is dead at 77. An era is over.

God Bless America and her troops and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


We need more Men like this one to run for office…..

Ever wonder if there is anyone out there who would be willing to place themselves between danger and you? Of course, we all know that the answers to that is Jesus Christ, and the U.S. Soldier. And for those Liberals who hate the Name of Jesus Christ to be invoked, I am not sorry, for I invoke it all the time. He is my savior. But here on earth, we have saviors of the flesh in our fighting young men and women. Who are willing to sacrifice all to help us all keep our freedoms.

And, now, we have from Arizona, a fine young man who served his country in Iraq, who is standing up for his country again. Jesse Kelly. He is sick and tired of what the politician’s in Washington are doing to this country. Here is what he said in his video:

From the article in the World Net Daily about this young man, they say this:

Fed-up Marine has guns blazing to oust Democrats

‘They’re destroying this nation, and while I’m still breathing, I will not let it happen’

Posted: August 23, 2009
10:07 pm Eastern

By Joe Kovacs
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

Jesse Kelly, a U.S. Marine from Arizona running for Congress displays a photo of himself serving in Iraq as part of his fundraising campaign.

“Send a warrior to Congress.”

“Does this look like a Rino?”

In the battleground of American political power, candidates for office tend to use every weapon at their disposal to be heard above the din.

Now, a U.S. Marine who helped lead the initial charge into Iraq to oust Saddam Hussein is taking that approach literally by brandishing his M-16 assault rifle in some eye-catching campaign fundraising ads.

“I’m taking full credit for that,” says 28-year-old Jesse Kelly of Tucson, Ariz., a Republican seeking to boot Democrat Gabrielle Giffords from the U.S. House of Representatives. “If you’re not going to get anyone’s attention, you might as well not waste your time or money.”

Sgt. Kelly, who is married and has a 9-month-old son, is splashing his spots across the Internet on high-profile sites such as the Drudge Report, and offering no apologies about the weapon imagery.

“I think people understand fully well that I’m serving my country,” he said. “I’m in Iraq at war for my nation. I’m not posing in my bedroom with a gun.”

To date, the former infantryman says he’s collected about $100,000, expecting to need up to $1.5 million to win the race.

Another campaign ad for Jesse Kelly shows him on active duty while serving as a U.S. Marine in Iraq.

jessekellyad3Regarding his “tough guy” theme, Kelly said, “People are sick of politicians from all parties. They’re lying to them. People want someone to fight for them in Washington and that’s the message I want to convey.”

After being honorably discharged in 2004 and taken off inactive reserve last year, Kelly now works in the private sector as a project manager for a construction company that handles commercial water and sewer projects.

While he says he always loved politics, he never had a desire to be a politician.

But that all changed with the election of Barack Obama – whom Kelly calls a “radical president” – and the signing of the stimulus bill “monstrosity.”

“They’re spending us off the cliff!” he exclaimed. “They’re destroying this nation, and while I’m still breathing, I will not let it happen. It’s time to be ‘in your face.'”

Indeed, Kelly’s online ad thrashes the current administration, stating:

I’m tired of President Obama and the liberals who control Congress insulting us, calling us racist, and calling us a mob. I’m tired of their double-talk. I’m tired of their bait-and-switch shell games. I’m tired of being avoided by my public servants. They have forgotten that they work for us. …

Ronald Reagan once famously said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” We are that generation! Either we stand now and fight for our country, or the great United States of America may be but a fading memory.

He told WND his main goals are to “bring fiscal sanity back to Washington, to stop the out-of-control spending, and get back to the founding principles of free-market capitalism.”

Kelly actually took over a town-hall meeting this month when its original congressional host, Rep. Giffords, canceled her appearance.

He stressed there’s “no question” the national outpouring of rage against members of Congress is “100 percent genuine.”

“These are citizens concerned about a government takeover of one-sixth of the economy,” Kelly said, explaining Americans are not ready to give life-and-death decisions to Obama.

“These people are scared of a government that has grown radically out of control.”

I love what this young man has done for this country, and I love what he is trying to do. He believes in this country. He believes in the Constitution, unlike the ones in Washington who think that they are there to rule over us, not represent us.

I just sent an invitation to this young man to be on my Blog Talk Radio show sometime in the near future, and I hope that he accepts. I don’t have the money to sent to his campaign, but whatever I can do to help this caliber of young man to get to the House, I will do. My show and my blog and my video’s are the ways that I can do this. We need more people to run like this young man is. If I had the money I would run too…but here in Indiana I have several good representatives, one of which is Mike Pense.

