The Tea Bag Revolt…….

I found this yesterday on a site called Ronald and in the forum, was this little gem. I had wondered something like this myself, but I feel it is a wonderful idea, letting our representatives know, just what they are doing isn’t what the people want.

In the part below, there are three addresses for mailing. One is Nancy Pelosi’s, the other is Harry Reid’s and the last one is for Barack Obama.

Now most of you, at some time or another, drink tea, and taking a used tea bag, that is dry, place it in an envelope, and send one to Obama, one to Pelosi and one to Harry Reid. Send as many as you can.

I feel as this person who wrote this does, that it would be the equivilant to the Boston Tea Party revolt, or the Chicago Tea Party that Rick Santelli was ranting about the other day on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade.

Come on people, let’s let this government know that we the people are still in charge! This is a great idea here.

Here is the post that I found:

For some time since January 20th, discussions have been held among members of the Conservative Policy Roundtable (a private citizen’s think tank) dealing with an issue dear to the hearts of many ordinary, everyday Conservative American Citizens; what can we do about the direction in which this Nation is being taken?

When an announcer on, of all channels, CNBC launched into a tirade on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade about the need for another “Boston Tea Party”, we had our answer. We will strive to bring forth from people all across this Great Nation an out-pouring of dried-out used tea bags which will be mailed, one per envelope, to at least each of the following officials;

Nancy Pelosi
Office of the Speaker
H-232, US Capitol
Washington, DC 20515

Senator Harry Reid

Barack Hussein Obama
President of the United States
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500

Our intent is that concerned citizens all across this Great Nation will contact their local and National conservative public personalities on radio and television to help spread this idea and its intent far and wide. Internet blogs should also be used to further disseminate this idea with the goal being to put Washington on notice that “we, the people” are already fed up with our being forced down the primrose path toward National Socialism. A date for this subtle but oh, so potentially meaningful protest to occur has been set; on or about April 15th, 2009.

Any and all assistance with the dissemination of this information will be deeply appreciated as will your participation in “The Tea Bag Revolt”.

The Original Conservative Policy Roundtable.

Located on Paltalk> Social Issues and Politics> Government and Politics

Now my friends, isn’t this a great idea? I think it is. Let’s send them MILLIONS of used tea bags to get our message out to them that we are sick and tired of this steady march towards Socialism that they are leading us on. We want our country back! And we want it back NOW!

A Comment from Jude, mentioned that since the people in Washington do not know what is in the tea bags, they are just throwing them away. Better to do this: They are now asking everyone to just take the string and label off of the tea bag as well as the wrapper and send them instead so they will actually be delivered.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops always
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube……


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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  1. Seane-Anna says:

    A dried, USED tea bag? I don’t drink tea. Can I send unused tea bags instead?

    reply from Robert: Not really sure about this. They said a dry USED tea bag. The reason maybe being that if it is used, they can’t think it is for them to make a cup of tea with.

  2. Angel says:

    I’m afraid it may be too late..Hussein has the reins and wont let go!

    reply from Robert: there are still ways Angel. Follow the Constitution. It tells of the ways to stop a rogue President. also, it would not be a bad thing, to pray about it either.

  3. This is a splendid idea! Count me in.

    I’m sending 3 more though — my two knucklehead senators (Lautenberg and Menendez) and a special one for Arlen “the turncoat RINO” Specter.

    reply from Robert: Okay….your included….but first, read Len’s comment after yours…….

  4. Len says:

    I am not sure that this is the best time in our history to be sending anything that could be mistaken for drugs or bioweapons through the postal service to our national leaders.

    I’d think twice about this one, people.

    reply from Robert: It would be easy enough to check what the contents are…..and tea isn’t anything that could be considered bad. But I think maybe a note included with the used tea bag would help too. saying the American Revolution started with the Boston Tea Party. So we are starting this one with a USED TEA BAG Party. How is that?

