Dial 411 Blog has this one right…..


Now this says it all. This nation was founded on the principle that freedom was for the everyday man, and that the government should not be big…..and only there to protect the citizens, and there to help the citizens…….NOT RULE THEM. But the sign above says it all. The United States is dying. And the trouble is, it is dying from something that is totally reversible. Though it doesn’t look like the reversal of what is going on, is going to happen any time soon.

There is a question, about the true nationality of our president elect. And yet, the media and the democrats and it seems everyone else is totally ignoring the facts of what has been put out here on his citizenship, or lack thereof. People, if there is any question on this, it needs to be addressed not just by the few that have addressed it, but by everyone to make sure that Barack Obama is really eligible to be our next president, according to the Constitution of this great land! I know, that if John McCain had won this last election, and there was any question about his nationality, the press and everyone on the liberal side would be all over this. Like stink on a skunk, they would be all over this. So why aren’t they all over it now???

They are ignoring this because of one thing. And that is, they have so much invested in bringing their messiah to the white house, that it stinks. And to top it off, the thought of him being a messiah also stinks because there has only been one Messiah in this world, and it sure as hell isn’t Barack Hussein Obama. As for this country committing suicide as the photo above suggests? Yes, I think we are on our way to doing it. And no one seems to to realize what they are doing. Our history isn’t being taught anymore. Most kids growing up now do not know what happened in our past.

The trouble is, people who love this country and what she stands for, like me, do see what is going on, and I am appalled by this lack of concern for our great nation. Especially by the left…….the media and Hollywood. People, think of it. Our enemies cheered when Barack Obama won. Doesn’t that tell you something????? I know it did me. It told me that if he makes it to the White House in January, this country is in real trouble. Why is that so freaking hard to understand? Our enemies cheered! For crying out loud, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the bad in that one thing alone.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops always
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You tube….


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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4 Responses to Dial 411 Blog has this one right…..

  1. Len says:

    “if he makes it to the White House in January”

    If he makes it to the White House in January? If? Is there some reason he won’t? He did win the election, did he not?

    And do you really believe the United States is dead?

    Perhaps you should think about what you are writing before you publish it. There is no question as the nationality of our President-Elect except in the minds of a few, like yourself, who truly hate our country and all it stands for. You failed in remaking it in your image, so now you are out to destroy it. I pray every day for you failure.

  2. elwoodin says:

    Maybe in your mind there isn’t any question of his nationality, but to me, as long as a member of his own family had said that she was there in Kenya when he was born, that is a question about his nationality…..and as long as that question is out there, it needs to be pursued. It would be if it was McCain.
    So, there is a question. Like I said, if he had been McCain, you would have been all over the fact that maybe a member of his family, *his grandmother* had said that he was born somewhere other than the United States! The constitution says that he is not eligible to be president if he isn’t a natural born citizen. There are other questions too. They need to be addressed…….NOT IGNORED! And I am not the one that says this. OUR CONSTITUTION IS!
    And thank you for praying for my failure. That just shows the mentality of liberals. Only they would pray for someone’s failures.


  3. Leon says:

    That’s a terrible image. Barack Obama is (or was eligible). I won’t explain it as the truth can be found all over. And do you really think they’d let him run for the most important post in the land if he wasn’t eligible?

  4. elwoodin says:

    Leon, sorry this has taken me so long to reply. Haven’t felt too good….but if he was in fact eligible, and he had nothing to hide when it came to his birth certificate, then why wouldn’t he show it. H has refused to show it, though he has shown copies of it to the press. Why won’t he show it to the people who are asking to see it? Why? Probably because there is something to hide….like birth in another country, or inelibility due to mother not being here long enough before he was born? or something? If he had NOTHING to hide, then he would show it, but he won’t. That leaves the door open for doubt.


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