Another untruth told by Barack Obama…..on his way to the White house….

Chicago Catholic pastor Dr. Rev. Michael Pfleger, speaking Sunday at Barack Obama’s Trinity United Church of Christ, implied Clinton was a white supremacist who believed she would win the nomination because of “white entitlement.” Flegler has been a noted spiritual advisor for Barack Obama for decades while he has lived in Chicago.

After Michael Pfleger’s remarks about Clinton, Otis Moss III thanked Pfleger repeatedly.

Now I have to say, we have caught Obama in another lie. He says that again he is offended. At what? What his friend and Mentor says about Hillary? About what all the pastors of his Church, the United Trinity Church of Christ says? Here is the latest…..and this man was Obama’s spiritual advisor for years. Of course, he will say he knew nothing of how he felt…but that is hard to believe. He knew and he participated too.

Now he says that he is very unpolitical, but does this sound unpolitical to you? I sure as heck doesn’t sound unpolitical to me. This church is not a church. It is a pulpit for ranting and raving about the whites of America and how they are bad. If it was a church, we would be hearing of God’s glory and Jesus and His glory….but do we hear that? NO. We hear how bad America is, and how Barack Obama will fix it. Give me a break people. This is nothing more than free advertisements for Barack Hussein Obama’s Presidential campaign. And if he makes it…..Pastor Wright, and Pastor Pfleger will be right at his side, as they have been in the past…….mentoring him on to his new position… place them into the power that they so want, and he so wants. People….wake up. We do not need an Angry black/white man as President. Look back to a post I did weeks ago about the things that Barack Obama plans when he becomes president. He is one scary man.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
God Bless my readers here, my listeners on Blog Talk Radio, and my viewers on Youtube

-Seane Anna-

Congress is to blame for all of this….

If we keep letting the Liberal machine in this country continue to take our freedoms away people, we will see that with each freedom that we lose, it will be harder to win them back, than it was to win them in the first place. And the lives of so many who sacrificed to get them for us will be for naught.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops always
God Bless my readers, listeners on my BTR show, and my viewers,

-Seane Anna-

To Spank or Not to Spank……

Another great post, by my co-author, which was originally posted on her blog a few days ago. Here is what she had to say:

Well, I guess it’s time to bring up THAT issue.
While surfing blogs on Blog Explosion several months ago I came across an anti-spanking blog. I briefly perused the site and was going to leave a comment when I saw that comments had been disabled by the author due to unpleasant remarks left by spankers who “tend to be an angry lot”. I lost all interest in the blog right then and there. To accuse adults who spank children of being somehow abnormally angry is the kind of self-righteousness that I often see in anti-spankers.

As you’ve probably guessed I’m pro-spanking, i.e. I believe that parents who want to spank their children should be allowed to without judgment and definitely without interference from the state. I even believe that day care workers should be allowed to spank children with parental permission. I know I just ticked off half the universe with that opinion. People, especially the anti-spankers, can get really emotional on this issue. So let me explain why I believe spanking is ok.

The main reason I’m pro-spanking is because I was spanked as a child and I turned out alright. No, I don’t think that everything that happens to someone in childhood should be mindlessly accepted and repeated. I certainly believe in subjecting one’s upbringing to a critical review. However, I was spanked as a child and I’m ok. As hard as it may be for the anti-spankers to believe, I’m not a child abuser, domestic abuser, violent criminal or depressed psychotic in spite of the fact that my mother whipped my tush when I needed it. The idea that spanking teaches violence is one of the anti-spankers’ favorite arguments against physical punishment but I’ve never seen that connection in real life.

Sure, there are murderers and other violent criminals who were spanked as kids but there are also countless hardworking, law-abiding, and decent people who are loving spouses and parents who were also spanked as kids. Somehow their existence doesn’t register on the anti-spankers’ radar screens. Let’s be honest here. It takes a combination of many different influences to make someone an habitually violent person. To say that spanking is the decisive factor is a little too pat for me.

Part of the problem is that anti-spanking activists tend to conflate spanking with abuse. The blog mentioned above claimed it was dedicated to protecting children from “physical assault”. That’s a loaded statement. The term “assault” conjures up dire images in the minds of most people. The effort to equate those images with parents who pop their kids on the behind every once in a while is insulting, to say the least. But that’s the dishonest tactic the anti-spankers use. Of course, many anti-spankers may sincerely believe that any physical punishment of children is physical assault, but that just makes me question their judgment.

