The Bell is not always heard…..

One of the things that people seem to forget, is that the WARNING BELL that has been going off for the last several decades, about things that are going wrong with our society, is not something that is always heard. And our representatives in Washingtons’ high places have done what they can to make the constant clanging and the din of warning fade into the background. How you ask? It is simple.

This process that has been used has taken a long time to come to fruition. It started back in the times that we all look at as the idillic times of this nation, when people had other things to worry about. Like the cold war and the big bomb dropping out of the sky. Morals were high, and the thought of premarital sex was not thought of as “normal”, as it is today.

A woman, who wasn’t married, who was pregnant was thought of as a slut…, she is thought of only as an unwed mother. Teenage pregnancies were not common, but today they are. Back then, sex was thought of as something that two people who were in love and married did. Seldom was it done by people who were not married, because we were afraid of getting a girl pregnant, and back then, most of the girls wouldn’t let you get that far. Sex was taught in the home, and even though we didn’t really get sat down to learn about it, we learned enough to make us not really want to do too much before we got married because of the fear of the “clap” or of getting a woman pregnant. But now? It is thought of as something that people do for recreation. Abortion on demand is now prevalent.

Through the years of the liberals meandering in our lives, we were slowly made to think that bad things wouldn’t happen if we had sex before marriage, (something that we are finding out was not the truth) and slowly the women started to know that they could have sex too. Suddenly we were having troubles with our morals, as premarital sex was happening all the time, and the “clap” (that we were afraid of when we were kids) became something worse, and our morals went farther and farther down the tubes, as more and more things that used to be taboo were made to be normal.

I remember growing up, on the weekends, we kids would go out and play football, or hide and seek or something. We would play cowboys and Indians with no one getting offended by the fact that we were killing indians. We played with toy guns with “caps” in them so they would make noise. No one really died because we knew it was pretend. If you did something wrong, you got in trouble for it. Now, the liberal way of thinking goes, if you do something wrong you are not wrong, you are only a victim. You are a victim of your circumstances.

All I have to say to this PC batcrap is that sure there are victims. But not everyone is. That is where this politically correct stuff has led us.

When we were kids, if we did something wrong, say at school, we got sent to the principles office, and there we got a few whacks with a belt or a paddle from the principle, BUT that was not the end of it. The principle, *gasp* then called our parents, sometimes with us in the room so we could hear what he had to say! And when we got home, we found out that the principle of the school had indeed told them what we had done, and we got in trouble again. The parents sided with the principle!!! In my day we were afraid to do things like take guns to school, even toy guns, because we would not only get it at school, but also at home. Even toy guns stayed at home, because of our fear of punishment! And getting it at home was always worse. The punishment usually lasted for a while too, because not only would we get a spanking, but usually we would get grounded too. If friends came over to play, they were sent home by our parents after being told what we did, and that we were grounded. How humiliating that was! See why most of us turned out good? The humiliation didn’t destroy our psyche, it strengthened it.

Back in about 1975, I remember some friends of mine who had two kids. One was the best mannered little boy you would ever want to meet. The other was only about 8 months old. Both boys were good, and very seldom ever gave their parents any troubles.

One night, we all went to the Kettle Restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I lived at the time, for an evening meal and dessert, and for some reason, that night, the little boy decided to act up. After taking this for about 20 minutes, the mom, who had it in her rights to do at the time, took the little boy into the bathroom and gave him a spanking. During the spanking, some “ole biddy” and I use the term loosely, came in and took offense to what my friend was doing and turned her into the Child protective Services.

At the hearing for the matter, I spoke, telling the judge that “this whole thing about reporting a parent when they were disciplining their kid for acting up was going to backfire on them”, because ‘the day was going to come, when “old biddies” like the reporting woman (who was not old by the way) would continue to do this until it became illegal to spank your kids.’ (In Indiana this has already happened!) ‘Then the kids will become hoodlums because there will be no consequences to their actions, and then, we will all start asking ourselves what happened.’

