One of the reasons Republicans do not do good in elections…..

Looking back on what has been going on lately, with the people who were the closest to being true conservatives already out of the race, and the ones that are left are sparring between themselves as “the one that is more conservative.” When it comes to conservatism, Romney says he is Conservative, but I have doubts because when it comes to true conservatism, there are NO conservatives out there running for office, or in office. Though, he is the most conservative of the ones running, and I feel that the most Liberal of the bunch is McCain. McCain is far from a Conservative. If you want to see the closest to a true conservative of recent history, look back at Ronald Reagan. Yes I brought his name up. The Reason? Because everyone running for the Presidency this election year, on the Republican side has claimed to be the next Reagan. Sadly, there is no next Reagan. But the Republicans have an even bigger problem.

When the candidates, who they want to run, are no longer in the race, a lot of them (the voters) will “sit out of the election” and just let the chips fall where they may. But I have a question for all of you who are thinking of doing just that.

Would you rather have someone in the Office of President, that you would be able to agree with some of the time…….or would you rather have someone who you would never agree with?

Now, I know that I would rather have someone in that office that I could agree with on some of the issues. McCain’s good points include keeping America safe from Terrorism and acknowledging that we are in a War…..because we are. A war, as I heard on the Glenn Beck show today from a caller, has never been declared.

But here is a problem with that way of thinking. War was declared on us. There is no need for us to declare war because it was declared on us in the first place. At least McCain doesn’t want to run and hide like the Democrats and a few of the whimpy side of the Republicans want. You may not like President Bush, but at least because of his actions, there have been NO MORE attacks on the United States homeland since 9/11. Even if you do not like Bush, or his ideals, you have to admit, that he has done the right things to keep us safe….unless you are like the Democrats who seem to want us NOT SAFE.

Huckabee, I am not even going to consider here because he is all but out now. Romney, I think could be a good president, , but I doubt if he will get it. But he still is nowhere near who I wanted. That person is long gone.

Obama, who now has the murderer of Chappaquiddick endorsing him, has his allegiance to something that isn’t the United States. His allegiance is to the African nation that his church says “it’s A congregation with a non-negotiable COMMITMENT TO AFRICA.” If his allegiance is to Africa……how can he be president of the United States when he has no allegiance to it?
And Hillary Clinton is nothing short of a socialist who wants nothing but complete socialistic power to tax the people into oblivian to pay for the massive programs that she says we have to have. People, even free health care, has to be paid for somehow, and you WILL pay for it in increased taxes.

But now, with Arnold Schwartzenegger endorsing McCain we have something that no one is thinking of. Schwartzenegger is NOT a Conservative. Guilianni is NOT a Conservative. McCain is saying he is a Conservative but he is not. All three are actually from the Left side of the Republican Party. What the party needs, is someone that is from the Right side of the party…but that isn’t going to happen, so, if either McCain or Romney get the nomination, the best thing we can do as Republicans, is to Vote on November 7th. Not hold out. Because you know that the Democrats will not do that. They won’t stay home from the polls on that day because the person that they supported is not in the race anymore. We as Republicans will lose if we do that. We may lose anyway….but we will really lose if we don’t get out and vote in force. It is like Glenn Beck said, it is better to have someone as President, who you will be able to agree with at least some of the time, rather than have someone in that office who you will NEVER agree with. Which would be worse? If would be worse to have someone in the office who you would never agree with. So, we need to vote. Each and every one of us. We have to win. Our country’s safety depends on it.

But, if we elect John McCain or Romney, we will have to stay on the alert to make him know, the things that we want. We do not want Amnesty for the illegals. We do not want an open border. We do not want to lose the war on Terror. We do not want added taxes. And we cannot let the person who wins the Presidency forget what we want. EVER. It is better to have someone in office who will agree with us some of the time, because we could persuade them on the other issues if we have to. But someone who doesn’t agree with us at anytime? We would never be able to get them to agree with us. NO MATTER WHAT! Think about that before you sit out the vote.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops and their Mission
God Bless my readers and my listeners on Blog Talk Radio


More indoctrination for our Children?

It seems that over the last decade, from staunch believers in Conservatism, and staunch believers in Liberalism, that there are two different and opposite points of view.

Conservatives, (the staunch ones) believe God is the way, and a moral and Just America will be a strong America. Now, his is another. That is just what the Democrat party USED to stand for also. But not anymore.

