Global Warning again…..the International Global Warming Convention….but will the media cover it?

Today was another Global Warming Convention and I betted that this one would NOT be covered by the Liberally Biased media, because this time, it will not fit their agenda of mankind destroying our environment. And you know what? It wasn’t people!

A lot of the information that I am getting for this, I get from the site called Surface stations They have on this site, the specifications required of the official temperature readings stations, and how most do NOT comply with the standards set up for the building of these stations. Here is some of what I have found people. And a lot of this information will make Al Gore’s assumptions on Global Warming stupidly and outrageously wrong.

The specifications for setting up one of these temperature reading stations is that they should not be build on or near anything that can cause changes in temperatures. No asphalt near the sensors. No vehicles near the sensors. No air conditioner exhaust near the sensors. Get the idea here? They are to be built away from anything that can give a false reading, like the asphalt around or near the building. Having vehicles too close to the reading sensors. There are photos, which I have included some of here, that show asphalt around the sensor stations. Automobiles parked with radiators close to the sensor units. One is even built on top of a roof. And you know how roofs give off higher temperatures.
US Weather temperature taking station in Roseburg, Oregon
Another thing that I found on the site were sensors that were close to big electrical units, that give off heat. Near asphalt, and cars….both of which will give off heat in the right circumstances. Imagine, if these stations are the ones that we are getting our temperatures from, how can they really be accurate? Especially the one on the roof in Roseburg, Oregon.

Another station, in GunnisonAnother station, in Gunnisonanother, in Salisbury, NC

Now, because this Convention on Global Warming goes totally against the arguments of Al Gore and the Global Warming crowd, we will never hear of this in the mainstream media. Like I said above, it doesn’t fit their agenda. They fight the scientists who are against Global Warming, not because the scientists may be right, but because they threaten their agenda to make the citizenry pay for the things that will more help to destroy what mankind has done, than help the earth. They keep saying that we have to save the world, but there is no discussion, only their ideas. They do not want the other side of the story told. Next time you see someone talking about how global warming is destroying our planet and mankind is at the forefront of this, give them this argument, and they will try to shut you down instead of letting you make your point, then argue their point. To them, you don’t have a point……just another way to be a part of the human race, who wants to destroy this world. And we are insane if we listen to them. Also, if you wish to see bigger photos of the ones I posted above, click on them and they will appear larger. The last one has words on it to explain what is wrong with where the sensor is placed.

God Bless America….always
God Bless our Troops….and their mission
God Bless my readers here on my blog, my listeners on my blog talk radio show, and my viewers on my video updates.


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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4 Responses to Global Warning again…..the International Global Warming Convention….but will the media cover it?

  1. Seane-Anna says:

    Will the MSM cover the convention? NO!!!

  2. Angel says:

    good grief..more lies by the Goraholics!

  3. they will give it a mention somewhere, but none of the hoopla of last year – and what they do say will be liberally spun to fit their agenda. most of the lemings in the world will believe it, regardless.

  4. Jolly_Rotter says:

    Look at this blog and tell me if you think it is ‘too liberal’

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