Congress is to blame for all of this….

If we keep letting the Liberal machine in this country continue to take our freedoms away people, we will see that with each freedom that we lose, it will be harder to win them back, than it was to win them in the first place. And the lives of so many who sacrificed to get them for us will be for naught.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops always
God Bless my readers, listeners on my BTR show, and my viewers,

-Seane Anna-

About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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6 Responses to Congress is to blame for all of this….

  1. cube says:

    Who votes for these inept liberal morons?

  2. Jinno says:

    You kind of rant and ramble here… but let me make a couple of things perfectly clear:

    Congress hasn’t made us dependent upon foreign oil by their environmental policies. We still drill in the gulf and a few other areas of our ownership and control. Our society being single-minded and consumption heavy has posted itself into this ball-breaking stand-still where foreign oil and prices have so utterly denied us the ability to budget for much more than our next tank of gas.

    Many times in the past there have been movements to subsidize alternative methods of energy and for more efficient public transportation. These movements have failed, and because of that failure we’ve had no other source to turn to in this energy crisis.

    Places that we HAVE failed in Congress in regards to the oil situation, is to have a solid maintenance of the dollar. Inflation adjusted views of oil prices show that there hasn’t been any significant rise in the price, merely steady fluctuation over the past 20 years or so. But the relatively high inflation of the dollar and it’s increasingly low comparison to other world currencies, coupled with the low growth rate of wages in this nation has lead to the energy supply being a crisis.

    The problem lies with more than just lack of domestic supply, and really drilling there would only bring down price so much. Oil and Gas is an inelastically traded good, and thus it would take an amazingly significant change in the amount supplied to really lower the gas prices. Drilling in Alaska and increasing the potential damage to that region is simply not worth it to knock 20 cents off every gallon of Gas, Robert.

    And again you over-simplify our relations with the Middle-East. Yes, religion is a big factor in the hostility we face with them. But the biggest reason that it’s been a factor is because we’ve imposed so much influence upon their nations. We as a country have been increasingly pushy in foreign affairs, and often unwilling to listen to things they have to say. We control our country, and we have a vote in the UN, and yet we continually try to control more than that, and that’s where the hostilities lie.

    It’s not just because of Religious differences, it’s not just because of our freedoms. It’s our imperialistic imposition on all nations of this planet, and it’s our unwillingness to cave on certain situations.

    The world is nowhere near as simple as you try to make it, and not all situations can be solved with Military force. Diplomacy works… Reagan used it, why won’t you?

  3. Seane-Anna says:

    Jinno, Jinno, Jinno! What can I say? Whenever you disappear for a while I always hope you’ve been off learning something that will free you from your anti-American, leftie nonsense and everytime you come back I sadly discover that’s not the case. Your comment above shows that.

    Jinno, I’m not going to debate the oil drilling question with you except to ask you this: if congress hasn’t made us dependent on foreign oil by their environmentalist policies, who has? The American consumer? And if we can’t drill for oil in Alaska and elsewhere, how do you propose we become independent of foreign oil? Simply by decreasing our consumption? Decreasing our consumption is a necessary part of the equation, but what unltimate good would that do, Jinno, if the oil we did use still came from abroad?

    Jinno, true energy independence means USING OUR OWN RESOURCES TO THEIR FULLEST, as well as decreasing consumption. And that’s what the true goal should be, energy independence, not merely lowering prices at the pump. On that, Jinno, I hope we can agree.

    We definitely do not agree, though, on your assesment of the real reason for our problems with Muslims. Yes, Jinno, it IS their religion that’s the primary problem, NOT our “pushy” or “imperialistic” foreign policy. It’s nice to see an “American” make such an effort to agree with his nation’s enemies.

