The Circus of the Michael Jackson tribute today….

Jackson the entertainer was great!

Jackson the entertainer was great!

I got to watch a little bit of the Michael Jackson memorial thing on the television this afternoon, and got to be one of the unlucky ones to get to watch the speech given by the unReverend Al Sharpton. And I swear, that I was listening to a man talking about God himself! Which brings me to the point that I just have to make here.

But perhaps no one lifted up the image of Jackson more than the Rev. Al Sharpton, in rousing, church-like sermon that took Michael Jackson back from the tabloid headlines. Sharpton looked at Jackson’s children and declared: “Your daddy wasn’t strange — what he had to deal with was strange.”

But his whole speech was something that was reminiscent of someone talking about someone so great that they just had to be God Himself. And on that, I draw the line.

Michael Jackson was a very very talented young man. Some of his music, no matter how old it gets has the magic to keep your body moving, and your voice humming, or singing if you do that. The magic of those songs, Billy Jean, Thriller, actually the whole Thriller album were pure magic, and the man that produced that magic was Michael Jackson. But since the 90’s Jackson hasn’t really done anything except to get weird, and start desiring things that no one else desires. Jackson was just as much of a mystery to everyone, as he was to himself it seems…..and yet, everyone now is acting like he was their lover and in that capacity he is going to be missed. And all I can say is, “Oh come on now!” The man, excluding his talents, was not unlike any other man in this world. So why the complete hubbub about him? The same day, Farrah Fawcett died. But do we hear anything about her? In her day, she was a sex goddess who did many things, and was a good actress too…..yet we have heard little about her death.

Billy Mays, the man who did the Oxyclean commercials died the other day too. And yet, he has gone down in obscurity also, because all the media seems to care about, is the Michael Jackson death and funeral. People, he was not that important!

Think back over the last years, and you see the trial that he went through for the molestation of the children. You see the images of him dangling the baby over the edge of the balcony. You hear him singing of a Jew and a Kike. And yet all this anger is passed off as normal in the media and all we hear about is how great the man was.

This whole thing is getting to be a circus like the Barack Obama Presidency is. If you talk against them, you are a racist. If you say anything negative about either one of them, you are a racist or you can end up in an alley somewhere beat up. And their records of late are about the same too. Nothing much good happening out of either one of them. Yet, the media loves them both like they were lovers.

I hate this media circus. I hate the liberal side of this country. Neither one of them know reality. Neither one of them know the truth. All they know is sensationalism. That is all. And it seems that Michael Jackson of late, and Barack Obama only know sensationalism too.

Give me early Jackson, and let me just listen to the man sing, and then I will agree. The world lost one hell of a great talent. But beyond that…….NADA. And Al Sharpton and his “god” speech today sealed that feeling. My God people, get a bearing on what you are thinking. Get a bearing on your lives. Because that is where this country is going wrong. We have lost our bearings. We praise the wrong things. Jackson’s life was screwed up to the max. Jackson’s talent was fantastic. Celebrate the man’s talent. NOT HIS LIFE!

God Bless America and her troops
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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7 Responses to The Circus of the Michael Jackson tribute today….

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  2. Linda says:

    This was a very good post about what the world is caught up with. I watched the tribute to MJ, and wondered how many people could see what was being done to his memory.

    I don’t even remember much of his music, but some of what I heard today was nice. I agree he had talent, but his wierdness these past 18 or so years has really gone over the top.

    I’m surprised BO wasn’t up on the stage with the family. Oh, that’s right, he is in Moscow, cow towing to them.

  3. Linda says:

    By the way, the Barnham Circus will be at the Staples arena tomorrow.

  4. Seane-Anna says:

    This is spot on, Robert. When Michael Jackson died I went into shock. I mourned the loss of such an awesome artist whose music I’ve loved since childhood, but then I moved on. As great a talent as Michael Jackson was he was, as you point out, a weird man.

    We must be careful to make a distinction between Michael the artist and Michael the man who most people would never let their kids be alone with. Contrary to Al Sharpton’s assertion, Michael Jackson was VERY strange; it’s simply dishonest to claim otherwise. Michael Jackson was a creative genius. We can honor and miss the creative genius without aggrandizing the troubled human being behind the prodigy. It disturbs me that many people don’t seem to get that. I hope they wake up and smell the coffee soon.

    RIP, Michael Jackson.

  5. mario imeri says:

    I happened to have stumbled on this blog while searching up MJ, and unfortunaty, I can’t help but comment on this.
    Although unlike other “conservative blogs” your article seems to present a more intelligent approach to this topic, but it’s still wrong in many ways:

    For example, you talk that we shouldn’t celebrate the man because he was a “strange man who is charged on molestation” (sorry for bad quote), this is evidence of a very hipocritical and ironic viewpoint. This site says “The voice of reason…”, while doesnt the consitution say that a person is innocent until proven guilty? Are you questioning our American values? Sir?

    I don’t know if you are aware or not, but he was never convicted on molestation charges, and the settlements he had to pay were due to insurance companies pressuring him and MJ’s weak stamina for legal procedures. Phsycological reports stated that MJ was very childish, therefore he wasn’t “molesting” the children, but playing with them, just like hopefully you play with your kids (if you have any).

    Also you talk about what has this man done besides sing? Well I’ll tell you, what he represented was a movement, a shift in life in America, as his singing voice united whites and blacks together, therefore breaking racial boundaries. His message of hope and peace was heard throughout the world, and his numerous charity concerts raised millions and millions of $ for hungry starving children on all corners of the world, especially amplified by the song “We are the World”. He has been labeled the King of Pop, and his pure attitude towards life inspired many people…

    Now. Theres my long and tiresome argument, god bless anybody who read that whole thing… You mention Billy Mays, what did he do besides push worthless crap in infomercials down your throat? What did he contribute to this world besides senseless spending? And have any of your conservative icons contribute anything greater than MJ did? Like Bill O’ Reilly, Carl Rove, or any other obnoxious and loud bastard that corners this world? Or did Far left hipocrytes you find in the other side contribute anything else?

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