Where is the Incentive to work?

Exxon Oil, this week announced it’s earnings for this last month, and it gave to them the biggest profit for a company in the history of this country.

But, all day long, all I have heard, is how they need to be “punished” for doing so well. And that my friends, is where everyone is getting it wrong.

In America, one of the American dreams, has always been to own your own business and to do well with it. I know that doing well with a business, is not the easiest thing in the world, as I have a graphics and printing business that is just….doing….not failing, but not doing well either. Not enough customers. But now the incentive to do well with my business is starting to disappear, because, if you fail…the government will bail you out and try to get you going again….but if you succeed…they punish you by taxing the crap out of you. It doesn’t seem to matter to the liberals, if bad decisions were made or not. So, here is my take on what we should do now……

….To me, what anyone should do, is start a business, and instead of succeeding with it, make it fail…because then, and only then, will you get rewarded by our government. They will bail you out for failing. But if you succeed…they will punish you and make you the bad guy for doing well.

What Harry Reid, Nancy Palosi, Dick Durbin and others are missing here is the Supply and Demand principle. You know. If there is a demand for something then someone will make a supply for it? U.S.A Today has this article in the paper today:

ExxonMobil profit, $11.7B, sets another U.S. record

By John Porretto, AP Business Writer

HOUSTON — ExxonMobil (XOM) reported second-quarter earnings of $11.68 billion Thursday, the biggest profit from operations ever by any U.S. corporation, but the results were well short of Wall Street expectations and its shares fell.
The world’s largest publicly traded oil company said net income for the April-June period came to $2.22 a share, up from $10.26 billion, or $1.83 a share, a year ago.
Revenue rose 40% to $138.1 billion from $98.4 billion in the year-earlier quarter.
Excluding an after-tax charge of $290 million related to an Exxon Valdez court settlement, earnings amounted to $11.97 billion, or $2.27 a share.
Analysts on average expected ExxonMobil to earn $2.52 a share on revenue of $144 billion, according to a survey by Thomson Financial. The estimates typically exclude one-time items.

People, we are nuts to believe this is right.

One of the greatest things about this country is the opportunity to do well with yourself. You could start out dirt poor, and end up one of the richest people in the world if things go your way. Exxon Oil, has done just that….but now, because they have done so well, with their choice of business, they have the politicians and some of the people, clamoring for a tax to hurt them and make them give back some of their profits. Are we freaking nuts here? The only thing that Exxon did wrong here people, was to sell gasoline for a profit, which is something that every other company in the world does, but because they did well at it, our government’s liberal half is trying to punish them for their good work. Mark my words here people…..we are heading down a slippery slope that will not be easy to recover from….and we will want to. Do not doubt this. We are heading down the wrong path……the path to a generation of people just sitting and waiting for the government to come to their rescue…and with this one…if it happens…the precedence will have been set. Then something worse will happen. MARK MY WORDS HERE. We are going the wrong way now. After years and years of government regulations saying where and where not the oil companies could drill and the such….their bad decisions are coming home to roost, as someone infamous said a short time ago about something else. I say it again. This is the wrong direction to go.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops….always
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR, and my viewers on Youtube….

-Seane Anna-

The Future is coming folks…..

…..and it is totally up to us, as to whether it will be a disaster for our Republic, or another chance to find better times for it. And if you have read me before, you know that I am NOT a fan of Barack Obama, nor will I ever be. I found an article written by one of the very few Conservatives in Hollyweird that pretty much says it all when it comes to what Obama is for this nation. The man’s name is Jerry Molen. He is an academy award winning producer.

The films that he did includes, Jurassic Park, Hook, and Rainman, just to name a few. He won the Academy Award for Schindlers List. He is one of the few conservatives in Hollyweird, that actually uses his brain.

He says that

we are about to make the mother of all mistakes. If the Conservatives do not rally behind the only one who could win for us, this country will become a true socialist state within the next two presidential terms. This is the most dangerous situation this nation has faced in this time.

We just experienced an over hyped, positively outrageous primary election season that has left me cold and wondering where the heads of our citizens are hiding out. Must be someplace where the sun doesn’t get to very often.

At one time in my life, I was a determined, dedicated and ever loyal registered Democrat. Then something happened (Lyndon Baines Johnson) that turned my life around and gave me much pause as to the veracity of a party that dwelt on and fed off of the most unfortunate among us.

Some of those unfortunates were in their positions in life by the way of their own choosing, and others were there by circumstance. But always, always with a door open to them, to reach for new heights, achieve new goals, change their lives for the better. And also, always, ever present were the bottom feeders doing everything they could to take advantage of those who had not, or have not see the light of better days and times, nor realizing they were, in fact, the masters of their own destiny.

They had come to believe that they had become dependent on those in power in Washington, and that they would look out for them and take care of their every need.

