An analogy of what our government is doing to us…….

Remember when we were young, how Aesop’s Fairy Tales were things that we read a lot, and it was fun to imagine the goings on in our heads?

Well, I found one that fits what is going on today. Obama has shown us all that he stand so for bigger government, higher taxes and less freedoms for us all. So here is a Fairy Tale Called:

The Wolf and the Mastiff

A wolf, who is almost skin and bone-so well did the dogs of the neighborhood keep guard – met, one moon shiny night, a sleek Mastiff, who was, moreover, as strong as he was fat, bidding the Dog good-night very humbly, he praised his good looks.

“It would be easy for you,” replied the Mastiff, “to get as fat as I am if you liked.”

“What shall I have to do?” asked the Wolf.

“Almost nothing,” answered the Dog. They trotted off together, but, as they went along, the Wolf noticed a bare spot on the Dog’s neck.

“What is that mark?” said he.

“Oh, the merest trifle,” answered the Dog; “the collar which I wear when I am tied up is the cause of it.”

“Tied up!?” exclaimed the Wolf, with a sudden stop; “tied up?” Can you not always then run where you please?”

“Well, not quite always,” said the Mastiff; “but what can that matter?”

“It matter’s much to me,” rejoined the Wolf, and, leaping away, he ran once more to his native forest.

Moral of the story: Better starve free, than to be a fat slave.

If you look at this story people, you will see hints of what our government is trying to do to us. And like the wolf, I would rather starve free…..than be a fat slave to Obama and his socialistic government, thank you.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops always
God Bless my readers here, my listeners on BTR, and my viewers on You Tube…..


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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7 Responses to An analogy of what our government is doing to us…….

  1. Seane-Anna says:

    Starving freedom, yes. Fat slavery, NO!!!!

    reply from Robert: That is one of the best lines in that…..and it is so true. We can’t allow the Democrats and the liberals to take us into Fat Slavery……or in other words…Fascist Socialism

  2. Donald Quire says:

    Robert, you have got to be the most stupid and mislead person i ever encountered. You call what bush was doing in office freedom?? How can you be a slave to something that hasn’t even taken place?? You my man are a fucking idiot…..Oh i get it this must be a Democrat/Republican thing right? Because i see your little dumb ass friends response under yours……If you two shit-heads just open your EYES and EARS you would find out that it’s not about that ever since bush came out of office. It’s about unity and us improving as a nation, both socially and environmentally and we can’t let ignorant people like you get in the way of that.

    reply from Robert: You show your ignorance, by the language that you use. This country was founded on principles that are now being totally ignored by the president of this country and the leaders that he has under him. There is no stupidity in trying to be the one to tell of this omission of the constitution and the things that this country stands for. I would, as I normally would do, go in and change your foul use of language, so that the children that can come to this blog, won’t see this. But leaving it will just show that I get under your skin and make it so it is impossible for you to speak and talk like a rational human being rather than someone who resorts to every four letter word in the book when Ideas that do not espouse yours come around. Thank you for showing the rest of us who the ignorant one is. God bless you.

  3. Donald Quire says:

    Hey Rob, it’s me again. I do apologize for my word choice, but I thought this was an open discussion where I could respond freely on how I felt without having to watch my mouth. I wasn’t trying to show ignorance. I just said what ever was on my mind. If I would’ve known my language could be an issue I would’ve stated it another way. It’s just, your statement was so ignorant and you seemed so misled….Alright look I can tell that you have exceptional writing skills so next time you want to get a point across, use different terminology. I mean, I wouldn’t even call what you said an opinion, that was a statement of ignorance and jealousy. But I guess you did that way purposely to get responses like mine right?? This has been an interesting yet healthy debate. I really enjoyed your time.

    Both jealously and gossip is a sin so God bless you too my good man…….Hit me on my Email if you get a chance…… See ya!!

    reply from Robert: I will do that> On the cussing…I figure my blog does not have an adult rating so children can come into it, and I don’t want to subject them to that. To me that is important. Plus, intelligent thought does not require bad language to get the point across.

  4. steffon says:

    lol i dont see how this becomes a debate between each other. democrat, republic doesnt matter. thats just one way the government divides the people. these guys will continue to use us, and take our freedoms as it benefits them. as long as you just complain about it. that doesnt hurt anybody. more complaining so others can complain your voice grows but that is all it is a voice. while they are locking us up. taking our freedoms. lol the constitution is a fence that was ment to guard our freedoms from tyranny. but our founding fathers told us we had to protect it and gave us rights to do so. it used to say this is as far as you go. but if we continue to let them come through these gates and just say oh i see you. you have to get back on your side of the fence. they will continue to disregard our voices because there is nothing to fear. Our sound waves vs. the forces, nothing is stopping them. I think we will keep on rebuilding that fence with a continuously decreasing perimeter like we are doing. You should be back to back not facing each other. All votes are in vein when we don’t get what we vote for. How could everybody be so stupid. Forgive my grammar errors, I am not willing to spend much more time on these arguments in vain. That’s all they are, just arguments. No sides posing any real solutions. Just blaming each other. Just like they want you too. Continue to eat the corn in there pins they build around you as you eat. But dont cry when they slam the gate shut.