  5. Frank says:

    A silent protest (must be done with a lot of people)- Change the number of your W-2 exemptions to 8 or more for 6 months(it’s legal). When Congress sees their money supply drying up -you’ll get their attention. Read what happened to NYC in the ’60’s when Mayor John Lindsey tried to short change the resident/owners of C0-Op City. The residents brought NYC to its knees and it still hasn’t recovered.

  6. Diane says:


    reply from Robert: Actually Diane, Conservatives know how to say more than no, the trouble is, so much is going on that is hurting this nation, that it seems like that is all they are saying. The problem with conservatives, is that they do not know how to fight when they need too. The democrats on the other hand know how too and know how to very well. The Conservatives have to learn how to stick up for the principles that they believe in. I am a Conservative, but am sick of them not standing up for what they believe in. Sorry to hear you are sick of Conservatives, because most of us conservatives are good people. As for being afraid that the president will succeed……we should all be afraid of that. He has, in 40 days spent more money than every president since Washington has, all total. Money that really doesn’t exist until it is printed….and we cant just continue to print money like it came from a tree. That is what the liberals are doing and what the Conservatives need to grow a backbone to stop. Maybe with this tea bag revolt they may be finding that backbone.

  7. mike says:


    and where would that be? A country full of liberals with inferiority problems that have to tell other people what to do with there lives because daddy didnt let them stay out past eight.

  8. Seane-Anna says:

    Diane, allow me to respond to you. I see you wrote everything in all capital letters so I take it you are very upset. Calm down and listen.

    Trust me, Di, conservatives know how to say a lot more than no, but if they believe that the president’s policies are wrong and will damage the country, why should they say “yes” to them? Just to placate hysterical people like you? I think not.

    Di, liberals said a whole lot more than “no” during the Bush administration, or have you forgotten about that? If you were ok with that then you are in no position to complain about conservatives now. The right to dissent from the president belongs to everyone, not just liberals, don’t cha know?

    And one more thing. I don’t know how many conservatives have studied economics but I think most of us know enough to have no confidence in Obama’s plans. Obama mentioned Japan’s “lost decade” when trying to scare Americans into supporting his “stimulus” package. What the Big O conveniently forgot to tell us was that Japan tried EIGHT stimulus packages during the “lost decade” and succeeded only in increasing its national debt. That kind of says that you can’t spend your way out of a recession, as Obama is trying to do.

    Di, do you want to deplete America’s national wealth by 12% as the Japanese did theirs? If so, keep on supporting Obama and wishing him success. I, and other thinking, concerned conservatives, will keep hoping he fails.

    reply from Robert: I love your way of replying Seane Anna. I couldn’t have said this better……and didn’t.

  9. Mike says:

    GOD help us all!

    reply from Robert: Amen Mike.

  10. Karen says:

    It’s not prudent to send teabags, or any other similar material, through the US mail. It will likely trigger a hazardous materials (HazMat) response at the recipient location, especially if there is no note in the envelope. Even though it is just a teabag, it could be contaminated with a harmful substance by someone with bad intentions, but there is no way to know for sure. Therefore Federal government and Postal Service has to respond all potential contamination threats as if they are real threats until tests prove otherwise. (Remember the envelopes with white powder that were mailed to Congress and others around the time of 9/11?)

    So, in the end, this ploy will cause our tax dollars to be spent needlessly.
    It is better to telephone, write or email your Congressperson or Senator.

    reply from Robert: Karen, you know, I thought of this angle of it too. But I also thought that sending these things through the mail could be done, if on the outside of the envelopes is a short message stating: Tea Bag Revolt: Used tea bags enclosed. Think that would work? And your idea of telephoning, writing or emailing your Congressperson or Senators was a good one too. I have tried that route and got no where with it though.

  11. Christina Straka says:

    How about a copy of a tea bag. With a note to of the Tea Party Revolt.

    reply from Robert: Now this is an idea I had never even thought about. And I bet no one else who is having these tea parties all over have either. Wonder how we could get this idea going?

