Late on this one, but I have to comment…..

Wal-Mart, black monday lived up to it’s black name with the death of a Wal-Mart worker who was trampled to death when a throng of eager shoppers broke down the door and ran into the store for the early morning shopping, not caring that the man they were trampling was in the way or hurt, and later to die. I have an opinion on all of this, and a lot of you probably will not like my idea…..especially you who ran into the store. Here is the story:

Wal-Mart worker dies in Black Friday stampede

12:37 PM EST, November 28, 2008

Crowd at door moments before the stampede happened.

Crowd at door moments before the stampede happened.

A 34-year-old Wal-Mart worker died Friday morning after “a throng of shoppers . . . physically broke down the doors” and knocked him to the ground as the crowd pushed its way into the store at a Valley Stream mall, Nassau police said.
One police officer told Newsday the prelude to the death at the Green Acres Mall was “a mob scene.” The man who died was a temporary, part-time Wal-Mart worker, the officer said.
Shoppers who surged into the store were asked to leave by Wal-Mart workers, some of them crying and visibly upset, said one shopper, Kimberly Cribbs, of Far Rockaway.
Though rumors circulated among the shoppers that someone had been badly injured, people ignored the Wal-Mart workers’ requests that they stop shopping, move to the front of the store and exit, Cribbs said.
“They kept shopping. It’s not right. They’re savages,” said Cribbs.
She said she entered the store after the worker was already being attended to by emergency personnel. As people waited, then pushed into the store, she said, “It was chaos.”
Another shopper said people were screaming and shoving in line before the opening.
The worker was knocked down at 5:03 a.m. at the store, and was taken to Franklin Hospital in Valley Stream, where he was pronounced dead at 6:03 a.m.
As of Friday morning the cause of death was described as “undetermined”, police said. An exact cause of death will be determined by the county medical examiner’s office, police said. The man’s name was not immediately made public by the police, and the store was closed.
Asked at a news conference whether the store had enough security given the crowds that Black Friday shopping typically attracts, Det. Lt. Michael Fleming, who is investigating the death, said no.
“This crowd was out of control,” Fleming said, characterizing the melee as “utter chaos.”
Fleming said an estimated 2,000 people had gathered in line around 5 a.m. as the store was preparing to open.
People in the rear of the line began pushing, cascading the people in the front into the doors, which were knocked off their hinges, Fleming said.
Hundreds of shoppers who then streamed in literally stepped on the worker who later died, Fleming said.
Fleming said the worker, who has not been publicly identified, was a temporary worker sent by an employment agency.
Fleming said criminal charges were possible in the case, though he said it would be near impossible to identify individual shoppers.
But, he said, authorities were reviewing surveillance video.
Shopper Camla Brown described a disorganized mob that was thirsting to get into the store before the trampling.
“There was no organization,” said Brown, a 47-year-old restaurant manager from Valley Stream.
Four other Wal-Mart shoppers at the Valley Stream store were taken to hospitals Friday morning. A 28-year-old pregnant woman was taken to a hospital for observation, and three other shoppers suffered minor injuries and were taken to hospitals for treatment, and they were expected to be released.
Dan Fogelman, spokesman at Wal-Mart corporate headquarters in Bentonville, Ark., said Friday, “The safety and security of our customers and associates are our top priority.”
Fogelman called the death “a tragic situation” and said the company was cooperating fully with the Nassau County police investigation. He declined to comment on whether the company would review its practice of heavily-discounted holiday sales events, or whether the company was reviewing its crowd control measures at such sales.
He said company management were saddened by the death of the worker and the injuries to customers, adding, “Our thoughts and prayers are with them at this difficult time.”

The Nassau Police Fifth Squad is investigating.

Emi Endo and Matthew Chayes and Andrew Strickler contributed to this story.

Now these “savages”, who ran into the store just to be first to get to the savings of “black friday” the first shopping day after Thanksgiving and of the Christmas shopping season should be arrested for murder. I know there were a lot of people, but for crying out loud, unless you are born and raised in a bubble, you know the difference between right and wrong, and this was wrong from the start, and wrong in the middle and wrong at the end.

When store officials tried to close the store because of the workers death, the shoppers *and this is not what I would call these heathens* continued to shop not caring that they had just caused a man to die because of their actions. This is one of the reasons that I have constantly harped against the Politically Correct crowd because they are wrong in most everything they try to do. They are wrong when they say there are not bad people, just victims. Here, the bad people were not someone you would think was bad, but they were bad because they knew right from wrong, and went ahead and did the wrong anyway just to get in the first shopping of the season.

The police say they are looking at the video now, and charges may be filed. MAY BE FILED??? I say charges SHOULD BE FILED.

