Generational Theft: Where is the Equality for American’s!

Oh my God I am getting tired of the two sided, always complaining never making sense Democrats. Nancy Pelosi today said essentially in a speaking bit, that ‘following the laws is unAmerican!’ And the liberals, on the subject of Illegal Immigrants will always bring up the point of children of the illegals and the parents being separated, and this is a horrible thing. It is, and they are right there, but……*and there is always a butt when it comes to a liberal democrat*, what about the children of our Border Agents Ramos and Cameon, when they went to prison for doing their jobs? What about their children? Well, here is the thinking of the Democrats on that one.

When it comes to the babies of the illegals, who are only here breaking our laws, it is inconscianable to remove the parents from children born here. Well, if it is so bad, send the parents back and let them take the kids. But my friends…..what about the families and babies of Americans who get separated from their parents? HMMMMM??? No one ever seems to think this is important. At least no one in our government, on the left side of the isle.

No matter what my friends, we have to start thinking and using some common sense here. Where is this administration leading this country? It isn’t towards good times that is for sure. And like “writer of truth” said in his comment, my dislike of Obama is not because he is black. I for one do not think about that. What I am thinking, is what he is doing to this country and the constitution. I think that he is trying to rewrite it in his image….*no not a black thing*. I am talking about socialism now. And his stealing from other generations. No only in financial means but also for standing up for America, and Americans. That is something that he does not do. Trouble is, a lot of our presidents haven’t either in some areas. Like Illegal Immigration and the people who have come into this country by breaking our laws.

It seems that no matter what, our government cannot seem to get the grips on the concept of punishing people who break our laws, unless they are Americans! And in this Obama is worse than the rest have been. He wants the illegals to stay because it would be bad to break up the families if the parents were sent back. But what the liberals are not thinking of here, is these people, even the kids are NOT AMERICANS nor do they want to be. What we need to do, is put the consequences in place for breaking OUR laws, and send the parents back. And like good parents, they need to take their children with them. Because that is where they belong. With their parents. Give me a break here. Is this so freaking hard to understand?????

God Bless Amereica and her troops
God Bless my readers, my listeners and my viewers….


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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9 Responses to Generational Theft: Where is the Equality for American’s!

  1. DK Ramakers says:

    By their logic, no one who has committed a crime can ever go to jail as long as they have children.

    It’s like the “but they’ve been here a long time and have roots” argument.

    If I rob a bank and don’t get caught for a really long time, does that mean I should get to keep the money, not be charged and invited to open an account at the bank?

    It’s an argument with no intellectual honesty. But hey, it’s liberals……….

  2. Jinno says:

    Well, I’m not going to argue the lawfulness of their entering our country. That is indeed committing a crime.

    The assertion of it being un-American comes from the very nature of the creation of this country and the expansion of our population. The assertion is that the crime itself is an un-American thing, that our rich history of immigration without permit requirements makes the idea of illegal immigration absurd. By extension removing a child from its parents because of a law then seen as an absurdity, is a harsh moral dilemma.

    This is not my view, but merely the means that they are using to justify this argument.

  3. AttackDog says:

    My friend, my friend, I’ll be sure to call into your show this Sunday and we’ll talk more about this.

    It’s sickening.

    reply from Robert: I look forward to that my friend. And you are right. It is sickening.

  4. Seane-Anna says:

    Jinno, I’m really impressed with your maturing ability to state your opinions. Stop by my blog and have a look see. I’d love to have a comment from you. You’re getting very good.

    And DK, your insight is right on target. Think I’ll go pop out a baby so I can break the law to my heart’s content. On second thought, maybe not. I’m American so the libtards will have no compassion for me or my kid.

  5. Well spoken, elwoodin. That is always the guilt trip (well, one of them) that they throw at us. Easy answer for a problem such as that. Send the kids back too. Not only are we punishing the law breakers, but keeping families together.

    Thought this was so good, I put this up at the Weekend Blog Links over at TCD.

    reply from Robert: I am honored my friend. Thanks to you for putting me there. I have been to your blog before and enjoy the posts…..and have noticed the Weekend Linkfest. Thank you for including me. I have also added your blog to my blogroll.

  6. John says:

    Of course the idea is that all of those children of illegal aliens will grow up to be loyal Democrat voters. And in the mean time, this country will join the ranks of the third world.

    reply from Robert: And this third world status is NOT THAT FAR AWAY!

  7. Angel says:

    It seems that no matter what, our government cannot seem to get the grips on the concept of punishing people who break our laws..indeed…tea parties here we come!:)

    reply from Robert: In doing my show on Blog Talk Radio today, I found out that they are banning the TEA PARTIES, or trying to ban them in the Washington area. Isn’t that special????

  8. Roadhouse says:

    My family immigrated here legally. They came here via Ellis island and respected our laws and went through the tedious process of immigration out of simple respect.
    The fact that at one time long ago there were no laws in respect to immigration has no bearing today. We do have laws now and they are there for a reason.
    Immigrants need to be checked for criminal records, communicable deseases, and alterior treasonous motives. They need to take an oath of allegiance and learn our laws, culture and language. This is the point of our immigration laws.
    Bypassing this process is no different (yet many times more harmful to the public at large) than butting ahead of the line at the movie theater, grocery store, or DMV.
    Immigrants who resect our process are being metaphorically pissed on by those who come here illegally.
    And the “separating families” point is a distraction technique. Don’t fall for it. Illegals go through a lenthy process before deportation, during which arrangements can be made for their families to join them.
    The turmoil this causes those families is yet another good reason not to break our laws. That’s called “deterrence”.

    reply from Robert: Thanks for this comment Roadhouse. Jinno, this one is 100 times better than my comment to you. Not many think of it this way anymore sadly, yet this IS the reason that the immigration laws WERE set in place and are still there.

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