  12. Jim says:

    I am sending at least one to each of them, and am also including my two Senators, as well as the Democrat Govenor of my state, whom has raised taxes exponentially while running up a massive deficit in our state.
    I e-mailed this information to everyone I know and asked them to do the same.
    I also am including one to Congressman Barney Frank as well.

    reply from Robert: This is great. I hope that more do this. But even a copy of a used tea bag with a note included saying just how miffed we are at the government doing what they want, when they should be representing we the people. But sending one to Barney Frank won’t do. He is so stupid, that one will not do. A whole car load might work.

  13. rose says:

    Just take the string with the little tag off the bag and mail. “we the people” unite.

    reply from Robert: very well put Rose.

  14. Ranger1 says:

    “The Boston Tea Party was ultimately precipitated by a massive corporate
    tax cut.
    In 1773, the only major multinational corporation at the time, the
    British East India Company, was teetering on the verge of bankruptcy.
    According to that obviously liberal organization, the Boston Tea Party
    Historical Society, one solution was to bail out the corporation by
    offering it a government loan. But instead, at the urging of the East
    India Company’s powerful lobbyists and supported by King George III,
    Parliament passed the Tea Act which almost entirely eliminated the duty
    — the tax — on British tea exported by the East India Company to the
    American colonies. How do we know this? Well, the actual subtitle of the
    Tea Act, for one:
    An act to allow a drawback of the duties of customs on the
    exportation of tea to any of his Majesty’s colonies or plantations in
    America; to increase the deposit on bohea tea to be sold at the East
    India Company’s sales; and to empower the commissioners of the treasury
    to grant licences to the East India Company to export tea duty-free.
    The rationale was that lower taxes meant lower prices, which meant the
    East India Company would sell a lot more tea. Your basic free market
    precursor to Reaganomics and supply-side economics in action. In other
    words, the British government’s solution to the East India Company’s
    financial crisis was, in effect, a tax cut. A big one. Exactly the same
    economic solution that’s been pushed by congressional Republicans and
    the tea bag revolutionaries 236 years later.
    Oh, and the Tea Act of 1773 also granted another little goodie..a full duty rebate only for the British East India Company for all of the tea it had already stockpiled in England.
    By the way the other reason for the duties on the tea, stamps, letters etc was to run colonial government and to pay down the cost of the disasterous French and Indian War..also known as the 7 years war…sound familiar?
    Imagine, a war going on and the most profitable conglomerate in the world receives tax rebates…no, not the British East India Company but Exxon Mobil…
    For another way of looking at things this disasterous corporate system of rights entwined with the governmental representatives has been a 400 year war against the commonwealth of the public in favor of privatizing gains and socializing losses. ITS WHY THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR AND OUR CONSTITUTION WAS SET UP….WE the PEOPLE..get it?
    The tax cut was viewed by colonial patriots as another example of
    British tyranny against smaller merchants whose business would be
    severely undercut. Consequently, political activists and, most famously,
    the Sons of Liberty, organized a boycott against the East India
    Company’s tea. They also issued pamphlets in Boston, New York and Philadelphia threatening harm to those that would dare bring in the tea.
    And later that year, when the Dartmouth, Beaver and
    Eleanor were docked in Boston harbor, the Sons carried out their famous
    So. Whoops.
    It turns out that that the tea baggers, led in part by Michelle Malkin,
    Glenn Reynolds and the Coward Rick Santelli, are politically more in
    line with the tax policies of King George than the views of the Sons of
    Liberty and the colonial patriots. The tax baggers emulating a protest
    against a corporate tax cut — but, oddly, in support of tax cuts for
    the rich and corporations.
    To do a million dollars worth of damage to a major corporation these days responsible for causing a new set of indentured servants among the taxpayers is coming…make no mistake about it…and…the corporate idea of Personhood will be overthrown so we can get back to responsible social and societal behavior for those of us that still believe in the country and not a corporate oligarchy.

