Time to get rid of Americans who think America sucks…..

And I am mainly talking about Mr. Thomas L. Friedman now. He wrote an article in the New York Slimes, that hit the press on December 24th, called Time to Reboot America in which he compared China to America. He called China the Jetsons, and America the Flintstones. If this idiot of the press thinks America is so bad, I would almost be willing to give him a one way ticket to China to go to the country that he loves so much and get him out of here. We have enough idiots in this nation who take their freedoms for granted, and always badmouthing what this country stands for. I say to Mr. Friedman, get the hell out. We do not need jerks like you who can think of nothing good to print about America, even at Christmas time when there should be peace and good will towards men……all mankind and that includes America you horse’s ass……

Here is your stupid story from the New York Times, on December 24th, 2008

Time to Reboot America

By Thomas L. Friedman

I had a bad day last Friday, but it was an all-to-typical day for America.

It actually started well, on Kau Sai Chau, an island off Hong Kong, where I stood on a rocky hilltop overlooking the South China Sea and talked to my wife back in Maryland, static-free, using a freind’s Chinese cellphone. A few hours later, I took off from Hong Kong’s ultramodern airport after riding out there from downtown on a sleek high-speed train — with wireless connectivity that was so good I was able to surf the Web the whole way on my laptop.

Landing at Kennedy Airport from Hong Kong was, as I’ve argued before, like going from the Jetson’s to the Flintstones. You see here, this idiot of a so called American, calls the Chinese the Jetsons and the Americans the Flintstones. Like I said before, if he doesn’t like this country, then he needs to leave and go to the country he does love. The ugly, low-ceilinged arrival hall was cramped, and using a luggage cart cost $3. (Couldn’t we at least supply foreign visitors with a free luggage cart, like other major airports in the world?) As I looked aournd this dingy room, it reminded of somewhere I had been before. Then I remembered: It was the luggage hall in the old Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport. It closed in 1998.

The next day I went to Penn Station, where the escalators down to the tracks are so narrow that they seem to have been designed before suitcases were invented. The disgusting track-side platforms apparently have not been cleaned since World War II. I took the Acela, America’s sorry excuse for a bullet train, from New York to Washington. Along the way, I tried to use my cellphone to conduct an interview and my conversation was interrupted by three dropped calls within in 15-minute span.

All I could think to myself was: If we’re so smart, why are other people living so much better than us? What has become of our infrastructure?

People, I couldn’t read this drivel any more. This man is such an idiot that he doesn’t have the slightest clue about what is going on here and what is causing our problems on what he is talking about. And that is, regulations. Our government, the liberal side of it mostly has regulated our country right out of competition with the rest of the world.

You see Mr. Thomas L. Friedman, anything that is built in the United States anymore is almost killed before it starts, with the “massive” regulations to make it “safe” for the people, no matter what. Along with the “massive” regulations that the builders and the contractors have to deal with, comes the cost of it.

In China, at your dear old “Hong Kong’s ultra modern airport”, they do not have to deal with the regulations that New York’s Kennedy Airport did, therefore, the Chinese Airport didn’t cost nearly as much to build, nor did they have to put up with the bureaucracy that we have to put up with here. They planned it, and they built it the way they wanted to build it, and the way it was planned……whether it is safe or not, whether the structures are safely built or not, they are there, and for now are beautiful and wonderful to behold. But because there is no government “regulations” to stymie the creativity of the designers, and there were no inspectors to stop production if they came through and noticed a “shortcut” being taken or “inferior materials” being used. OH NO Mr. Friedman. You can probably bet that there were “inferior materials” used in the Hong Kong Airport that would have never been allowed here. There, nothing will be said, if the thing ever collapses on people, and hundreds are killed. Tthey know that we, as the compassionate people that we are, would probably go over there and help to rebuild and get their airport back, only this time it will be to code, and probably not as pretty.

So, Mr Friedman, you liberal idiot of the “nth” degree, stop and think next time you want to trash your America. Think about all the “regulations” and “codes” that your precious Liberal minds around this country’s government’s *local and federal* have imposed on the builders of this nation. Think about how expensive everything is to build because of these codes and regulations! And how much the builders and contractors get paid just to get this stuff built.

If you would just look for once at the costs that our government is imposing on our builders to build anything, then you can see why things always seem so much better when you leave the United States. The open spaces in buildings that are not safe are allowed there, but not here.

We are smart, Mr Friedman, but it is the Liberals in our government that are stupid, with their regulations, and building codes and ways to bring us to the Flintstone era and not the Jetsons’s. Do not blame America for this. If you want to blame America for this, then put the blame where it actually lies. On the liberal *and more and more the Republican side too*, government of Regulations and Codes and building permits and inspectors and everything else that comes down the pike to keep our nation safe from inferior building codes and designs. Ones that look pretty and spacious, ones that can come down with the slightest quake or or disaster. Stop and think next time you want to trash America Mr. Thomas L. Friedman, and all you other liberals out there that like to trash this nation. Stop to think what brought us to where we are today. It isn’t the creativity of the people that got us here. It is nothing more than Government and their insistence that the American people are stupid and we can’t do anything without Government intervention and regulations, to supposedly keep us safe, at the cost of keeping our stuff, not so nice looking.

