Doing the Responsible thing is NOT Censorship!

Here in Indianapolis this week, we had a tragedy. A tragedy of a loving and kind family losing almost everything. The mother and her children die in a van when it goes into a retention pond and they die there. It was an accident that involved the weather and a van.

The family in the van, the mother, and her children were Muslim. I heard this on the Abdul in the Morning show on AM 1430

Now one of the things mentioned on this show was a comment that was made to the talkback section of the article telling of their death. The comment, saying something like their God had to be false because he allowed them to die was totally uncalled for and should have never made it online to the message board. The Indianapolis Star, though not taking responsibility for the comment, needs to be. After all, if someone hears about it, and asks where the story was, it will be told that it was with the Indy Star. This will hurt them. I went there a few moments ago, and the comments *and it seems there were a few hateful ones* were gone, thank GOD.

In order to keep this kind of stupidity from happening again, the Star needs to put a moderator on the message boards to stop this kind of hate filled stupidity from happening again.

Now, I know we have this Politically Correct thing that’s being passed off as “the right to free speech”, as the reason that this comment was allowed in the first place, but people, with free speech also comes responsibility and this comment was far from responsible. And it was just plain wrong!

Now people, I know that there will be those out there that will say it is the right of free speech to say these things, but here is the problem with that. This is NOT censureship. It is being responsible.

Being responsible requires the knowledge that, yes, I can by rights say this, but it would be wrong to say it, so I won’t.

Censureship is just keeping something out of print, just because it disagrees with you, right or wrong!

There is a difference. You do not have to be right to censure something, but you are right, when your responsible. this comment about someone else’s God was NOT right, and it was NOT responsible.

Just another example of where the liberal mindset is leading us as a nation. And in doing this people, we are losing sight of the difference between what is RIGHT and what is WRONG.

I just know that my dad is probably turning over in his grave at this one.

All the morals that helped make this country great, are now being ground under the foot of the Liberal establishment.

GOD HELP US! Below is the story that was in the paper, telling of these fine people.

The Abbas family was known for bringing people together at food-and-song-filled gatherings at their Carmel home.

Rob Goebel / The Star
Services planned
Funeral services for the Abbas family will be at noon Wednesday at Paradise North Cemetery in Houston. A religious service will follow at the Al-Ghadeer Education Foundation.

No local services were announced as of Sunday.