The Democrats now stand for things like big government, higher taxes, less representation, more expensive government programs, higher taxes for those that already pay the lions’ share of the taxes, and “Tax refunds” for those who do not pay taxes or pay very little! They also stand for the indoctrination of our children. Here is a good one that proves this. Children’s books…..books called things like:
Why Mommy is a Democrat (on the left)
Why Daddy is a Democrat (on the right)

These are cute books, that not only are cute, but wrong. I have samples of some of these books. Like this: (click on them to see larger version of each page.)
Why mommy is a democrat #1 Why Daddy is a democrat # 1
Why Mommy is a democrat #2 Why Daddy is a democrat # 2

Why Mommy is a democrat #3 Why Daddy is a democrat # 3
They talk here like only the Democrats love sharing. Only the Democrats love good teachers. Only the Democrats want us safe. Only the Democrats worry about our planet. Only the Democrats want good schools. Only the Democrats do good things.

Now, I could rebut all of these, because it is the the Democrats who put in teachers that do not teach the truth, but only liberal agendas. The Democrats do not want us safe because they do not care for us to win the war we are in, nor do they want our country safe because they want our borders open and all criminals are only victims…..not bad. They are the ones pushing for Global Warming laws that are for something that hasn’t been proved and only costs the United States Billions in tax dollars each and every year. And they try to make the kids think that only the Democrats do good things. I hate what they are doing, and if I had the money to do it, my kids would be taken out of Government schools today, and then home schooled.

They stand for a Global Community which would make the borders of our country obsolete. One of the main reasons that they are so against closing our southern borders, and sending the illegals back to where they came from is because they want them here. Now, granted, the problem with the illegals has gotten so out of hand that it would be next to impossible to send them back by rounding them all up. Which by the way, is the stance that the Democrats and a lot of the “so called” Republicans are for. They want to make them legal, because they say, it would be too hard to send them all back. It would be too hard to find them all. Well, the IRS does just that, when it comes to tax payers! And they have a lot more to find. Why can’t we, when it comes to the illegals, find them all? After all, there is an EASY solution to all this. Go after the companies that hire them. Impose fines and consequences to them who enable the illegals to stay here. If we did just that one thing, they would start going home all by themselves, because it would no longer pay for them to be here.

Another reason, that the Democrats want the illegals made legal is because it would give them a new large voting block. But therein, people, lies another problem. In order to vote, you have to be a citizen of the United States, and most of the illegals want nothing to do with that. They do not want to be citizens of this country. They are already citizens of their own country. So, in order for the democrats to get them as a “new large voting block”, then the laws of this country would have to be changed, and the constitution changed. Do you people see now where this is leading?

First off, the Constitution of the United States is a remarkable document, that until now has withstood the ravages of time and people. The constitution was written with safeguards included, that would protect it from “activist” judges who make up laws from the bench instead of following the laws that are on the books. Those are the kind of judges that the Democrats and liberals for years have wanted in there. As long as there is a majority of those kind of judges, then they are happy. When the majority comes close to swinging the other way, they then start talking about a balance of power. Here is what they mean people.

When the Democrats have a desirable “balance of Power”, the balance is in their favor. Always has to be. When it swings the other way, they get scared that their little unbalance of power as it really is, is then in jeopardy, and they will lose their power block.

Now, this is NOT to say that all Democrats are bad, for they are not.Zell Miller is a great Democrat. But, the same can be said about the Republicans too. They are not all good. They are NOT!

I voted for Bush. On the surface, a lot of his programs are good. But, he has lost the will to fight for them, instead, after all the “Bush bashing” that has gone on all during the full length of his Presidency, he has all but given in. Who wouldn’t under such an immense and wrong pressure? And yes I said wrong. It is never right, when the opposition thinks your wrong, even when they agree with you. And that is what President Bush has had to contend with his whole presidency. No wonder he has wavered a bit.

Not only do the Republicans have to put up with being “bashed” all the time by the Democrats, the Media, George Soros, and Michael Moore, just to name a few, but when they (the Republicans), turn around and go after the democrats for doing the same things (or worse), than the Republicans do, they get blasted again for not being bi partisan enough or fair enough. We know that you democrats only want bipartisanship when things start going against you. That is the only time you whine about it.

The media, for most all of my adult life, has pushed the Liberal agenda, as the Right thing to do. The Right way to be. But in order to get the things that they want, laws have to be changed. Borders have to be kept open. Illegals have to be made legal. Then, whether they are citizens or not, have to be given the right to vote. Benefits for the illegals, which are things that only the citizens of this great country should get, are being pushed by the liberal agenda, And the Liberal agenda includes anything that could raise your taxes, make more government programs to pay for, make laws for things that are not really happening or haven’t been proved yet, just to push their agenda forward. The biggest farce that they have pushed is of course, Global Warming.