With the video the police can identify most all of the people if the time is taken to do so, and then they can go to each one’s door and serve them a warrant for jail…..and a murder trial. But will this happen? Most likely not. The victim card will probably be played again, and the victims family, the true victims of this senseless crime and murder, will be the ones to lose.

This is one of the areas that the liberals are leading this country wrong. And why, right now I am so afraid for the future of this country. Arrests should be made, many of them, and then people not only sued for the damage to the doors when they rushed in, but charged with the murder of this 34 year old man, who probably had a lot of living left to do, and his life was cut short by the murderous rampage of a mob of people who cared for nothing, except saving on the almighty dollar on the first day of the Christmas shopping season…….

…………..a season that by the way is because of Jesus Christ our Lord….who I am sure is NOT PLEASED!!!!

God Bless America
God Bless our troops….always
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR, and my viewers on Youtube…..


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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6 Responses to Late on this one, but I have to comment…..

  1. marinalee says:

    A rampant mob kills someone…yes, there should be charges. If not, we could end up like 1692 Salem, or KKK style mob killings.

    **If we really want to end mob crime, there cannot be safety in numbers.**

  2. virgomonkey says:

    C’mon. Why are you turning this into a partisan issue in regards to crime and punishment? Do you not remember all what has happened under Bush’s watch (he is/was still the prez) for the last eight years?

    I cannot even begin to type out all the injustices that happened in our country in the last 8 years on our own turf. Look at all those people that got away with murder, rape, sexual abuse and etc. ?? Or got tiny punishments that didn’t fit the crime?

    I’m probably more conservative than you are when it comes to crime. And I’m with you here. All those people should be arrested along with Wal-Mart. Guess what? Bush is STILL the POTUS. And he was the POTUS last year as well when the same incident happened – except nobody died.

    This isn’t libs being soft on crime. The US has always been soft in crime, in my opinion.

    Please… please stop blaming everything on the Libs. I cannot tell you how angry I was when I read the Wal-Mart horror story today. Do you know the amount of corruption connected to Wal-Mart? They’ve been screwing around their employees and temps for ages, literally. And they keep getting away with it!!

    A friend of mine who’s a military wife who had her husband in Iraq was trying to get a job there, and they wouldn’t let her take the day off to pick up her husband from the airport coming home from Iraq (after a year or so) on this particular day. So, she couldn’t get the job.

    That company is messed up! They screw their customers and their workers. And they claim to be pro-troops. NO. They place money ahead of human lives as we noticed today.

  3. elwoodin says:

    You keep coming back to Bush being the president. But the problem with that is, he is not really in power when the rest of the government is controled by the democrats. Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid and the democrats in charge can and do go against and win with anything that Bush has in mind. And this has gone on for a good portion of Bush’s presidency! Bush has been overridden on most everything he has tried to do over the last 6 years, and not by the republicans in the house and senate, but by the democrats in charge of the Senate and House. So do not tell me it is all Bush’s fault. Because it isn’t. The liberal ideals of law and how it should be dispensed has been over the last 4 to 5 decades is that there are no bad people….only victims….that is why I bring politics into it. Because it has almost everything to do with it.


  4. virgomonkey says:

    The dems only have taken over since 2006, though.

    And remember the same dems also voted in the Iraq war too even before they took the main stage.

    Agreed though that they are both corrupt but in different ways.

    And then there’s federal and state laws that rule as to how crime is dealt with. So, in many cases where people blame Bush and Obama, the blame is to be placed on the state.

  5. shea says:

    guess were not all that different than the Iraqi’s, huh?
    I heard of stories like this in wal mart here, although no deaths that I know of.

  6. InsertNameHere says:

    I think we’re all in agreement that someone should be charged for the man being stampeded upon. But how do you lay blame to the cause of death to that many people? Do you charge the one who knocked him down? Do you charge the people who didn’t notice the man downed, and were headed to their objectives as planned? Do you charge the store for having a policy in place that required any and all shoppers out of the store until they opened for the black friday sales?

    The fault lies in the way the situation was handled, and as such the Wal-Mart should be the one charged for negligent homicide. They should have allowed a line, not a mob, and they should have cycled people in slowly. You can’t have a stampede when there is no mob.

    There have been similar incidents in the past, such as Hold your wee for a Wii, the infamous PS3 stampede that killed a man who tripped while trying to get to the door for his prize, the holdups of people waiting in line for an Xbox 360 in 2005. (I mention video game consoles because they’ve primarily been the hot-ticket items.)

    All over the country stores allow this kind of behavior to happen, and it’s been happening for years. It’s a bad setup that’s needed changed for years, but alas hasn’t. Will this incident change things? Likely not, because it probably won’t become a significant case in the courts.

    This in no way reflects wrong doing as effect of liberal policies, just a reaction to a faltering economy, and the need of the people to give their children and families the Christmases they believe they deserve.

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