All of this has come true. Kids, according to the PC Police, are no longer bad……….they are only victims. They bring guns to schools, and go on murderous rampages, killing people, and everyone is asking what the heck happened?

What happened people, is the politically correct view that no one is bad. They are only victims of their circumstances. No one deserves to be punished for being bad, because they are only acting up in resistance to their situations. This is bullcrap people. Kids do bad things. People do bad things. There are bad people as well as good people.

The only way that kids will learn right from wrong, is to be punished for being bad, and to be praised for doing the right things, and to be loved.

Unfortunately, even the loving part isn’t there a lot anymore.

A lot of kids grow up with the knowledge that they were a mistake that should never have happened. First off, there are some things that should be done with the kids of today.

They HAVE to be loved. Unconditionally. They are kids and dependent on us for their upbringing and their good will. They have to learn that there is a higher power that is over all of us, whether you believe in God or not, kids have to know that they are important, not only to you the parents, but to God also.

Kids have to grow up knowing that there are always consequences to their actions, good or bad. Always They have to grow up knowing that if they do something bad, they will be punished. They also have to know that if they do something good, that they will be praised. That has to go both ways. The Liberal establishment of the pressand the PC police have made it so that there are no consequences to breaking our laws. The illegals are praised as good people who are only victims of their circumstances and in need of our compassion, not to be punished for breaking our laws. The problem with that way of thinking is, that the PC police also go 180° out of that way of thinking, when the offender is a white, Christian Republican. And this way of thinking goes all the way to the top of our government. Any Conservative in our government is wrong no matter what they do, but the liberals are not. Now, before any of you come at me for that statement, there are exceptions to this rule. There are Republicans who do wrong and rightfully get in trouble for it…..and conversely, there are Democrats who do wrong and get in trouble, but the Democrats only get in trouble if it actually somehow hits the news and people find out what they did. If it doesn’t, the bad doing is hidden from the public and dropped. If it comes up in the future, they say that bringing up something that happened years ago isn’t relevant anymore. Unless, of course it has something to do with a Republican. And they are never called on this.

This is something that I have never understood. I don’t understand how they get away with this, but they always do.

This kind of thinking has got to stop because if it doesn’t, thoughts like this will only end up further destroying the fabric of our country. It has already made us apologizers for doing what we do as a nation to keep ourselves safe and sovereign, even though what we have apologized for is nothing more than any other country in the same situation would do and has done. Can’t you see that this has led us down the wrong path? Can’t you see that we have to stop this before it completely destroys this nation? Or is this what you liberals want? I think it is. So, you see, the bell that tolls, is not always heard.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops and their Mission
God Bless my readers and Listeners on Blog Talk Radio


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About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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10 Responses to The Bell is not always heard…..

  1. Jason says:

    Wow, those damn liberals really ruined things for everyone, didn’t they? I sure hope a republican wins and takes us back to the good old days. But you missed a few other wonderful things from the good old days. Let’s not forget good old McCarthyism! Forget about what they used to call unwed mothers back then. Do you remember what they used to call African-Americans, or what they did to them when they got all uppity demanding special equal rights? They were as bad as the gays are today, and those damn liberals only supported their cause to buy their votes. Back then a woman knew her place and if she didn’t, her husband could smack the shit out of her. They took that away and now we have Hillary Clinton running for president for cryin’ out loud. Back then, OJ would have been a hero (if he was White, of course). And if one of these sluts did accidentally get pregnant, they could always get a back alley abortion with a coat hanger. I miss all the freedoms from the good old days!

  2. Dwana says:

    Jinno you ignorant *beep!*. I can’t believe how you totally ignored the points Robert was making in this post and instead went on your customary liberal tirade. If you’re going to rant, child, then at least get the points right!

    Robert was NOT saying that the past was 100% perfect, only that certain, very important things WERE better then than now. It never ceases to amaze me how antsy libs get when anyone reminds Americans of the good things in our pre-Sixties culture. They’re like the Bolsheviks who freaked out over anyone knowing the positive accomplishments of Czarist Russia.