On Sunday, their friends gathered at the residence on Charity Chase Drive for a different reason: for comfort and solidarity as they mourned the deaths of Batul Abbas, 47, and her three daughters, Shazreh, 18; Shaail, 14; and Azmeh, 8.
They died early Sunday after their van slid off a narrow, snowy road into a retention pond at 141st Street and Towne Road, just down the street from their subdivision, late Saturday.
They were traveling home about 9:30 p.m. from a gathering on Indianapolis’ Northwestside, where they were comforting a family friend whose brother had died.
“They were literally loved by everybody,” said Farwa Abid, 22, who said she is among the family’s closest friends in Indianapolis. “People are saying the only reason they were taken away is because they were angels sent to give us a message: to just enjoy what life you live.”
Hadi Abbas, Batul’s husband and the girls’ father, was in Toronto on business Saturday when the accident occurred.
He returned to Indianapolis about 4 p.m. Sunday and was comforted by a group of at least 15 relatives and friends who had gathered to mourn at Methodist Hospital, where friends said Batul and a daughter were treated.
The other two girls were taken to Riley Hospital for Children, where others had gathered, friends said.
The coroner’s reports of Batul’s and Shaail’s deaths showed they died from complications related to hypothermia.
Carmel police said Batul Abbas, who was driving the van, had called for help from inside the van, which was submerged in water when officers arrived. Eight agencies, including police, fire and dive teams, assisted in the rescue efforts.
Those who knew the Abbases described them as giving people who were deeply involved in the network of friends in the local Muslim community.
Syed Jaffery, 26, another family friend who was at Methodist on Sunday, said they constantly cracked jokes with one another.
On Sunday, as three friends embraced Hadi Abbas while he cried, he shared a story about his daughters having a contest to see who could send him the most text messages while he was in Toronto.
“That family was so jovial,” Jaffery said.
Hadi Abbas, a businessman, works for a local plastics manufacturer. Batul Abbas owned an interior design business and was taking classes at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. She planned to apply for admission next fall to the cytotechnology program at Indiana University School of Medicine, friends said.
The two immigrated to the United States from Pakistan in 1995. They lived in Houston before moving to the Indianapolis area six years ago, Abid said.
Their next-door neighbor, Angela Moreman, met them shortly after they moved to Carmel in March and got to know them mainly through interactions in their neighboring backyards.
She recalled the family’s generosity. Once she had mentioned to them her love for naan, a type of bread popular in Indian cuisine. Days later, one of the daughters showed up at her door with the food.
“You’re not going to find a nicer family,” Moreman said. “They were just a wonderful group of people — loving and kind and very giving.”
The girls attended school in Avon before the family moved to Carmel. Shazreh graduated from Avon High School and was a freshman at IUPUI, where she studied business accounting.
Azmeh attended College Wood Elementary School in Carmel, and Shaail was a freshman at Carmel High School.
Hannah Bailey, 14, Avon, became Shaail’s best friend when the two attended middle school together.
Although the two no longer saw each other regularly, they stayed in touch through the Internet and text messaging. Hannah said Shaail sent her a text message to wish her good morning every day before school.
“It’s going to be weird,” she said. “Not getting those in the morning.”
Call Star reporter Francesca Jarosz at (317) 444-5527.

We need to be loving in our responses to this family. God bless them. And thank God most of the comments were loving and prayerful.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops and their Mission
God bless my readers and my listeners on BTR


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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13 Responses to Doing the Responsible thing is NOT Censorship!

  1. Dwana says:

    What a tragic story. While we all need to be steadfast in our fight against Islamic fundamentalism to reference that in the context of a family dying a horrible death is not just irresponsible but heartless. We need to always be conscious of the fact that people are people, no matter what religion or ideology they may follow, and they should be treated as such. My heart goes out to the surviving members of the Abbas family. I hope they will be allowed to grieve in peace, without the intrusion of more hate.

  2. jinno says:

    I mourn the loss of the family, and the father left with no one after the affair. That said, I’m going to have to disagree.

    Censorship is the outright omission of opinion. If someone wants to use a tragedy as a springboard for their opinion, so be it. There’s nothing wrong with expressing an opinion, even if it’s bigoted and horrid. Intelligent people will know how to discern from who’s in the right and who’s in the wrong. The unintelligent will either fall into the bigoted ways, or find comfort in those who are comforting. Either way, it’s a self-regulating issue.

    What gets me is that in the better message here of tolerance, Dwana follows it up with this “. . . our fight against Islamic fundamentalism . . .” That’s just ridiculous. There’s no need to fight Islamic fundamentalism, and no need to patronize the religion either. You don’t believe it. So what, that does not raise need for a fight.

    Even though you refuse to see it a good deal of the time, I don’t let my personal feelings interfere with my political beliefs. Personally: I’m an atheist, believes evolution in its entirety, I personally disagree with gay relations, I disagree with abortion, I disagree with our war, I disagree with the incessant need of the political “right” to feel that their morals are superior and must be enforced as such, and I would rather destroy all guns than to continue their sale.

    And in that I liken myself to be rather Jeffersonian. Jefferson was against slavery, but spoke against it. He was a man who had a lot of wealth in the likes of his money, but spoke against that too. In a society that promotes freedom and promises it as rights, it is not the right of the federal government to push ideals on another person, to invade their security, or to step in and regulate where the States should preside.