This is something that HAS NOT been proven…..but the media and the Global Warming crowd crows it like it has been absolutely proved and anyone who is against it, is nothing less than a traitor. Funds are cut off for any scientist who does not agree with the global warming crowd, even though their stance on the subject has changed constantly during the last century. In the 1920s it was global warming. We were all going to die. In the 1970’s it was the next ice age coming. We were all going to die. In the 1990’s and the first years of 2000, have been warming. We were all going to die. Now, the earth is not warming anymore, and they are doing their best to make their arguments go both ways, by now saying it is climate change. We are all going to die. Can’t you all see how ridiculous this all sounds?

The only thing that they have been right on all these years? Yep you guessed it. We are all going to die. Isn’t that a hoot?

The Liberal media will back a democrat even when it has been proven that they are wrong. But, here is the clincher people. When they are proven wrong publicly…….you can count on blessed silence from the media for weeks….till they get the time it needs for our memory spans to lapse…..then ……off they go again, and then?

We are all going to die.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops and Their Missions
God Bless my readers and listeners on Blog Talk Radio


South Carolina says yes to Obama… to Hellery!

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The first thing to do is Congratulate Barack Obama for his decisive win in South Carolina. But, I can see what is coming folks.

hungry for change?

Ms. Hellary Sckellary Clinton tonight gave a speech conceding defeat, but that is not where it will stop. Oh no people. The Clinton’s never do anything that isn’t completely calculated to the n’th degree. When the counts come out totally, and the number of Blacks that voted for Mr. Obama are made public, that is when the Clinton smear machine will go into action. They will say that they only won because of the black vote.

Now I know, this has been mentioned all week, and I have kept quiet about this because for some reason, I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt to Mrs Clinton. But I think that all along I was wrong…..and she will play the race card. Again. And if she can’t do it, Bill will.

For you out there that think I am a young whipper-snapper who doesn’t know what I am talking about, I am not. I have been around for some time now, and have had the opportunity to watch what the Clinton’s and others in Washington do when they want to get their way. Most of them do not care what the People who elected them have to say.
they only figure that they are the ones in power and that they have the final say. I can’t understand that kind of thinking because they can be voted out of office too. If they aren’t doing their jobs….they could lose their jobs. At least that is how it should be. But people like Teddy Kennedy are examples that that doesn’t happen.

obama’s win

People, we have got to stop with the picking and bickering that is tearing this country apart. We have got to get Representatives in office that will do what the people who put them there want….not what they want. That is what is tearing this country to bits.

We have our borders to the south wide open, and the Mexican government sending representatives to Arizona protesting a new law that makes it illegal to hire the illegals. We have gone way too far off the deep end when another country can come onto our soil and tell us that we are wrong to defend our borders! And the proof of that is, when the politicians in Washington start bowing down to this pressure from other countries. What ever happened to the sanctity of the United States? Don’t we want to stand for what is right anymore? Why is it, that when something is right, it is thought of as wrong? Why is our government so obsessed with helping everyone, but us? Let’s get this straight people. We have to fix this way of thinking, or this country is in for much harder times than we are already going to face. Mark my words!

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops and their Mission
God Bless my readers and Listeners on Blog Talk Radio


Here is the reason that our Immigration policy has been wrong lately…..

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Are we insane people? We have been hemming and hawwing about the Illegals for years now, and the result of our being so whimpy about our borders has happened……again.

Mexico is now mad at us for what? They are mad at us for wanting to enforce our borders, and wanting to enforce our laws. Now I ask you, is it right, for another country to tell us that our laws are wrong when we try to stop the illegal problems we have?

After Arizona passed a law, making it against the law to hire illegals, making the state go after employers who hire the illegals…..
Now, here is what has happened. Mexico sent 6 representatives of the Mexican government to the United States, and Arizona, to protest the new laws. (Oh my goodness, Robert, are you kidding?) No I am not! We have to get ourselves out of the crapper here, and do the right thing. Another country has no rights to tell us what we can and cannot do when it comes to our borders. But because we have made the message that our borders are open….come on over because we have done stupid things like imprisoning border guards for doing their jobs. And listening to drug runners and giving them the rights that they shouldn’t have!

We have spoken, to the tune of 75 to 85% of the people, letting our so called representatives in Washington know what we want them to do. We want them to build the border fence. We want them to close our borders, so that the steady stream of illegals will stop coming over into our country.