They are still waiting and expecting all those promised freebies.

Most people aren’t aware that the Democrats ruled Washington for over forty years. It wasn’t until 1994 when the so called Gingrich Revolution changed that for a short period of time. Nor do people realize that it was the dems that created the failed policies of the many entitlement programs that are falling apart right before our eyes.

Please do not think that I find the Republicans blameless in all this. they too, suffer from ego inflation and greed motivators built into the system. It’s just that the past few months I’ve listened to the rantings and railings of the left in America calling for more give aways and better ways to obtain the proverbial ‘free lunch.’

I think that to sum up my feelings and why I am so set apart from those within the cirlcesw of political power and influence can be illustrated best by a quote by basketball legend and talk-show co-host Charles Barkley: “Poor people have been voting for Democrats for the last fifty years…..and they are still poor.”

And now with the election results come the promises of “change.” “Change we can believe in.” “Change for the future.” When, in fact, if you really, and I mean REALLY listen to what the new messiah is asking for is not “change of policy”, or “change for the better.” He is warning all of us that he wants our change all right, ‘loose change’, ‘pocket change’, ‘social change’, and ‘political change.’……

So, people wake up. If you don’t, the change you get may not be the change you were expecting or the change you wanted.

To close my screed, I want to leave you with some JM predictions in the even the junior Senator from Illinois becomes President and especially if the House and Senate are veto proof.

1.) Strict new gun laws will be enacted even though he promised he would not.

2.) The phrase “In God We Trust” will be removed from all currency.

3.) He will back away from his pledge to Israel and leave them to the wolves of Islam.

4.) Hillary Clinton will be named to the Supreme Court.

5.) Tax rates will return to their highest levels in 30 years.

6.) The Capital Gains Tax will be at least double current levels.

7.) Retired Army General Wesley Clark will be named Secretary of Defense.

8.) The borders will be basically open to all comers. Especially those from the Middle East and South America.

9.) Amnesty will be granted to all illegals now in the U.S., regardless of status or even gang members. (MS-13)


10.) The war in Iraq will be brought to an abrupt end and the results will be tragic and the consequences to our military will be devastating.

I realize my predictions may not sit too well with some people, and the best that we can all hope for is that I am totally wrong. Any bets?


As for me people, I would NOT take those bets. This man has too good an insight into what this country has in store for it, if Barack Obama, the Rockstar, is elected President. This country is at a position, where his election could spell our doom if we continue blithely on the way we are. Our borders have got to be closed. No matter what our representatives think. We are at war, no matter what our Representatives think. We have got to close our borders, no matter what our Representatives think. We have got to protect the citizens of this nation…….no matter what our Representatives think. The last three should be total priority. Our politicians should not be trying to befriend the leaders who only wish us to be destroyed or dead. Trying to make friends with an enemy that lives it’s life to destroy us is not the way to go. But that my friends, to them, is what they want to do, and also my friends, that to the enemy, is a sign of weakness. And we have been displaying it way to often lately. We have got to stop it before we embolden them enough to try to hit this country again.

It is ridiculous to try to get into the heads of our enemy here and try to analyse what they were thinking when they hit the twin towers on September 11, 2001. We are too great a nation to leave our future in the hands of someone who does not care for what this country stands for. Think on that before voting this November. The fate of this nation could hang in the balance….and Barack Obama is NOT the right man for the job. Mark my words here people. It is that crucial.

God Bless America
God Bless our troops always….
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR, and my viewers on Youtube…..

-Seane Anna-

What is H.R. 6615 and What does it do?

In a few words, I will tell you what the House Resolution 6615 (H.R. 6615) means. It means that Newt Gingrich was right, when he posted his comment titled: Have our Leaders Lost their Minds?

And the answer to that is an absolute and resounding YES! Let me tell you what the content of House Resolution 6615 contains. And on top of this…the American public is resoundingly against this:

Here is H.R. 6615:

Giving Inmate Terrorists More Opportunities (GITMO) Act of 2008 (Introduced in House)

HR 6615 IH
2d Session
H.R. 6615

To provide for the transport of the enemy combatants detained in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to Washington, DC, where the United States Supreme Court will be able to more effectively micromanage the detainees by holding them on the Supreme Court grounds, and for other purposes.


July 24, 2008

Mr. GOHMERT introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Armed Services, and in addition to the Committee on the Judiciary, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned.


To provide for the transport of the enemy combatants detained in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to Washington, DC, where the United States Supreme Court will be able to more effectively micromanage the detainees by holding them on the Supreme Court grounds, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


This act may be cited as the ‘Giving Inmate Terrorists More Opportunities (GITMO) Act of 2008’


Congress finds the following:

(1.) The United States Supreme Court issued an opinion styled Boumediene vs Bush on June 12, 2008.
(2.) Justice Anthony Kennedy, in the court’s majority opinion, held that foreign terrorism suspects held at the Guantanamo Bay naval base in Cuba have constitutional rights to challenge their detention in United States Courts.