    And exactly what do you mean, Jinno, when you so thoughtlessly accuse your country of imposing it’s influence on the Middle East? Do you mean our entertainment? Yes, American entertainment is popular all over the world and yes, much of it is trash. But is America to blame if people want it? Is America to blame if the mullahs in Iran can’t stop Iranians from liking MTV or Barbie dolls? And is producing trashy entertainment really a justifiable reason to virulently hate someone? Apparently, Jinno, you think it is so long as the hater is a Muslim and the hated is America.

    And what’s this crap about “…our imperialistic imposition on all nations…”? America is being imperialist against ALL nations? Who told you that, Jinno? Some college professor? I’d like some examples, please, of our imperialism against all the nations of the world. The key word there Jinno is “all”, your word, not mine. You make me sick, Jinno.

    Jinno, can’t you hear yourself? America is imperialist. America is pushy. America is unwilling to listen to others. America is “unwilling to cave on certain situations”. Damn America here and damn America there. Everything wrong in the world is America’s fault. That’s the essence of your worldview, Jinno. And the fact that you see nothing wrong with that, the fact that it doesn’t bother you to trade in that kind of anti-American propaganda is sickening.

    Jinno, I am sick to death of you liberals’ Blame America First attitude. No matter what the international problem is, you liberals’ always start with the question: what did America do wrong? I’ve had ENOUGH OF THAT SHIT!!!!! Jinno, if you find America so disagreeable then GET THE HELL OUT!!!! Go live in one of those Muslim countries you’re so sympathetic to, then criticize the government and see how fast your ass ends up in jail. You’ll be crying to come back to “imperialist” America.

    And one more thing. Please stop pretending that you admire Ronald Reagan for his diplomacy. You don’t. In fact, you’re so young that you probably don’t even know what Reagan’s diplomacy was all about. Let me fill you in.

    Jinno, Reagan practiced diplomacy through STRENGTH, and was hated for it by the same liberals who now cite him as an example of what Obama will do. In fact, Reagan’s diplomacy had nothing in common with the diplomacy championed by Obama. As I said, Reagan believed in diplomacy, and peace, through strength. Liberals, including Obama, believe in diplomacy through weakness. They believe in a diplomacy that begins with agreeing with our enemies about how evil we are. Reagan would have none of that!

    Jinno, your and other liberals’ appeal to Reagan’s legacy to support a liberal “diplomacy” that is, in fact, appeasement just shows how off the chart Orwellian you really are. Reagan never negotiated with our enemies on the presupposition that America was the villian. He was no appeaser. You liberals are, and our enemies love you for it.

  4. Jinno says:

    Well, well, well… the usual “I’m tired of liberals hating America” rant from you. Get out of my country if you’re going to be sympathetic to people of a religion different from yours in a country that has the freedom of religion.

    You’re sick of this shit? So am I. I’m sick of all religion, frankly. The idea that your irrational deity is more important than another’s. Not to mention the very assertion you have that it should drive our politics.

    I try very hard to believe that George Bush and his original Republican Congress weren’t so willing to endorse this war simply because it was on a Muslim nation. I chose to believe that we were going to war with a country that had made hostile statements against us, and for whom our intelligence said had weapons that would be of great destructive power in the world.

    This very war is an example of American imperialism. It’s a war which we authorized without approval of the United Nations, for which both we and Iraq were members. The abundance of American Military bases world-wide in countries that are not the United States are examples of our imperialism. The Korean War was an example of American Imperialism. The Vietnam War was an example of American Imperialism. Bosnia was, the Cuban Missile Crisis was, to insist that we should attack a region, and sustain ourselves there when we have little to no reason to be there, is imperialism. We subsidize foreign countries (most of whom I would think YOU disagree with more than I would). There’s more than enough evidence to show that America is a highly imperialsitic country.

    Regan negotiated with countries. Through strength? Missiles are strength? In that case, we have a few thousand soldiers and superior weaponry poised in a region we’ll be pulling out of if a Democratic president is elected, but where should we redirect that firepower? To the true defense of our homeland (IE monitoring the regions we actually control and being able to use defensive attacks to quick response if threat of attack should become readily possible?) or simply move them into the country that recently cut oil production, has constantly spoke out against an ally of ours, and wants to use Nuclear Materials to power it’s country?

