Where the democrats and liberals have it wrong….

We have come to a hard place in the road here, people, when it comes to what the founding fathers of our great nation had in mind for us, and where the democrats and the liberals want to lead us now.

The main thing that I have heard lately, is how McCain is wrong for wanting to save America and how Obama is right for wanting Marxism, or Socialism to pervade us here in this country. Then, the other night I got a comment from a BO, who said that I was nuts for calling Obama a socialist. Well, BO, I have no other words for what he is, and you shouldn’t either. He is for the redistribution of wealth here in America…..punishing the rich and successful for having the audacity to become that way, and then give it to the poor, because they are only victims of their circumstances. Uh-huh…..yeah right!!!

I have even heard people say that the government should be able to take as much as 50 to 60% of the rich and successful peoples income to help the poor! This is insane people!!! I feel that if I wanted to give to the poor, I would, and usually do, if I find someone who really wants to get out of the situation they are in.

I am, by no means rich, but will help people if they are in need and want to get out of their situation with work done by them, not me. The government doesn’t need to come in and MAKE me do it. And most Americans are this way. We give more to charity than any other people in the world. Without government insistence!

And the problem with this insistence that we always give to the poor the richer we are, is wrong, and it goes totally against the constitution of the United States. It makes Communism more accessable for this countries Liberals.

I myself do not wish to be a Communist, nor do I wish to be a Socialist. I do not want the government coming into my life and telling me if I am successful that I HAVE to give up some of my wealth to give to people who do not wish to work for more. And this is where this liberal mentality is leading people. The people who are working but not doing great, are starting to think that it would be better to stop working and live off of the government because we have people like Obama who will fight for their right to do so. And in doing that, we will have more people on welfare, than we will have people working.

But, Obama has a different take on this one. He said the other day, that: ‘ his plan doesn’t intend to hurt him (Joe the plumber) but instead, help those ‘behind him’ make it up the ladder of success. Obama said that it was his duty to take from the rich and help the poor with it. NO IT ISN’T!

Obama then continued on to explain his trickle up theory. Until now Obama has been careful to conceal his socialistic ideas. And with this, he is treading right on the footsteps of what Karl Marx said, that the government needs to take from the rich, and give to the poor, so that everyone has an equal opportunity.

Never mind, that intellecually and physically we are not all the same. Some are more intellectual, some are more physical. Some can use their brains for things other can’t. We may be equal when it comes to rights, but we are NOT equal when it comes to abilities. The sooner the democrats get this fact through their heads, the better we will be as a nation, because this kind of thinking in our government is wrong, wrong, wrong!

A while back, on July 27th, 2007, I posted here on WC, something that listed quotes from Hillary Clinton, and quotes from Karl Marx. The post was called Something interesting….Who said this? Many could not tell the difference between the two. Obama, is much more like Karl Marx than Hillary ever was. His liberal leanings will take this country down the road to Marxism, and Socialism more than any one else in our history, and if elected, it will take us many many years to repair what he plans to do to this country. And yes, I meant to say REPAIR.

Here, is a couple of quotes, with who said them and when:

“It’s not that I want to punish your success. I just want to make sure that everybody who is behind you, that they’ve got a chance at success, too. I think when we spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody” Obama 10/12/08

From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” Karl Marx (1875)

Both of these comments, are socialistic to the core, and Obama said what he truly believes this last Sunday. Until then, he kept his Socialistic agenda to himself because he knows the American people, *most of them anyway* do not wish for socialism like he does. But now, he is getting bolder with his stances, because he feels there is no way for him to lose in November. And GOD help us, if he doesn’t.

The problem, is that this Joe the plumber, gets it much better than Barack Obama does. Joe the plumber gets it much better than most of the politicians in Washington do…..America is not socialist, and Americans do not wish to become socialists.

Now, the liberal press, and most of the politicians are going against this “plumber” because they now say, *and without anyone stating the lie here* that this man makes 250,000 dollars a year. He never said this. He said that this is his dream. He said that he wants to buy a plumbing business so that he can make this much. Since he said this, almost to the report, everyone says that this “Plumber” makes 1/4 of a million a year, and has no right to complain. Obama stated that he didn’t know any plumbers that make a 1/4 of a million a year, referring to Mr Wurzelbacher (Joe the plumber.)

Even Biden got into the act talking of this man like he is actually making this huge amount of money, and they are all saying this without making sure of their facts, figuring that we the people will just take them at their words and let it pass. But they are lying to get their way, and I DO NOT BELIEVE THEM!

Another comment I got was this: “…does not love the United States’.. Where did you come up with that?” – From pirano. I came up with this from Obama’s many comments. Comments like: We live in the greatest nation in the world. Won’t you join me in changing it?