(3.) This is an obvious effort on the part of the Supreme Court to micromanage the detainment and disposition of detainees in the War on Terror who are dedicated to destroying innocent people and the American way of life.

(4.) The United States Supreme Court clearly needs increased opportunity to oversee the handling of the enemy combatants, as it has seen fit to take a greater role in managing the Global War on Terror, which is a duty previously exercised by the Executive Branch. And it should still be folks!

(5.) There can be no better way for the United States Supreme Court to exercise it’s new self-appointed war powers than to house the prisoners whom it has taken a greater role in overseeing.


(a) Transportation – The secretary of Defense shall immediately transport all enemy combatants detained in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to Washington, DC, where the United States Supreme Court shall hold the prisoners on the Court Grounds, confined by adequate fencing.

(b) Shelter on Supreme Court Building Grounds – The Secretary of Defense, in conjunction with Justice Anthony Kennedy, the author of the majority opinion in Boumediene vs. Bush, is directed to provide shelter for the detainees outside the United States Supreme Court building, but on the building grounds. the Secretary of Defense shall provide guards to watch over the prisoners and shall implement a system to ensure that the prisoners receive the appropriate amount of food and water. Should the detainees need the use of restroom facilities, they shall use the facilities inside the United States Supreme Court building. (I ask this. Are they on crack or something?) The Chief Justice, if the Chief Justice so chooses, may perform the duties of Justice Anthony Kennedy under this subsection.

(c) Guard Duty – If any of the nine Supreme Court justices desire at any time to stand guard over the prisoners, or to provide the prisoners with their meals or water, or both, then the justices shall be permitted to perform these functions whenever they want. (Again, are they freaking on psychedelic drugs or something? That is not their job, nor was it ever intended to be their job. To bring in someone who’s only desire in life is the destruction of the United States only to baby sit them is tantamount to treason!)


If either the Secretary of Defense or any justice of the Supreme Court refuses to carry out their duties under this Act, then their respective department or court shall receive funding for the next fiscal year at half the level of funding appropriated for the current fiscal year, or until such time as the Supreme Court no longer desires to micromanage the prisoners who have sworn to destroy our way of life.

This is almost enough to make me scream out: What in the F*&# are you guys doing? Don’t you realize that bringing someone into our country who has nothing on their minds but to destroy our way of life……..and then bringing them right to the seat of our government, is the wrong thing to do? You are taking them right where they could do the most damage! You are giving the terrorists their dream opportunity here. This is more idiotic than I would have ever given you credit for being, and for a while now I have thought that you guys were complete idiots. But this goes way beyond that!

To bring enemy Combatants into our country, from a place that was made to hold them, to a place that wasn’t, is sheer lunacy, even for the inmates of our Congress.

The best place for these PRISONERS OF WAR, and they are nothing more than that, is right where they are now. The Supreme Court is not the place for holding Prisoners of War. PERIOD! That is not what the Supreme Court was formed for….nor should it ever be used for that. And in the Constitution, the Judicial power of the United States, does not have that power or ability.* The Supreme Court is nothing more than the top of the Judicial System of our Government. If the founding fathers had wanted the Judicial System of our government to be that powerful they would have made them such. They have gone way above and beyond what their powers should be.

And if, and when, these Prisoners happen to escape, and get into Washington D.C. proper….who will you blame for that? BUSH? Most likely, but it will be no ones fault but your own. You need to start using your brains for more than something to sit on. Leave the Prisoners of War right where they are. Stop being stupid.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on Youtube…..

-Seane Anna-

*Amendment XI

The Judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by Citizens of another State, or by Citizens or subjects of any Foreign State. (Ratified February, 1795)

I was going to do another post on Global Warming…..

Especially after Al Gore again put his foot in his mouth the other day saying that he wanted all of America to get rid of their Carbon footprint, and go totally electric in ten years. Here is the problem with that folks. Most all of our electric plants here in the United States are coal fired plants, as the nuclear plants that we have or had, have been systematically shut down by the rhetoric of the Liberal Democrats and the environmentalists.

That being said, I have to go onto the subject that I want to talk about today. Barack Hussein Obama and his speeches giving the impression that he is already president of the United States. Folks, he is not….and hopefully he will never be. First, we do not need a bumbling boob in the White House who cannot speak when not in front of a teleprompter.