    Jefferson may have been a Baptist, and he may have been devoted in his faith. But he had better sense than to in anyway claim that his religion was better or more deserving than another. “It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no God.” and “I have sworn upon the alter of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. ”

    Our founding fathers supported religion as a means of the people coming to peace with their lives, and establishing a greater understanding with their world. They did not support an idealism that any one idea was superior, nor that anything should be restricted.

    Tyranny comes in many forms, my friends, which are you endorsing?

  3. Dwana says:

    Jinno, I’m tempted to call you a name but I won’t. There’s no need to fight fundamentalist Islam?! What planet are you living on?! Didn’t you hear of that little incident called 9/11? What, you think the people who committed that outrage were blond, blue-eyed Scandinavian Lutherans?
    Let me break the news to you my friend.

    9/11 was an act of war committed against us by dark-eyed, dark haired Arab–mostly Saudi–Muslim men. They committed this act of war because of their religion. Islam teaches its followers to wage war on the “infidels”–that’s you and me, Jinno–until Islam is the supreme religion on earth. And what would that mean? It’d mean the impostion of Sharia law on EVERYBODY, Muslim and “infidel” alike, and with it the exectuting of gays and adulterers, among other things. Exactly what about that do you not find threatening, Jinno?

    It never ceases to amaze me how liberals such as you, who claim to worship at the altar of gay and women’s rights, are so accomodating of Islam which actively opposes those rights. Let a Christian say anything critical of homosexuality and you liberals will rip him to shreds, but let an Islamic regime actual execute gays and you libs say nothing.

    Let Muslims riot in the streets over cartoons of their “prophet” and libs say it’s the West’s fault for not being sensitive to Islamic doctrine. Ditto for Muslims calling for the exectution of a teacher who let her students name their class teddy bear Muhammad. No matter what atrocity Muslims commit liberals can’t seem to bring themselves to criticize let alone condemn it.

    So, Islam is opposed to gay rights, women’s rights, religious freedom, and the seperation of church and state, all major planks in the liberal canon, but we have no need to fight it. Yet let a Christian appear even remotely critical of the above and liberals will pounce on him like a starving cat on a mouse. Jinno, you liberals aren’t just intellectually dishonest you’re intellectually surreal. Say hello to the Mad Hatter.

  4. jinno says:

    I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen any riots by Islamic American citizens, maybe it’s just me, but it just doesn’t seem to happen here.

    What you confuse as the Fundamentalist Islamic belief instead of radical Islamic belief astounds me. The Islamic faith does preach a little less leniency on a great deal of things, and that’s their right. That’s their belief system.

    What I still cannot begin to believe is that half of the world doesn’t understand this fact: If someone else had raised you, you’d likely be that way too. And you know what? The leaders and followers of the Islamic faith have seen a great deal of intolerance in the past years.

    We kicked them out of their Holy Land. Jerusalem was Islamic territory before WWII, and what do we do AFTER WWII? We put the Jewish people there for refuge, and “give” them that nation. That’s perhaps the most major issue that we as an ally to Israel have done to anger them. It’s what we did with the Indians, too, but heaven forbid we learn from past mistakes.

    By continuing to support Israel, with whom several Muslim leaders have declared as an intolerable affront to their religion, we’re only bringing their hate upon ourselves. And I find it odd that the principle that so many people believe so deeply in all around this world, you could be so vehemently against whenever a Muslim does it. The land of my people must be defended from those who dare desecrate it. All their doing is defending their property, a Holy Land of their religion.

    Their religion also states that Mohammad is not to be depicted in any form, other than the word of the Qur’an. And just in the way that Robert seems to think it’s justified to omit a person’s bigotry because of a situation, the Islamic population feels that it’s an insult and an affront of their religion to depict their prophet at all.

    To discount the justification of their anger, and to say that their entire religion is flawed just because they believe it’s teachings, you’re insane for saying that. There are only a few radical Islamists, and they only grow as the purpose of their anger spreads. No one says that Christianity is flawed because of the Crusades or the Inquisitions, or that Buddhism is flawed because of the militant monks of Feudal Japan.