    Reply from Robert” I will only cry if this nation dissolves. But you are wrong on the point that no one is posing any real solutions. The new conservative republicans that were elected in this last election has pretty much held to their promises to the people, and they are working to do what is needed. If you don’t have any more faith in the people to save this nation, then I suggest you get out of the way and let the ones who want to try, try.

  5. steffon says:

    Most people say, ‘well this country is better than any other out there,’ but the people who come to this country now don’t talk about how great it is. They talk about how great it was. The opportunity we had that we are so easily giving away. Fighting amongst ourselves while we should be fighting to keep this freedom so many men fought and died for. We face each other arguing, with disputes that they start while they take what we have right out of our pockets. Like a pick pocket on a subway, and then we blame in on each other…. lmao I don’t want to be an American idiot. I want to be what an American used to be. Somebody who wasn’t scared to roll up his sleeves and whoop some ass for their freedom. Not arguing about who gets the most of the decreasing material objects we still have left. If you call yourselves Americans, then I am ashamed to call myself one.
    reply from Robert: I am not ashamed to call myself an American because I know many many who are working, doing everything they can to help. Me, I am too old to go out and fight right now, but trying to get out the word about what is going on in this country is what I can do now. If we are attacked, I have my weapons at the ready, and then I will do my fighting. This nation is worth that. This nation is worth saving and if you look, there are so many out here who are fighting mad about what should have been done, and we are in the process of doing that. We elected some great men and women to the House this last time, and with God’s help, we will get more done this next election. Just keep your faith, this has been going on for generations son, it isn’t going to be fixed overnight. But we are on the right path. Keep the faith because there are millions out here who are ready when the call comes to do everything they can beyond what they are doing now. That is all I can say. Keep the faith. And listen to the right sources about what is really going on. NBC, CBS and ABC, along with MSNBC do not give the right things. Fox does much better…and the blogs all over the place….there is a site called Patriots for America. Got there at There are a lot of good Americans there. And there are so many more sites. Look for them and you will see that people are doing what is needed. But it won’t happen overnight like I said….but we have started. Why stop now?

  6. Jerrod says:

    Unfortunately every one wants to blame this on Dems or Reps when in reality it is all of our elected officials fault. I don’t really care if these guys are purple they need to get on the same page and start thinking of the people who work everyday to make this country operate, NOT THE TWO FACED THIEVES IN THE GOVERNMENT AND BIG BUSINESS. You can say,”The new conservative republicans that were elected in this last election has pretty much held to their promises to the people,” but in truth all they have done is push the little guy further into the ground and allow big business to fatten their wallets even more. The republicans only care about big business and the democrats only care about themselves. The easiest way for us to cure our problem is for EVERYONE to pay their fair share not have $77+ billion profits and $0 taxes for oil companies that continue to rape the American people by raising gas prices and make the single guy who made $60,000 to pay thousands of his meager income to a government that will just turn around and give it to companies like Solyndra who have no clue what they’re doing. What we the american people as a combined group need to do is run the thieving bastards out of Washington and find people who will actually make a difference. No more Obamas or Bushs, and NO i have no idea who that would be but it’s definitely not who were gonna be looking at next year on election day.
    reply from Robert: This mess that we are in is not going to be fixed in one election. The last election was just a start. It took generations to get us to this point, with a few stops along the way, like when Reagan was president, so it will take a while to fix this. But this last election was a great start. Now we need to vote some more of them out with this next election. If the republicans aren’t doing what they said….oust them. If the democrats aren’t doing what they are supposed too, oust them. It is the way to fix this nation. But it will take some time. We cannot give up and stop fixing. This nation is at stake. It is up to us to fix her. The politicians will not. We need to go back to the politicians who are there for a term or two and then go home to their jobs, to be replaced with another one. Always vote in the ones that will help and not hinder this country. Always look to Obama as the wrong move to make…..because he was.

  7. sli, says:

    What is sad is that people really think its the dems or the liberals fault. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DEM AND REPUB. THEY ARE TWO SIDES OF THE SAME STORY. Trying to keep us pinned against eachother while the powers rule from behind the sceenes…..
    reply from Robert: That all depends. Obama is a socialist liberal. Ryan is a tea party Conservative. There is a huge difference. If you can’t see that, then you are part and parcel of the problem that we have here in this nation. Republican elite sadly, is about the same as the democrats. They want more or less the same things. But the Conservatives are different.

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