    Well if you only look at those factors, I’d say we have one hell of a Strength tactic ready for bargaining, but it’s downright unnecessary. Iran is a highly impoverished country because of embargo’s we’ve pushed for in the UN, any legitimate nuclear weaponry would be of no threat to the homeland United States.

    But alas, what of US citizens who are travelling in outside countries?! What about them? Well, by UN regulations they’re obligated to follow the laws of foreign countries. Simple as that. They’re subject to their laws. Simple as that. Like it or not, that’s the consequence of leaving the United States.

    I’m not a Muslim sympathizer, I’m simply recognizing the sovereignty of other nations. Those nations happen to be run with policies of the Muslim Religion. Any diplomatic arguments they have are their right to have. It’s our obligation as a nation to first defend ourselves, and second try to reach a compromise with other nations. That second part is called negotiation.

    Doing that second part with by placing missiles, is Imperialism. It’s the use of force to control that which is not yours…

    My understanding of a good deal of diplomatic issues is limited, I’m just now graduating high school, going to college next year. I’ll be studying political science, so I’ll be happy to have you not vote for me, I’m simply expressing my views as I see them NOW. There are some holes, which you oh so kindly address and then mislabel, but I’m patching those as I go along.

    To every issue there’s more than one side, one which you could clearly give a damn less about. The oil situation in the past 5 years stems from an increase in global demand of the product, thus increasing the scarcity of the item. Meanwhile there are countries that are responding to these changes. Saudi Arabia and a number of countries are producing more. Meanwhile, some countries, such as Iran, are seeing a decreased incentive to be in the market due to issues with the cartel and a myriad of other issues, and are decreasing supply, edging out of the market.

    Oil prices have not risen unfairly, but it’s simply the attachment to which we as consumers have gotten to petroleum that has created the high inelasticity to which gasoline and other oil products are traded.

    Yes, increased supply could fix this, but there’s a rather high barrier to entry fiscally, and politically.

    Drilling in the Alaskan region would increase supply, and slightly lower the price. But there’s an extended period of time that it would take to establish oil rigs in the area, and pipeline transfer, etc. In terms of fixing the situation, this fix would take a long time and would likely not yield high benefits.

    The other side of this issue is the Environmental side, which is important to consider. Like it or not, pollution does have an impact, and oil drilling would begin a major deforestation of the Alaskan region that is most oil rich. We’ve designated these areas as reserves to preserve the life of animals in the region, and so that deforestation and eventual desertification of the Alaskan region wouldn’t occur.

    The idea that we shouldn’t drill/remove trees from the area is backed up by the evidence of Rain Forest deforestation and the desert expansion that has resulted. The Saharrah desert is expanding from the constant use of what little grassland is available for crop growing, etc.

    Environmentally, production has horrid effects. Environmental protection is an especially high importance for the future of this planet, so we have to balance economic needs (which did not exist at the high point of the discussion of the Preserve establishment of the Alaskan region) and the environmental needs.

    Global warming isn’t the only consequence of any environmental issue, but typically the “greener” solutions are the ones most beneficial to Americans on the long run, but most expensive on the short run. In order to cope with the economic oversight that has been not drilling, and the continued need of environmental protection, it’s important as always to push for ways to get these products cheaper, and more readily available.

    Subsidy doesn’t necessarily have to be the way that this is done, but it couldn’t hurt the taxpayer much more than the hundreds of billions we’ve put in the Second Iraq war, and not much more than the billions we spend trying to subsidize oil producing countries into producing more.

    Energy independence comes in two ways: fully utilizing the energy resources you have (until the inevitably run out… which will happen, and you neglect that as well), or changing to a resource that is cheaply produced and highly renewable. Electricity works. Hydrogen’s just as abundant as it’s ever been.