    There’s a reason that Christian Conservatives are the ones that have power. There’s ONE Muslim in the Senate, and he hasn’t spoken out against homosexual marriage, religious freedom, or women’s rights. Meanwhile we have several Christian Conservatives in Congress who can’t even seem to nail down the concept of our Constitution, much less the ideals of religious freedom and tolerance to homosexual relationships.

    What it comes down to is this: People are going to believe what they feel is right, but that’s absolutely no reason to say that their entire system of beliefs is wrong. Granted, you do have the RIGHT to have an opinion so bigoted and to say it, but I also have the right to the same.

    Also, you keep confusing me for a full blown liberal, when I’m not. I’m a libertarian, and I’m getting kinda sick of Social Liberalistic belief being the key determining factor in that decision.

    I believe in TRUE fiscal conservativism. Cut spending, THEN cut taxes. Taxes aren’t always a bad thing, say you’re in a war and it’s taking more income than you have… you certainly don’t cut taxes then, you raise them slightly so that you don’t have to continually borrow from foreign countries, which is entirely atrocious on our record. And yet that’s what we’re doing, and that’s why I’m against it.

    On the matter of social issues, there are few things I’m against, politically. Because what it comes down to, is that many of the things that we restrict, or want to ban, have no effect on our society. What will happen to you personally if a couple of gay men or women get married, with the same benefits you get from the marriage? Nothing. What will happen to you if someone else believes that evolution happens, and you don’t? Nothing. Even on the teaching of evolution, there’s no issue. Evolution is a scientific theory (which has had tests to show some validity of the theory), and that’s why it SHOULD be taught in Science class. If you’re a believer in creationism, be prepared to debate with your kid on the matter, and get them to see it your way, because what it comes down to is that it’s science versus faith on that matter, and neither really has to conflict with the other (atleast if people would listen to the Pope).

    And Robert, to respond publicly to your email, I won’t find myself in a world without rights so long as I and others will continue to speak out for them. That’s not happening right now. Neither side of our Congress see’s our rights as self evident, and seems more content to push legislations that will restrict them on any level, than to continue keeping this as a nation of freedom. All of us would have freedom if we’d just stick to the idealism of the founding fathers. It’s far too bad you’ve lost sight of it.

  5. elwoodin says:

    Jinno….you need to check your facts here. I will give you one that you said wrong. You said: “We kicked them out of their Holy Land. Jerusalem was Islamic territory before WWII, and what do we do AFTER WWII? We put the Jewish people there for refuge, and “give” them that nation. That’s perhaps the most major issue that we as an ally to Israel have done to anger them. It’s what we did with the Indians, too, but heaven forbid we learn from past mistakes.”

    We as a nation did NOT give Israel to the Jews. It was the United Nations that did that. The United nations is NOT the United States, even though the UN resides in NYC, it isn’t the United States. It is actually a group of nations that involves a good part of the world. Get your facts straight. Do I need to continue on and list others you got wrong?

    If you wiswh to find the FORMATION of ISRAEL, it is on the internet at :

    inside that site is the article that states how Israel was formed. Here is the article:
    Formation of Israel

    The Holocaust, the killing of approximately 6 million European Jews by the Nazis, had a major impact on the situation in Palestine. During World War II Britain, which had been granted a mandate over Palestine by the United Nations, forbade entry into Palestine for European Jews escaping Nazi persecution.

    On November 29, 1947, the United Nations General Assembly voted 33 to 13, with 10 abstentions, in favor of a Partition Plan that created the State of Israel. The British reliquished their mandate over Palestine in 1948. War broke out between the Arabs and Jews soon after. The 1948 Arab-Israeli War, established the state of Israel as an independent state, with the rest of the British Mandate of Palestine split into areas controlled by Egypt and Transjordan.