  15. Jude says:

    They said on the news that they are just throwing out the tea bags because they may contain illicit drugs or other things that could be harmful to the people they are being sent to. They are now asking everyone to just take the string and label off of the tea bag as well as the wrapper and send them instead so they will actually be delivered.

    reply from Robert: I had heard this myself, and someone else mentioned this too. I will change the post TEA BAG REVOLT to show this idea. Thanks for commenting and giving it.

  16. wookie says:

    go here & print them out.

    reply from Robert: Now this is a good idea. Thanks

  17. John Bancroft Brown says:

    Let us begin at the beginning. Our Beloved country is in a terrible financial disaster as well as many other countries all over the world. I am sure we all can agree on that point. The issue then is how to fix the problem.
    First, we diagnosed the problem and found that it was caused by many years of excess by everyone; democrats, republicans, liberals, conservatives, wall street, main street, rich, poor, real estate companies, mortgage companies, banks, appraisers etc. We now have to come up with a solution to fix the problem. The response is not to point blame and call names and wish the prsident to fail. Rather it should be to come up with a solution to get the economy back on its feet. Many voices out there are calling for a revolt. That is not a solution. What happens after the revolt? How do we get 5 million Americans who have lost their jobs back to work? Some opponents have expressed their opinions saying that the tax break should be for big businesses so they can create jobs. Who is going to monitor how many jobs are created? Didn’t we try that before for the past eight years? We have seen how the large corporations who have received government bailout money respond to the crisis and that is to hold on to the money. Some opponents have said that government is too big, there is too much regulations. Let me point out that it was a lack of regulation that caused this problem.
    I agree that the tax payers monies should be spent in a responsible manner, to stimulate the economy, maintain viable infrastructure and keep us safe. I also believe that an adjustment is needed to overhaul the present welfare and social system. Everyone should be trained to work for a living. I do not believe in handout without getting something back. Having said all that, we are at a pivotal time in our history and all the major parts of our system needs adjustment. We can not cling to the notion of just holding on to the ideology of capitalism for capitalism sake alone.
    Like everything else, there is a time for change and adjustments to meet with current realities. The new reality might be an hybrid of the original capitalistic paradigm. It is not pure Adam Smith or more recently, Milton Friedman’s Chicago school of free market. But rather, the adjustment might resemble a mixture of John Maynard Keynes and Milton friedman, suggesting that government has a significnat role to play when the economy is in crisis like we are in now. Milton Friedman’s theory of free market enterprise also included “devoid of fraud” for it to work. But as we now now it was fraud, greed and selfishness that led us down this path. So I ask, what can we do as a country to restore economic fundamentals and stimulate growth? The president has a plan. It is not perfect, but I certainly do not wish him to fail. If I wish him to fail I am also wishing that my beloved country fail also. Therefore, let us refocus our anger and try and come up with useful solutions that will get the economy moving again. It is our right to protest, we can send all the tea bags in the world but in the end it will be good policies that can help lift this country out of its present predicament that will work.
    In closing, I would like to offer special prayers for all Americans; including our troops, our president and his cabinet, congress, senate, supreme court and all of God’s children. Wishing you peace, hope, faith, righteousness and love. In the end we are all governed and judged by one God. So, I wish you all the very best in all you do.

    One Love

    John Bancroft Brown, a concerned God loving citizen of America.

    God’s speed.

    reply from Robert You are so right when you say that everyone had a hand in all of this but it is also true, that Obama has spent more, since becoming president a mere 60 days ago, than all the presidents have combined since Washington, till Obama’s inauguration. And that in itself should scare the hell out of anyone who can’t get their hands around the trillions that Obama and his administration has spent since taking office. We are in trouble, but, it is still up to the people to stand up, and tell our government that they are there to represent us, and do what we want, instead of what they want. Washington has long been a town of people who represent only themselves, and that needs to change.

  18. DavidwithTea says:

    This is a great idea!!! I’m going to protest the irresponsible tax policies of this new administration, which will hike my wealthy father-in-law’s taxes by over THREE PERCENT whilst lowering mine…and also it’s ridiculous spending policies. It’s not that much more than Bush, but at least he was one of us!

