House surprisingly supports Protesters 405 to 1….

…….and I can’t help but wonder, just who the heck this ONE vote against the protestors was?

Is it ME?????

Is it ME?????

Was it Harry Reid? You have to remember that it was Harry Reid who was all about the defeat of American forces in Iraq. He is the one that said that we should withdraw all our forces because we have lost there. What a putz. This country is going down the tubes my friends with all the constant rhetoric that is coming out of Washington from both the left and the right. But when push comes to shove, only the left does not change positions. Even when proven wrong, they stick to their guns and don’t give a dang about what their ideals do to this nation.

;Listen up bozo's.  I am in charge HERE!

Listen up bozo's....I am in charge HERE!

Was it Nancy Pelosi? She is now the most powerful woman in the world, much to the chagrin of Hillary Clinton. But sadly, she is even farther to the left than Hillary was, and remember, we were afraid of her Socialism. Nancy has proved over and over again when someone tells her she is wrong, just what she thinks of dissension. She dislikes it with a passion. If someone doesn’t agree with her, it is almost like you are doing an executable offense against her. And we also have someone else to add to that one. Barbara Boxer, who, as a woman, does not like it to be called Ma’am. Well, ma’am….that is what you are. So sorry woman.

What is it that I can say to impugn the integrity of the troops!

What is it that I can say to impugn the integrity of the troops!

Was it Jack Murtha? We have to remember that Murtha does not like our troops, no matter what he has said since his infamous statement that our troops were killing women and children in the dead of night. How he sat back behind his doors and accused the troops in Haditha of doing things that were later proved to have not happened, and then he would not talk to FoxNews when they came to question him about things he said about our military. He would not apologise to the troops that he defamed with his lies. Literally slamming the door shut in the faces of the Fox crew, when they tried to get a statement or apology from him for the nation. Again, I say, what a putz. Is this the kind of Representative we want in Washington? Someone who will not admit to being wrong, even if it is against our Troops? Come on Murtha. Grow a set. Become a man and admit you were and always are WRONG!

Was it John Kerry? Was it Teddy Kennedy? SchumerWas it Chuck Schumer? You notice a trend here? Yes I am naming all Democrats because I would really be surprised if that one vote came from a Republican or a Conservative, as they usually do not vote for abuses of Human rights. And what Ahmadinejad is doing with the Iranian Police against these demonstrators is wrong.

It seems to the left, that human rights are things that are almost holy, until it infringes on what they want to do. And then human rights is nothing more than a mere pittance that needs to be gotten rid of.

To everyone in Washington who is not doing the right things for this nation, I say, shame on you. But for the ones that voted 405 to 1 for the protesters. God Bless you.

For the one dissenting vote? May shame be on you and your car. (Saying shame to your family or pet would be unfair as they are not the same as you.)

I know that right now, I am totally ashamed of the Democratic leadership and the way they are leading this country. If the Republicans were being socialists and leading this country this way, I would be ashamed of them too. But at least, during the Bush Administration, though many things were done wrong, the War on Terror was being fought, not condemned, at least until the end that is.

God Bless America and our troops
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube…..


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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6 Responses to House surprisingly supports Protesters 405 to 1….

  1. jay says:

    Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) was the sole “no” vote.

    In case you missed that….it was a REPUBLICAN that cast the one vote

    reply from Robert: Okay…so Ron Paul the supposed Republican was the one vote. Now that doesn’t surprise me, and yet, I have never ever considered him a Republican. He is too liberal in a lot of his thinking…but then again…..the Republicans have swung that way haven’t they. Thanks for letting me know. And Ron Paul is one of those Rino’s… know….Republican in name only?

  2. Andy says:

    Yes, Ron Paul was the lone vote against. He believes that the United States should stay out of ALL foreign policy. He’s a little whacko that way….

    reply from Robert: Yeah it is sad that some people just cannot get the concept that sometimes things HAVE TO BE DONE. Foreign or not. But like I said…he is not republican….he is like McCain….Republican in name only.

  3. Seane-Anna says:

    I don’t know if Ron Paul was the sole “no” vote or not, as I haven’t researched that myself, but for the record, Jay, while Paul may call himself “Republican” he’s really more of a libertarian, especially on foreign policy. In short, Paul is pretty much of a RINO, like Arnold Schwarzenegger. But whoever voted against giving moral support to the Iranians protesters,all I can say is “shame on them and their car”!

    reply from Robert: Bravo Girl.

  4. jay says:

    Like most votes of “support” like this…it’s basically meaningless and a waste of time and money. It’s kind of like having a vote declaring Hitler a bad man. I actually commend Paul for not going along with this pointless exercise in publicity seeking nonsense.

    reply from Robert: Pointless exercise in publicity seeking nonsense is right…..trouble is, the democrats thrive on stuff like this to keep their agenda going.

  5. Jeremy says:

    Wow, someone needs to stop watching fox news.

    reply from Robert: FoxNews is by far not all that I watch or listen too. I also listen to my common sense, and it’s alarms are going off daily.

  6. ChittyChittyBangBang says:

    Aye, it was Ron Paul.

    The only one in the House of Representatives that doesn’t seem to proscribe the idea that America SHOULD meddle in affairs.

    What good does it do for America to take a side? We de-legitimize their struggles by saying that we support them. Why? Because we’re a malaise on their political identity. We overthrew the Shaw of Iran, we made pushes for what we wanted of their policies, and then after they tried to make something of theirselves, we put sanctions on them.

    We have no clout to support the Iranians. Any attempt by us to do anything but condemn violent actions is a non-help.

    Staying out of it will allow the country to sort itself out, and give their people a better view of us.

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