I pray that Jesse Kelly can get elected, over the incumbent in 2010. The election is only about 16 months away. It is time that we Conservatives got off of our duffs and started pushing hard to win back this country. To save our Constitution. To put America back on the map of countries that are not laughed at by the rest of the world. The time is NOW! Let’s get rolling!

God Bless America and her troops and the people who are rising up against the politicians
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube…..


Now here is what I am talking about….

I keep saying that the people need to continue letting the politicians in Washington DC and in each state, know that they are wrong and we are not happy.

On the Liberal left coast, in Clark County Washington *state*, comes this town hall meeting video. A disabled Marine veteran lets the Representative Brian Baird have it right between the eyes. This is great and needs to continue.

God Bless America and the Americans who are fighting the government, and our troops
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


Where is the truth in the Matter?

The accusations are running wild. The Truth is coming out of both sides of the mouths in Washington D.C. Obama is losing popularity and it seems the bloom is off of the Rose. Yet, even with all the damage that has been done to this country in 8 months, his approval rating seems to be still fairly high. NOWHERE near as high as it was, but am I the only one here who is concerned that 49% of the people still think that Obama is doing a good job?

The important questions, the ones that seem to never get asked, are always out there, but you never hear them get used.

We have Arianna Huffington saying the other day, that she thinks Obama has been doing a good job, and that he will continue to do so. To which I expected to hear from the audience, “A good job destroying this nation? I agree!” But what I heard was applause. There were no dissenting voices to be heard. And that is where a lot of Conservatives are stuck, because they never hear the dissenting word.

But my friends, it is there. And someone out there probably did say something against what Ms. Huffington said, but, and here is where the Conservatives have to hold their ground no matter what the news says: We have to hold our ground because we actually have years of experience with this kind of thing. We know that the media will skew everything to make it seem like we are out of touch with what is really going on. We know that the liberal Democrats in Washington will do everything they can to make us believe that our way of looking at things is the least popular in the world. When in fact, it isn’t. And to a degree, it has always worked for them.

I have a friend, who writes one of the most thought provoking blogs I have ever read called PoorGrrlZone, and she has several strikes against her in this fight for this country. She not only is black, but she is also a Conservative. She hears all the hoopla about how the Democrats are going to be spending more and more money, to “shock” this country out of the recession that we find ourselves going deeper and deeper in as they continue to blame everything on Bush. The Government of Obama continues to tell us that the signs are there for a full recovery, that is now starting. The News media always chimes in on this, and even Fox News hits on it too….so what are we to think?

The answer is simple. I never really expected Barack Obama to become the second coming of FDR. Though he has made that subject, it seems, his plan. Actually, he really wants to make FDR’s plan seem like it was in Second place in Comparison to his. And the trouble is, if we let Obama get what he wants, he will not only be part and parcel of the destruction of this nation’s economy, but he will be viewed by history as one of the most destructive presidents that this country has ever had. And, it will ruin it for any other Black person who would want to run for the office….at least to an extent, and at least for a while.

Barack Inssein Obama‘s only agenda, is to make sure that this nation is remade in the image of HIS IDEALS. We can trace them back twenty some years, with his associations with Bill Ayers the domestic Terrorist who hates America, and Reverend Jeremiah Wright who was “just like family, and his “mentor” for over 20 years. These are not my words, but his own. Yet still, the left “poo-poo’s” these associations, but all you have to do is look at them, and the length of them, and you see what I am talking about. Obama believes in the ways of these two men. And their ways are destructive to the American way of life.

We keep making the same mistakes over and over again when it comes to what is good for this nation. We keep forgetting what History has taught us! It is as simple as that.

History has taught us, that you cannot spend your way out of a recession, but we followed Obama right into the thick of things with his “spending till it hurts” programs of “jumpstarting the economy.”

