More indoctrination for our Children?

It seems that over the last decade, from staunch believers in Conservatism, and staunch believers in Liberalism, that there are two different and opposite points of view.

Conservatives, (the staunch ones) believe God is the way, and a moral and Just America will be a strong America. Now, his is another. That is just what the Democrat party USED to stand for also. But not anymore.

The Democrats now stand for things like big government, higher taxes, less representation, more expensive government programs, higher taxes for those that already pay the lions’ share of the taxes, and “Tax refunds” for those who do not pay taxes or pay very little! They also stand for the indoctrination of our children. Here is a good one that proves this. Children’s books…..books called things like:
Why Mommy is a Democrat (on the left)
Why Daddy is a Democrat (on the right)

These are cute books, that not only are cute, but wrong. I have samples of some of these books. Like this: (click on them to see larger version of each page.)
Why mommy is a democrat #1 Why Daddy is a democrat # 1
Why Mommy is a democrat #2 Why Daddy is a democrat # 2

Why Mommy is a democrat #3 Why Daddy is a democrat # 3
They talk here like only the Democrats love sharing. Only the Democrats love good teachers. Only the Democrats want us safe. Only the Democrats worry about our planet. Only the Democrats want good schools. Only the Democrats do good things.

Now, I could rebut all of these, because it is the the Democrats who put in teachers that do not teach the truth, but only liberal agendas. The Democrats do not want us safe because they do not care for us to win the war we are in, nor do they want our country safe because they want our borders open and all criminals are only victims…..not bad. They are the ones pushing for Global Warming laws that are for something that hasn’t been proved and only costs the United States Billions in tax dollars each and every year. And they try to make the kids think that only the Democrats do good things. I hate what they are doing, and if I had the money to do it, my kids would be taken out of Government schools today, and then home schooled.

They stand for a Global Community which would make the borders of our country obsolete. One of the main reasons that they are so against closing our southern borders, and sending the illegals back to where they came from is because they want them here. Now, granted, the problem with the illegals has gotten so out of hand that it would be next to impossible to send them back by rounding them all up. Which by the way, is the stance that the Democrats and a lot of the “so called” Republicans are for. They want to make them legal, because they say, it would be too hard to send them all back. It would be too hard to find them all. Well, the IRS does just that, when it comes to tax payers! And they have a lot more to find. Why can’t we, when it comes to the illegals, find them all? After all, there is an EASY solution to all this. Go after the companies that hire them. Impose fines and consequences to them who enable the illegals to stay here. If we did just that one thing, they would start going home all by themselves, because it would no longer pay for them to be here.

Another reason, that the Democrats want the illegals made legal is because it would give them a new large voting block. But therein, people, lies another problem. In order to vote, you have to be a citizen of the United States, and most of the illegals want nothing to do with that. They do not want to be citizens of this country. They are already citizens of their own country. So, in order for the democrats to get them as a “new large voting block”, then the laws of this country would have to be changed, and the constitution changed. Do you people see now where this is leading?

First off, the Constitution of the United States is a remarkable document, that until now has withstood the ravages of time and people. The constitution was written with safeguards included, that would protect it from “activist” judges who make up laws from the bench instead of following the laws that are on the books. Those are the kind of judges that the Democrats and liberals for years have wanted in there. As long as there is a majority of those kind of judges, then they are happy. When the majority comes close to swinging the other way, they then start talking about a balance of power. Here is what they mean people.

When the Democrats have a desirable “balance of Power”, the balance is in their favor. Always has to be. When it swings the other way, they get scared that their little unbalance of power as it really is, is then in jeopardy, and they will lose their power block.

Now, this is NOT to say that all Democrats are bad, for they are not.Zell Miller is a great Democrat. But, the same can be said about the Republicans too. They are not all good. They are NOT!

I voted for Bush. On the surface, a lot of his programs are good. But, he has lost the will to fight for them, instead, after all the “Bush bashing” that has gone on all during the full length of his Presidency, he has all but given in. Who wouldn’t under such an immense and wrong pressure? And yes I said wrong. It is never right, when the opposition thinks your wrong, even when they agree with you. And that is what President Bush has had to contend with his whole presidency. No wonder he has wavered a bit.

Not only do the Republicans have to put up with being “bashed” all the time by the Democrats, the Media, George Soros, and Michael Moore, just to name a few, but when they (the Republicans), turn around and go after the democrats for doing the same things (or worse), than the Republicans do, they get blasted again for not being bi partisan enough or fair enough. We know that you democrats only want bipartisanship when things start going against you. That is the only time you whine about it.

The media, for most all of my adult life, has pushed the Liberal agenda, as the Right thing to do. The Right way to be. But in order to get the things that they want, laws have to be changed. Borders have to be kept open. Illegals have to be made legal. Then, whether they are citizens or not, have to be given the right to vote. Benefits for the illegals, which are things that only the citizens of this great country should get, are being pushed by the liberal agenda, And the Liberal agenda includes anything that could raise your taxes, make more government programs to pay for, make laws for things that are not really happening or haven’t been proved yet, just to push their agenda forward. The biggest farce that they have pushed is of course, Global Warming.

This is something that HAS NOT been proven…..but the media and the Global Warming crowd crows it like it has been absolutely proved and anyone who is against it, is nothing less than a traitor. Funds are cut off for any scientist who does not agree with the global warming crowd, even though their stance on the subject has changed constantly during the last century. In the 1920s it was global warming. We were all going to die. In the 1970’s it was the next ice age coming. We were all going to die. In the 1990’s and the first years of 2000, have been warming. We were all going to die. Now, the earth is not warming anymore, and they are doing their best to make their arguments go both ways, by now saying it is climate change. We are all going to die. Can’t you all see how ridiculous this all sounds?

The only thing that they have been right on all these years? Yep you guessed it. We are all going to die. Isn’t that a hoot?

The Liberal media will back a democrat even when it has been proven that they are wrong. But, here is the clincher people. When they are proven wrong publicly…….you can count on blessed silence from the media for weeks….till they get the time it needs for our memory spans to lapse…..then ……off they go again, and then?

We are all going to die.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops and Their Missions
God Bless my readers and listeners on Blog Talk Radio


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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4 Responses to More indoctrination for our Children?

  1. Angel says:

    Fabulous read!..actually right in line with my last post as well…please come and comment if u please…we must be vigilant and keep raising our voices my friend!!:)

  2. Dwana says:

    Why Mommy/Daddy is a Democrat? Are you kidding me?! Please! If the Dems want to write books explaining their views to children, fine, but the books should at least hint at the fact that non-Dems are caring, sharing people, too. And they should reveal that Dems define “sharing” as the government forcibly taking from people their income and any other property it wants. All for the common good, of course.

  3. tapline says:

    Robert, Excellent Post.You seem to be right on target with your post. Some people have a better gift at expressing themselves than others. stay well…….

  4. Chris says:

    Good post. Here in NJ the teachers union runs everything, and our kids are brainwashed from day 1 in liberal orthodoxy. I put my daughter in private school (Catholic) and it’s much better than the public schools, but they still tilt at the global warming windmill.

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