    Jinno, you’re young and have obviously chosen to accept liberal propaganda without question. Well, let me enlighten you. You mention McCarthyism. Well, do you know that the House UnAmerican Activities Commitee, which McCarthy used to hunt commies, was started in the ’30’s and was originally used by the liberal god, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, to hunt Nazis? Did you know, Jinno, that thousands of German and Italian residents and citizens of America were put into internment camps, along with the Japanese, curtesy of FDR’s HUAC? I didn’t think so.

    You mentioned African-Americans. Do you know who voted in the larger numbers for the Civil Rights bill in 1965 (I believe it was ’65)? Republicans! You see, Jason, the Democratic party then had a wing known as the Dixiecrats, White Southern Dems who supported segregation and opposed voting and other civil rights for Blacks. For over a century the Old South was also known as the Solid South–solidly Democratic. Blacks overwhelmingly voted Republican–Lincoln’s party–until the Great Depression and FDR’s New Deal. History starting to get a little complicated, huh?

    Yes, abortion was illegal in Robert’s and my youth, Jinno, but that didn’t mean women were oppressed. They weren’t. Look at the movies and tv shows from the ’30’s, ’40’s, and ’50’s. Look at the female characters. They aren’t dumb, meek, shrinking vines submissively doing as they were told by men. No, they’re strong, independent, outspoken females who don’t hesitate to go toe to toe with men.

    Take the movie “Mildred Pierce”. In it Mildred, played by Joan Crawford, divorces her husband and starts a successful chain of restaurants. That film was made in the mid ’40’s and there’s no hint that a woman divorcing her husband and becoming a businesswoman was unusual or scandalous for that time. And then there’s the courtroom drama Perry Mason. I’ve longed noticed the different jobs, from stewardess to private detective, that the female characters had on that show.

    Yes, Jinno, the above is anecdotal evidence but I think it nonetheless shows that women had far more freedom and opportunities in pre-feminist America than we’ve been led to believe. And as for abortion well, Jinno, it never has been supported by all feminists. Most of the 19th century feminists whom modern feminists worship, women like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, OPPOSED abortion, which is something I’m sure you won’t learn in school.

    And while abortion was illegal during most of 19th century America it was so socially acceptable in some places, like New York City, that abortionists advertised in newspapers, albeit discreetly. Women offered their services helping other women cure “female problems” or remove a “blockage of the menses”. Everyone knew these phrases were code for abortion.

    Well, I could go on and on with this history lesson but I think you get the idea. As I said, not everything was hunkydory in the past and Robert wasn’t saying that it was. But some things were better, and those that weren’t were not necessarily as bad, or bad in the precise way, as libs want us to believe.

    My advice to you Jinno is to get your nose out of those liberal texts you’re reading and expose yourself to other information with an open mind. Try to actually learn something instead of just looking for stuff to rage about. You might just like what you find.

  3. Dwana says:

    Hey Jason, sorry I kept calling you Jinno in my comments. I got you confused with your ideological twin.

  4. Jason says:

    Shirley, do you expect me to actually wade through a whole post of Robert’s rambling bullshit let alone your irrelevant interpretation history? That would actually require some respect for you two clowns.

  5. Dwana says:

    “Shirley”? Were you trying to say “surely”, or were you just being a smartass about my confusing you with Jinno? Either way, you’re being you classic self.

    So, you made your smartass comment to Robert’s post without even completely reading it. Isn’t that what you libs are always accusing us conservatives of doing? I guess you have to call his post “bullsh!t” so you’ll look good for slamming it without really knowing it.

    And your whining about my “irrevelant interpretation [of] history” is more classic liberalism. Jason, dear, the historical facts I gave you were just that, FACTS, not interpretations. Don’t get mad at me because you can’t deal with the fact that FACTS don’t jibe with your agenda. If you have to get mad at anyone get mad at your teachers, the media, and leftie politicians who all conspire to suppress the truth.