Don’t our representatives in Washington even listen to what happens with the illegals? Don’t they even hear the fact that there are many many crimes committed by the illegals. Don’t they notice that a lot of our money is being spent on Illegals in our hospitals. The illegals are breaking this country financially, and our representatives in Washington are doing everything they can to help them do it.

Start listening to what would be good for the United States. We are the greatest country on earth because of our capitalism, not in spite of it. Our representatives want to work on destroying America. The illegal Immigration problem is one of the things that proves that. Another is this:

Hillary Clinton wants all the socialistic programs that will bring us to what the Politicians in Washington want us to be. Socialists. They want bigger government. More intrusion into the peoples lives. Less freedoms for everyone. More taxes for the people who already pay the most. Tax breaks and refunds for people who don’t even pay taxes. People. Wake up. If we elect Hillary Clinton, we will get all of this….and illegals that will no longer be illegals…….and even though they do not want to be citizens of this nation…..they will be given all the rights of a citizen without being one. Mark my words here people. She will do it. and the borders getting closed? Not even a chance, when she is president. The borders will disappear.

Do you want that for the United States? If you do, you will effectively vote our country out of existence . Whether you believe it or not.

Whether you believe it or not, if she gets elected, this all will happen. She states her intentions everyday. All you have to do is listen and you will see the socialistic tendencies of the politicians today……and she is the worst of them all.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops and their mission
God bless my readers and listeners on Blog Talk Radio


Mr. Gore, is this global Warming?

Walking outside today, where the average temperature this time of year should be 32°, I feel a stinging cold with a wind chill even colder. The Temperature is 12° with a wind chill below 0° And funny, the first thing that pops into my mind is not, “it is cold out here!”, but a hearty “Mr. Algore, is this global Warming?”

I am sure that if the question was posed to the person of Algore, it would be answered with a resounding yes. What he is trying to do is get his Global Warming agenda so wrapped up in everything that it can be said that it is cause both by Warming and by Cooling. The proof in the pudding is the fact that the earth’s atmosphere hasn’t been warming for a few years now, but the global warming crowd, is working on changing the terminology of Global Warming to Climate change, so they can have it both ways.

The problem with this way of thinking is, that Cooling and Warming are at opposite ends of the spectrum, and they have been happening since time began. Even before the wretched mankind came into the picture with their “greenhouse” gasses.

We have got to stop being so gullible, and stop believing everything that they tell us. We have just as many if not more Scientists telling us that Global warming is just a cyclical thing that naturally happens with the changing weather patterns. And the proof of that is, that there is no real proof that Global Warming exists, really. All the Global Warming crowd is doing is trying to make it impossible or very hard to go against that consensus. Scientists who do, are threatened with losing their funding, unless they change and go with the flow, so to speak.

In other words, if you disagree, they will take away your ability to survive in this society that requires money to live. They will take away your ability to make money, unless you change. This is wrong, and shouldn’t be allowed…..but it is like another commentor on my blog said this morning. Didn’t we (as Republicans) allow this to happen?

Yes we did. The Republicans cannot seem to get it through their heads that it is not wrong to stand up and fight for what you believe is right. The Democrats will stand up for what they believe is right, whether it be right or wrong. So why can’t the Republicans?

I was saddened this last week, when one of the strongest members of the Conservatives, Newt Gingrich came out and said that Reagan Conservatism is dead. I don’t believe that. Conservatism, like liberalism is an ideal that does not change. Only the ways of man change. Mankind has changed, but Conservatism stays the same. And now they are trying to change it so that it can keep pace with the ideals of mankind, which by the way have been declining in morality and rightness for the last 100 years or so! So, change Conservatism to make it adapt to today’s ideals and morals? NO……NEVER. Todays Morals and ideals are two of the reasons we are in trouble today. God Bless you all.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops and their mission
God Bless my readers and Blog Talk Radio listeners


The Bell is not always heard…..

One of the things that people seem to forget, is that the WARNING BELL that has been going off for the last several decades, about things that are going wrong with our society, is not something that is always heard. And our representatives in Washingtons’ high places have done what they can to make the constant clanging and the din of warning fade into the background. How you ask? It is simple.

This process that has been used has taken a long time to come to fruition. It started back in the times that we all look at as the idillic times of this nation, when people had other things to worry about. Like the cold war and the big bomb dropping out of the sky. Morals were high, and the thought of premarital sex was not thought of as “normal”, as it is today.