Your comment, on us being “Dumb as we wanna be,” because we indulge ourselves for too long with tax cuts that we can’t afford, bailouts of auto companies that have become giant wealth destruction machines, …etc….etc…..etc, is in itself really stupid. It has been proven time and time again, that your liberal thinking that taxes have to be raised for the government to function is wrong. Tax hikes like you liberals want, only serve to slow down the economy because they do not give incentives to produce. Tax cuts are the way to go because they inspire people to do better. To make more money To build better infrastructures, and better buildings. To inspire to investments in “21st century renewable power systems or efficient cars,” Only tax cuts can do that inspiring MR. FRIEDMAN! Not the precious tax hikes that you liberals always aspire too. And that too, has been proven time and time again to help our economy, not to hurt it. Look into our history of tax hikes across the board and you will see that they do not help. Why you liberal thinking idiots do not see this, is beyond me, and I am but an average joe here in the United States who has more common sense in my little finger than you do in your whole freaking body. Get with it man and stop being so damned stupid. Just because some other country has something that right now, when it is new, looks so much nicer, stop and think about the regulations and codes they didn’t have to deal with in building it. Stop and think of the inferior materials in it, that would not be allowed here. Think about the cost for once. And then, if you still wish to bash America my idiot NON friend, then I will tell you what. I am sure that there are many Americans out here, who are proud to be here in America, even with what you liberals have done to it, and continue too, who would be happy to fork over the money to send you to China. Not for a short trip……but to stay there. Appreciate this country and try to fix what is wrong, or get the hell out. Cause we sure as heck do not want you here. YOUR kind are part of the problem. NOT THE SOLUTION!

I wish to thank Conservative Attack Dog for the article that I posted here, in my own way. I had never read the article that this scum Thomas Friedman had written until I went to his blog. So kudos for you for this story.
I think that the Thomas Friedman’s of this country need to look at how the middle class in this country lives, and then check out the middle class of your precious China, if you can find one that is, before you trash this country again. And I say it again. Mr. Thomas L. Friedman of the New York Slimes, you are an idiot.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops always,
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR, and my viewers on Youtube…..


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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4 Responses to Time to get rid of Americans who think America sucks…..

  1. Jeff in North Carolina says:

    The attitudes in this blog are the reason the republican party got blitzed this past November. Wake up and smell the stench of your own partisan politics, Mr.elwoodin. The center can’t hold as long as extremists on both ends of the ideological spectrum throw temper tantrums like the one Mr. elwoodin has published here.

    reply from Robert Your wrong. The attitudes in this blog are showing the reasons America is on the road to ruin, while the people vote for the ones who are pushing us down the road. Like you. The reason that the Republican party lost this last November is because the Conservative Republicans, who are the base of the party didn’t even show up and the party had no real candidates that were Conservative like they’re base. So, in essence, the party never showed up. If they had, we would have a different president in the White house, and the democrats would not be in charge of the insane asylum in Washington. Our new president, whom you seem to love, is nothing more than a child in a large candy store…and he wants to get it all……no matter what it does to his body. That is what he is doing to this nation. Destroying it by instituting his ideas, not taking into account what these ideals are doing to this nation. And none of what he is doing, will be nor is it good for this country. He is destroying it.

  2. Seane-Anna says:

    Robert, you are totally right and Jeff, you are totally wrong. The Republican party wasn’t “blitzed this past November” because of “extremist” attitudes from Robert or any other conservative. The Republican party lost, in a nutshell, because it strayed from its conservative ideals. And the Republicans weren’t helped by the mainstrem media’s shameless cheerleading for Obama.

    Jeff, the point Robert was making is that Americans who hate America don’t deserve to live here. That’s not extremism, that’s common sense. Would you allow someone who hated you and constantly condemned you to live in your house? Of course not; no one would. And NATIONS SHOULD NOT, EITHER. That’s what Robert was saying.

    No, we can’t kick America-hating “Americans” out. America is a free country. People can hate her and speak against her and still live here, unmolested by the government. That’s the meaning of freedom of speech. Ordinary citizens, however, are under no obligation to treat the anti-American “Americans” with respect. We are free to use OUR freedom of speech to tell America’s internal enemies to f**k off. That’s what Robert did in this post, and he had every right to.

  3. Beate says:

    Rock on! Great post. Attitudes like Mr Friedman’s make me sick to my stomach.

  4. AttackDog says:

    Hey! Someone actually reads my blog!

    Hehe =) You rock!

    This guy is a creep, (both Jeff and Ol’ Tommy Friedman)

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