Dissent: The best form of Patriotism? So said the Democrats.

I have been “railed” by liberals lately telling me to “shut the f*** up” because “Obama won and in four years, he will win again”. Well, thanks to a good friend of mine, Seane Anna of PoorGrlzone, I got something to say about that. She told me something that I had forgotten.

She said, “Why should you be the one to shut the f**K up? After all, during the Bush Presidency, wasn’t it the liberals who were constantly saying that dissent was the highest form of patriotism? Whatever happened to that song and dance?

Or is it, they only believe that, when it is a sitting Republican or Conservative President???

The thing that brought this to mind, was a comment made to this blog by someone who only named themselves 911. In their comment, they said to me:

He got elected, so shut the f*** up, and wait 4 years (where he will be re-elected)

It strikes me funny that the liberals say one thing when someone they hate is the president, yet say something totally different with the SAME situation, when the president is their “darling boy.”

All during the Bush years, most of which were good with a great and thriving economy, and low interest rates, and low inflation and low unemployment, the democrats, the liberal media, and hollywood all continued to say that Bush was ruining this country, and that the economy was the worst that it had ever been.

After getting lambasted from every liberal bastion in this country for 8 years, during the last two, he finally gave up, and started doing things that the democrats were saying he should…..but then it started to hurt the economy, and the liberals jumped on that one. Bush was in a position of DAMNED IF I DON’T, and DAMNED IF I DO. There was no way for him to win. Just like the media and hollywood and the Democrats have made it near impossible for Obama to lose. But lose he is doing.

He has quadrupled our national debt, then turns around and says this spending has got to stop, because we can’t sustain it. How come he didn’t come to this conclusion before he spent my grandchildren into a lifetime of servitude to this country, before they even have a chance to try to succeed!!!!

America is too great a country to let it go down the toilet like we are now. Sure, we elected the man, but we have to hold his nose to the fire and let him know that we the people are not going to let him sell this country to our enemies or anyone else. I know a few conservatives who are getting frustrated at what is going on, because they never hear the right things from the press. But we have to realize, that we will never hear the truth from the media. They are, after all, in bed with the Democrats and have been for decades and decades. The truth to most of the media is nothing more than an agenda to push the Liberal ideals forward.

But more and more, I am seeing the dissent, as the democrats loved to say when Bush was President, being pushed forward. The dissent of a majority who is getting tired of staying silent. The dissent of a population who is growing dog tired of what their government is doing to this country. And not just the Democrats, but the Republicans too. I have been a Republican all my life, and have been very proud of it. But lately, the Republicans are nothing more than quasi liberals themselves, and I am now a Conservative.

It is Conservatism that will eventually save this country. If the people get up in arms soon enough to keep the destruction from happening too far. And sadly, we do not have much time left. The America we know and love, is dying by leaps and bounds, and the death strikes are being dealt by the Washington Politicians, starting right at the top, with Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the rest of the “children” who are running the show. It’s time that WE THE PEOPLE took this country back.

God Bless America and her troops
God Bless my Readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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4 Responses to Dissent: The best form of Patriotism? So said the Democrats.

  1. BT in SA says:

    Seane Anna makes a most excellent point.

    I, for one, will refuse to shut up. I will be the highest form of patriot – I will dissent.

    If the jeja gets re-elected my DH and I will not be returning to the U.S. and will find some other country to retire in. We will renounce our citizenship and seek it at whatever new country we decide to go to. As it is now, two countries in the world make over-seas workers pay taxes – U.S. and Albania. We own no property in the States, we require no services. We pay taxes. And we pay a LOT of taxes. By giving up citizenship – we won’t have to pay for all the mistakes we are paying for right now [which isn’t to say that GWB isn’t costing us, too].

    If the jeja gets re-elected, it will be too late, America, the United States, as we know it will be done for.


  2. Jillian says:

    Robert, I found you via blogexplosion. You may like the websites redstate.com and newledger.com as well as moelane.com. 🙂 Sounds like your kind of thing.

    I agree that if people were allowed to criticize then, everyone else should be allowed to criticize now. It’s only fair.
    reply from Robert: Thank you. I think the same way. If they could criticize Bush and they said then their dissent was the purest form of Patriotism, then it should be no different now. Unfortunately, the Democrats do not think that way.

  3. grayspirit says:

    I’m not Democrat or Republican, but I am a bit taken aback by how the media suddenly has become so uncritical of the presidency.
    I view criticism as healthy whether a liberal or conservative is being critiqued. I just think it’s a bit sad when the media plays favorites and gives someone the kid gloves treatment.
    America always does best when the voices of criticism are heard.

    reply from Robert I was neither taken aback nor surprised when this happened. As it has happened my whole life, though, not with this blatant disregard for the truth. I agree with you, in that criticism is healthy, but only if it is warranted. It is just as unhealthy to criticize, if it isn’t deserved, as it is to not do it when it is deserved. And the American press is very very guilty of both.

  4. Seane-Anna says:

    Wow, Robert! This is one of your BEST posts ever! You hit it outta the ballpark. You DA MAN!!!

    reply from Robert: 🙂

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