A woman, who wasn’t married, who was pregnant was thought of as a slut…, she is thought of only as an unwed mother. Teenage pregnancies were not common, but today they are. Back then, sex was thought of as something that two people who were in love and married did. Seldom was it done by people who were not married, because we were afraid of getting a girl pregnant, and back then, most of the girls wouldn’t let you get that far. Sex was taught in the home, and even though we didn’t really get sat down to learn about it, we learned enough to make us not really want to do too much before we got married because of the fear of the “clap” or of getting a woman pregnant. But now? It is thought of as something that people do for recreation. Abortion on demand is now prevalent.

Through the years of the liberals meandering in our lives, we were slowly made to think that bad things wouldn’t happen if we had sex before marriage, (something that we are finding out was not the truth) and slowly the women started to know that they could have sex too. Suddenly we were having troubles with our morals, as premarital sex was happening all the time, and the “clap” (that we were afraid of when we were kids) became something worse, and our morals went farther and farther down the tubes, as more and more things that used to be taboo were made to be normal.

I remember growing up, on the weekends, we kids would go out and play football, or hide and seek or something. We would play cowboys and Indians with no one getting offended by the fact that we were killing indians. We played with toy guns with “caps” in them so they would make noise. No one really died because we knew it was pretend. If you did something wrong, you got in trouble for it. Now, the liberal way of thinking goes, if you do something wrong you are not wrong, you are only a victim. You are a victim of your circumstances.

All I have to say to this PC batcrap is that sure there are victims. But not everyone is. That is where this politically correct stuff has led us.

When we were kids, if we did something wrong, say at school, we got sent to the principles office, and there we got a few whacks with a belt or a paddle from the principle, BUT that was not the end of it. The principle, *gasp* then called our parents, sometimes with us in the room so we could hear what he had to say! And when we got home, we found out that the principle of the school had indeed told them what we had done, and we got in trouble again. The parents sided with the principle!!! In my day we were afraid to do things like take guns to school, even toy guns, because we would not only get it at school, but also at home. Even toy guns stayed at home, because of our fear of punishment! And getting it at home was always worse. The punishment usually lasted for a while too, because not only would we get a spanking, but usually we would get grounded too. If friends came over to play, they were sent home by our parents after being told what we did, and that we were grounded. How humiliating that was! See why most of us turned out good? The humiliation didn’t destroy our psyche, it strengthened it.

Back in about 1975, I remember some friends of mine who had two kids. One was the best mannered little boy you would ever want to meet. The other was only about 8 months old. Both boys were good, and very seldom ever gave their parents any troubles.

One night, we all went to the Kettle Restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I lived at the time, for an evening meal and dessert, and for some reason, that night, the little boy decided to act up. After taking this for about 20 minutes, the mom, who had it in her rights to do at the time, took the little boy into the bathroom and gave him a spanking. During the spanking, some “ole biddy” and I use the term loosely, came in and took offense to what my friend was doing and turned her into the Child protective Services.

At the hearing for the matter, I spoke, telling the judge that “this whole thing about reporting a parent when they were disciplining their kid for acting up was going to backfire on them”, because ‘the day was going to come, when “old biddies” like the reporting woman (who was not old by the way) would continue to do this until it became illegal to spank your kids.’ (In Indiana this has already happened!) ‘Then the kids will become hoodlums because there will be no consequences to their actions, and then, we will all start asking ourselves what happened.’

All of this has come true. Kids, according to the PC Police, are no longer bad……….they are only victims. They bring guns to schools, and go on murderous rampages, killing people, and everyone is asking what the heck happened?

What happened people, is the politically correct view that no one is bad. They are only victims of their circumstances. No one deserves to be punished for being bad, because they are only acting up in resistance to their situations. This is bullcrap people. Kids do bad things. People do bad things. There are bad people as well as good people.

The only way that kids will learn right from wrong, is to be punished for being bad, and to be praised for doing the right things, and to be loved.

Unfortunately, even the loving part isn’t there a lot anymore.

A lot of kids grow up with the knowledge that they were a mistake that should never have happened. First off, there are some things that should be done with the kids of today.

They HAVE to be loved. Unconditionally. They are kids and dependent on us for their upbringing and their good will. They have to learn that there is a higher power that is over all of us, whether you believe in God or not, kids have to know that they are important, not only to you the parents, but to God also.