    In 1949, Israel signed separate cease-fire agreements with Egypt on February 24, Lebanon on March 23, Transjordan on April 3, and Syria on July 20. Israel was able to draw its own borders, occupying 70% of Mandatory Palestine, fifty percent more than the UN partition proposal allotted them. These borders have been known afterwards as the “Green Line”. The Gaza Strip and West Bank were occupied by Egypt and Transjordan respectively.

    While the establishment of the state of Israel was seen by Christian Zionists as a sign that God was fulfilling his promises to Abraham and Jacob, the early political leaders of Israel were primarily secular. David Ben Gurion, Israel’s Prime Minister from the founding of Israel until 1963, represented the secular Ideals of the early Zionists. For practical reasons, Ben Gurion accepted the boundaries that excluded the ancient Jewish lands of Samaria and Judea in the West Bank. The early Israeli leaders also agreed to a divided Jerusalem.
    Last updated: January-2005


  6. jinno says:

    Okay, when I use the term “we” I mean Western Society, the more dominant portion of the UN, especially at the time of that mandate and partition plan. The United States isn’t the only nation targeted by radical Islamic movements, several European countries have had their share of terrorist attacks, because their participation in the deed is not forgotten.

    So why do we (the United States this time) get all of the direct statements against us? Why is it that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaks out against our apparent dominance of the world? Why is that?

    Because we the people of the United States are seen as the leaders of the free world, the key player in the UN. That’s why we’re so resented, and why we take such a brunt of their hate. By being the great empire that we get seen as, that’s why we get a good deal of their flak.

    And to proceed the way we’re going, as I’ve said, will only continue adding to that hate. We cannot be seen as a peaceful and fair international leader, if we’re constantly mongering for war. We cannot be an economic leader if we can’t even fund our own endeavors. We cannot be a leader, if we refuse to BE leaders.

  7. elwoodin says:

    Don’t give me that bull. You meant the United States. But just like all libs, when proven wrong, you change the things you say.


  8. jinno says:

    Er.. No. I meant our basic culture, IE, Western Society, the “target” of radical Islamic groups. We would have been someone seen as victimized by their actions.

    It’s not a matter of me flip-flopping, it’s a matter of YOU not being able to accept being wrong.

  9. elwoodin says:

    A matter of me not being able to accept being wrong? Me wrong? Not this time. When you said our basic culture… were wrong. You didn’t take into account it was the UN that did this. This same UN that hates everything that the United States does, because it doesn’t believe as we do….and apparently you don’t either. You said “we” as in the US and western societies. Well, look into it jinno…..the UN does not like Western societies, or the US or ISRAEL. When they voted to make ISRAEL, it wasn’t the United States or the western societies, it was the work in the UN. And yes, you did change the thing you said.


  10. JinnoFan says:

    Elwood & Dwana NEWSFLASH – you two are prime examples of why America is going down the drain! Go back to school and get a lesson in world history you ignorant biggots!! Cheers to you JINNO!!!!!! We need more people like u in the world! Elwood & Dwana go back to your trailer parks.

  11. Seane-Anna says:

    “…ignorant biggots…”? Uh, JinnoFan, “biggot” is spelled with one g, not two. You can’t even get your insult right! I’d tell you to go back to YOUR trailer park but that would be an insult to people who live in trailer parks.

  12. Heerecloulp says:

    C наступающим Вас! Пусть Ваши мечты сбудутся!
    reply from Robert: Just so you out there on the left don’t think that I would just delete something like this because it is in a different language without finding out what it means, here is the meaning of this. It is in Russian. C coming for you! Let your dreams come true! Now, Not sure what this person means here…but there you have it. I know that I along with most of us, would love to let our dreams come true…so thank you and Happy New Year.

  13. Здраствуйте, очень понравился сайт, удачи в дальнейшем развитии.
    тут и тут.
    Translation from Russian to English: Hello, liked the site , good luck in further development .
    reply from Robert: Thanks for the comment. Keep coming back

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