Rush Limbaugh today had a montage of clips from Obama’s speech in the warzone today, and it went for about 5 minutes, just from one speech of his studdering and stammering, and his “Uhm….uh…..uh…..we uh….” talk. how would it look, if we had an emergency, say the scope of another 9/11, with Barack Obama as president. We would get stuff like this: “We uh….were attacked uh…today…uh….we uh…have….uh…well…we….uh….don’t know….uh….we uh….don’t know who…..uh….were the uh….uh…u-u-uh….the culprits, who were the ones….uh…we uh….at fault.” Now I do not know about you people, but I for one do not want a bumbling idiot for president, and if we elect Barack Hussein Obama, not only will we get one, but the enemies will see this as an opportunity to put one over on us, in the war on Terror, and our allies will have much less confidence in us.

Now, I know that the enemies of the state, the Terrorists, and the liberals in our government, do not care about this…but mark my words here people, and as Rush Limbaugh says, DO NOT DOUBT ME…..this country cannot afford a Barack Obama presidency. If you think things are bad now…………..just wait.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops always
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR, and my viewers on Youtube

-Seane Anna-

OBAMA’S National Security Force out of Nazi playbook!

Are you lemmings who are following this man listening to what he is actually saying? He wants a national force of civilians, *like the Hitler youth of Nazi Germany* to watch over us and protect us. Do you realize what he is proposing here?

In the movie 1984, we were all afraid of the authors ideas of “big brother is watching you” and here we have a man, who is running for president, and if the polls were right, would already be packing up to move into the White House, who is espousing these ideals. People this man doesn’t care about your freedoms. He is, the Next Socialist coming down the pike to take your freedoms away, and give them to the enemy. If this is what you want for America then so be it, but I for one am going to fight for my freedoms to the end. This country was founded on great ideals and they are NOT out of date as so many of the Obamanites want us to believe. Keep in mind his quote from one of his speeches where he said: “We live in the greatest nation the world has ever seen. Won’t you join me in changing it?” I have to ask again people. Changing it to what? If it is already the greatest nation in the world…..what is he proposing we change it too?

One of the problems that we as Americans have is our short attention span to the dangers we face. And in this day in age people, there are many many dangers out there aimed right at our hearts. And we are just sitting back and allowing this to happen. The first shot came a long time before 9/11/2001, and still when that day came, we were still sitting back, complacent.

That day woke us up to the “clear and present dangers” facing the United States as a nation, but since then, since the President has done what he could to keep another attack from happening, and we have gone back to sleep. If you do not believe what I am saying here, take it from Obama himself from his website:

“Your own story and the American story are not separate — they are shared. And they will both be enriched if we stand up together, and answer a new call to service to meet the challenges of our new century … I won’t just ask for your vote as a candidate; I will ask for your service and your active citizenship when I am president of the United States. This will not be a call issued in one speech or program; this will be a cause of my presidency.”

— Barack Obama, Speech in Mt. Vernon, Iowa, December 5, 2007

He said more people. He is advocating a group the same as the Hitler youth of Nazi Germany where they went out and told on the people who were not loyal to Hitler, and these people conveniently then disappeared. That is where we are heading if we continue to blithely go about our business and ignore all the signs that this man and our enemies are putting out there. If we would just start looking at the warning signs and the loud bells that are going off in your heads, you will see this.

The media all but ignores this and this week they are all over in Iraq and the War zone with Mr Rocbama, fawning over his “caring and desire to learn from the people there” as to what we should do with this war that he so fervently opposes. The warning bells are out there people….all you have to do is listen. Rush Limbaugh for years has told us of them. Michael Savage has. Sean Hannity has. Doug Gibbs of Political Pistachio does daily. Loki of BTR does, Jenn of the Jungle of BTR and blogging does daily. Michelle Malkin does daily. The news is out there people. Look for it. Obama is for the destruction of our freedoms, our national security, and our nation as a free one. He is always saying something, that if you would look and listen a little, if you dig a little into his quotes you will find Marxism and Socialism all over it. Just like Hillary Clinton did.

Wake up people, before it’s too late. The end is coming for us if we don’t. Right now we have brave soldiers out there fighting for our freedoms and for another peoples freedoms and we are letting our politicians tear apart their safety net. They deserve much better from this nation than they are getting. They are sacrificing everything for this nation. And God Bless them for it.

I have been stymied by the fact that when I write my politicians about my concerns, I always get a form letter back from them saying: “Thank you for your concerns. We will look into this and get back with you about it.” To which they never do. Telling me that they think they know better than us. But I will tell you people now, we are losing this country. In times past it was in tiny bits and pieces. But today it is in leaps and bounds. We have to stop this before more of our freedoms are taken away…..and you do not have to look hard to find them disappearing. America is in trouble people, and we have to let our representatives know that they are not doing their jobs, and they WILL be replaced if they don’t start. The power is in our hands people. Start USING IT for once.

Keep writing your congressmen. Keep calling them. Voice your concerns, and if it gets through to them…….keep voicing them. Don’t stop like we always have in the past. This country is under attack, not only by the enemy we are fighting in the war on Terror, but also from within our own Government. WAKE UP!