Kids have to grow up knowing that there are always consequences to their actions, good or bad. Always They have to grow up knowing that if they do something bad, they will be punished. They also have to know that if they do something good, that they will be praised. That has to go both ways. The Liberal establishment of the pressand the PC police have made it so that there are no consequences to breaking our laws. The illegals are praised as good people who are only victims of their circumstances and in need of our compassion, not to be punished for breaking our laws. The problem with that way of thinking is, that the PC police also go 180° out of that way of thinking, when the offender is a white, Christian Republican. And this way of thinking goes all the way to the top of our government. Any Conservative in our government is wrong no matter what they do, but the liberals are not. Now, before any of you come at me for that statement, there are exceptions to this rule. There are Republicans who do wrong and rightfully get in trouble for it…..and conversely, there are Democrats who do wrong and get in trouble, but the Democrats only get in trouble if it actually somehow hits the news and people find out what they did. If it doesn’t, the bad doing is hidden from the public and dropped. If it comes up in the future, they say that bringing up something that happened years ago isn’t relevant anymore. Unless, of course it has something to do with a Republican. And they are never called on this.

This is something that I have never understood. I don’t understand how they get away with this, but they always do.

This kind of thinking has got to stop because if it doesn’t, thoughts like this will only end up further destroying the fabric of our country. It has already made us apologizers for doing what we do as a nation to keep ourselves safe and sovereign, even though what we have apologized for is nothing more than any other country in the same situation would do and has done. Can’t you see that this has led us down the wrong path? Can’t you see that we have to stop this before it completely destroys this nation? Or is this what you liberals want? I think it is. So, you see, the bell that tolls, is not always heard.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops and their Mission
God Bless my readers and Listeners on Blog Talk Radio


Tired of all the Liberal Rhetoric Show

If Trent Lott or President Bush had said this…….

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I was listening to several things that had to do with Hillary Clinton over the last few days, and there were things that just jumped out at me as asinine. It seems that Hillary can do things that would all but destroy someone else. Here is what I mean.

She wants to play in the big boys court, but when things start to go wrong, she starts playing the “girl” card and either saying that everyone is being unfair to her, or she cries. Either way, her actions are calculated and diabolical. She only cares about herself, and her legacy, just like her husband Bill. She isn’t interested in anything that is good for America…..only what is good for Hillary. And the girl card isn’t the only thing that she will play to get her way.

Yesterday or the day before, she said something that would have gotten Bush or Lott or any other Republican in real hot water….but did it do anything to her? NO! Hardly a word was printed. And what did she say you ask? She said, He “hasn’t done the spadework necessary to be president,” as though she has. Now, let’s imagine, if Trent Lott, or Mitt Romney, or Ross Perot had said that Barack Obama “hasn’t done the spadework necessary to be president.” People, nothing that happens in the Clinton campaign is coincidence. Barack Obama hasn’t done the “spadework”? Oh my God! Where is the Reverend Sharpton on this? I say that most likely, the good Reverend Sharpton is probably waiting on his time to endorse. Because he’s waiting for commitments. And that can only mean that he’s waiting for one of these camps to give him some money. The liberals and their press have been strangely silent on this comment of Hillary’s. A comment that is by far reprehensible, to say the least. Someone should take her down for this comment alone…..but no one will. Everyone is afraid of that Testicle Lock Box that Rush says that she holds.

She may have Bills balls in there and the media’s, but not mine. And I am astonished in a bad way, at the things that the Clinton’s have always gotten away with. And the problem with that is, this woman is a likely candidate to be the Democrats nominee for the President. Doesn’t that scare you just a little? It should.

All I can say is, Thank God that her ratings are falling. May they continue to fall. I want to see her cry some more.

It is like I said above, if a comment like the one that she said about Mr. Obama, can’t get her in trouble, but that same comment could get a republican in trouble…..then people, this country is in deep doo doo. And there is only one way out of this mess that we are in. And that is to stop with all the politically correct bull that we keep believing, and stop with the spinning of the truth. We can all do without that. All we have to do, is open our mouths, and tell the truth for once. And also be consistent. If Trent Lott says something like this, then let him know it was wrong….for sure…..but this should also apply to the lady Clinton. You listening you liberal media? I hope so cause I am calling you out on the carpet on this one. You always want to make sure that you get into print everything that a Republican does wrong, why can’t you do the same for when one of the Democrats does something wrong……..oh yes, I remember now. Because it doesn’t fit your agendas. Get a life and start telling the truth… matter who it’s about. We are watching you all. Your not getting away with this crap like you used to. Get used to it.

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True Conservatism seems to be something to be renamed in the GOP today.


Now as we head into the new year of 2008, we have to stop and think about the things that are happening in this country. And there is a lot.

We have the presidential elections coming up…..and of course now we have the primaries, of which the first one Iowa has passed, leaving good ole Hellary Clinton sitting in third place for the Democrats with Obama winning, and Mike Huckabee winning for the Republicans.