Spanking isn’t abuse; it’s a method of discipline that children need to become productive, responsible adults. Children are not the equal of adults, a fact some anti-spankers tend to forget. Children are rightfully under the authority of adults because their understanding of life is not fully developed. Children don’t know what is best for them but will do whatever is appealing regardless of the consequences. In fact, they lack the life experience to fully understand the concept of consequences, especially long term consequences. As the Bible so accurately puts it, “Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child but the rod of correction will drive it from him.” I think the extent to which someone believes this proverb determines whether he’s pro or anti-spanking.

I don’t believe that parents have to spank their children to raise them properly. I just believe that parents who do shouldn’t be condemned for it. I feel that pro-spanking people–parents and non-parents alike–are by far the more tolerant side of this debate. They aren’t the ones accusing people of being abusers and assaulters; they aren’t the ones demanding that the state force their views on others through force of law.

If you don’t want to spank your child then don’t. If you believe that spanking is an effective tool in an overall discipline strategy then use it and don’t sweat what the anti-spankers say. Fight all attempst to outlaw spanking; that’s an egregious assault on parents’ rights to raise their children as they see fit. Yes, some people will make decisions for their kids that other people don’t like but unless those decisions are abusive government–and activists of all kinds–has absolutely NO right to interfere. So I say spank if you feel it’s right, don’t if you don’t, and live and let live. That’s a lesson in tolerance children can really use.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops always
God Bless my readers, listeners on BTR and viewers on Youtube

-Seane Anna-

Where have all the Consequences gone?

I said a long time ago, that the taking of consequences out of our punishments would make a generation of kids and adults that would have no concept of good and bad. Right and wrong. We are living in that generation, people. With kids bringing guns to school, and yes, I realize that when I was going to school a lot of us had guns too, though most of them were stuck in the back windows of pickup trucks. We didn’t bring them to school to use on someone who made us mad. That is the difference. We knew better.

Back in my day at school, if I had ever done anything that was wrong, the principle of the school could and would spank me and then send me back to class. But, and this is a big one here, but, that wasn’t the end of it.

After I got sent back to class, my parents were called, and they were told what I did…..and then when I got home, I was in trouble all over again. NO my parents wouldn’t side with me. If I got in trouble at school, I got it equally as bad, if not worse at home…….and no, I didn’t blame my parents or try to sue them for it. I took my punishment, because I usually deserved it, and knew the next time I wasn’t going to do that again. I knew right from wrong. And knew, that when I did something wrong, I was in trouble. Getting the punishments that I did, taught me that difference. I knew right from wrong.

But the government came in, and screwed things up as they usually do. They came in and made programs to fix things that weren’t broken, making things really broken and in need of a fix. If the government would just leave things alone, then they wouldn’t need fixing again.

Speaking of CPS, *Child Protective Services* back in about 1974, when I was about 22, I had a couple of friends who were great people. They got married, and had two kids. One was, at the time, about 5 years old, the other was just an infant.

We used to go to the Kettle Restaurant there on San Mateo Blvd, almost every night to have coffee and talk. I always took my future wife at the time, and they always brought their kids.

The children were well behaved most of the time, and the one evening that I remember, the older boy for some reason was acting up. After being told to stop many times, the mother, took him into the bathroom and gave him a spanking., while Kathy, my future wife, went with her, the two guys…..stayed at the table with the baby.

Needless to say, during the spanking, a woman, * and I use the term loosely here* went into the bathroom and said something to my friend, and then walked out and went to the telephone and made a phone call. She turned my friend into Child Protective services, and they came out and took the boys the next day.

When this came up in court, I was there and actually talked during the hearing. I was there to tell the judge about their character. I also had an observation about what happened that really has rung true since that day.
Now people, these two were not child abusers or anything else. The woman who turned them in had stuck her fat nose into someones business where it didn’t belong. But here is essentially what I said there that day in court.