    Can’t wait until April 15. I’m going to tea bag a ton of people. I’ll be tea bagging left and right. Don’t turn your back on me come the 15th, because if you do as soon as you turn around BAM!!! Teabag in your FACE! All moist and warm…

    reply from Robert: Great ideas…..and I am especially going to make sure to go to the tea party around here. And I may record some of it to do my show about….maybe if I can do it, do my show from the tea party. Might be fun….and I will be looking for those stupid ACORN people to show up and try to rally support for their liberal ideas.

  19. haha says:

    haha, you clowns want to teabag obama. you are clearly out of touch with most americans if you don’t know what teabagging is.

    what are you going to do next, launch operation ‘toss salads’ to fight vegetarians?

    reply from Robert: Out of touch with most American’s? Ha. You can’t even capitalize the name American’s when you talk about them, so how can you be ‘in touch’ with them? When the tea parties happen all over the nation tomorrow….you will see who is with MOST AMERICANS. And it isn’t you my friend. And you do not want to know what we are going to do next.

  20. next steps says:

    i think once we are finished teabagging obama and the democrats, we need to send those dirty sanchez illegal immigrants back to mexico.

    reply from Robert: I agree. When the tea parties are over, and the Conservatives have to move on to the next task at hand, getting the US government to finally start enforcing the laws that are on the books and sending back the illegals should be one of the priorities. But, one thing we have to realize, is that we screwed things up when we had the power, and now we do not have the power to stop much, as evidenced by the fact that almost everything that Obama has done to this country, has been without any help from the Republicans. That just means one thing. When it all comes down to bite someone on the butt, it will be the Democrats who get it, because they will not be able to pass it off on the Republicans. The Democrats did this all by themselves. And because of it, this whole country is going to suffer for it.

  21. blueline24l says:

    I consider myself a moderate. I have some liberal views on issues and some conservative views on issues. There are many “true conservatives” I respect greatly. Names. Ok names. I respected Goldwater and Buckley. I respect Will and Gingrich for starters.

    That being said, I find this tea bag thing childish. Let’s see now, we are five months after the election. The Republican thinkers have had time to come up with a program to point out how they would help the economy in a different manner. I see a President who is trying his best to find solutions to the economic problems. Not that I agree with everything he is doing nor do I think it will all work.

    But come on. Used tea bags to three selected individuals?? How about try being a citizen looking for solutions and not a zealot for 10 minutes. And yes- I dislike left wing zealots as much as right wing zealots. Maybe even more so.


  23. Minister C.J. Di Donna says:

    The Rush Limbaugh puppet’s of Monkey see, monkey do who participated in the recent tea bag revolt In recognition of the Boston Tea Party where American colonist’s (British subject’s) dressed like Native American Indian’s with tomahawks (under the observation of nearby British warship’s) smashed and ejected chest full of taxed tea into the Boston Harbor in 1773. Perhap’s these coward’s (the so-called patriot’s) were hoping that the British would blame the Native American Indian’s for the revolt against the British Crown and incite the King to get his “Red Coat’s” to clear some more of the North American continent of Indian’s from their land by killing them so that the rich colonist would be able to make more money off the back’s of the African slave’s working on their plantation’s. I give them all an “F” for failure on their American history exam and I highly recommend summer school for all of them.

    reply from Robert Okay, another American hating liberal. Hope you like the huge tax increases that your going to get in the near future because of your inaction to stop this from happening. I know I won’t.

  24. Minister C.J. Di Donna says:

    I pay my taxes and am proud of it as long as it is being used to help our people here in the U.S.A. and not given to foreign government’s (such as Iraq where 9 billion of our American tax-paying dollar’s was pocketed by their political leader’s) etc.
    That is one example among many!
    It’s a known fact that our government is paying hundreds of million’s of dollar’s to foreign government’s
    who are willing to take the Gitmo detainees off our back.
    Most of these government’s hate our gut’s even when we are the only one’s in the world when they are in a jam to help them with food, medicine and million’s of green-back’s in aid!
    This is our tax money that our government is using and I do complain about it to my political rep’s in both houses on the hill.
    One thing is for sure. It ain’t coming out of the pocket of that free-loader President Barack Obama!