    But by all means, let’s stick with Oil until it runs out. Much better strategy.

    I don’t have to support flawed policies to be an American, I just had to be born to my parents. Thank goodness for that thing we call the Constitution.

  5. Seane-Anna says:

    Jinno, I said you were young and it shows. All your examples of US “imperialism” are full of holes, kid, and I’m more than happy to point them out. Grab some popcorn, pull up a chair, and learn something, because your ignorant rantings clearly show you need to.

    First, you claim that the Iraq War is an act of US imperialism mostly because, according to you, we didn’t seek UN permission to invade. Yet, in the same paragraph you also cite the Korean War and our intervention in Bosnia as examples of American imperialism. But wait! Both the Korean and the Bosnian/Kosovo wars were conducted under UN auspices. The Korean War, in fact, was officially called a UN “police action” and not a war at all. So which is it Jinno? Is America imperialist for using military force WITHOUT UN permission, or is she imperialist for using military force WITH UN permission?

    Besides, Jinno, what’s imperialist about trying to help a nation protect itself from communist aggression? America got in involved in Korea because the communist North invaded the anti-communist South. What you fail to realize, Jinno, is that much of America’s military actions after WWII were conducted to contain or stop communist expansion, something I don’t expect a liberal like you to appreciate.

    Also, what’s imperalist about trying to stop ethnic cleansing? That’s why we went into Bosnia/Kosovo, remember? America bombed Christian Serbs in order to protect Bosnian and Kosovar Albanian Muslims. And she doesn’t get an ounce of credit for that in the Muslim world. But I’m sure that’s ok with you, Jinno.

    You cite the Vietnam War as another example of American imperialism. I ask you again, Jinno. What’s imperialist about helping a nation defend itself against communist aggression? And if America was imperialist for helping South Vietnam, weren’t China and the Soviet Union imperialist for helping North Vietnam? Wasn’t North Vietnam imperialist for violating the sovereignty and neutrality of Cambodia by building large parts of the Ho Chi Minh Trail on its territory? Why aren’t you railing against that, Jinno, since you’re sooooo anti-imperialist?

    And as for America’s “abundance of military bases”, you fail to mention that most of them were established as the result of wars America did NOT start. Our bases in Japan and Germany, for instance, resulted from our defeating those nations in WWII. Our bases in South Korea are a direct result of the Korean War and are there to protect South Korea from North Korea. Other bases have been built as a result of the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, and the War on Terror.

    So no, Jinno, America didn’t wake up one morning and just start taking other people’s land for bases all over the world. I know that’s what your liberal mind wants to believe but it’s just not true. Most of America’s military bases were built out of dire circumstances and for defensive purposes, not to build an empire. And that’s just not imperialism, Jinno.

    And the Cuban Missile Crisis? It’s hilarious that you would include that in your list of examples of US imperialism. It just goes to show how ignorant you really are. Jinno, the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred when the Soviet Union installed nuclear missiles in Cuba, 90 miles off our coast, and president Kennedy demanded they be removed. It was the USSR that provoked that nerve wracking event, NOT America. And it had nothing to do with America trying to take anybody else’s land or conquer the world.

    Jinno, your indecent eagerness to believe the worst about your country is just that, indecent. You list string of “imperialist” US actions which, had you taken the time to examine them, you’d have known were nothing of the sort. But I know you’d never take a second look at your opinions if doing so might result in you having a favorable view of your country. You’re a liberal, after all, and liberals just don’t do that sort of thing.

  6. elwoodin says:

    In your post Jinno, you gave me the clue that I needed to know why you are wrong. You said that you are just now graduating high school and your going to be going to college, taking Political Sciences. Since you have gone to Government schools (public schools) that means that you have been fed a non stop liberal diatribe that has you knowing nothing else. If you are going to take political sciences, try to get some Conservative thought in there also, so that you won’t be filled with all the untruths of Liberalism.


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