I said: ‘that the government was putting it’s nose into people’s business and it shouldn’t ever be there. The liberals have been taking away our rights and liberties for years, and this is just another example of this invasion of our privacy.
‘The woman that started this whole thing took offense to a child being spanked for acting bad. She had no idea what was really going on, but she made it her business to butt in. And I will tell you where this whole idea of crap is going to end up.
‘We are going to have, in the future, a generation of hoodlums who have grown up without any idea of what is right and what is wrong. To them there will be no consequences for their actions, and there will be no stimulus for them to do the right things. The only input that these children will have, is negative input because when they are good, nothing will be said. When they are bad, they will be called victims by the authorities and they will be coddled by the government and taken away from good parents.
The government is taking away the rights of the parents to parent, and to discipline and to love their children. That is the liberal way of doing things, and judge your part and parcel of this future problem.
We are heading into a time, when our children will be able to talk back to their parents because there will be no respect for their elders like their used to be. There will be no consequences to bad actions that will stop them from doing said bad actions. People in power like you judge will wonder what happened.
I can say now, that if you wonder that in the future judge, and you probably will, then you can think back to this day and what I am saying now, and you will know just what has happened. Because of judges who will make judgments against good people like my friends here, for disciplining their child, when he was bad, we will have murders in our schools, and kids carrying guns all over, and knives being used for the smallest of reasons.’

Sadly, this has all come to pass. We are in a “politically correct” type of society now where everything has to be liberally politically correct. Children cannot be punished by the parents anymore…in some states it is even against the law!

The Democrats and some of the Republicans who are in office in Washington D.C., have taken it upon themselves to take the place of the parents, and be the ones who discipline the children. The problem there is, with government dealing out the punishments, the government also has taken out the consequences of being bad, because in the liberal eye, no kid is bad…..he is just a victim of his environment. But that is wrong. He/she is not a victim of his environment, he/she is a victim of their government taking away consequences and trying to take God out of everything. Like a friend of mine today in the chatroom of my Saturday show at noon on BTR, said, the abuse comes from having no consequences.

Now, I am not saying that child abuse isn’t bad….because it is. What I am saying is that like all government agencies that get started, they start out with a good idea, and then keep getting added onto until it goes overboard and starts making a bad thing out of a good. That is where CPS and other governmental agencies are now. And we are about to elect a president who believe in everything that I have said here is bad. If elected, either Barack Hussein Obama, or Hillary Rodham Clinton will add to the problems by bringing into being more and more goverment programs that will do nothing but break something that doesn’t need fixing. Then, when the problem gets worse because of their interferance, then we will have to have it fixed, when it was okay in the first place. Mark my words here people. Either one of these two people are socialists and would do nothing good for America.

And you think things are bad now? Elect them and just wait. Things will get worse. Much worse.

God Bless America…..
God Bless our Troops…..
God bless my readers here, my listeners on BTR, and my viewers on my video updates…

-Seane Anna-

Operation Chaos is alive and well in Jamestown…..

We are causing Chaos, and causing Chaos is fun fun fun. As a 24/7 Member of Rush’s site, and agreeing with him 98.6% of the time, I am proud to be a part of his Operation Chaos. Since the primary for Indiana was today, and It didn’t occur to me until yesterday, to get a shirt, I didn’t have the time to go to Rush Limbaugh’s site and order one of his Operation Chaos t shirts or hats. I being a graphic designer, and knowing the process of making things that are printed, *and of course owning a Macintosh, which is the best graphics computer around* I designed a t-shirt for voting in the primary today.

I wish that they would have let me take pictures of my wife voting with her shirt on, but since they frown on that kind of activity, I had photos taken last night with both Tammy and me in them. The front has the Rush Limbaugh banner on it from his site, and then the words Let the Chaos Begin in black with two drop shadows, the middle one white and the bottom one a 30% red. Then on the back, is the Rush Limbaugh logo for Operation Chaos, and then under it is Operation Chaos in the same kind of drop shadowed lettering that is on the front. We wore them to vote, though, once again, they didn’t have my name on the voting rolls! (This being the third time!)

I moved to Jamestown three years ago, and each year I have gone in and registered to vote changing from Elwood in Madison county to here in Boone county, and each time I go back, my name still isn’t on the voting rolls. It went down like this:

We went inside, and then they checked our picture id’s, and let us in. We went to our table, and they opened the voting rolls book to our names, and of course, like I said my name wasn’t there…but my wife’s was. She was told to take a card with either an R or a D on it and she took a D and went to vote, while they feverishly worked to find out why my name wasn’t on the voting rolls yet.

