Wanda Sykes WOW’s the Correspondents Dinner, and Obama too…..

Wanda and her 'hate speech'

Wanda and her 'hate speech'

Last night, at the Correspondents Dinner, the President was there with his wife, and the Dinner had a Comedienne, Wanda Sykes, who did a comedy routine, where she went overboard with her talk, when she started comparing Rush Limbaugh to a terrorist, and then commented that Rush had said, he wished that Obama failed….that our country failed. Then she said that she hoped that his kidneys failed…….the president laughed.

She even continued on with some rude and wrong statements of Sarah Palin too. These Liberals seem to think it is okay to bash and lie about any Conservative that they feel is a threat. And they do.

First off people, Rush never said that he hoped Obama failed and he never said that he hoped the nation failed. He did say, however, that he hoped that Obama’s policies failed. And I, as a proud American, hope his policies fail too, because that would help save this country from the beating Obama’s policies will give it.

But that is not what is happening here. Here, we had a liberal comedienne, who is an Obama supporter, saying horrible things about a citizen of the United States, on the pretense of a joke. A joke that the President and his wife laughed at until they saw a camera trained at them. Then his mood became somber. The laughing stopped. But we have to know, that his immediate reaction, to laugh, is really how he feels.

To me, Wanda Sykes and Mr and Mrs Obama are one in the same in that they are all three, angry black people, doing what they can to get back at the white establishment that they now feel empowered to do. But, that being said, can you imagine, what would have happened if John McCain had said something like this about Obama? As a matter of fact, McCain got in trouble when one of his followers said something snide during one of the debates. McCain turned it around, and said that this person shouldn’t have said what he did, and that it was wrong. Yet, McCain was villified by the press about this.

Obama, laughing at this joke, is the same kind of thing, yet, Obama didn’t tell Wanda that what she said was wrong. What Obama did do, was to laugh. And no one in the Main Stream media is condemning him for it…..no one in the Main Stream media is condemning her for it. There in lies the double standard that we have been living with. And yet, the lemmings of Obamabots runnning around, will not see it this way. They see nothing wrong with what was said. Because it was said about a powerful Conservative, there was nothing wrong with what Wanda Sykes said. But let a Conservative Comedian or Comedienne say the same thing, about Obama or one of the Liberals, and all hell will break loose.

Sean Hannity said it best today when he said, ‘if he had said anything like this about Obama or any of the democrats, there would be such a furor of protest against it, that he (Sean) would lose his job.’ But of course, nothing of the sort is happening to Wanda or Obama now is it…….hmmmmm? Like I said in a post a few months ago…..We are in trouble here. We need to wake the heck up, before it’s too late!

God Bless America and her troops
God Bless my readers, my listeners and my viewers…..


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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1 Response to Wanda Sykes WOW’s the Correspondents Dinner, and Obama too…..

  1. Seane-Anna says:

    Because of the election liberals now feel they can get away with anything. We have to do double duty to make sure they don’t. This post is a great start, Robert.

    reply from Robert: Glad that you liked the post. I figure, if we keep plugging away at it, sooner or later things will start happening. I see things happening now, but they are still a little under the radar because the main stream media doesn’t report anything like that. But, if you look, they do slip up…and they have been doing that more and more lately. It’s fun to watch that.

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