It is like I have said, America is the greatest nation in the world. But I do not want to change it. I want to fix some of the things that are not right, but I do not want to change it as Obama does. He stands with his hands down, when the pledge of Allegiance is said, instead of putting his hand on his heart like most Americans who love this country do, he would not wear a flag pin, until he found out that it was hurting his campaign. He changed the American flag logo on his political jet, to his own logo…..and all of these things tell me that he does not love America. He loves himself more.

Also, in the photo above, look at the receiver. It is upside down. If he isn’t smart enough to do a photo op and hold the phone the right way, how do you imagine he is smart enough to save this country like he says he can? Hopefully, we will not be dumb enough to vote him in come November 6th.

In a speech that I just heard on FoxNews, Obama is talking in St. Louis, and he started talking about going into a diner, and getting a pie. Talking to the owner about how business is going. The owner said that his business was not going well. Obama said that he needed to vote democratic because the republicans haven’t done a good job over the last 8 years. The trouble is Obama, the democrats have been in charge of 2/3 of the government for six years now. It is the democrats who have been in charge of everything except the white house. And Obama, the white house cannot do much, without the consent of the house and the senate, both of which have been bucking everything Bush has been trying for since they took control. So the change that is needed, is not to the democrats. They have been effectively blocking everything good for six years now. And that is not the republicans fault. What is their fault, is not standing up for what they know is right for this country. That I do blame the Rebublicans for.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops, always
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR, and my viewers on You Tube…..

-Seane Anna-

About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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9 Responses to Where the democrats and liberals have it wrong….

  1. clyde_m says:

    i agree that we are at a crossorads. this is similar to the dynamic of LBJ assuming office. the new programs were huge, and we are still living with the costs today. many of the major reforms over the past two decades were to dismantle those mistakes.

    i voice my opinion, but i recognize that events unfold. i am concerned about obama’s socialist economic views, but that is just a new reality. my larger concern is national security. i think other countries will run over this pup. i think the world is going to be a much more dangerous place.

    that is my deep, deep concern.

  2. cube says:

    It just breaks my heart that so many in our country don’t understand the horrors of communism. The Cubans in pre-Castro Cuba certainly didn’t know what they were voting for, but surely, the citizens of America should be better informed, yes? NO! Because our schools have towed the liberal lies for so long that our kids don’t know the evils of communism.

    We have an uphill battle ahead of us; a battle we must win if we want America to remain strong.

  3. Angel says:

    The problem, is that this Joe the plumber, gets it much better than Barack Obama does…exactly!

  4. Nancy says:

    I think many Americans do not understand the horrors of communism because they have never lived through it. The bright spot of Obama winning is I believe it would usher in a conservative majority for generations once the American people realize what socialism actually feels like. I am hopeful though that the American people will do the right thing this election, we just have to keep fighting and hope the American people come on board.

  5. virgomonkey says:

    If socialism is so bad, then why are Canadians, Europeans, Australians, New Zealanders, the Japanese and all other countries living under nationalized platforms happy with their lives for the most part.

    If you bring this subject up to them, they always say they don’t want their system changed.

    But Obama is talking about stopping the tax cuts for the rich. Why take money from the working poor and give it to the rich? It is the working poor that is supplying them with more 54 inch plasma TVs. Why, that isn’t socialism, anyway.

  6. C~ says:

    Obama is a Socialist, plain and simple. There is no way to make them see it.

  7. Scott Martin says:

    virgomonkey – To the extent that many in those countries don’t want to change anything simply goes to show the infestation of the socialist mindset and how it slowly settles people into a slightly depressed level of lower middle classdom.

    Not a one of those countries has ever been more prosperous than the United States at any time since they embarked on their paths and we, for the most part, opted out.

  8. Annoyed says:

    Did you see Joe on Hannity and Colmes last night? He said it perfectly when he said that he doesn’t want to take money from someone else, or have the government take it from someone who happens to be more successful financially and give it to him. It was, and here the best line, the principal of it that makes him say no to that.

    We need more people like that to speak up.

  9. Annoyed says:

    virgomonkey – Many of those european countries are starting to change away from their socialistic governments. Why? because they finally see that it just doesn’t work. Look at inflation in those countries. Look at productivity, prosperity, etc.

    No one ever takes from the poor and gives to the rich. That is just a silly statement. The rich by and large earned what they have by working for it and wanting to move up. Now if you are referring to the working class (as if the rich don’t work…) working for a company that a ‘rich’ person owns, so be it. Why punish the person who provides the jobs?

    As a small business owner once said to me about business and employees “I’m not in business to make them rich”. May sound harsh, but he is right. He worked many years to eventually buy that business, they didn’t.

    Oh, and that business owner? He is also a pastor and one of the most kind-hearted, decent human beings I’ve ever met.

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