My beautiful wife voted, and I could not, but once again, re registered to vote, with them saying, that if I do not get a card this time in the mail by the end of July, to contact the Voter Registration Person, and they gave me her number. So the number is now on my desk stuck to my monitor. I will vote in the general election as a Republican.

This was fun to be there with the O/C , and even though no one said anything, I did see a few looks and a couple of smiles and thoughtful stares at what the shirts said. All-in-all, so far, Operation Chaos has been fun, and I also got another T-shirt job out of it, because one lady loved how it looked. She wants a Mothers day T-shirt for her 4 daughters. Now that is cool, and I have Rush and Operation Chaos to thank for this one. Hope everyone had a wonderful day, and everyone in the Primary states, hope your voting experience was wonderful and fun……

God Bless America…..
God Bless our Troops always….
God Bless my readers here, my listeners on BTR, and my video updates here and on YT.

-Seana Anna-

Our energy problem….

I have asked this question many times over the last year, and that is Why is it always our energy problem, and why do the liberals and the environmentalists always fall back on the least plausible of the options as being the one that is true?

When it comes to the War in Iraq, the liberals and the media always fall back on the fact that the war is about oil. First off, it is not.

We are in the war on terror, ie: The war in Iraq, because we were attacked brutally and savagely on September 11th, 2001. That being said people, why is the hatred for Bush so strong that the subject always falls to “it’s Bush’s war” and “he is in it for oil”.

Well, first off, it isn’t Bush’s war, it is our war. We were the ones attacked on 9/11 not Bush, and when it comes to the “he’s in it for oil” fiasco, that doesn’t even hold water.
Our energy problem do not stem from Bush and “his war” as you libs put it. It stems from years and years of the environmentalists and the government doing everything they can to keep us from drilling our own oil. And here is the sad part about this. We cannot drill for our own oil in the gulf, but we are letting the Chinese and the Russians do it! As the most technologically advanced nation on earth, if the environmentalists ideas that to drill would cause irrepreparable damage to the environment, then wouldn’t a country who isn’t as technologically advanced not be able to do it as environmentally sound as we could? The answer to that one is a resounding NO! So the answer still needs answering. Why can’t we drill for our own oil?

I know a few of the reasons that the environmentalists are always saying that there is no way to us to drill for oil are because they think that we cannot do it, and they always do one other thing. They always show photos of some poor animal covered in oil because of an oil slick.. But they never tll you that things like the bird shown here, are not from oil wells, but spills from a ship that has run aground or something like that. The oil wells had nothing to do with that.

Environmentalists use a little truth, and a lot of lies to get what they want. A great example of this is Al Gore and his polar bear theory, that they are running out of ice and therefore drowning, by trying to swim many many miles to get to something else that they can get out of the water on.

The trouble with that kind of thinking is, that the polar bears are excellent swimmers and have been swimming for centuries if not longer. It is part of what they do to fish, move around and have fun. Polar bears love the water. So drowning? I think not. Just another lie that is propagated on the American public. And what we need to do is to start letting these environmentalist wackos know that we are onto them and their lies.

Now to bring up another point that they always seem to hit us with, is, that ‘we do not care for the environment.’

People, I care for the environment as much as the next person, but, I hate having to pay out the nose for things that are only causing more troubles. Much like ethanol.

The ethanol problem is skyrocketing prices not only in fuel, but also in food costs, making it so that the farmers have to grow their corn not for food anymore, but for ethanol, a not so inexpensive subsitute for gasoline. Gasoline burns a lot more effeciently, and you get more miles per gallon with gasoline, than you do with ethanol based fuels.

So we are paying for a fuel that will not cut it if totally instituted like the liberal media and the politicians in Washington want. The price of corn will continue to go up because the politicians are now giving incentives to grow corn for fuel. If the farmers will make more money to grow corn for fuel than for food, my friends, guess what they are going to do? You guessed it. They will grow corn for ethanol. And in doing so, they will raise the price of meat, because the animals who eat corn, will cost more because the corn for food costs more. And the list could go on and one if I wanted too. This is just the starting of the troubles that we are heading towards if we do not stop letting the environmentalists and the government do the thinking for all of us. Step forward and let your congressman and congresswoman know that they are wrong and we do not want to pay for things that will not help us in the long run.