I have already heard, as I predicted, that Hillary will try to make us believe that she had won that caucus, by making a speech, that essentially put it forth, if you hadn’t heard the results, that would make you think that she won hands down. Well, people, she didn’t win. It was probably an embarrassing loss for her, but being a Clinton, she has the ability to make people think that she didn’t lose, when in fact she did. And she lost big there…..but, that isn’t the end of her, as she will probably make enough people believe her that she will make her comeback, but heaven Forbid she becomes president. And for you libs out there that will no doubt say that I am prejudice against women because I do not want ole Hellary as president, you are wrong. I wouldn’t care if it was a man or a woman residing in the White House as our president, just not her. Let it be another woman, who, doesn’t want to be there just because she would be the first, but because she could do good to help America be the nation it once was…and I would vote for her. But not Hillary and her big government, more more more spending and waste type of government, and if you don’t believe she will hurt this country financially, then by all means, vote her in, but don’t come running to the Conservatives to bail you out of the mess you will be in if she does get in. The best thing to do is to ask yourself about her programs she wishes to institute, is, where is this money coming from? If you answered from you and me, then you are right, and she will tax us into oblivian to get her government programs for the people that she wants it for.

Barak Obama is another one that we need to heed the red flags going up. Look at his church, Trinity United Church of Christ which doesn’t say anything good about America, but pledges allegiance to Africa. you want a President who pledges allegiance to Africa but not America? I know I don’t.

Another thing that throws up the Red Flags is the fact that when the pledge of Allegiance is played or recited, he will not hold his hand over his heart in reverence and honor to the United States. Do we really want someone as president who doesn’t honor the traditions of the country he lives in and vies to be it’s president? I know I don’t.
Now we come to the Breck Girl as Rush Limbaugh calls him, John Edwards. Now I have to admit, out of the three that are at the top on the Democrats side he is to me the least well known, though he did run for President in the last election, and I didn’t like him then. But, he is like the rest of them, changing his stance depending on the issues, and what they perceive as happening. And what they perceive as happening isn’t coming from their constituants the American people either. “Nuff Said!

Now, I am going to disappoint a lot of you, because now I head to the Republican side of things, and for them, I don’t have much good to say either. Though, there are one of two that I do think would make a good president, even though their chances of getting that far are about none existent.

First off is Rudy Guilliani. Now granted, when mayor of New York City, he turned that City around, but he is not a Reagan Conservative by any stretch of the imagination. He may be a fiscal Conservative, and also strong on Defense and the war on Terror, but that is about where his Conservative tendancies die. Rudy is more of a liberal on a lot of the ideas that he has, but he is on the right track with the Immigration problem and the War on Terror.

The best explanation of what is going on with the Republican party came from Political Pistachio. In his post about Are there any real Conservatives in the GOP he posted this:

It seems that the surfacing candidates have lost touch with the GOP’s grassroots. How else can it be explained that according to mainstream media polls Rudy Giuliani, essentially a social liberal, is the front-runner and possible heir to the party that Reagan led?
Economically, Rudy Giuliani is essentially a fiscal conservative, a committed tax cutter, and strong on national security in the sense of the war on the Islamic Jihad. However, Rudy is far from being what I would call a “social conservative.” Though he has made it clear he is not fond of abortion, he supports the pro-choice side of the issue. He eliminated a lot of crime in New York as the city’s mayor, but is also a gun control supporter.
Is there a conservative choice remaining?
Duncan Hunter and Tancredo have been nothing more than bookends throughout the entire race, and though they are obviously the most conservative of all the candidates, they have no chance, and are dropping out of the race. Tancredo later directed his endorsement in the direction of Mitt Romney.
John McCain, though a war hero with a good attitude toward the war, has moderate positions on issues that conservatives find to be important, such as his pro-amnesty position when it comes to illegal aliens.
One of my biggest complaints about Bush, aside from his blatant globalism, is that Bush is a big spender. I have never understood why whenever there is a problem, Liberals and some Republicans resort to throwing money at the problem – money, I am compelled to remind you, that does not belong to them, but was entrusted to them by the American taxpayer. Mitt Romney is touch on spending, perhaps even rivaling Ronald Reagan, and has pledged that he will chop away at big government with the consistent use of the veto pen. His tax-cut agenda is the tops of the entire Republican field, and it promises to take the tax-cut agenda to the next level. But I wonder if Romney can be trusted. After all, he has changed his opinion on a large number of issues. If he is being honest, he may be the right choice for the GOP, but for some reason, I don’t believe him when he says, “I was wrong, now I believe. . . “
Huckabee is the most socially conservative, but it turns out he’s a big spender, has too big of a hangup regarding illegals, and thinks that we “broke Iraq.” Mike, Iraq was already broken before we got there.
Fred Thompson is that “conservative blogger” favorite that used to be a Tennessee senator. However, his voting record makes me think he may lean toward the socialized medicine idea, and backing the pro-incumbent campaign finance law which was despised by the conservatives wasn’t a good move in my eyes either.
I don’t even think I need to go into the freakiness that is Ron Paul.
As I see it, if he is being honest, Mitt Romney is the best bet for a Red November in 2008. However, if Mitt is the slimy, lying piece of lard I think he is, then Fred Thompson, even with his lackadaisical attitude, is the best choice.
Iowa is the first stop. Perhaps something will surface to change my mind on Thursday.
One thing is for sure, however. The true conservative continues to elude the Republican Party.