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops while we still can
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on Youtube.

-Seane Anna-

Rocbama in Iraq and what is wrong with this…….

The latest news on Obama, is that he is finally going to Iraq.

The Rockstar Rocbama who has stated things that he didn’t know about Iraq, our war on terror, and all before he has set foot in the country, is finally going to Iraq to talk to people on the ground. But it is going to be nothing less than a Circus. A Campaign Commercial built for Rocbama by the networks and their anchors. ABC, NBC and CBS are going to Iraq with Rocbama, the anchors will be Katie Couric, Brian Williams, and Charlie Gibson. If you remember back when John McCain went to Iraq, the networks all but ignored him going there and what happened. And they say that they aren’t biased. I say bull!!!

They are very biased. I was listening to the Rush Limbaugh show today, and the guest on the show listed the statistics for how often the media covers McCain as compaired to how much the cover the Rockstar…..and there is no comparision. They cover Obama much much more. And when they make excuses for why they are covering Obama and not McCain, they said that they were covering Obama because this was Obama’s first trip to Iraq. And in that, they are wrong. It is his first as a Presidential Candidate. But in that one, they still didn’t cover John McCain’s first trip to Iraq as a Presidential Candidate. Only Obama. You cannot tell me that they are not biased. Cause they are. And with the main anchors going with Obama, who is staying here to cover McCain? There is no one of that stature that is here to cover McCain…and the media doesn’t care. But here is what is going on with this. With all three anchors going with Obama, when none went with McCain on any of the four trips he has made, this can be seen as nothing more than a photo op for Obama. The Rock star. Rocbama. No one can convince me that the media doesn’t play favorites……cause they are doing it here. They no longer report the news. They make up stories and make up who they want as leaders…..not the people. And this is wrong.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops always
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR, and my viewers on Youtube….

-Seane Anna-

A Great Example of the Difference …..

There is a difference you know. Between the way a Conservative thinks about people, and the way a Liberal thinks about people. And in the latest speech that President Bush gave, and the answers to questions that he gave to the press corps, showed just that.

Americans are plenty smart, Mark!
Americans are plenty smart, Mark!
This time I think the president was giving the media a lesson that they needed, but one that they are too stupid to get the concept of……

President Bush on Saturday tried to pin the blame on Congress for soaring energy prices and said lawmakers need to lift long-standing restrictions on drilling for oil in pristine lands and offshore tracts believed to hold huge reserves of fuel.

“It’s time for members of Congress to address the pain that high gas prices are causing our citizens,” he said. “Every extra dollar that American families spend because of high gas prices is one less dollar they can use to put food on the table or send a child to college. The American people deserve better.”

Democrats say they are for drilling, but argue that oil companies aren’t going after the oil where they already have leases, leases where the liberals and the environmentalists would let them get by the way. So they say, why open new, protected areas? Democrats say there are 68 million acres of federal land and waters where oil and gas companies hold leases, but aren’t producing oil. Probably for the reason I stated above.

Bush said that Democrats are at fault and that “Americans are increasingly frustrated with Congress’ failure to take action.

“One of the factors driving up high gas prices is that many of our oil deposits here in the United States have been put off-limits for exploration and production. Past efforts to meet the demand for oil by expanding domestic resources have been repeatedly rejected by Democrats in Congress.”

Democrats and liberals, have for years sided with the notion that the American people are too stupid to take care of themselves and that they need a bigger more inclusive government to help them on their way. But in Bush’s statement during the questioning part after the speech, he was asked not only stupid questions but ones that showed where the liberal mindset is. Questions like this:

“Why have you not, sir, called on Americans to drive less and turn down the thermostat?” This question was asked by Mark Smith of AP Radio. In essence, he was asking the president, ‘Since the American people are too stupid to handle this themselves, why don’t you make them do it?” Here is what the President said, and this is a great answer, and shows the difference between the way Liberals think of Americans (they think we are stupid and need them to live) and the Conservatives and Republicans.

“They’re smart enough to figure out whether they’re going to drive less or not. The consumer is plenty bright, Mark. The marketplace works. People can figure out whether they need to drive more or less. They can balance their own checkbooks. I think people ought to conserve and be wise about how they use gasoline and energy, absolutely. But my point to you, Mark, is that, you know, it’s a little presumptuous on my part to dictate to consumers how they live their lives. the American people are plenty capable and plenty smart people and they’ll make adjustments to their own pocketbooks. That’s why I was so much in favor of letting them keep more of their own money, you know? It’s a philosophical difference: Should the government spend their money or should they spend their own money. And I’ve got faith in the American people.”