No matter how hard he tries…..if there is no money and the United States Government is printing the money to be used, or borrowing money from elsewhere the fact of the matter is, all he is doing is causing a deficit that has made the deficit of Bush’s look like a small bit of chump change. And you know how the democrats and Obama are always pointing to Bush as the blame for this economy. But the truth of the matter is, this economy is owned by Obama. YOU CANNOT SPEND YOUR WAY OUT OF A RECESSION, and Obama’s stimulus plan, and other spending sprees that he has taken the nation on, with no benefit to the rest of us, is doing nothing but destroying the financial part of this nation. He has done, as Senator John McCain said, “Committed Generational theft,” and he doesn’t care because his children will be well taken care of by his lifetime paying position that we mistakenly put him in. So, to you libs out there I have to ask. How is the “Change” that he promised you coming along?

Obama has been wrong since the beginning, and he continues to be wrong with everything he says he is doing to help this nation. People, get this straight. He is in it for no one but himself. PERIOD!!!!

God Bless America and her troops, and the people fighting back against Obama
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my Viewers on You tube…


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Barack Inssein Obama’s dropping Public Option not a change….

Obama finally seeing what he wants is not going to happen too well, has now pulled the “Public Option”, and for now, that seems to be helping his “Socialist” cause. Approval ratings have gone from 44% to 46% because of the drop of that clause.

But like everything else Obama has said, what he is doing now, is nothing more than a smoke screen to get what he wants. And people, do not be fooled here with this. What he wants and always has wanted is Socialized Medicine, and he has not changed here. He has only changed his lie to get what he wants. The stopping of the “Public Option” is only a diversion. People he only wants a single payer Socialized Medicine that will eventually leave out the old and the handicapped and hurting the quality of Medicine and Medical care for everyone in this country, and it will then be provided at a much higher price for the taxpayers. After all, it is all of us that will be paying for this.

The democrats now, being arrogant as the devil, has Barney Frank in one of his townhall meetings on Tuesday of this week getting confronted by a woman who was holding a poster of Obama likened to Hitler with the mustache. She asked him why he was supporting a Nazi policy. What Ms. Frank said is actually very telling. He, in his lispy voice said:

“On what planet do you spend most of your time,” he lisped. “Ma’am, trying to have a conversation with you would be like trying to argue with a dining room table. I have no interest in doing it.”

Well MS. Frank, if I may call you that, you obviously have no interest in your job either then huh? I am waiting for your answer. Why don’t you answer me? I am one of your many bosses. And so was this woman that you had no interest in hearing. Good way to lose your job you idiot.

Now my friends, I am sorry for the rant, but if I had an employee who showed that kind of non respect for his/her boss, they wouldn’t have a job very long. And I doubt if you treated your boss like that you would have one long either. The trouble is, Frankie boy isn’t the only one doing stuff like that.

When are we going to let them know that they are treading on thin Ice here. We are mad that we are not being listened too…….and this isn’t contrived.

And Barack Inssein (pronounced: INSANE) Obama isn’t much better. Maybe the people will stay awake this time and vote these bozos’ out of office. One can only hope for the sake of this country.

God Bless America and her troops and the people protesting at Townhall meetings
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


Liberal Arrogance is Frightening and out of place!

I was surfing around the net tonight and found a new post on a blog that I read from time to time called Abandoned Miracle. This post, called Immoral Congressman Illustrates Liberal Democrats Arrogance. It goes on to read this:

“I will vote adamantly against the interests of my district if I actually think what I am doing is going to be helpful.” -Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY)

Helpful to the liberal dream fantasy? Liberals are socialists out of touch with reality, dreaming of a Utopian society where they are in control and everyone else is a slave to their “enlightened” decisions.

Government solutions are always inefficient, ridiculously costly, and subject to the sloth and arrogance of bureaucrats. But more importantly, government solutions are immoral because they are forced on people. As soon as people are forced, there is no longer freedom. Forcing solutions on people by fraud, gunpoint, legislation, judicial fiat or majority rule is injustice … degrading and unfair; but allowing people free choice among solutions which rob no one allows the learning of responsibility and the development of self-esteem.

Get government out of the way and the free market will provide the best and least expensive health care.

“God’s laws will keep your minds at peace, because peace IS His Will, and His laws are established to uphold it. His are the laws of freedom, but yours are the laws of bondage. Since freedom and bondage are irreconcilable, their laws CANNOT BE UNDERSTOOD TOGETHER. The laws of God work only for your good, and there ARE no other laws beside His. Everything else is merely lawLESS, and therefore chaotic.” -Jesus Christ in A Course in Miracles.

Not much more needs to be said, except for the placing of the video that also accompanied that post.

God Bless America and her troops and the people showing what we want
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….