Now with that being said, does it make any sense to stand back and let the people who set up the debates leave out the only true Conservatives in the mix? I don’t think it does, unless your a Liberal and your afraid that their Conservative Values will hurt your chances in the upcoming elections. Oh Well. C’est La Vie.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops and their Mission
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Iowa Caucus Supposedly Important…..or is it?

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All we have heard of late, is the Iowa Caucus and how it will be the first in a tell-all of the upcoming Presidential election, and who is going to win.

Well, I for one cannot wait for it to be over! This election cycle has been filled with the lies and back biting that has been done by all the candidates of not only the Democrats, but the Republicans as well.

This whole idea of starting full bore on this so early like they all did this year has done nothing but burn me out on whose running. We get to thinking that someone is doing great, and that they would be a great president, then, BLOOOOOEY from out of nowhere comes a bomb that lets everyone know that this person is not who they are portraying.

Take the Republicans for instance. Almost everyone of them are claiming that they are Reaganistic, yet not one of them is. To me, as Rush Limbaugh says, this is insulting. Not only are the candidates of both parties changing the rules here, but the candidates of the Republicans are trying to change what Reagan was all about.

And, all we have heard now for months is Hillary wil “make history” when she gets “back into the white house”. And the people yell and scream for joy thinking that she means ‘making history; as something great for our nation. But you have to know this woman to know that this is not true. She does not care about this country. Her only cares are to be the first woman president, (though she thinks that she has already been president and wants another crack at it.),

But when it comes to really ‘making history’ as she puts it, all this woman is interested in is becoming the first woman president, and getting the Clinton’s political machine backinto the White House for more plundering because the first time was not enough, and for implementing her massive plans for new programs that will cause a need to rasie your taxes……a lot!

All we have heard over the last year is that Shrillary Hillary has a commanding lead, and then as the weeks and the months pass, we see that Obama and the Breck Girl John Edwards seem to be catching up and maybe catching her in the polls. And now that that is so close, we see them doing the same thing as the Republicans are doing. Backstabbing each other. Is this a race for the presidency or is is a race for children to get over the finish line in first place? I can’t decide. The democrats are more or less imploding, and the republicans are stabbing each other in the back. What ever happened to the issues? I haven’t heard a single peep about them for the last several weeks, while the candidates of both parties try to see who can backstab the best.

And then the Republicans all claiming that they are like Reagan. People, the democrats do not deserve to win, if all they can come up with are backstabbing each other, and ignoring the issues. But also, the Republicans do not deserve to win either, if all they can do is try to out Reagan each other, while at the same time ignoring the issues too.

Whatever happened to securing our borders? Whatever happened to enforcing our laws? Whatever happened to making America a secure and safe nation again? What ever happened to our leaders thinking that America is worth fighting for? I think our politicians on both sides of the isle, have forgotten what the issues are……..

…….And the one or two that haven’t forgotten the issues? They are so far down in the polls that it wouldn’t pay to vote for them………..or would it?

Set here below is a video about Hillary that is worth the look…….

We will be deluged with one more thing here people. If the Clintons do not win in Iowa, this is what we will be hit with. Suddenly, we will be told that Iowa didn’t really mean much, and this will be said in the light of months and months of everyone saying and claiming that this was the beginning of what was going to happen. People, if the democrats Shrillary Hillary does not win….suddenly, the notion will be put forth that Iowa was not important. Mark my words…….

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops and their Mission
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P.S. Thank you Jinno for letting me onto the mistake that I made. I have always gotten Iowa and Ohio mixed up. It has been fixed and thanks.