That my friends is a great answer. He has faith in us, the American people to do the right thing with our own money and our own lives. That is a classical example of the difference between the way a liberal thinks about the American public, and the way a Republican or Conservative thinks about them. The question that Mark Smith asked was stupid. But it showed just how the liberals think about us, the American people. They think we are too dumb and addle brained to think for ourselves and handle our own money. And it has been proven year after year that the government is far worse at spending our money than we will ever be.

If we do not change the way that our government does things from our military to our money, we are going to be heading to more than a recession, or a full scale war…..here on American Soil. We need to start listening to the difference in the way the Liberals and the Conservatives think when it comes to us people. Conservatives believe in the American public, and our ability to take care of business when it comes to our lives and our money. The Liberals do not. They think we are too stupid to take care of ourselves and our money. Wake up people. Before it is too late and we find ourselves in a worse situation. Remember the stock market crash of ’29? Think about it. Cause the market can fall one hell of a lot farther now, than it could have, or did then.

God Bless America…..
God Bless our Troops….always
God Bless my readers here, my listeners on BTR, and my viewers on Youtube.com

-Seane Anna-

Tony Snow dies today at 53….

Today I got into my yahoo page and there in the news was the story of Tony Snow dying of Cancer. I remember Tony Snow mainly for his Conservative Thinking and his love for America.

Mr. Tony Snow
Mr. Tony Snow

The first time that I really got to hear him was on the Rush Limbaugh show before he went to become President Bush’s Press Secretary. He was probably my favorite guest host on the Rush Limbaugh show. But he has now died of the Cancer that caught him, and now he is with God. God speed Mr. Snow….and prayers to his family. Here is the article that I read on the death of Mr. Tony Snow:

Former Bush press secretary Tony Snow dies

By DOUGLASS K. DANIEL, Associated Press Writer1 hour, 19 minutes ago

Tony Snow, a conservative writer and commentator who cheerfully sparred with reporters in the White House briefing room during a stint as President Bush’s press secretary, died Saturday of colon cancer. He was 53.

“America has lost a devoted public servant and a man of character,” President Bush said in a statement from Camp David, where he was spending the weekend. “It was a joy to watch Tony at the podium each day. He brought wit, grace, and a great love of country to his work.”

Snow died at 2 a.m. at Georgetown University Hospital, according to former employer Fox News.

Snow, who served as the first host of the television news program “Fox News Sunday” from 1996 to 2003, would later say that in the Bush administration he was enjoying “the most exciting, intellectually aerobic job I’m ever going to have.”

Snow was working for Fox News Channel and Fox News Radio when he replaced Scott McClellan as press secretary in May 2006 during a White House shake-up. Unlike McClellan, who came to define caution and bland delivery from the White House podium, Snow was never shy about playing to the cameras.

With a quick-from-the-lip repartee, broadcaster’s good looks and a relentlessly bright outlook — if not always a command of the facts — he became a popular figure around the country to the delight of his White House bosses.

He served just 17 months as press secretary, a tenure interrupted by his second bout with cancer. In 2005 doctors had removed his colon and he began six months of chemotherapy. In March 2007 a cancerous growth was removed from his abdominal area and he spent five weeks recuperating before returning to the White House.

“All of us here at the White House will miss Tony, as will the millions of Americans he inspired with his brave struggle against cancer,” Bush said.

Snow resigned as Bush’s chief spokesman last September, citing not his health but a need to earn more than the $168,000 a year he was paid in the government post. In April, he joined CNN as a commentator.

As press secretary, Snow brought partisan zeal and the skills of a seasoned performer to the task of explaining and defending the president’s policies. During daily briefings, he challenged reporters, scolded them and questioned their motives as if he were starring in a TV show broadcast live from the West Wing.

Critics suggested that Snow was turning the traditionally informational daily briefing into a personality-driven media event short on facts and long on confrontation. He was the first press secretary, by his own accounting, to travel the country raising money for Republican candidates.

Although a star in conservative politics, as a commentator he had not always been on the president’s side. He once called Bush “something of an embarrassment” in conservative circles and criticized what he called Bush’s “lackluster” domestic policy.

Most of Snow’s career in journalism involved expressing his conservative views. After earning a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Davidson College in North Carolina in 1977 and studying economics and philosophy at the University of Chicago, he wrote editorials for The Greensboro (N.C.) Record, and The Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk.

He was the editorial page editor of The Newport News (Va.) Daily Press and deputy editorial page editor of The Detroit News before moving to Washington in 1987 to become editorial page editor of The Washington Times.

Snow left journalism in 1991 to join the administration of the first President Bush as director of speechwriting and deputy assistant to the president for media affairs. He then rejoined the news media to write nationally syndicated columns for The Detroit News and USA Today during much of the Clinton administration.

Roger Ailes, chairman of Fox News, called Snow a “renaissance man.”

Robert Anthony Snow was born June 1, 1955, in Berea, Ky., and spent his childhood in the Cincinnati area. Survivors include his wife, Jill Ellen Walker, whom he married in 1987, and three children.