Let us drill in Anwar! Let us drill in the Dakotas where the latest BIG find of oil is. This is a must if we are to become energy efficient and energy independent of foreign oil. Do this and we will be able to thumb our noses back at the middle east, who has been thumbing their noses at us for years. They think they have us all by the balls with their control of oil……and you know what? They do, because the environmentalists seem to like that.

But there is one more question to be asked here. Why, if we can’t drill for our own oil, do we let a foreign nation like China and Russia come in and drill for our oil? Now that doesn’t make any sense to me. Does it to you?

God Bless Americabr
God Bless our Troops….
God Bless my readers here, my listeners on BTR, and my viewers on my video updates on youtube.

-Seana Anna-

for more information……..
Why Iraq War Isn’t ‘About Oil’
April 2, 2003
Andrew Cassel

With so many possible arguments against the war, why do opponents trumpet the one that makes the least sense?

That’s the charge that “it’s all about oil.”

You hear this constantly. Everyone from government officials in Europe and China to college-age protesters lying down in the streets seem to believe the U.S. government is waging war in order to seize or control Iraq’s crude reserves.

Press the issue further, and they’ll point the finger at greedy multinational oil companies, which of course have close ties to our former-oilman-from-Texas President. Or sneer that we’re fighting to feed our gas-hogging SUVs and sprawling McMansions.

Typically, though, the “it’s about oil” idea is less an argument than an insinuation. “No Blood for Oil” makes a fine chant, and TV cameras love props such as those cutouts of drilling rigs with red paper streaming out the top (blood – get it?) carried by protesters in Philadelphia the other day.

But think about it even a little, and the charge gets harder to understand.

Are we fighting to make oil cheaper, because of our wasteful habits? Or more expensive, to boost the oil barons’ profits? Who is dictating America’s hidden oil agenda here, producers or consumers?

Who supports, who opposes

It gets even murkier if you look at who supports and opposes the United States in Iraq. Oil-importing France and Germany loudly object to the invasion; so does Russia, now the world’s second-biggest oil exporter. Kuwait, which produces and exports oil, is with us; so is Australia, which imports and consumes it.

Where others stand, in other words, isn’t driven by their position in the global oil market. If it’s not all about oil for everyone else, why is it for us?

As a nation, we obviously care deeply about oil. But the idea of waging war for either higher or lower prices rings pretty hollow.

Oil is the ultimate global commodity. Its price depends on how much is produced and consumed all over the world. That means the growth of Chinese auto sales or last winter’s temperatures in Scandinavia can affect prices as much as who controls the wells in Iraq.

Oil is fungible, moreover; if buyers can’t get it from one seller, they can easily find another. Sanctions and war limited Iraq’s oil sales for most of the last 12 years, yet other producers were easily able to meet demand.

A post-Saddam Hussein Iraq would surely modernize its oil industry and produce more crude, which might indeed help lower world prices. But the United States would surely not be the only winner there; Iraq itself would gain from its increased market share.

No logic to the claim

William Nordhaus, a Yale economist who published a critical analysis of the war’s likely costs, sees no logic in America’s laying claim to Iraq’s oil reserves. “It’s hard to come up with any cost-benefit analysis that says that makes any sense,” he told me.

America’s oil interests are broader than one nation or region. “To the extent we have an economic objective here, it’s to stabilize the world market,” Nordhaus said.

We want the worldwide market to remain open, free-flowing and competitive. Thus, it makes more sense to argue that the first Gulf War was “about oil”: Hussein had seized Kuwait’s oil fields and was threatening to move in on Saudi Arabia’s as well.

But this time is different. If all we wanted was more of Iraq’s oil, it would have been much easier and cheaper simply to buy it.

In fact, it makes as much sense to claim the Iraq war is “just about oil” as it does to say South Africa’s antiapartheid struggle was “just about diamonds.”

The real issue isn’t access to a natural resource; it’s what those who control the resource are doing with the cash. Hussein’s oil enables him to afford weapons of mass destruction – or so the Bush administration claims.

Take issue with that claim if you want. Argue that the war is stupid, cruel or potentially ruinous. Say we’re being misled by theological or imperialist zealots.

But don’t simply dismiss it as “all about oil.”

It’s not.