  25. Joe says:

    So where the hell were the tea baggers when Bush was leading the charge to War (with NO evidence what so ever of any relationship to 9/11) against Iraq? That trillion dollar mistake would cover a lot of health care. Where were you??? Or didn’t your sponsors have anything to lose in that war….

    reply from Robert: NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER???? Are you nuts? We knew that a lot of those guys were from that area of the world. A lot of them had been in the United States. And we found out that a lot of them had taken pilot training classes here so they would know how to fly American planes. There was plenty of evidence bucko, but you as a liberal choose to ignore all of it with your Bush hatred and bashing that goes on even today, when he is totally out of offiice, and the problem is now Obama’s…..NOT BUSH’s. And, do not doubt me here, Obama has made things bad and horribly worse, hurting America for generations in the process. So put that in your peace pipe and smoke it for a while.

  26. gene says:

    well , heres my thoughts. Used tea bag being sent is a waste of time. The symbol has no meaning. However, If everyone in America will come together as a whole .. and don’t pay their taxes 1 – 2 years. THAT WILL get their attention.
    The simple fact is, Our so called government is set up to help big business not its citizens. Its set up for millions of blue collar workers to support big bussiness so they can make more profit to pay off senators to make laws that benefit the business’s not the people. Take Health care for instance. There is not one part of the government that will regulate health care cost. Should we pay for our healthcare ? Sure. Should we go in debt for the rest of our lives for 1 operation HELL NO. Should we have to do without health care because we cant afford the insurance premiums ? HELL NO
    But the government wont do anything about that. Why do you ask ? .. because .. it is not in the governments best interest. Senators wont get paid off if they do that and wont be able to live in million dollar homes , eat $1000.00 a plate dinners and have federal agents protecting them. They would not need protection if they would do their jobs for the people and not working for big business’s instead.

    In my opinion. What this country needs is an all out revolt. The people need to come together and take over the government system from the politicians . We need to go back to the original constitution, back when it was not chopped up , butchered , demoralized and corrupted.. where we all had a chance to prosper and feed our families … we can barely do that anymore.. Where we all had a chance and a say in how the country is run .. as it is .. this county is being run by big business’s using the so called ‘representatives of the people’ as puppets to get their way.

    They say the economy is on the rebound .. sure it is .. if you are looking at the stats though the reflection of a mirror. I guarantee this .. if we were to elect a good ole .. working everyday to try and support his family farmer into the presidency .. the problems in this country would fix themselves. The government can’t or won’t control the oil companies , medical industries or the banks … it does not benefit them to do so. I mean .. the government is letting the production companies .. take their factories overseas to other countries and have everything built there because its cheaper and more profitable, without even penalizing them for bringing them back into the country. They wanna do that .. fine .. charge the company out the rear end in import taxes and make it to where they will lose money to have their products built out of the country. You know the book that the statue of liberty is holding ? .. its not really a book .. Its a FOR SALE sign .. ” AMERICA, FOR SALE TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER ” the politicians are auctioning it off as fast as possible for as much as they can.
    Take for instance .. back in or around 1974. the coffee industry over night raised the price of a can of coffee to $5.00 a can. back then .. that was alot. America rose together. Stopped buying coffee .. and the price dropped within 3 days back to normal with an apology
    We the people are allowing the government to do what they are doing. and we have the power to stop it .. but it will probably mean taking it back by force, because the corrupt , crooked , out of control , idiotic , self centered pigsty politicians wont give it back easily.

