If Trent Lott or President Bush had said this…….

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I was listening to several things that had to do with Hillary Clinton over the last few days, and there were things that just jumped out at me as asinine. It seems that Hillary can do things that would all but destroy someone else. Here is what I mean.

She wants to play in the big boys court, but when things start to go wrong, she starts playing the “girl” card and either saying that everyone is being unfair to her, or she cries. Either way, her actions are calculated and diabolical. She only cares about herself, and her legacy, just like her husband Bill. She isn’t interested in anything that is good for America…..only what is good for Hillary. And the girl card isn’t the only thing that she will play to get her way.

Yesterday or the day before, she said something that would have gotten Bush or Lott or any other Republican in real hot water….but did it do anything to her? NO! Hardly a word was printed. And what did she say you ask? She said, He “hasn’t done the spadework necessary to be president,” as though she has. Now, let’s imagine, if Trent Lott, or Mitt Romney, or Ross Perot had said that Barack Obama “hasn’t done the spadework necessary to be president.” People, nothing that happens in the Clinton campaign is coincidence. Barack Obama hasn’t done the “spadework”? Oh my God! Where is the Reverend Sharpton on this? I say that most likely, the good Reverend Sharpton is probably waiting on his time to endorse. Because he’s waiting for commitments. And that can only mean that he’s waiting for one of these camps to give him some money. The liberals and their press have been strangely silent on this comment of Hillary’s. A comment that is by far reprehensible, to say the least. Someone should take her down for this comment alone…..but no one will. Everyone is afraid of that Testicle Lock Box that Rush says that she holds.

She may have Bills balls in there and the media’s, but not mine. And I am astonished in a bad way, at the things that the Clinton’s have always gotten away with. And the problem with that is, this woman is a likely candidate to be the Democrats nominee for the President. Doesn’t that scare you just a little? It should.

All I can say is, Thank God that her ratings are falling. May they continue to fall. I want to see her cry some more.

It is like I said above, if a comment like the one that she said about Mr. Obama, can’t get her in trouble, but that same comment could get a republican in trouble…..then people, this country is in deep doo doo. And there is only one way out of this mess that we are in. And that is to stop with all the politically correct bull that we keep believing, and stop with the spinning of the truth. We can all do without that. All we have to do, is open our mouths, and tell the truth for once. And also be consistent. If Trent Lott says something like this, then let him know it was wrong….for sure…..but this should also apply to the lady Clinton. You listening you liberal media? I hope so cause I am calling you out on the carpet on this one. You always want to make sure that you get into print everything that a Republican does wrong, why can’t you do the same for when one of the Democrats does something wrong……..oh yes, I remember now. Because it doesn’t fit your agendas. Get a life and start telling the truth…..no matter who it’s about. We are watching you all. Your not getting away with this crap like you used to. Get used to it.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops and their mission
God Bless my readers and listeners on Blog Talk Radio.

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About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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1 Response to If Trent Lott or President Bush had said this…….

  1. americandaughter says:

    At one point in my career, I was sent from my Washington DC beltway bandit company to work in Huntsville, Alabama. Being a physicist, even though I was a woman, I had worked almost entirely with men all my life. And I wanted to let the “good ol’ boys” know right up front that I am a pretty straightforward person. So I told them that they didn’t have to modify their normal behavior on my account — meaning, of course, they didn’t have to act differently because I was female.

    What I said was, “I always call a spade a spade.” And one of the southerners replied, “There are a lot of places in Alabama where you can’t do that!”

    And you will recall a public official in Washington DC lost his job for calling the budget “niggardly” — a word that means penny pinching. It didn’t even matter to the PC police that those who were offended got the meaning of the word wrong. The guy still lost his job.

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