With this post, I give my prayers out to the Snow family, in this their time of sadness. Mr. Snow was a great man. God Speed to him.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops always
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-Seane Anna-

Insert Foot….get a pass……

We never seem to remember the discrepancies when someone says something, and the different ways that the media treats it.

Take Don Imus, calling the Rutgers University women’s basketball team “nappy headed hos” and then apologizing sincerely, and having the team accept his apology, and still, the media did this:

Don Imus may finally be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The nationally syndicated talk show personality struck a nerve on Wednesday, April 4, when he called the Rutgers University women’s basketball team “nappy headed hos” on his “Imus in the Morning.” And while it wasn’t the first time Imus made demeaning remarks about someone, it appears that much of black America has finally had enough.

This was something that was on the news for weeks on end, ending in the culmination of Don Imus losing his lively-hood, and everything thought it was just.

An appropriate photo
An appropriate photo

Now we have something equally bad happening…and the press is doing everything it can to give the new person a complete pass on the matter. The Person? The Reverend Jesse Jackson! The Comment? That Obama was talking down to blacks and needed to have his nuts chopped off. Now, this is where this whole thing gets dicey.

The Reverend Jack-son, as Rush so aptly calls him…*I can’t put the inflection in type* almost immediately apologized for his crude and tasteless remark when he started getting hit with it. And the press is giving him a complete and total pass on this trying to pass the apology off before most people have even heard the original Comment, which was taped by the way. But does the press play it? Oh NO, and they won’t either!!!! The only ones that did was FoxNews. But the point here is…..Don Imus was castigated for his comment, and his comment was followed by a heartfelt apology, which was accepted by the Rutgers Women’s Basketball team…..but it didn’t end there. The press kept up the coverage until Don Imus was railroaded into losing his job. But are they doing the same to Jesse Jackson? Hell no….he after all is one of their own….a liberal to the core….The only people that the Libs throw under the bus…..are members of their own families and one other group.. Barack Obama, threw his white Grandmother, and his Pastor of 20 years, and someone who was so close that he was like a member of his family, under that bus! And the other ones that they will gladly throw under the bus? The Republicans. Never themselves or other liberals. Especially a “black” one.Especially when deserving.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops….always
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-Seane Anna-

Same-Sex “Marriage” Illegal in All Fifty States…..

The way this country is going is totally off the charts and stupid. The founding fathers put in safe-guards that would protect the constitution, and the states did the same things. Take California for instance:

About a month ago, the California Supreme Court, in a 4 – 3 decision, issued a declaratory opinion that Proposition 22 (which is the state’s law that only “a marriage between a man and a woman is valid and recognized in California,” that was voted into statutory law by a 61.4% majority of California voters in 2000, was unconstitutional on the basis that it discriminated against gender, and that it violates the equal protection clause of the state constitution. But here is the problem with this people.

According to the California Constitution, only the people can revoke or amend an initiative statute such as Proposition 22. Same-Sex “marriage” remains, therefore, illegal, because it was voted in by judges, not the electorate, as the state Constitution says it has to be. From the LA Times, this was said:

“The California Supreme Court struck down the state’s ban on same-sex marriage Thursday in a broadly worded decision that would invalidate virtually any law that discriminates on the basis of sexual orientation.”

The California Supreme Court issued a decaratory opinion that, in the view of the bare majority, banning same sex couples from marrying was unconstitutional and that the language of the initiative statute limiting marriage to one man and one woman must be stricken from the statute. Unfortunately however, the court doesn’t have the constitutional authority to re-write the marriage statute nor any other initiative statute for that matter. According to the California Constitution, only the people can revoke or amend an initiative statute such as Prop 22.

the court said the plaintiffs were entitled to the issuance of a “writ of mandate” but issued no actual writ to state officials to perform the ministerial act of issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Even if they had issued a “mandate,” state officials are sworn to execute the law and not effectuate a court’s opinion.

Moreover, any court mandate or “order” would have been both unenforceable and invalid, since, according to a recent California Court of Appeals rulling from April of 2008, Sondermann Ring Partners vs. Buenaventura, the court can declare an action of the legislature unconstitutional where such action exceeds the limits of the Constitution, but the courts have no means and no power to avoid non-action. in other words, the court is not constitutionally permitted to enforce its opinion.

Governor Schwarzenegger has fulfilled his promise to “uphold the court ruling” by authorizing changes to the marriage certificats, replacing “husband” and “wife” with “partner A” and “partner B” wich is ironic considering that he vetoed a previous attempt by the legislature in 2005 to eliminate gender requirements for marriage which he argued required the assent of the electorate. Which is does people. He has also authorized Justices of the Peace and Town Clerks to solemnize and perform same sex marriage ceremonies which began on June 15th.