    We are well on our way to becoming a dictatorship. I for one refuse to bend to their rules. I used to be a patriot and support this country .. not anymore… its a waste of my time to do so in its current state. I have never served to defend this country and I never will till the country changes. Its not worth defending in its current state. I have never voted and never will because all we ever get are lying , cheating , and over zealous idiots running for office. I absolutely refuse to do anything for or to help this country unless it involves taking back what is ours and not theirs. I was born and raised here .. But i am ashamed to call myself an American with the country in its present state.. we are the laughing stock of the world because we got a bunch of weak minded idiotic, greedy, morons running it.
    Also here’s another point to consider…
    we have millions upon millions of tax payers… for conservative sake .. lets say we have 50 million people paying $6,000 a year in taxes. that’s $36,000,000,000 per year. now say we got another 100 million paying $3500.00 a year that’s another $350 million per year. where the hell is all the money going ? Stupid police actions ? .. putting our nose someplace it has no business being in the 1st place. You would have thought these morons would have learned from Vietnam. We all know bush started this .. he invaded Iraq to keep from being impeached. We keep sending money to other countries to help them .. what the hell for .. we need to help our own country 1st .. to hell with the rest of the world. let them fend for themselves.

    As for our current president .. he’s a freaking joke. Like that dumbass law .. citizens will be penalized if they don’t have healthcare insurance by 2014. but yet he completely neglected to do anything about the prices of healthcare insurance or healthcare for that matter. They want $800.00 a month to cover just me and my wife for healthcare insurance.. People cannot afford that , I cannot afford that. Again .. the law was made to benefit hospitals and insurance companies .. not the American people. I think we would have been better off having PeeWee Herman for president than Obama- screw up. At least Peewee would have tried to make us laugh while he was screwing us.
    so these are my opinions.. and my thoughts.

    reply from Robert: Oh where to start on this one!!!
    You are right. We do not have many politicians who will do for America, what needs to be done. But, there are a few out there. Michelle Bachmann, Mike Pence, Dan Burton, Dan Coats, Tim Pawlenty. The list now goes on and on, whereas about 15 years ago, the names were few and far inbetween. What caused this increase in Conservatives who will do what the people want? VOTERS. Something that you said you would not do anymore unless things change. Well, in a good portion of your comment, I do agree, if not 100% most of it. But then, there are parts where you go off the deep end and start smoking the giggle weeds.

    In order for change to take place in this country, votes are needed. If you won’t vote, then you are part and parcel of the problem. If you won’t work to get the change in this nation, then you are again, part and parcel of the problem.

    I myself, am just an ordinary American, who loves this country, but hates the direction the liberal left is leading her, and I also hate that the elite of the Republican party bows down to the lefts will, and goes with the status quo. But that is where you and I part company.

    The revolution you are talking about is here. It isn’t an armed one, which is what I suspect you were talking about, but it is a grassroots movement that is working to get people involved in government again. And that is what is needed. If people like you will not help to bring about the change, by voting or running for office, then the change will not happen…….and the status quo of lobbys, and crooked politicians and big business run government will always be there.

    Right now, if you watch what is going on, and not just reading in the media, but researching what is going on, you will find that the Democrat party is in shambles and is in the process of imploding on itself because it is not listening to the people. The elite of the Republican party is doing the same. Where the change is happening, is this. The media does not have a strangle hold on the news anymore. There is Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, and others who research for you. There are publications that you can get if you want to know what is really going on. Publications like the New York Times or The New Republic do not have anything but a liberal slant to their news, which will not tell you the truth and have a definite slant in their news away from the Constitution and America. The good things that America stands for will never, or seldom be seen in that Newspaper, or that magazine. But, look into reading publications like The National Review Online, or The Weekly Standard, or Pajamas Media. The right has it’s publications and news outlets to let you know that things are being done here to make America great again. And the blogs. Conservative Blogs abound. This one, and Political Pistachio and many others out there. Most are on my blogroll. Check them out. America is being fought for…..right here in America. The government may not be doing much now, but there are representatives out there that are making noise, and the left is afraid. Check it all out. Don’t go and not do anything just because America isn’t like you want her to be. If you stay out of the fight, then like I said, you are part and parcel of the problem. Thanks for the comment, and continue reading.

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