OBAMA: Elected because of Promises of Change and Better times…..

….and now, he’s going back on all of those so called promises. And yet, NO ONE is calling him on it. It has been said before, and it bears repeating again. If he was a Republican, or a Conservative, *and no they are not the same anymore*, he would be called on it by everyone, from the democrats in office, to the media, to the hollywood know-it-alls. But, since he is a democrat, and a liberal one at that, and because he is their, so-called messiah, nothing is being said, and nothing will be said, at least by them anyways. They, after all have too much vested in getting him elected, that nothing, not even the question of his eligibility to be president, will be brought up by them.

And actually, right now, there is another lawsuit back in the supreme court, on that very subject, and if Obama wants this to go away, he needs to “actually” produce for examination, his birth certificate.

But, here is what I think he is doing. I feel that since he refuses to show it, that he is actually hiding something and/or stalling for time, so he can get a fake one made to qualify him.

But his promises to the American public don’t seem to mean diddly squat either. He promised Change and yet he is bringing in the third term of the Clinton Cabinet, and not bringing in change at all. It’s “more of the same”, as usual.

His tax “cuts” that he supposedly promised, though never actually meaning it, have already been abandoned by the wayside by him, when he said that ‘the middle class would not miss not getting the tax cuts right now.’

His promise to pull out of Iraq within 16 months of his election has also been pushed to the way side, thank God. At least for now.

He promised us better times when elected, yet, now he has backed off, by saying that it’s going to get much worse before it gets better. HUH???

People, we all knew all this before the election, and so did Obama. So, why did he lie to us on all of those so called promises? I can tell you, the answer is simple. They were made to get him elected, and to keep pushing the lie that the Republicans are to blame for all the mess that we are in now. NOTHING MORE! The trouble is, the democrats are to blame for a lot of what we are now going through.

Democrats like Barney Frank who said that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were not in trouble, and no help was needed….Democrats like Nancy Pelosi who doesn’t flinch when she talks down to Americans. Democrats like Harry Reid who thinks that Americans who come to Washington D.C. as tourists, stink. Jack Murtha who thinks our troops are rapists and murderers. John Kerry who thinks the same things about them. And every one of these, plus many more of the Democrats in Washtington, think that our Constitution has to be changed and/or gotten rid of. And people, ignoring what our government is telling us now, that our Constitution is out of touch and out of time, is not the way to go. It is really the document that will keep this nation strong and free, but only if WE THE PEOPLE will stop being content that the government will do right by us, then stand up and protect it from the people in our government, who are doing their best to undermine it. And if you do not think they are trying to change it or destroy it, look at what we have going here:

The Constitution gives each and every one of us the right to lawfully own and bear arms. Yet, our government is actively taking those rights away from us. Why do you think that there has been such a huge run on guns since Obama won the election? It’s because he wants to eliminate the Second Amendment giving us that right. And we are not doing anything to stop this trend!!!

the Constitution gives us the right to worship our God, no matter how we percveive him, or if we don’t wish to worship at all. Yet, Christianity is under attack and being bastardized all across our nation, while taxpayers are now being made to pay for Muslin foot prayer baths in our schools to accommodate our FEW Muslim students, yet, anything that is Christian in nature is banned from the schools. And we are not doing anything to stop this trend!!!

People, I have said this until I am almost blue in the face, yet it seems it needs to be repeated again. A Right is harder to get back, once it is lost than it would be if it was never lost.. And we are allowing our government to steal our rights away from us without even blinking an eye. And this is something that we do not have to allow.

The Constitution starts with the words WE THE PEOPLE for a reason my friends. It is because the government is NOT there to rule over us…..as a lot of the Politicians in Washington D.C. now think, instead, they are there to represent us and America. And, WE THE PEOPLE have the power to make them return to that form of government. And if we do not stand up for our rights soon, we are going to wake up some day wondering just where our freedoms have gone. This isn’t scare-mongering as the liberals love to accuse us of being, and no doubt will, it is the God’s truth.

You want to continue losing your rights and freedoms to an ever growing government, then go ahead, but do not complain when you find out your rights are gone.

As for me, I am mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore! You politicians in Washington are NOT there to rule over me. You are there to represent me and America too. Don’t you think, it’s high time you started doing your job, and doing that? I think it is, and I know I am not even close to being alone in this. Start doing the jobs you were elected for, or WE WILL REPLACE YOU.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops always
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR, and my viewers on Youtube….


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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3 Responses to OBAMA: Elected because of Promises of Change and Better times…..

  1. virgomonkey says:

    The “change” that Obama speaks of (that everyone’s been twisting around to death) is change regarding the Bush admin. IF you go back and listen to his speech at the DNC – he made it crystal clear. That’s also where his “eight is enough” slogan came from. Change = the modification or the removal of Bush polices.

    So, if he is in fact continuing Bush’s policies, you should be happy!

  2. elwoodin says:

    Actually, what he said was change. Change in people. Getting the old out and getting NEW in. The people he is appointing is not new. They are the same old same old. Bringing back the administration that had us going into a recession when Bush took over and brought us out of it. It’s not twisting it to death, it is taking him at his word, which doesn’t seem to mean a hill of beans right at the moment.


  3. virgomonkey says:

    No. When he said change, he wasn’t talking about eliminating the Clinton administration – he referred to the Bush administration. Remember “eight is enough”.

    Keep in mind that it is Obama and congress that are going to be calling the shots – not Hillary Clinton. She and other people who worked in the Clinton administration have no say in anything.

    You guys are twisting around this “change” thing. Obama is a liberal Democrat. It would be odd if he hired an all Republican staff. It would be equally odd if he hired those people with little experience and and bunch of no-names.

    When people hire someone to do a job, they look at experience – not a Joe-no-name because that would be too big of a risk to take.

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