    Now go do like I said and educate yourself with an open mind. You do have a mind, don’t you?

  6. elwoodin says:

    First off, who is this Shirley that you were talking about. The word Jason is Surely. As for Dwana’s irrelevant history…..young man, it was you that brought it up in the first place. How come you can bring something up to try to make your point, but when it is proven wrong, it is irrelevant? That my dear boy is one reason that liberalism doesn’t work. You can never take the other side of the issue if yours is proved wrong, and you have to. Common sense tells you that, if you listen to it.

    If you wish to rebut someone for something they said, that was in response to something that you brought up…..don’t try to make us all think that it was Dwana who brought something into the conversation that was irrelevant. She didn’t. She just corrected your wrong assumption. And you know what they say about assumptions don’t you? When you assume, you make an ass out of you and me? Well, this time you did it to yourself, and only yourself.


  7. So the country is being victimized by the liberals and the leftards! ROFL

    On the one hand, it would grate on me to have to cry and play the victim, but on the other hand, maybe this is what we should scream every time the leftards start picking on conservatives. We could call them racists and conservaphobes — never mind that conservatism is not a race, neither is Islam.

    There are consequences for actions, but our society has gotten away from that. It is tempting to dump the blame for it all in the laps of the leftards, where the blame so seems to belong, but did not we let them get away with it?

    Remember, that is the sum total of Clintonite morality — can I get away with it? And, in a world where no one is accountable because the criminals are grotesquely portrayed as the victims, yes they can.

  8. elwoodin says:

    You are right. The blame also lies in the hands of the Republicans for allowing this to happen. It seems when the Republicans do something like trying to take our rights away, the Democrats are always there doing what they can to stop it. But the Republicans never seem to know how to stop it the Democrats do the wrong things. One of the things that hurts about being a Republican. They seem to have no backbone to stand up to what is wrong, and correct it. The only ones that do, are the ones that are not in power to do anything. And they don’t seem to realize that the power is really in their hands……


  9. tapline says:

    This is an outstanding post……I think the writer is from my generation. I do not have the time to properly speak to this problem. It seems that some responders do not think in the same vain as the authors points, which I might as were outstanding. The big overwhelming problem which will not be uttered by either the Media nor the left leaning nationbashing idiots. I use the term idiots because to lump them into either of the two parties would be wrong. Some of the Republicans are on the wrong side of issues such as soverignty and other immigrations issues. The taking of God out of this nation, under which it was built was the beginning of the end. and it continues to crumble as I post. It is written” spare the rod and spoil the child. It is one of the foundations of Christianity. This does not mean that a parent has a right to beat a child for misbehaving, but it does mean that if applied properly and at appropriate times. it works……I do not believe in school personnel having the authourity to physically harm a child. That should be left to a parent. I have 4 children only one I spanked, and that was because, he frigtened the h-ll out of me running into the road. He learned you dont’ run into a road. I didn’t beat him but just putting a skite on him was enough….. Laws have been passed taking the power of parenting away from the parent and in the hands of the Court or the School, in other words Government. We have allowed this to happen because if someone oversteps what is considered normal disiplinary measures the Media picks it up as an isssue that it happens everywhere, making the polititian react to public pressure SOOOOOOO, a law is passed making it illegal to lay a hand on a child. In some areas, it is considered assault..because you have laid a hand on the person. In some states however it is covered in law that a person who is in charge of a juvenile is authorized to use whatever means necessary to subdue a juvenile who is hurting himself or others. These however are few and far between. When I first had contact with Social Workers. The field was adrift with Socialist, When I mentioned about possibly involving the church with a specific case, I was laughed at…. We don’t do that. Today that thinking has lost much of its anti-christian retoric. In fact in some instances it is encouraged. Big Brother is still in there trying to keep religion out of this field as possible. They think the government can raise a child better than a parent. My take is that Government is no substitute for a parent, even on who needs help. lend a hand then give them the lead…I ramble…stay well……

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