But the main question is whether or not Goernor Schwarzenegger possesses the constituional authority to do so.

The Governor, according to Article 5, Section 1 of the California Constitution is solely responsible for seeing that “the law is faithfully executed.”

And since all law making powers solely reside with the sovereign people of the state of California and their elected representatives, the governor is bound to only enforce the laws and statutes which have been enshrined into law via the people (in the case of a initiative statute or constitutional amendment) or their elected representatives, including Prop 22, which has not changed.

According to the California Constitution, only the voters possess the enumerated authority to amend or repeal the marriage statute limiting marriage to one man and one woman (Prop 22). As Judge Baxter wrote in his dissent:

Under article II, section 10, subdivision (c), that body cannot unilaterally repeal an initiative statute, such as Family Code section 308.5, unless the initiative measure itself so provides. Section 308.5 contains no such provision.

Nemo dat quod non habet, (You cannot give what you do not have.”) In other words, the California Supreme Court cannot give to the Legislature, what neither it, nor the legislature, has: the power to overturn the people’s initiative legislation. No branch of government, even the branch that claims to be the final arbiter of a Constitution can gain legal authority which it does not possess. To claim then the “the court legalized same sex marriage” by “striking down” the people’s initiative statute limiting marriage to one man and one woman has absolutely no constitutional basis.

Governor Schwarzenegger has violated his sworn oath to uphold the California Constitution to only enforce the current laws and statutes of the state of California by illegally authorizing changes to, and issuance of, marriage certificates to same sex couples.

Like former Massachusetts Governor Romney before him, Governor Schwarzenegger has falsely asserted that the court’s opinion, containing no valid or enforceable court order, “legalized same sex marriage” and that it is his obligation to enforce the “court’s decision.” Romney illegally authorized the Department of Public Health to change the marriage certificates from “husband” and “wife” to “partner A” and “partner B” and ordered Town Clerks and Justices of the Peace to perform and solemnize same sex “marriages,” or tender their resignation (which one did), without an accompanying statute approved by the legislature.

Schwarzenegger’s tyrannical actions are straight out of the Romney playbook.

It is no surprise that the vast majority of the leading conservative “pro-family” organizations, lawyers, and radio-pundits have been silent about Schwarzenegger’s illegal actions since virtually every one of them from Focus on the Family to Ann Coulter to Rush Limbaugh totally suppressed the truth about Mitt Romney’s virtually identical illegal actions.

Romney, not the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, was originally solely responsible for the illegal issuance of marriage licenses to same sex couples in 2004. The claim that the “activist” Goodridge Court “legalized gay marriage” is a total lie. The court didn’t even pretend its declaratory opinion on the one individual case before it, could in any way influence the current marriage statute:

“Here, no one argues that striking down the marriage laws is an appropriate form of relief.”

In fact, the court admitted that under the marriage statute, Chapter 207 of the Massachusetts General Laws, homosexual marriage is illegal:

“We conclude, as did the judge, that M.G.L. c. 207 may not be construed to permit same-sex couples to marry.”

In California, while the court has claimed that the designation of marriage as a “union between one man and one woman” must be stricken from the statute, it is crucial to reiterate that only the sovereign people of California have the constitutional authority to amend or revoke an initiative statute such as Prop 22.

Since courts lack the authority to enforce their own opinions and cannot make law, they can only be considered “activist” when the executive branch enforces their opinion as if it were the “new law.” While a bare majority of four members of the court, no doubt issued an illegal opinion and should be impeached for doing so, Governor Schwarzenegger alone authorized the issuance of the illegally altered marriage certificates. Executive tyranny, not “judicial activism,” is what occurred in California (and Massachusetts).

The bottom line is this: Same-sex “marriage” is not legal anywhere in the United States of America from Massachusetts to California. Now if only somebody would explain this basic legal concept to our superstar “conservative” leaders, lawyers, and radio-pundits who incessantly swear that it is.

Now my question here is……..why are we not following the constitution anymore? It is the founding document of our country. The fabric that this country was built on. The thing that makes this country strong. So why are we forsaking it? For the weakening of America? Yes I think so. We the people, have got to take this country back before we do not have a country anymore.

I have friends who have been threatened for telling the truth, and I know that the threats will continue, because the politicians, of both parties are trying to take this country away from the people. And folks…….they are succeeding. In a major way. We are the only ones who can stop this trend. The silent majority cannot remain silent anymore.

Recently, the silent majority spoke up, and let the politicians in Washington D.C., know that we were onto what they were doing. When the politicians gave in to the demands of the people, the silent majority went silent again. That was the mistake. We cannot be silent anymore……keep up the pressure….and let the politicians know that we want our country back. NOW!

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops always…….
God Bless my Readers, my listeners on BTR, and my viewers on Youtube,

-Seane Anna-

*The article above was written by Gregg Jackson