President Obama and his National Security Force is coming……

There has been some talk going around, about Obama wanting a National Security Force. Can you all pronounce SA (brownshirts)? Many thanks to Jeff Stone and his comment, setting me right on the wording. People, we already have the military. We already have the police. We already have the Coast Guard. We already have the FBI. We already have border guards, though on that one, the government has all but castrated them of power. We already have too much!

To add another force, a civilian force that probably won’t answer to anyone, except themselves and Obama is something that we as Americans should not even want considered.

Look back to the Nazi regime in Germany during the 1930s and 40s. Look back to the atrocities that happened to the common people in Germany during this time because of the SA and other forces that Hitler put in place when they really weren’t needed, except to gain complete and absolute control for Hitler and his regime! Remember the ‘don’t remember your past you are doomed to repeat it’ scenario? Well folks it is staring us right in the face and we are ignoring it completely or deciding that since this was in the past, we are beyond letting this happen again. But it is happening again.

The democrat party, is actively seeking to gain complete and absolute control of our government, something that will result in a dictatorship of sorts, because we the people, nor the Republicans will be able to do a damned thing if they get the control they are coveting. And that is a 60 seat majority in the House and Senate, a filibuster proof majority so they can institute any and all things, that they deem necessary to keep their control over these United States and We the People.

That is what the democrat party stands for. Not keeping America safe or free…..but to gain complete control over America, and Americans. And saying that people, means complete control over you and me. Why do you think that Obama wants this National Security Force instituted?

It is like when you were in school, there was always this kid that would tattle on anything and everything to see other kids get into trouble. That is what this National Security Force will be. A national force of tattle tales, who will be looking into YOUR lives to see what they can give to our government, that will give them reason to do take our freedoms away from us.

This CENSORSHIP DOCTRINE, otherwise known as the Fairness Doctrine is more of the same thing. Taking rights and knowledge away from the people of this nation, so we will not be able to resist, or have the knowledge to know when to resist what they are doing. It is another attempt in the Liberals “dumbing down of America” so that we will no longer have any clue as to what our government is doing, so we cannot do anything to stop them. If that is what you really want for this country, then you need to start kissing your freedoms goodbye because they will be taken from you.

Oh? You think that just because you voted for Obama you are immune to this? You need to think again! People, You are part of the citizenry of this country. Which in itself makes you their enemy. You are part of the “We the People” thing, that the democrats want to eliminate. You just made it easier for them to do so.

We still have some hope though. Hope that the democrats do not reach the 60 seat majority. Where are the people who have always thought that a complete majority like that, would spell a doom for this country? I think that they have always been, for the most part, democrats, and they only feel that way, if it pertains to the Republicans.

Well, sorry to burst your bubbles here, but it pertains to both parties. You give the democrats what they are seeking now…….and you will see troubles like you have never known before. Even the Republicans, when they had the House and the Senate and the White House, were never allowed to have complete authority, because we the people wisely kept that from happening by keeping a minority big enough to filibuster if needed. That is what the democrats are in the process of eliminating now. Let this happen, and America will suffer for it. MARK MY WORDS and remember where you heard this. Because we will suffer for it if this is allowed. Absolute power, corrupts absolutely, and we are close to having that Absolute power against our right to live free, and our rights to hear opposing viewpoints to teach the people right from wrong taken from us. This is the abyss that we have been warned about in every generation since Washington crossed the Delaware,…….and before. The trouble is? We are about jump into it. All I can say is……God Help Us.

God Bless America
God Bless our troops, always
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR, and my viewers on Youtube…..


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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3 Responses to President Obama and his National Security Force is coming……

  1. brad Cook says:

    paranoia at its finest.

  2. The Old Man says:

    Don’t blame me, I voted for Bob Barr!

  3. Jeff Stone says:

    To call it Gestapo may be a bit paranoid.

    This is a bit more like the SA “brownshirts”.

    One only wonders where it will go from there.

    I do not want to try to see too far ahead, but, the SA were exterminated by the SS. Is there an SS type in the planning, possibly to be under the administration of The Department of Homeland Security, that has yet to be “leaked” ?

    I’m just sayin’

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